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Your Atlanta Falcons Biggest 2013 Concerns

In Nolan we Trust? (AJC)

As the dead zone of Falcons and Football rolls on, give your laundry list of concerns as the 2013 Atlanta Falcons Season is only months away. The Cage will be back with a full tilt of questions, answers, and thought processes, but at this point……’s your turn:

Sorry for the delay, had a ton going on recently. Most of you guys and gals have already mentioned most of what I had planned, but here goes The Cage list…….

#1) Second Half Smitty Brakes

We’re not going to mention the in famous name regarding Smith’s conservative nature for it may simply be unfair to blame only the head coach when something goes wrong in the second half. The second half collapses, bog downs, conservative mindsets, running out the clock, whatever you want to call them, came up and bit the Falcons at the worst time in the 2013 playoffs. A 3rd quarter collapse vs. the Seahawks nearly led to catastrophe and the 2nd half meltdown did lead to a loss in the NFC Championship game …

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Rank Thomas Dimitroff’s Atlanta Falcons Drafts

6 NFL Drafts in the Books

2008: Likely Never Topped (AJC)

As the Falcons and Football “dead zone” rolls on, thought it would be a good idea to take a look at all of Thomas Dimitroff’s NFL Draft classes and see which ones were the best and which ones weren’t as good. Every franchise say they want to “build through the draft,” but Dimitroff and the Falcons actually put their money where their mouth is concerning drafting and keeping their own. In fact, they are only second to the Green Bay Packers in the NFL of drafting and keeping their own players.

Not only is the drafting part impressive, but what sets the Falcons GM and overall organization a part from the rest is the fact that they keep the players they want. It’s hard to think of any player they haven’t held onto if they’ve really wanted to keep them. Obviously, some have been a little better than others and some of the more recent ones have yet to be rendered a final verdict. But before we take a look at …

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Give your Entirely too Early Atlanta Falcons Roster

Ridiculously too Soon Predictions

Where will Trufant start? (AJC)

The thought of trying to predict what the Atlanta Falcons final 53 man roster and practice squad would be in May is preposterous when the final decisions won’t be made until September. But the official “Dead Zone” of Falcons and Football has approached full steam upon us and it can be a fun little exercise to think about what the final squad might look like. Sure, like predicting the draft, it’s an effort in futility, but at least it’s something to think about as the Falcons enter the 2013 season. With the new draft picks and signings, there will be plenty of battles going on for roster spots and the infusion of some talented undrafted free agents the fight for practice squad places will be fierce as well.

Quarterback (2)

Matt Ryan – does anything really need to be said? No.

Dominique Davis - the decision to let Luke McCown walk (to the hated Saints nonetheless) was hopefully a decision that the …

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Will Atlanta Falcons Undrafted Free Agents Make the Roster?

Longshots to Make the Roster

Alford and Trufant = The Future (AJC)

The odds are very low for any NFL team for a player that went undrafted in their mission to make an NFL 53 man roster. It of course does happen, and some of them even turn into Pro Bowlers. Arian Foster went undrafted, as did many other fantastic professional football players. But that is the definitely the exception to the rule. For the sheer amount of undrafted free agents that try out on NFL teams, it’s a miniscule percent that actually make it on the practice squad, much less make the jump all the way up to the active 53 man roster.

Although it’s highly unlikely, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. The Falcons have shown to be a team more than willing to take a chance on players that weren’t heralded, but came in and put their nose to grindstone, worked, and willed themselves on the team. The Falcons have had several examples of undrafted free agents making the squad. Quarterbacks John Parker …

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