5th Annual Bird Cage Atlanta Falcons Full Mock Competition

Let the Mocks Roll………

Welcome to ATL Mr. Trufant! (AJC)

It’s that time again ladies and gentlemen, one of The Cage’s most enjoyable posts throughout the entire year: Atlanta Falcons Full Mock Madness Competition. It’s truly hard to believe that is the 5th annual one and it’s a great way to get the draft juices flowing and ready for the big day. The spreadsheet should make it much easier this time around instead of just shooting arrows in the dark. If you haven’t received it yet, please email me at dawsondevitt@hotmail.com and I’ll be happy to send it to you ASAP. Will try to get some Falcons SWAG for the champion of our little friendly competition.

Rules and Regulations

All mocks are due by Thursday (Draft Day) by 6 pm. You can either send them to my email, post them on the blog or both. If you have done them in the past, it makes it easier if you can repost them on the new thread.

Finally Here!

You can submit up to 10 mocks if you want to, but only the mocks will be scored singularly. In other words, you can’t mix and match points between the various mocks.

Feel free to include any and all commentary on why you made the choice you did.

If you want to include any specific changes, such as trades, you need to specify that in your mock. Otherwise, the assumption will be that your choice follows the Falcons normal picks (#30, #62, #94, etc).

Person with highest singular mock wins the championship.

Point Scoring

  1. Direct Hits (4 Points)If you choose the exact player the Falcons select at the exact pick, you receive 4 points. (EX) If you choose the Falcons to select Desmond Trufant at pick #30 and they do just that, you receive 4 points
  2. Correct Player (3 Points) If you choose the correct player, but it is not the exact pick, you get 3 points. (EX) If you have the Falcons taking Margus Hunt at pick #62, but the Falcons had to trade up and selected him at #54, you would receive 3 points
  3. Correct Position, Correct Round, Wrong Player (2 Points) – If you select the Falcons to take the correct position in the correct round, but it’s the wrong player, you get 2 points. (EX) You have the Falcons selecting Jamar Taylor (a cornerback) in the second round, but they choose Robert Alford (a cornerback) instead in the second round, you receive 2 points
  4. Correct Position, Wrong Round, Wrong Player (1 Point)This part is a sum total scoring system. For each position you have the Falcons selecting and they take a player at that position, you will receive one point per position. (EX) You have the Falcons taking 3 cornerbacks, but they selected 2. You would receive a point for each one you guessed correct (2 points in this case)
  5. Confusing  Scoring  System? – The reason behind creating multiple scoring opportunities is due to the extreme unpredictability of the draft. Essentially, it’s like playing the lottery. So the more chances to receive points, the better.

The Cage’s Weak and Futile Attempt

1st Round

Desmond Trufant – Washington – Cornerback

It was a long and winding road being pulled away from the strict adherence to taking a defensive tackle, either a penetrating one like Kawaan Short or a wide-bodied NT like Jesse Williams. The initial selection was actually to go with Short or Williams, but all that came to mind was taking a defensive tackle and seeing them buried on the depth chart. It’s still the belief among many to most fans that the Falcons defensive tackle situation is one of the weakest spots.

Trufant would Add Major Athleticism (AJC)

Problem is, there’s been no indication that the coaching staff or front office feel the same way. They released players at other positions (RB, DE, CB, RT), but not defensive tackle. Babineaux was the lone veteran survivor in the release. They kept Peria Jerry and still have Corey Peters. They decided to let Vance Walker walk in free agency, but could justify that Travian Robertson slides into his spot. Theoretically, the two main starters (Babeineaux, Peters) return, with Peters likely being back to full health. In summary, any DT taken early would not have an immediate impact in Smith’s system.

Enter Desmond Trufant. Cornerback is the exact opposite of defensive tackle. They not only cut one starting corner (Dunta Robinson), but let the previous starting corner walk (Brent Grimes), and even let a solid backup in Chris Owens head to Cleveland. Oh yeah, and the only true starting CB will be 32 years old during the season (Asante Samuel). They have Robert McClain returning, who did an outstanding job in nickel, but it’s no certainty he’s a starting caliber corner on the outside and at a minimum is a major unproven. Lastly, there’s Dominique Franks who was cut last year and only brought back when Tim Toone got injured. The coaching staff are reportedly high on Peyton Thompson and Terrence Johnson, but until further notice they are still on the practice squad.

Franks one of few CBs left (AJC)

Some may think that Trufant is a reach or that Dimitroff has pigeonholed them into “having” to take a corner. While it may have shrunk the options somewhat, Trufant is every bit worthy of his selection. In fact, the Falcons may have to move up a few spots to get him. He’s a unanimous selection as the 3rd best corner, a first round talent, and an average taken from many scouting websites has him as the 25th best player in the draft. Only Jonathan Banks had more tackles than Trufant (195). He was a four year starter at Washington in the Pac-10 (a heavy passing conference). Only two CBs had more pass break ups (33), than Trufant (Dee Milliner – 36, Leon McFadden – 37).

He has prototypical corner size (6’0 – 190). The former Huskie was only bested by two CBs in the forty (Trufant – 4.38; Milliner – 4.7; Darius Slay – 4.36) and had one of the better performances on the bench. It works out perfectly for the Falcons being able to choose the best overall player and one of the biggest areas of need. At a minimum, a trio of Samuel, McClain, and Trufant would be an extremely athletic group that could also add even more talent in the draft. Trufant is a prototypical Dimitroff player: 4 year starter, high production, and team captain. He’s never taken a CB before the 3rd round, and even he (Owens) is no longer a Falcon. That changes in 2013.

2nd Round

Jamie Collins – Southern Miss – Outside Linebacker

If you were to do a snapshot poll to Falcons fans on what was the biggest reason they came up short in the NFC Title Game, it would obviously be mixed around, but poor linebacker play, particularly coverage of tight ends, would definitely be up there. As mentioned in an earlier post, it’s a little unfair to scapegoat the linebackers for the loss, but they played as big a role as any other position. It’s been well noted here before that the Falcons playmaking ability at linebacker has been weak to downright pitiful the last five years. A handful of sacks, even less interceptions, and a few forced fumbles and pass break-ups here and there won’t cut it for a defense looking to win the whole shebang.

Boley Made Some Plays (AJC)

Enter Jamie Collins. Even though it’s unlikely the Falcons will take Collins, they should seriously consider it. This guy has playmaker written all over him. First, he’s insanely athletically talented. He’s almost 6’4, 250 lbs, runs a 4.64 forty and reportedly broke the vertical jump record for outside linebackers at the combine (41.5). Throw in long arms and some of the fastest times in the 3 cone drill and 20 yard shuttle and it just keeps getting better. Oh, and he has major production as well. Collins amassed 303 career tackles, 45 tackles for a loss, 21 sacks, 15 pass break-ups, and 3 interceptions. Only two OLB’s had more tackles for a loss (Jarvis Jones – 45.5; Keith Pough – 70.5) than Collins. And only two OLB’s had more sacks (Jones – 28; Chase Thomas – 27) than the former Eagle. As if that were not enough, he’s extremely versatile. He can play as a 4-3 DE or a 3-4 outside linebacker. A perfect fit for Mike Nolan. Falcons will have to take him in the second round, and may have to move up in the 2nd. He’s worth a trade up.

3rd Round

Stepfan Taylor – Stanford – Running Back

Like Collins, this likely won’t happen either, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t. The Falcons are completely set for 2013 at running back. They already had Jacquizz Rodgers of All-Pro-Earl-Thomas-Truck fame returning, who some say could be an every down back by himself. They also have one of the most versatile and underrated Falcons returning in Jason Snelling. And in case someone has been living in a cave recently, they also signed one of the absolute best running backs of the past decade in Steven Jackson. He may have some tread on his tires, but he’s a massive upgrade over the 2012 RB situation.

Quizz and Taylor = The Future! (AJC)

So why should the Falcons spend a 3rd round pick on a running back? Because they will grab one of the best overall players in the entire draft.Seminole Warrior brought his name up a long, long time ago and if you look at his production, it simply is amazing. He ran for over 4,300 yards, scored 40 touchdowns, had 778 yards receiving, and 5 receiving TDs.

He’s built like a running back who will excel in the NFL at 5’9, 214 lbs. The only reason he has dropped as low as he has was due to a low combine performance. He had some of the lower workouts in all areas: a slow 40 time, low reps on the bench, and some of the lower times in the rest of the speed drills. He is not a burner, but reeks of being an overall excellent back. The former Cardinal is also a perfect fit for Dirk Koetter’s offense with his ability to run and catch out of the backfield. Like Collins, he probably won’t get picked, but the Falcons could get their running back of the future with Taylor.

4th Round

Akeem Spence – Defensive Tackle – Illinois

If the Falcons decide to pass on defensive tackle in the earlier rounds, there is some value in the later rounds, even if not on an elite level. There’s a pretty large dropoff after the first wave of defensive tackles go, such as Shariff Floyd, Jonathan Hankins, and even Kawaan Short. But the value gets much better around the 4th round territory. With fans lack of knowledge on high the coaching staff ranks defensive tackle, this may be a good area to go for one. Bennie Logan and Akeem Spence are both good values around this spot.

Peters Needs Back to Full Health (AJC)

Spence will definitely need to improve his pass rush skills some, but he is fantastic in the run game. He’s 6’1. 307 lbs, ran one of the better 40 times, and was only upped by one rep on the bench (Brandon Williams – 38, Spence – 37). He doesn’t have great sack numbers (3.5), but he did have one of the best tackles for loss numbers of all prospects. Spence would be a great move to pair with either Peters, Babineaux, or Robertson and would provide excellent depth. If nothing else, he could slide into the spot vacated by Vance Walker’s exit.

Fourth Round – Compensatory

Chase Thomas – Stanford – Outside Linebacker

Even though Thomas may not be around this late, the Falcons should consider moving up if need be to get Thomas. It may not seem to make much sense to grab two linebackers this early, but if you keep going back to last year’s playoffs, the urgency is needed to completely revitalize the linebacking corps. Perhaps no unit has under-perfomed more than Falcons LB unit the last 5 years. An earlier post detailed how the linebackers have essentially been the opposite of playmakers, rarely making major defensive plays such as sacks, interceptions, pass break-ups, or forced fumbles. Taking both Collins and Thomas to add with Weatherspoon, Dent, and Nicholas would give the Falcons their most talented LB corps, maybe ever. It also would give the Falcons much more flexibility to run various looks and above all, get better in pass coverage.

Biermann a DL or LB? (AJC)

Thomas should go way earlier than he’s projected, and still might, but he’s like many prospects and is slotted to drop due to a poor combine. Some prospects are just simply “football players” and he surely is one of them. His production at Stanford was outrageous. He collared 228 tackles, 50 tackles for loss, and 27 sacks, to go with 6 interceptions, and 2 pass break-ups. He’s 6’3, 244 and can play either in the 4-3 or 3-4. Even though the Falcons may not elect to take two LBs in this draft, sometimes players like Thomas and Taylor are simply too good to pass up.

5th Round

David Bass – Missouri Western St. – Defensive End

If it’s difficult to try and predict what the Falcons are going to do in the early rounds, its next to impossible to figure out what’s going to happen in the later rounds. The Falcons coaching staff and front office have been very coy about what base defense they are going to use. Last year was a mixed use of different looks, from the base 4-3, to the 3-4, sometimes 3-3-5, and mostly nickel. The Falcons could elect to go with more of 5-technique defensive ends, 3-4 OLB’s, 3-4 ILB’s, but until further notice, fans have to assume that the 4-3 is still the base defense.

Will Matthews Jump in a Spot? (AJC)

Bass has as good of production as any prospect in the entire draft at any position. In 50 games, Bass racked up 210 tackles, 57 tackles for a loss, and a mind-boggling 39.5 sacks. That’s more sacks than any other defensive player in the draft. Most will just chalk up his massive production only as a product of playing in Division 1AA instead of the premiere divisions. Bass is not anything physically imposing, but he’s got good size @ 6’4, 262 lbs. He didn’t run an overly fast 40 (4.84) and didn’t dominate on the bench (20), but Bass’ production is simply something you can’t ignore. Bass would be excellent depth and learn and groom behind Osi Umeniorya, as well as provide good depth to Matthews and Massaquoi.

6th Round

Kwame Geathers – Georgia – Defensive Tackle

One of the biggest missing pieces for the Falcons if they want to run the 3-4 is a wide-bodied nose tackle. There happens to be plenty of them early in the draft, but if they decide to pass, there’s a few other options a little later in the draft. Kwame Geathers could be great project to take on. He was somewhat lost in the shuffle to all the more high profile defensive players like Jarvis Jones, Alec Ogletree, and John Jenkins, among others. Honestly, Geathers probably could have used another year in school, but he decided to go ahead and make the jump.

Could Kwame Stay in Red and Black? (AJC)

He has very low stats, but that wouldn’t be the reason a team takes him on. He notched only 6.5 tackles for a loss and 1 sack, but his build is enticing. The former Dawg is 6’5, 342 lbs and even though he would need some major development, he could be a great addition as the Falcons either try to transition fully to a 3-4, or just use him in needed looks. Any and all competition would be very welcomed.

7th Round

Johnny Adams – Michigan State – Cornerback

If there’s any position that the Falcons may double-dip on, it appears to be cornerback. By far and away, Atlanta is thinnest at that spot. Asante Samuel, Robert McClain, and Dominique Franks are the only players currently on the roster. The Falcons will surely go cornerback sooner than later, but will likely grab more than one corner. Luckily, it’s a pretty deep class and there’s some value in the later rounds.

Remember this Guy? (AJC)

Johnny Adams represents one of the better choices for a cornerback at the end of the rounds. He may not be a starting level caliber corner, but would provide great depth and competition to the nickel or dime back spots. Adams isn’t the biggest of CBs (5’10), but he’s one of the faster ones (4.48) and had some of the best production in terms of getting his hands on the ball (24 pass break-ups, 11 interceptions). He also had one of the higher reps on the bench of all the CBs.

7th Round – Compensatory #1

Eric Herman – Ohio – Offensive Guard

The Falcons offensive line is still in flux with the release of Tyson Clabo and the still unsettled nature of right guard. The guard class happens to one of the weakest positions, even though there’s a ton of elite taleynt at the top (Warmack, Cooper, Warford). The Falcons likely won’t get close to Warmack or Cooper and probably would have to take Warford in the 1st to get him. Outside of that, there’s not a ton of quality candidates available throughout the draft. One quality prospect at guard is Eric Herman. Herman is 6’4, 320 lbs and did the highest amount of reps on the bench of any other OG candidate at the combine. There will likely be a ton of candidates competing for the right guard position and Herman could either vie for a starting spot and at a minimum be excellent depth.

7th Round – Compensatory #2

Ryan Spadola – Lehigh – Wide Receiver

Many to most feel that the Falcons will be taking a receiver at some point in the draft and they may decide to take one earlier since Roddy White will be 32 during the season, doubts are beginning on Harry Douglas, and no one has separated himself from the rest of the field. But much like defensive tackle, the coaching staff may not feel the same way as fans do. They seem to have a process in place for wide receivers in having to go through the practice squad as both Drew Davis and Kevin Cone have done. They also were still able to keep Kerry Meier, Tim Toone, and another PS guy in Marcus Jackson.

Meier's Still on Roster (AJC)

Spadola is an extremely low risk, potentially very high reward candidate. Many sites have Spadola pegged as going undrafted, but he would be worth a compensatory pick. He’s 6’1, 204, and had a very good combine. He ran a 4.48 and performed well in other areas. But it’s not Spadola’s measurables that would necessarily warrant a pick, but his production. Only one receiver (Conner Vernron – 3630) bested Spadola in terms of career yards and it wasn’t much (3611). He had more yards per game (100.3) than any other receiver, one of the highest yards per catch averages, and added 24 TDs. Like guard, receiver should be a major competition and Spadola could very well give great competition on the roster.

7th Round – Compensatory #3

Emmett Cleary – Boston College – Offensive Tackle

The release of Tyson Clabo has apparently opened up the spot for Lamar Holmes and Mike Johnson to take. Garrett Reynolds must be staying in the mix at right guard because he could move back to his old position as well. But Will Svitek and Clabo are gone and someone has to step in for depth. Versatility is the name of the game, and Cleary is a perfect fit for the Falcons offensive line. He’s started 12 games at left tackle, 8 at left guard, and 18 at right tackle. He has good size at 6’6, 316, did well on the bench, and performed pretty well overall at the combine. Cleary is a good value pick right before the end of the draft

The Cage Member’s Mocks

Paddy O

Jonathan Hankins – DT (1st Rd); Khaseem Greene – OLB (2nd Rd); Leon McFadden – CB (3rd Rd); Ryan Swope – WR (4th Rd); Cornelius Washington – DE/OLB (4th C); Dwayne Gratz – CB (5th Rd); AJ Klein – ILB (6th Rd); TJ Barnes – DT (7th Rd); DJ Hayden – CB (7th C#1); Onterio McCalebb – RB (7th C#2); Eric Herman – OG (7th Rd C#3)

Time is Now

Kawaan Short – DT (1st); Logan Ryanb – CB (2nd); Gerald Hodges – OLB (3rd); Ricky Wagner – OT (4th); Ace Sanders – WR (4th C); Kwame Geathers – DT (5th); Rex Burkhead – RB (6th);  Dax Swanson – CB (7th); Jake Knott – LB (7th C#1); Nick Becton – Ot (7th C#2); Colby Cameron – QB (7th C#3)

Bangkapi Ajarn / F5

Jonathan Banks – CB (1st); Jamie Collins – OLB (2nd)l Malliciah Goodman – DE (3rd); Leon McFadden – CB (4th); Mychal Rivera – TE (4th C); Josh Boyd – DT (5th); Ray Graham – RB (6th); Steve Beauharnais – ILB (7th); Brandon Kaufman – WR (7th C#1); Keelan Johnson – S (7th C#2); Blaize Foltz – OG (7th C#3)


Jamar Taylor – CB (1st); Brandon Williams – DT (2nd); Gavin Escobar – TE (3rd); Chase Thomas – OLB (4th); David Bass – DE (4th C); Denard Robinson – WR (5th); Zac Stacy – RB (6th); Bruce Taylor – ILB (7th); Joe Madsen – C (7th C#1); Onterio McCalebb – RB (7th C#2); Jordan Rodgers – QB (7th C#3)


Desmond Trufant – CB (1st); Tank Carradine – DE (2nd); Zaviar Gooden – OLB (3rd); Alvin Bailey – OG (4th); Jelani Jenkins (4th C); Kwame Geathers – DT (5th); Earl Wolf (6th); Onterio McCalebb (7th); Mark Harrison – WR (7th C#1); Jonathan Stewart – (7th C#2)

Just Me

Margus Hunt – DE (1st); DJ Hayden – CB (2nd); Barrett Jones – C/G (3rd); Jon Bostic – ILB (4th); Marcus Lattimore – RB (4th C); Chris Gragg – TE (5th); Mike Edwards – CB (6th); Kwame Geathers – DT (7th); Luke Marquadt – OT (7th C#1); Chris Jones – DT (7th C#2); Janoris Slaughter – S  (7th C#3)


Jamar Taylor – CB (1st); John Jenkins – DT (2nd); Sean Porter – OLB (3rd); Tharold Simon – CB (4th); Kenjon Barner – RB (4th C); Josh Boyd – DT (5th); Joseph Fauria – TE (6th); Matt Stankwiech – C (7th); Oscar Johnson – OT (7th C#1); Keelan Johnson – S (7th C#2); Ryan Spadola – WR (7th C#3)


Alec Ogletree – ILB (1st); Jonathan Banks – CB (2nd – Trade); Alex Okafor – DE (2nd); Blidi Wreh-Wilson – CB (3rd); Marcus Lattimore – RB (4th); Barrett Jones – C/G (4th C); Kwame Geathers – DT (5th); Ace Sanders – WR (6th); Emmett Cleary – OT (7th); Quanterus Smith – DE (7th C#1); Joseph Fauria – TE (7th C#2)


Tank Carradine – DE (1st); Khaseem Greene – OLB (2nd); Tyrann Mathieu – CB (3rd); Leon McFadden – CB (4th); Alvin Bailey – G (4th C); Kiko Alonso – LB (5th); Joseph Fauria – TE (6th); TJ Barnes – DT (7th); Chris Jones – DT (7th C#1); Conner Vernon – WR (7th C#2); Ryan Spadola – WR (7th C#3)

Big Ray

Larry Warford – G (1st); John Jenkins – DT (2nd); Robert Alford – CB (3rd); Chase Thomas – OLB (4th); Sean Porter – OLB (4th C); Quanterus Smith – DE (7th C#1); Knile Davis – RB (7th C#2); Kenny Tate – S (7th C#3)

Sgt. Pepper

Jarvis Jones – OLB (1st / Trade); Jonathan Banks – CB (2nd / Trade); TJ Barnes – DT (4th); Ryan Otten – TE (4th C); Ace Sanders – (5th); John Boyett – S (7th); Tanner Hawkinson – OT (7th C#1); AJ Klein – ILB (7th C#2); Trey Wilson – CB (7th C#3)

darrell starks

Margus Hunt – DE (1st); John Jenkins – DT (2nd); Tyrann Mathieu – CB (3rd); Chris Faulk – OT (4th); Chase Thomas – OLB (4th C); Denard Robinson – WR (5th); Sanders Commings – CB (6th); Jake Stoneburner – TE (7th); Tommy Bohanon – FB (7th C#1); TJ Barnes – (7th C#2); Charles Johnson – WR (7th C#3)

Die Hard Falcon

1) Alec Ogletree – ILB (1st); 2) David Amerson – CB (2nd); Brandon Williams – DT (3rd); Stepfan Taylor – RB (4th); William Gholston – (4th C); Ace Sanders – WR (5th); Earl Wolff – S (6th); Kwame Geathers – DT (7th); Seth Doege – QB (7th C#1); Emmett Cleary – OT (7th C#2); Braxton Cave – C (7th C#3)


Arthur Brown – OLB (1st); Darius Slay – CB (2nd); Jordan Hill – (DT); John Simon – DE (4th); Kevin Reddick – ILB (4th C); Ace Sanders – WR (5th); Johnny Adams – CB (6th); TJ Barnes – DT (7th); Nathan Williams – (7th C#1); Montel Harris – RB (7th C#2); James Wilson – (7th C#3)


Alec Ogletree – ILB (1st / Trade); Alex Okafor – DE (2nd); Akeem Spence – DT (3rd); Tyrann Mathieu – CB (4th); Barrett Jones – C/G (4th C); Rod Sweeting – CB (7th); TJ Barnes – DT (7th C#1); Kwame Geathers – DT (7th C#2)

Hamad Meander

Desmond Trufant – CB (1st); Margus Hunt – DE (2nd); Sean Porter – OLB (3rd); Jelani Jenkins – OLB (4th); Marcus Lattimore – RB (4th C); Robert Lester – S (5th); Joseph Fauria – TE (6th); Zac Stacy – RB (7th); Omoregie Uzzi – G (7th C#1); Chad Bumphis – WR (7th C#2)

Buford Bob

Jesse Williams – DT (2nd – Trade); Jamar Taylor – CB (2nd – Trade); Jordan Reed – TE (3rd); Sean Porter – OLB (4th); Aaron Mellete – WR (4th C); JC Tretter – C (5th); Abry Jones – DE (6th); Mike Catapano – LB (7th); John Wetzel – OT (7th #1); Zach Rogers – WR (7th #2); Zach Sudfield – TE (7th #3)

Screen Pass

Larry Warford – G (2nd – Trade); Darius Slay – CB (2nd); Zaviar Gooden – OLB (3rd); Jordan Hill – DT (4th); Malliciah Goodman – DE (4th C); Kenny Tate – S (5th); Ace Sanders – WR (6th); Joseph Fauria – TE (7th); TJ Barnes – DT (7th #1); Rod Sweeting – CB (7th#2); Tony Tatum – WR (7th #3)


Jamar Taylor – CB (1st); Sio Moore – OLB (2nd); Jordan Hill – DT (3rd); Leon McFadden – CB (4th); AJ Klein – ILB (4th C); Denard  Robinson – WR (5th); Conner Vernon – WR (6th); Rex Burkhead – RB (7th); Zach Sudfield – TE (7th #1); Josh Boyd – DT (7th #2); Omo Uzzi – G (7th #3)

Seminole Warrior

Khaseem Greene – OLB (1st); David Amerson – CB (2nd); Ryan Swope – WR (3rd); Akeem Spence – DT (4th); Logan Ruan – CB (4th C); Zac Stacy – RB (5th); Steve Beauharnais – ILB (6th); Josh Boyd – DT (7th); AJ Klein – ILB (7th #1); Zach Sudfield – TE (7th #2); Earl Wolff – (7th #3)


Jonathan Banks – CB (2nd – Trade); Zach Ertz – TE (2nd – trade); Khaseem Greene – OLB (2nd); Barrett Jones – C/G (3rd); David Bass – DE (4th c); Ace Sanders – WR (5th); TJ Barnes – DT (6th); Nick Moody – OLB (7th); Earl Wolff – S (7th #1); Mike James – RB (7th #2); Demetrius McCray – CB (7th #3)


Jonathan Banks – CB (1st); John Jenkins – DT (2nd); Zaviar Gooden – OLB (3rd); Alvin Bailey – G (4th); AJ Klein – ILB (4th C); Joe Kruger – DE (5th); Nick Kasa – TE (6th); Marcus Davis – WR (7th); Micah Hyde – CB (7th #1); TJ Barnes – DT (7th #2); Cooper Taylor – S (7th #3)


Jonathan Banks – CB (1st); Alex Okafor – DE (2nd); Sean Porter – OLB (3rd); Jordan Hill – DT (4th); Leon  McFadden – CB (4th C); Chad Bumphus – WR (5th); Zeke Motta – S (6th); Edmund Kugila – G(7th); Phillip Lutzenkirchen – TE (7th #1); TJ Barnes – DT (7th #2); Jamaal Johnson-Webb (OT)


Desmond Trufant – CB (1st); Brandon Williams – DT (2nd); Tyrann Mathieu – CB (3rd); Zaviar Gooden – OLB (4th); Luke Marquadt – OT (4th C); Joseph Fauria – TE (5th); Ryan Spadola – WR (6th); TJ Barnes – DT (7th); Omo Uzzi – G (7th #1); Vernon Kearney – CB (7th #2); Ray-Ray Armstrong – S (7th #3)


Desmond Trufant – CB (1st); Gerald Hodges – OLB (2nd); Vance McDonald – TE (3rd); Marquis Goodwin – WR (4th); Kenny Tate – S (4th C); Akeem Spence – DT (5th); Luke Marquadt – OT (6th); Mike James – RB (7th); Everette Dawkins – DE (7th #1); Taimi Tutogi – FB (7th #2); Izaan Cross – DE (7th #3)

Unca’ Bob

Jamar Taylor – CB (1st); Larry Warford – G (2nd); Cornelius Washington – DE/OLB (3rd); Zaviar Gooden – OLB (4th); Marcus Lattimore – RB (4th C); TJ Barnes – DT (5th); Keith Pough – OLB (6th); Cooper Taylor – S (7th); Ace Sanders – WR (7th #1); Knile Davis – RB (7th #2); Jakar Hamilton – S (7th #3)

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April 22nd, 2013
4:17 pm

Dang! D3 stole Trufant from me. Never eating wings with him again. I knew he was just trying to get my mock!


April 22nd, 2013
4:18 pm

The Time is NOW

April 22nd, 2013
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Paddy O
April 22nd, 2013
12:13 pm

Looking forward to seeing the other two. I like your approach to the 3 mock idea.

Paddy O

April 22nd, 2013
5:33 pm

I sent them to D3; but I don’t think they’ll get listed here – is that correct?

Paddy O

April 22nd, 2013
5:34 pm

from other mocks, it seems doubtful Cornelius Washington will be there.

The Time is NOW

April 22nd, 2013
6:02 pm

Paddy O – You’ll have to post the others as comments, if you want them to be part of your 10 competition mocks. If you are gonna do more than 10 and don’t want to use the other two from your 3 mock analysis project, I dunno…


April 22nd, 2013
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Paddy — Nah man, go ahead and list all your mocks, I was just saying that I didn’t have room to put all the mocks from everyone on the actual post.

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April 22nd, 2013
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Screen Pass

April 22nd, 2013
6:40 pm

“This unexpected development is why I wound up taking some lesser talent than I wanted to at #60 and #90. As a result, I came to the conclusion trades were necessary cause the guys I wanted were always gone by the bottom of each round. FWIW.” – Time is Now

Thnaks for the compliment, the entire Cage usually put their best foot forward for the draft. Great and fun time. Like you, I had a problem rectifying players with draft position so instead of going a round earlier to simulate realism I left a “value bin” of point value to use in move up trades. Trying to list them all would have been tedious and boring so I just used the “value bin” to represent the power to move up if needed. Staying flexible in this draft will be key and having draft ammo would help that a lot. I usually target individual players but I don’t think that is the best strategy for this draft.


April 22nd, 2013
6:53 pm

“Look at the big brain on brad”, I mean SP. Came from some movie I cant remember, all those “gravity B’s” back in the the 80’s.
Anyway, Excellent job today with intel ad possible trades. Love the Jets trade and with there added 13th from tampon, seems more likely. Buffalo also may be in the mix ifnew college coach doesent draft his bff qb irresponsibly in top 10.

Regardless, excellent thoughts on the draft!!!


April 22nd, 2013
6:58 pm

Excuse my mis-spellings/grammer or not, don’t give a fudge. :)

Paddy O

April 22nd, 2013
7:05 pm

alrighty then! here is the LB based mock
rd 1 Arthur Brown; OLB
rd 2 Kawann Short, DT
rd 3 David Amerson CB
rd 4 Ryan Swope WR
rd 4 Cornelius Washington OLB
rd 5 Dwayne Gratz CB
rd 6 Jonathan Steward ILB
rd 7 TJ Barnes DT
rd 7 Mike Ford RB
rd 7 Chris Barker OG
rd 7 Rod Sweeting CB

Paddy O

April 22nd, 2013
7:08 pm

the CB based mock is:

rd 1 Trufant CB
rd 2 John Jenkins DT
rd 3 Jamie Collins OLB
rd 4 Zavier Gooden OLB
rd 4 Swope (again – key to SB?)
rd 5 Johnny Adams CB
rd 6 Bruce Taylor ILB
rd 7 Kwame Geathers TD
rd 7 TJ Barnes (2nd key to SB?)
rd 7 Dax Swanson CB
rd 7 Zach Allen OG

If i”m lucky, about 5 of these guys will actually be selected. 2 years ago, Akeem Dent won me the coveted mock mania trophy – which I proudly display in my utopia room!

The Time is NOW

April 22nd, 2013
7:09 pm

“Staying flexible in this draft will be key and having draft ammo would help that a lot.” – SP

Well said!


April 22nd, 2013
7:13 pm

I did this through the first-pick draft simulator, so I realize I seriously lucked out on how some of these fell, so before I start getting crap, this is how things fell on the simulator: I was targeting Travis Kelce or Gavin Escobar in the 3rd and 4th, who I feel offer more value later, than risk losing much needed Defensive firepower by going Eifert or Ertz early, but missed out.

Paulitik’s Picks:
Round 1 Pick 30: Alec Ogletree, OLB, Georgia, (We need an athletic LB to keep those TEs from running wild when we play all those Read Option teams thsi upcoming season)

TRADE 2014 1st Rd Pick, 2013 7th (Pick30) to CINN for Round 2 Pick 5 : Johnthan Banks, CB, Mississippi State, (This draft is deep at CB, TD is completely willing to lose a 2014 1st rounder to grab the best CB in the SEC to start opposiite Asante)

Round 2 Pick 28: Alex Okafor, DE, Texas, (Much needed Pass-Rusher to compliment Osi, or hopefully learn under a re-signed John Abraham, first round talent falls to the late second in this deep defensive rich draft)
Round 3 Pick 30: Blidi Wreh-Wilson, CB, Connecticut,( A steal, and much needed depth since losing Chris Owens, Dunta Robinson, and Brent Grimes)
Round 4 Pick 30: Marcus Lattimore, RB, South Carolina,(The FUTURE at RB, with a perfect mentor in Steven Jackson. Cannot pass this guy up here. He would be the #1 RB in the draft if not for the injury, and he will be a monster after a year of healing learning behind a perennial Pro-Bowler)
Round 4 Pick 36 (COMP): Barrett Jones, C, Alabama, (Versatile OL can play any position, I doubt he makes it past the 3rd, but the Falcons jump on him if he gets this far, move Konz to Center, Barrett can play Guard or Tackle)
Round 5 Pick 30:Kwame Geathers, DT, Georgia, (The answer ar NT in our 3-4 looks)
Round 6 Pick 30: Ace Sanders, WR, South Carolina, (No more fair-catch Franks, much needed competition for Harry Douglas, can take it to the house anytime he touches the ball)
Round 7 Pick 37 (COMP): Emmett Cleary, OT, Boston College (Needed OT depth after losing Clabo)
Round 7 Pick 38 (COMP): Quanterus Smith, DE, Western Kentucky (A small school BEAST, and more needed depth on the DL, could replace Osi one day, hopefully he can be what we wanted Sidbury to be)
Round 7 Pick 43 (COMP):Joseph Fauria, TE UCLA (Undersized TE with a high ceiling)

The Time is NOW

April 22nd, 2013
7:14 pm

That’s a lot of talent Paddy O. I wouldn’t complain…

Screen Pass

April 22nd, 2013
7:19 pm

“Anyway, Excellent job today with intel ad possible trades. Love the Jets trade and with there added 13th from tampon, seems more likely. Buffalo also may be in the mix ifnew college coach doesent draft his bff qb irresponsibly in top 10.

Regardless, excellent thoughts on the draft!!!” – JJ

Thanks JJ! I mostly did thought exercises, the people that could actually pick players from all the possibilities deserve better credit lol. Took personal dealing out of my head which was needed, but mostly it made me see we could fill all the damn holes TD has left us with. I am stil kinda worried but if he doesn’t lose his mind we should be ok.

Paddy O

April 22nd, 2013
7:20 pm

yeah, i’m sort of doubting they’ll be there when we pick – but, I’ll know in a week!


April 22nd, 2013
8:46 pm

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah. The best week of the year is at hand and the competition is on.

Cocoa will be right back with his predictions. Slightly altered for the benefit of the contest but my heart still lies with my original submissions.

Stay tuned..

The Time is NOW

April 22nd, 2013
9:04 pm

April 22nd, 2013
7:13 pm

Like the new format, Flo…

Screen Pass

April 22nd, 2013
9:05 pm

“I did this through the first-pick draft simulator, so I realize I seriously lucked out on how some of these fell, so before I start getting crap, this is how things fell on the simulator:” – Paulitik

First off, welcome to the Cage! Nice draft ideas, won’t be getting crap from me. I take it from your name you post on another board maybe? It seems we both came up wanting another early round pick…I can’t give you crap about that lol. Looks like you grabbed a lot of great players.

Big Ray

April 22nd, 2013
9:48 pm

Kerry Meier was released today.

JB Falcon

April 22nd, 2013
10:00 pm

BR, I always thought Kerry would amount to something but he’s been here three years and participated in 12 games.

Screen Pass

April 22nd, 2013
10:01 pm

“Kerry Meier was released today.” – BR

Who kidnapped him?


April 22nd, 2013
10:11 pm

Late night check in before pillow, but DJ Hayden is starting become a consensus pick for us in the first round. He was slated for 6-7th round territory, and a clean bill of health vaults him into the first round? Just not feeling this at all, whatsoever. Can any of ya’ll help with this one. Talk about a reach.

Trufant, Taylor, or Banks @ #30, no other CBs, IMO.

DJ Hayden? Please. I’d rather have Tyler Eifert. You think I’m kidding………………….

The Time is NOW

April 22nd, 2013
10:54 pm

D3 – NBC quotes Mayock as saying he’s better than Milliner. Ten teams showed up for his workout. The only head coach in attendence was the Jets’ Ryan.Neither tweet noted mentioned the other nine teams. Nothing listed about it on Walter, yet, that I can find.



April 22nd, 2013
11:10 pm

D3 Rhodes is also dropping into the mid to late 20s in many mocks. Hard to imagine him falling to 30…but sure would be nice. Possible trade scenario… Jets grab G Smith at #1. Therefore Buffalo would want to make sure to jump ahead of Jax, Philly, and possibly Arizona. They could trade their 2,3,and 6 for our 1 and 3. Then we could attempt a trade with Miami a four and next years two for a two this year. Package the our 7 and 5 to move up in round 5. That would give us 41, 54, 60, 71,133, one somewhere around 150, 177, 198, and our 3 comps in rd 7. That would still be 11 picks and most will have increased in value. That puts us without a 2 next year, but we will get comped for Grimes, Owens, and possibly Walker next year.


April 22nd, 2013
11:14 pm

Ok, this is fun. I think I’ll go the 3 mock route as well as I am sure there will be some type of trade by Atlanta and I want to have some fun with that. But first I’ll just do a straight up draft, no trades.

Round 1 #30- Tank Carridine DE

Round 2 #62- Khaseem Green LB (a stretch on his availability)

Round 3 #92- Tyrann Mathieu CB

Round 4 #127- Leon McFadden CB

Round 4 #133- Alvin Bailey G

Round 5 #163- Kiko Alonso LB (doubt he is here)

Round 6 #198- Joseph Fauria TE

Round 7 #236- TJ Barnes DT
#243- Chris Jones DT
#244- Conner Vernon WR
#249- Ryan Spadola WR

Picks by position: DE-1; CB-2, WR-2; DT-2; LB-2; TE-1; OG-1

Big Ray

April 22nd, 2013
11:20 pm

Here is my mock. It’s my first year doing one, maybe my last. I for some reason enjoy reading any mock there is to read (well, I enjoy looking, sometimes the pundits are absolute idiots), but hate doing my own.

Maybe my mock is what the Falcons should do. Maybe it’s what I think they’ll do. Maybe it’s just a weak guess. Or maybe it’s just…well…I’ll let the music do the talking.

Open another window, input the below link…and read my mock with this song in the background…


Rd 1 – Trade rumors abound, but nobody knows what TD will do. He doesn’t trade up. The Bears take Tyler Eiffert, destroying one prevalent theory. New England snags Desmond Trufant, crushing another theory. TD goes left field and takes Larry Warford. The Right Guard spot is locked up instantly. People scream. Everybody except a slender, 6′4″ Irishman dripping sweat all alone in a weight room, finishing up his arm curls. He looks up and a slight smile twitches his mouth.

Round 2 – Cornerbacks are flying off the board like startled sparrows at the sound of a high-powered rifle. The Mad Russian calmly watches as the 2nd round winds down. The 49ers are licking their lips, figuring the Falcons have to take a CB. Instead, the Mad Russian puts in a card immediately for….Georgia’s John Jenkins. Yes, he has lasted this far. The Dolphins took Jesse Williams earlier and the Packers got Johnathan Hankins.

Rd 3 – The KGB strikes. Dissolving their 6th round pick, the Falcons trade into the top half of the 3rd round and take…Robert Alford who is still on the board. Two other teams took Darius Slay and David Amerson (his size tantalizes), so the Comrade has gotten nervous and triggers a trade.

Rd 4 – The Falcons didn’t want to give up their 6th round pick, but they still have two 4ths (refused to give them up in a post-Julio no trading 4th round pick pinky promise with Arthur Blank) and a 5th. That is, until they wanted to move up in the 4th. The 5th round pick goes, and now the Falcons can do something they need to do near the top of the 4th. They take OLB Chase Thomas. Then they turn around and take Sean Porter. Done deal.

7th round – All bets are off. Nobody knows who most of these guys are. Except the KGB, who sees all.

Oklahoma DE David King is brought in due to his ability to play DE and DT, and the fact that he ran a reported 4.7 40 yard dash at 6′4″ 275. Also brought in is Western Kentucky DE Quanterus Smith. Arkansas RB Knile Davis gets a shot so that TD can have his injured player fix. The 4th of four 7th round picks? Maryland strong safety Kenneth Tate. You just never know….could be a diamond in the rough.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I don’t do mock drafts.

By the way, can you believe I managed to type this out despite 4 shots of EverClear? My brother-in-law, his wife, and my wife thought I wouldn’t be able to do much of anything. There’s a lot of places that 180 proof alcohol can go in a near-300 lb body….I’m just sayin’….that and a very good knowledge of where the backspace key is….


April 22nd, 2013
11:21 pm

D3, I’ve watched some of Hayden’s games and some of them look like highlight reels. Especially his performance in the bowl game a couple years ago. I was gonna go him or Tank with my first pick. Hayden ruptured an artery in practice, almost internally bled to death. But all doctors are calling it a freak injury that has no increased chance of happening again, if you can believe that. But dude is a good player.

Big Ray

April 22nd, 2013
11:24 pm

SP ,

LOL…hell I don’t know dude, but I don’t make this ish up. Maybe it was a misprint by “Radio” again..but what do I know?


Flo - Ri - Duh

April 22nd, 2013
11:26 pm

D3 – Thanks. I got your spread sheet and will check it out tuesday


April 22nd, 2013
11:28 pm

Everclear BR, wow, I’m impressed. I’ve only had it ONCE, thanks for the music though, I took your advice, I’d never heard it.


April 22nd, 2013
11:28 pm

I can tell your feeling it a bit brother.

Big Ray

April 22nd, 2013
11:33 pm

Hayden was probably dropped to the lower rounds due to the health condition. He’s flying up the boards now…still wouldn’t be in my top 5 choices at CB but hell, what do I know…

Big Ray

April 22nd, 2013
11:37 pm

Tyler ,

Pretty good stuff, huh? (The music that is). I take it my mock was wacky enough to make you think I’d had a lil’ too much? :lol:

Hey, it’s like being on a dance floor. I don’t know what to do these days, so I figure if I do something just a wee bit silly/crazy, then at least I’ll be entertaining. If I take myself too seriously, I’ll look like a major jackass. Yeah, I think that theory applies.

Guess I better skip sharpening my edged weapons tonight, lest I learn the riddle of steel all over again. Certainly would never clean my firearms in this condition.

Big Ray

April 22nd, 2013
11:40 pm

Now have had Everclear officially four times. In one sitting. I think my “dare” days are over at the fresh age of 36 (achieved a mere 7 days ago, at that). Good Lord…whatever was I thinking…

Screen Pass

April 22nd, 2013
11:45 pm

“Here is my mock. It’s my first year doing one, maybe my last. I for some reason enjoy reading any mock there is to read (well, I enjoy looking, sometimes the pundits are absolute idiots), but hate doing my own. ” – BR

I will give a golf clap to the first annual Everclear invitational drunk mock winner BR. Imagine how bad doing these things are sober. I was doing good until I had to start figuring out realistic trades, really killed my momentum lol. Way too much math. I will still give you credit for KShort as “your guy” unless you wanna switch…the line guys are kinda hard to get excited over :) . It was nice someone broke the Slay/ Amerson log jam in the 2nd, I think every mock that doesn’t take Trufant goes there.

We will miss you Kerry…if we ever get to meet you!

Screen Pass

April 22nd, 2013
11:47 pm

Happy belated BR! I got a lil Jack and Bar-B-Q in tonight…not a ton of the good stuff as I might blow up the house with all the oxygen bottles in here now. So good to be done.

Big Ray

April 22nd, 2013
11:54 pm

SP ,

Thank you, sir! I enjoyed the heck out of your mock as well ( kinda figured most of it out ahead of time).

I skipped the realistic trade scenarios for that exact same reason, choosing to be vague instead.

I had some hopes for Kerry Meier. They never panned out. But somehow I think he’s more disappointed than I am.

Big Ray

April 22nd, 2013
11:57 pm

I got a lil Jack and Bar-B-Q in tonight

Good on ya, sonny boy. That’s a good combo. Hope your ol’ man is doing good as well. I hope mine is with us another 30 years. He’s heavily responsible for the disciplined individual that I am today.

Big Ray

April 23rd, 2013
12:24 am

Either I blog-farted again or it’s past everybody’s bedtime. Catch y’all in the a.m., I reckon…..


April 23rd, 2013
1:07 am

Ok SP, I got a “Mock Draft Trade Edition” for you.

The Falcons draft at 30, then trade their 2014 1st round pick, along with pick #’s 163(5th rd) and 198(6th rd.); to the Miami Dolphins in return for the Dolphins 2cnd rd(42) and the Dolphins 3rd rd(82) in 2013.

The Dolphins have two picks this year in the 2cnd and 3rd rounds, so they could trade these picks, (42,82) for a 1st round pick next year and still have picks in the 2cnd and 3rd round this year. You’ll have to take my word that the math is about perfect, hope it was’nt to confusing.

Leaving the Falcons 2013 Draft Board looking like this:

Round 1 (30) DJ Hayden CB
Round 2 (42) Justin Pugh OL
Round 2 (60) Jamie Collins LB/DE
Round 3 (82) Da’rick Rogers WR
Round 3 (92) Tyranne Mathieu CB
Round 4 (127) Marcus Lattimore RB
Round 4 (133) Cornelious Washington LB
Round 5 (163) traded
Round 6 (198) traded
Round 7 (236) Kwame Geathers DT
(243) Chris Jones DT
(244) Landry Jones QB
(249) Zeke Motta S


April 23rd, 2013
1:43 am


This is a pretty good article on the parity this draft is showing from the end of the first round through the second.

Screen Pass

April 23rd, 2013
10:21 am

“Ok SP, I got a “Mock Draft Trade Edition” for you.

The Falcons draft at 30, then trade their 2014 1st round pick, along with pick #’s 163(5th rd) and 198(6th rd.); to the Miami Dolphins in return for the Dolphins 2cnd rd(42) and the Dolphins 3rd rd(82) in 2013.

The Dolphins have two picks this year in the 2cnd and 3rd rounds, so they could trade these picks, (42,82) for a 1st round pick next year and still have picks in the 2cnd and 3rd round this year. You’ll have to take my word that the math is about perfect, hope it was’nt to confusing.” – tyler

I don’t have to take your word for it, I did enough trade scenarios to last me a lifetime lol.

MIA – 2-42 (480) + 3-82 (180) = 660pv or dead on the 28th pick

ATL – rd1 2014 (?) + 5-163 (26) + 6-198 (12) = 28th pick next year plus a late 4th in premium value

The value adds up and could certainly be deemed realistic. My only thought why it wouldn’t work is the new Dolphins’ regime is in prove it or lose it mode. They would need better than normal premium as in a clear Dolphin trade win no brainer Falcons are idiots type deal to lose out on this years picks. It is still fun to figure out and dream for sure, but I just came to the conclusion saving our first for next year is prolly best. If we don’t screw up this year, we have cap being cleared depending on Ryan deal which could give us a lot to play with next year. I guess it would boil down to how much pressure TD has to win it all this year.

Sgt. Pepper

April 23rd, 2013
10:43 am

Falcon’s Draft

Round 1
Falcons trade pick 30 (1st), 92 (3rd) and 163 (5th) to Rams for pick 22.
Falcons select Jarvis Jones (OLB)

Trade A Value: 780 (Rams)
Trade B Value: 779.2 (Falcons)

Round 2
Falcons trade pick 60 (2nd) next year’s 3rd and pick 127 (4th) to Bears for pick 50 (2nd) and pick 117 (4th).
Falcons select Johnathan Banks (CB)

Trade A Value: 400 (Bears)
Trade B Value: 390 (Falcons)

Round 3
No Pick

Round 4 (pick 117 and 133)
Seahawks trade pick 123 (4th) and 194 (6th) to Falcons for pick 117 (for Khaseem Greene OLB)

Trade A Value: 63.8
Trade B Value: 60

Pick 117 –
TJ Barnes, DT

Pick 133 (comp)
Ryan Otten, TE

Round 5
Falcons trade pick 198 (6th) and 194 (6th) to Ravens for pick 168 (5th ) and pick 238 (7th)
Trade A Value: 26.8 (Ravens)
Trade B Value: 28 (Falcons)

Pick 168 –
Ace Sanders WR /PR

Round 6
No Pick

Round 7
Falcons trade Pick 236 and Pick 238 to Colts for pick 230

Trade A Value: 2.4 (Colts)
Trade B Value: 2.1 (Falcons)

Pick 230 – John Boyett SS
Pick 243 (comp) Tanner Hawkinson, OT
Pick 244 (comp) A.J. Klein, ILB
Pick 249 (comp) Trey Wilson, CB


1. Jarvis Jones (OLB)
2. Johnathan Banks (CB)
3. No Pick
4. T.J. Barnes (DT)
4. Ryan Otten, TE
5. Ace Sanders WR /PR
6. No Pick
7. John Boyett SS
7. Tanner Hawkinson, OT
7. A.J. Klein, ILB
7. Trey Wilson, CB

Ken Strickland

April 23rd, 2013
11:14 am

I saw a mock that predicted we’d trade up 10 slots to take UGA LB Ogletree. It said he’d be perfect because his speed, quickness & ahleticism would allow him to cover any NFL TE, & he’s a good pass rusher.

The 3 biggest problem areas we had last yr on DEF were defending defending the run, covering TEs & rushing the passer. A LB like Ogletree will contribute a lot more in those areas than any CB we could draft, including Milliner.

Plus, CB is probably the deepest DEF position in the draft. On the other hand, with our lack of CB depth & experience, & ASamuels age & recurring shoulder problems, getting another starting caliber CB is essential. We might end up trading up & back in this draft.

darrell starks

April 23rd, 2013
11:24 am

Falcons Draft Board




#127 CHRIS FAULK OG – A steal for Falcons








GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


April 23rd, 2013
12:18 pm

Two Gamecock players stand out for me, and would be steals for Falcons. Devin Taylor at DE! And Marcus Lattimore…. Especially Taylor. He’s not a household name because he plays opposite somebody named Clowney.. As a Bulldog fan, I’m glad to see them gone.

Die Hard Falcon

April 23rd, 2013
12:31 pm

Question — It’s a little off topic, but:

Has anyone read if we’ve yet signed Robert McClain or any of the other restricted FA’s?