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Atlanta Falcons Play Terrible, Chump to Patriots

Sept. 29, 2013

Another Sad Scene (AJC)

The Atlanta Falcons continued their tour of crap on Sunday Night Football and they looked every bit as terrible as those old Falcons, pretty pitiful overall, in their attempt to beat a quality opponent that was severely handicapped. This team is now 1-3, reeling, and looking like the end of an Era because this team looks as lifeless as a dead jellyfish. Half the stadium was empty in the 4th quarter of a nationally televised game. More to come on the garbage that was, but for now, give your take if you can hold the vomit at bay……….

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Atlanta Falcons Deserve to Lose @ Dolphins

Ridiculous Collapse Sees Falcons Go Under .500

Good D Effort Wasted (AJC)

They dominated every single part of the game but found a way to lose the game. The Atlanta Falcons look really pathetic overall as they literally find a way to lose instead of finding a way to close out the game and win. They had a great run game in Steven Jackson’s absence. Julio Jones and Matt Ryan had another good game. They got really good pressure against the Dolphins, but its sickening on how the Falcons allowed their opponent yet again to climb back in the game and find a way to win. They have the talent to win any game, and maybe it can’t be put solely on coaching, but this team’s idea of hoping for a Super Bowl berth or Lombardi seems as good as the latest joke you might see. This is one of the more terrible losses in the Smith Era. There’s no reason whatsoever you lose a game like this, as the announcers mentioned many times, but by goodness, they find a way to lose. Just inexcusable. …

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Atlanta Falcons Surge, then Hang On vs. Rams

Same Identity Shows Up Yet Again

Falcons Win……..Barely at End (AJC)

That old and familiar scenario came once again with this Mike Smith-led football team: get an early lead and, for whatever reason, lets any and every opponent back in the football game, and must make a last gasp push to either win the game outright or pad the lead just enough. Fans are tiring of this identity. The Rams are a dang good football team and nothing should be taken away from them. But when one team is clearly the superior football squad on a given Sunday like this, it is maddening and supremely frustrating for fans to see this breakdown time and time again. It happens all the time and every single year often throughout the season.

Ice w/ Another Great Game (AJC)

Hardly anyone, even the most rabid fan, expects their team to go out and completely dominate every single week, especially in the parity-driven NFL. That’s not the issue here, though. Fans are sick of seeing the Falcons being the …

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Atlanta Falcons Fall Short in New Orleans…….Again

Eerily Similar Loss Sees Falcons Choke @ Saints

Best you got on 4th and Goal? (AJC)

Is this the 2013 NFL season or are we stuck in 2013 playoffs? The Falcons started their season almost exactly the way the ended it, yards short of victory. As will be discussed in this post, it’s only mile one in a long marathon, but fans are tiring of seeing the same mistakes pop up and cost the Falcons wins when they seem to as talented as any team in the NFL. The team from Flowery Branch might deserve a new nickname of “Schizophrenic Falcons,” where they predictably come out fairly strong, hit a lull, let the team back in the game, and when they realize they have to pull it together at the last moment, they do. And then the part comes where they fall short. Again, there’s a reason they call it “overreaction Monday,” where fans wait for 7 months to see their team play and a loss seems so crushing. The reality is that it’s a long season and even most of the recent Super Bowl …

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Atlanta Falcons Finalize Roster, Ready for Saints

Roster’s Set, A New Season Dawns

Can the DL Hold Up? (AJC)

Well, it’s finally here Ladies and Gentlemen of The Cage…….Game Week! A new season dawns as the Falcons have their roster set (save some waiver wire pickups or last minute adjustments) and the men in red and black will be getting set to start off the season with their biggest rival, the hated New Orleans Saints. What a way to begin a new season filled with so much hope than on the road against your biggest rival with something to prove. Preseason isn’t the end-all-be-all and Mike Smith admitted to “trying” a lot of different stuff, but it surely gave fans a reason to hit the pause button on the “Super Bowl or Bust” hype. There are major questions abound as the Falcons travel to the New Orleans in week 1, and some of them start with the final 53 man roster, at least as it stands right now. This post will take a look at the final 53 man roster, as well as a brief look at what lies ahead in New …

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