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Atlanta Falcons Embarrassed in Arizona

Falcons Faceplant to Cardinals

There was a little hope in all Falcons fans that the unexpected could somehow happen. The Falcons would find a way to resurrect a season that has crashed into the side of the mountain. They won last week and many felt that if they could find a way to win the next two, starting with the Arizona Cardinals, that they would have a shot. WRONG.

Pretty Good Summary (AP)

Even though there’s been worse butt-whippings in the Mike Smith Era in terms of scores (Falcons 16, Saints 45 in 2011 comes to mind), this was easily one of the most embarrassing losses in the last four years. It thoroughly was a must-win in every sense of the word. The Falcons could ill-afford another loss and keep any hopes alive of making the postseason. Not only that, their schedule gets much, much harder as the season goes on.

The nail might as well be placed and ready to be driven into the Falcons “Super Bowl or Bust” season. Fans will of course stick with their team, but much of …

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Atlanta Falcons Hold on for Win Over Bucs

**Due to personal issues, Seminole Warrior will be doing a guest post for the win over the Bucs.

Falcons Get a W

Until then, talk about the game that was. A much needed win if the Falcons want to have any shot of getting back in the shuffle for the postseason.

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What’s Behind the Atlanta Falcons Collapse? – Part 1

Major Questions Arise on Falcons Future

This Explains it Pretty Well (AJC)

This will be part 1 in a two part series looking at the Falcons issues in 2013 and beyond.

The Falcons trainwreck of a season so far in 2013 is something that longtime fans had come to expect in the old days, but we’ve all been spoiled to not only having winning seasons, but making the playoffs the last 4 out of 5 years. The “Super Bowl or Bust” campaign has surely taken on the latter. No, the season is not over, but it surely has that feel in Week 6 as the Falcons head to the bye week. Injuries have been brutal and are surely part of it, but that does not in any way tell the entire story. The men from Flowery Branch were plenty healthy when they found ways to lose in New Orleans and Miami, and almost blew an easy victory over the Rams. There are a ton of issues with this team and organization as a whole. Sometimes bad seasons just happen, just ask Steelers and Giants fans about that.

The Cage Inspects …

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Can Atlanta Falcons Get Back on Track vs. Jets?

Confidence at a Low Among Most Fans

Better Get it Going Quickly (AJC)

It’s dark days for us Falcons fans after a terrible start to the season and confidence seems to be at an all-time low in the Dimitroff/Smith Era. Gone are the streaks of rarely losing back-to-back games and finding a way to quickly steady the ship. The Falcons are 1-3 and it feels as though they are 1-8. The Saints are undefeated and quickly running away with the division. The Falcons get embarrassed by the Patriots at home on a national stage, who then turn around and get beat by a young Cincinnati Bengals team.

And even the one win the Falcons earned was a truly ugly one. If there’s such a thing as a must win in week 5, this is surely it. It will be curious to see the crowd tonight as the Falcons take on the Jets and there seems to be plenty of seats available for tonight’s matchup. ESPN is likely not happy they decided on this game for Monday Night Football. If the Falcons can find a way to make a …

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