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Our Atlanta Falcons: Retooling in 2014 (Special Guest Post – Seminole Warrior)

The Godfather, Seminole Warrior, Lays it Down!
Special Guest Writer: Roddy E. Nixon, Jr. (aka Seminole Warrior)


Like you, my fellow Falcon friends, I have had time to sit back and reflect on the season that was lost in 2013. Many fans came into the season with extraordinary expectations of being a Super Bowl team. Many, including many in this forum, warned that the image in the mirror was false. So now, we turn our attention to the reconstruction; the re-tooling of this franchise. This is part one of a two part series that will lay out a plan that, if followed, would restore the faith and confidence of the fans in the direction of the team.

In this narrative, we will assess how we got here. Then, in the next week’s follow-up, we will address, position by position, where the team stands and what must be done to field a consistent winner.


Simply put, our Falcons suffered a major collapse in 2013. The Branch would have you believe that it was all a result of …

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Mike Smith’s Atlanta Falcons in Statistics

A Look at the Falcons in Mike Smith’s Six Seasons

Smith in Stats (AJC)

Mark Twain famously penned that there are “lies, damned lies, and statistics.” While it’s easy to get to a point of paralysis by analysis, statistics can point to trends, prove or disprove commonly held beliefs, and open eyes in some cases. Mike Smith has been the man in charge of the Atlanta Falcons on the field play for 6 seasons. Many believe it takes at least three years to get good data, so the Falcons six years under Smith can definitely provide some interesting feedback. A look at the Falcons the past six seasons:

Mike Smith’s Regular Season Record

96 Total Games = 60 wins, 36 losses (62.5%)

Playoff Record: 5 games = 1 win, 4 losses (20%)

Record vs. NFC South – 18 wins, 18 losses (50%)

Analysis - This one’s really no secret and is commonly known. Smith has done a very good job in the regular season, compiling one of the best records of any NFL team over the last 6 years (obviously …

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What’s Your Biggest Off-season Concern for the Atlanta Falcons?

Big Off-season for Blank's Falcons (AJC)

As we Falcons fans sit on the sidelines and watch the divisional championships this weekend, what’s your biggest concerns for the off-season? Are you worried on a micro level that the Falcons top brass won’t sign the players needed in free agency or will find a way to mess up the draft? Or are you more concerned on a macro level and worried about the ongoing disconnect that seems to be prevalent at the top?

Working on new post about Head Coach Mike Smith’s tenure in Atlanta, but until then share what’s on your mind about the Falcons as we watch the legit teams make a run to the Super Bowl.

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Atlanta Falcons Scapegoat OL and DL Coaches

Any More Blame to Throw Around?

Anyone but Us Two (AJC)

*****Make sure to stay with us here in The Cage during the entire off-season as we’ll do our best to analyze, break down, and dissect everything Atlanta Falcons Football

Now that the season of misery has come to an end, it’s time to officially move on to the off-season. Thank goodness for that. Long ago when owner Arthur Blank and Thomas Dimitroff said that Mike Smith was going nowhere, it was assumed that some on the Falcons staff would be scapegoated and be relieved of their duties. No major changes to make at the top, only the lowest on the totem pole would be blamed for the wretched season that was. It’s that old adage of stuff rolling down hill (to put it cleanly) and that’s just what’s happened up at Flowery Branch. So, there has already been countless changes to almost every position coach, coordinators, strength and conditioning coaches, and now even one position has been changed not once, but twice in …

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