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Ten Questions as Atlanta Falcons Head for Draft

Fans Anxious as Draft Draws Close

Is It Inevitable? (AJC)

The “2014 NFL Draft Spreadsheet” is still in the works, but should be finished very soon. It will certainly be done in plenty of time for the draft. Aiming for early next week at the latest. And don’t look now, but the countdown is officially under a month to go (22 days, 17 hours, 15 minutes, but who’s counting) until the NFL Draft commences. Even though it was painful to hear that the NFL moved it back two weeks, it’s seemed to sneak up a little bit this year, so the heads of the NFL 4th Arm of Government must be very pleased.

Tommy the Trader Again? (AJC)

However, one thing that can get lost in the frenzy of names, combine numbers, stats, colleges, and pro day workouts heading to the draft is trends of general managers and front offices. In our case, what to try and look for in a Thomas Dimitroff draft. To put it mildly, you’d have more luck in not just winning one lottery in your lifetime, but two. Many …

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Atlanta Falcons Draft Outlook – Offensive Line

Should Be “When,” Not “If” Falcons Go OL

Will Robinson Be Headed to ATL? (AJC)

Deciding which respective line, offensive or defensive, has been worse the last 6 years is an impossible argument. The pass rush has been miserable and the offensive line has been wretched. The pass rush has been nonexistent for some time and it’s almost been accepted by most fans. The offensive line has had it’s ups and downs, but they’ve been good enough, a few times at least, to get the Falcons in the playoffs and generally good enough to be one of the better teams in the NFC. Until last year of course. The trainwreck that was the Falcons offensive line went from bad to even worse and it’s really lucky that Matt Ryan wasn’t injured last year.

They went out and signed Jon Asamoah, arguably the best guard on the market, to fill the RG spot once and for all. However, there’s still plenty of work to be done. They have Justin Blalock locking down left guard, turning 31 this year, and …

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