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The Atlanta Falcons Going Forward

A Glance Ahead Amid 2013 Trainwreck

One Positive Play from 2013 (AJC)

The dead horse has been beaten to a pulp on the awfulness that is the 2013 Atlanta Falcons. The collapse, undisciplined play, poor effort, weak coaching, and on and on and on have been analyzed, dissected, complained about, and taken apart for months now. And there probably will be more to come when they play their remaining games in 2013, but most fans need something, anything, to take away from the pain of the 2013 season. In short, it has been an unmitigated disaster of epic proportions. In fact, the Falcons have the distinct luxury of being the very first NFL team officially eliminated from the playoffs. Everyone already knew it, but it became official when the 49ers beat the Redskins on Monday Night Football.

DeCoud Toast Again (AJC)

There’s five more games, so there will likely be plenty more teeth gnashing ahead. But to offer something a little different from the gloom and doom of 2013, this post …

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Atlanta Falcons Choke to Saints Again

Falcons Cornering the Market on Ways to Lose

M-I-S-E-R-Y! (AJC)

What’s left to say, really. The Falcons lost again. This time they actually decided to show up against their biggest rival at home and try for a change. Same old, same old. Terrible offensive line, stupid penalties, costly turnovers, and even worse coaching decisions. Looking at the Saints for a second. They managed to win 7 games WITHOUT their head coach and the Falcons can’t even muster 3 wins WITH their head coach. But let’s call it an aberration and blame on injuries and just “one of those seasons” and see how we’re doing this time next year. Hey, at least we’re looking at a high draft pick. Not to worry, though, taking a long-snapper or 3rd string tight end with “really high potential” will surely be on top of the draft board. It’s great to be a Falcons fan these days, huh. Is this season over yet?

More analysis to come soon. For now, drown your miseries in here if you can keep from …

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Atlanta Falcons Humiliated by Bucs

Falcons Effort Simply Indefensible

Insert Favorite Comment Here (K. Klement)

We’re running out of synonyms for the word in embarrassment when describing the Falcons playing football. It seems as though the efforts by the Falcons can’t get any worse and they find a way every single week. This time it was one of the worst teams in the NFL (record-wise at least, that title now belongs to us) and we didn’t get beat, but blown out and embarrassed yet again. Out of 10 games played at this point, four of them have been blowouts, with two coming at the hands of our own rivals. The point spread for the upcoming Saints game might be 70+. It’s fairly obvious to even the least interested of fans that this team has given up.

Same Song and Dance (K. Klement)

There is literally no hope to be found anywhere at this point except maybe that the Falcons are neck and neck with the Jaguars (guess where their GM came from?) for the #1 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. If the Bucs game was …

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Atlanta Falcons Blown Out by Seahawks

Rise Up = Blow Up!!!!!!

This is becoming a normal deal, but the Falcons were blown out yet again and this time it comes at home. This team is a shell of the team that came close to the Super Bowl and it’s even become fairly painful to follow at this point. Arthur Blank will probably keep the status quo in place in 2014, but good luck getting new season ticket buyers, much less keeping those already there. Unless they’re big fans of slow moving trainwrecks…………

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Atlanta Falcons Fall Apart in Charlotte Again

Falcons Continue their Misery Campaign

Panthers Running Wild (S.Sharpe)

The Falcons continued their campaign of misery Sunday when they suffered another embarrassing blowout, this time at the hand of one of their closest rivals. Signs were leaning to the Panthers surpassing the Falcons in the NFC South as the biggest threat to the New Orleans Saints and it became official when they laid a 34-10 butt-whooping down on them. The season seems to be officially over at this point. Sad to say when the season is only halfway done. The Falcons would have to go undefeated in the second half just to get to 10-6. Oh, and they have the Seahawks, Niners, Packers, Redskins, Panthers, and Saints left on the schedule.  At this point, it seems fairly likely that they may not win another game in 2013. Some hard decisions will have to come at the end of the season and the best fans can hope for is that they take pride and at least try to develop some talent going forward. To the ugliness that …

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