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Are the Atlanta Falcons Cornerbacks the Strength of the Defense?

Very Young, but a Lot of Talent

Will the CB Be Smiling this Year? (AJC)

Falcons training camp is officially underway and the dead zone clouds are gone for good. Most of the roster is set with stability and a veteran presence, but there are a few areas that are giving fans concern as the 2013 season approaches. Cornerback is definitely an interesting position to keep an eye on. Dimitroff significantly upgraded the CB corps in the draft after he moved up to take Desmond Trufant in the 1st round and followed it up by taking Robert Alford in the second round.

In addition to keeping veteran Asante Samuel and the surprise of 2012 Robert McClain, the Falcons finally have a good amount of young athleticism and talent. The big question is whether or not Dimitroff’s apparent philosophy to build from the outside-in will actually work. How good do the cornerbacks have to be when their is a major sense of panic that the pass rush will not get it done? A look at the Falcons cornerback …

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Atlanta Falcons Players Facing Make or Break Years

Crucial Seasons for Some Falcons

Is this the breakout for Bier? (AJC)

The dead zone of Falcons and football has almost come to its merciful end, as the Falcons get ready to start training camp on Wednesday. It seems like decades ago since the Falcons hauled in their draft class and eons ago since the Falcons played their last snap. Expectations are obviously high as Roddy White has come out and said that it’s Super Bowl or Bust for the 2013 Atlanta Falcons. Tony Gonzalez recently mentioned that they’re looking to have the “perfect offense.”

While most of the roster is set with veterans, stability, and good quality, there are a few areas that are concerning. And just like every year, some players are looking at a year full of pressure to perform. Some are facing a “make or break year,” either in terms of finally grabbing a starting spot, living up to their potential, and perhaps even remaining an Atlanta Falcon going forward. A look at the Falcons under the most pressure …

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Are you Worried about the Atlanta Falcons Defensive Tackle Situation?

Low 2012 Performance, No Reinforcements

How Much Does #95 have left? (AJC)

The Atlanta Falcons 2013 season is drawing ever closer (1 week from Thursday, but who’s counting) fans are getting pumped and excited about the long wait finally being over. It seems as though it’s been an eternity since the NFL Draft and eons since the Falcons fell a few yards short of their Super Bowl bid. But, alas, the long wait is almost mercifully over. Over the next few weeks running up to preseason, The Cage will look not only at the major position battles, points of strength, but also areas that could be the Falcons Achilles Heel. One such area that’s keeping fans up at night, or at least should be, is the defensive tackle situation. Here’s a look at how the Falcons defensive tacklea did in 2012 and how they’re rolling into the 2013 at DT:

Thanks to ProFootballFocus (subscription required) for their comprehensive statistics.

Best Falcons DT Now in Oakland?

While Vance Walker hasn’t …

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Introducing The Falcons Cage Podcast!

The Cage's Very Own Podcast!

As many of you know, we’ve started our very own podcast about our Atlanta Falcons here in The Cage. We have already completed 2 episodes and they have included our very own members from our blog. We aim to start doing 2 episodes a week, set for Sunday and Wednesday evening. You can go listen to them directly from the links below, or you can go to the second link and download them to your i-tunes or i-pod.

We want this to be a shared experience including as many different Cage members as possible. Each show can have up to 5 guests at a time. It’s really easy to do. All that’s required is to call a set number from your landline or cell phone (just make sure to have unlimited long distance) and it’s essentially a conference call. There will be topics for each episode and I will send out an outline before hand so you can prepare if you want. If you’d like to be on a future episode, please shoot me an email at …

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Who’s your Favorite to Win the Atlanta Falcons Right Tackle Spot?

Down to Two

Holmes or Johnson at RT? (AJC)

Even though training camp is only a few weeks away, the dead zone is upon us in a bad way. As the summer has peaked with the celebration of July 4th / Independence Day, most everyone is taking their vacations, time off, or visiting family and friends before August (unofficial start of football) rolls backs around. The Cage, however, doesn’t take a break, so leading up to training camp, we’ll take a look at the biggest position battles ahead for our Atlanta Falcons. First up, the fight for right tackle.

Clabo, Consistency, Experience Gone

Clabo Gone (AJC)

The epitome of longevity and consistency, at least in terms of starts, will be suiting up for the Miami Dolphins in 2013. Tyson Clabo joined the Falcons way back in 2006, made 10 starts that year, 11 starts the next year, and started every single game as a Falcon. The former Wake Forest product started 80 straight regular season games, 85 including playoff games. In all, the …

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