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Atlanta Falcons Biggest Holes – Post Free Agency

Still Plenty of Holes after Free Agent Signings

Hester's Nice, but Needs Role on O (AJC)

The Falcons added a total of 5 new free agents and have filled some of the gaps in a roster that went 4-12, but they’ve also created a few more that weren’t originally there. They also have some major concerns in terms of depth at many positions as well. There may be a few more small additions between now and the draft, but nothing more than some lesser, depth signings. The Falcons have brought in NT Paul Soliai, DE Tyson Jackson, RG Jon Asamoah, CB Javier Arenas, and KR/PR Devin Hester. That likely represents a few gaps that have been plugged, but several weaknesses still remain. In theory, many of them can be slotted with the upcoming draft, but it’s hard to believe that all of them can be. A look at the most glaring weaknesses on a team still in need of major improvement……..

1) Offensive Tackle

Baker = $41 Million Man (AJC)

Technically, this should be right tackle with the epitome of …

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Your Thoughts on Atlanta Falcons Free Agency

What’s Your Take on Falcon’s Move to Date

Welcome, Welcome Mr. Soliai!! (AJC)

The Falcons struck quickly in free agency, locking up three major pieces along both lines, definitely adding some beef and girth and, hopefully, some toughness as well. The front office’s buzz words for this off-season are “recalibration” and “grittiness.” They seemed to follow that theme in the beginning, but there remains just as many questions about the 2014 version as there are holes on the current roster. This from a team that was a true bottom dweller in 2013. It’s a decent start, but there’s a ton left to do before this team is ready to rise up the NFC and one draft seemingly won’t do the trick. A fan’s instinctive look at the Falcons moves to date……….

Samuel, Nicholas, Reynolds Cut

Nothing to see here. These were all moves that had to be made and everyone saw the writing on the wall well before the season was over. Samuel turned out good for a year after only giving up a 6th rounder, but was …

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Atlanta Falcons Potential Free Agents

How Active will Falcons Be in 2014?

One of Few Great FA Signings (AJC)

(Part 3 of Thomas Dimitroff’s Moves will Come After Free Agency)

With a little over a week away until the free agency bonanza hits, the Falcons actually seemed more poise to make moves than they had in quite a long time. That could be a good thing (Michael Turner), a bad thing (Osi Umenyiora, Steven Jackson), or something to give fans nightmares as they head to sleep (Dunta Robinson, Ray Edwards). The Falcons haven’t made many moves in free agency because they’ve recently focused on keeping their own and not needing to add much via the market.

But that was before the trainwreck of 2013 and a team that showed to have more holes than a screen door. The Falcons also happen to be in one of the most comfortable positions in terms of cap savings, AJC’s D. Orlando Ledbetter estimates it at $26.7 million, with the ability to create more in terms of restructuring current players contracts (Roddy White, Justin …

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Atlanta Falcons Free Agency Open Thread

A Few Transactions as Free Agency Nears

Snelling will be missed (AJC)

(((Finishing up new Comprehensive Free Agent post, but wanted to get a new thread up as Free Agency draws close)))

After a decent lull following the Super Bowl, the NFL is ready to burst to life once again. This is particularly true for fans of a team that had given up most hope around the midpoint of the season. The Falcons have been relatively quiet in free agency the last few years and it appears that will change this off-season. Whether it be due to the fact that the Falcons simply have tons of holes to fill or that jobs are likely on the line, it seems as though sitting back and waiting might not cut it this free agency period. As the free agency bonanza dawns, here’s a few items and links from other writers and sites to help spur some conversations…..

Ironman and Fan Favorite Jason Snelling Retires

This one came as a massive shock to most every Falcons fan. #44 has been a fan favorite for years with …

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