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Your Favorite Atlanta Falcons Uniforms

Many Fans Prefer Retro Look

Best Falcons Uni? (AJC)

As the Falcons and Football dead zone reaches a zenith in the midst of summer, almost any topics related to the Falcons in some regard are on the table. Since there’s not much of anything going on with the Falcons or the NFL, it’s a good time to take a look at some peripheral items. One of the most spirited topics and debates is the Falcons uniform choices. Most fans seem to prefer the older looks as opposed to the “nouveau” type of unis that some describe as looking like the now defunct XFL or an Arena League team. Here’s a look at all the uniforms the Falcons have donned at some point in their franchise history.

Current Uniforms

Standard Home – Black Helmets / Red Uniforms / White Pants / Red Socks

The Cage's Uniform (Arno)

This has become the regular home jersey the Falcons have adopted in recent memory. After playing around with various combinations, this is what they’ve settled on for the most part. The black …

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Grade the Atlanta Falcons Assistant Coaches

Give Your Marks

High Mark for New Coordinators (AJC)

With the Falcons Mini-Camp over, get ready for the worst part of the dead zone. Literally nothing will be going on for the next few weeks, but the Falcons training camp will only be a month from this Tuesday, so the light is getting close to the end of the tunnel. One thing that fans and the media alike often talk about when discussing a team and their coaching almost always focuses on the head coach and sometimes on the offensive and defensive coordinators. One part of the coaching staff that’s often overlooked are the assistant coaches, specifically the position coaches. This is a chance to look at the entire coaching staff, their track record, and how they’ve fared since being a Falcons coach. A look at the Falcons coaches:

Dirk Koetter – Offensive Coordinator

Many fans were scared to death when news came down that Koetter would be the new offensive coordinator. All that most could think of was the fact that Koetter …

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Your 2013 Atlanta Falcons Mini-Camp Questions

Battles and Storylines Abound

Questions Abound for Mini-Camp (AJC)

Falcons fans are about to get a small reprieve from the dreaded dead zone of Falcons and Football with the approaching three day mini-camp this week. Unlike OTA’s, all players are required to attend unless they have been given permission off, such as the case with Tony Gonzalez. It works out a little better for fans this year as it comes a little later than in previous years and helps break up the long drought of no football until training camp.

Also, Happy Fathers Day to all you proud fathers, grandfathers, and great grandfathers out there!

#1) Is Trufant Behind in his Bid to Start?

The Cage is Ready for Mini-Camp (Arno)

It seems a little unfair to draft picks that do the right thing and receive their hard-earned diplomas with their graduating class, thus miss their team’s OTA’s, and possibly fall behind in a competition to either start or move up the depth chart. But that may be the case with 1st round …

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Your Biggest Atlanta Falcons Games of 2013

The Cage Rolls through the Dead Zone (Arno)

As the Falcons and Football supremely hated “dead zone” rolls on, it’s time to start thinking about the actual upcoming season in terms of opponents and schedule. As many are on vacation, out of town, engaged in yard projects, or just decompressing from football, than this one will open up to you Cage Members to talk about and keep it going here in the thick of the off-season. Here’s a brief list from The Cage, but make sure to take over and keep the great conversations rolling………..

#1) New Orleans Saints
Thursday Night Football, November 21st – Home

Brees the Great Returns (AJC)

It’s easy to look at the bigger games on the schedule, but when it comes to having success in the NFL, you have to beat your rivals. And even though the first game of the season will have all the hype with Sean Payton returning the sideline at home in New Orleans, you always have to hold serve at home against your biggest rivals. Although the Bucs …

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Will Atlanta Falcons Finally Produce a Pass Rush?

Hopeful, but Seeing is Believing

Can Nolan Finally Fix the Rush? (AJC)

If you were describing a weakness of the Atlanta Falcons the last five years to a person that had been living off the grid, it’s almost a guaranteed certainty that lack of pass rush would be first and foremost on that list. It’s been abysmal, terrible, awful, and any other negative adjective you’d like to insert. The Falcons pass rush has consisted of two players the past five years: DE John Abraham and DT Jonathan Babineaux. It’s fairly shameful that not one player has had no more success than they have over a five year period. While it’s unfair to go only by sacks as an indicator, it’s one of the few easily seen proofs that fans have when trying to gauge pass rush. Coaches will talk all the time about “disrupting a passer’s rhythm, getting him off his spot, or QB hits,” but that only comes up when they’re trying to justify something. Here’s a list of the Falcons sack rankings the …

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