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Fans Grade the 2013 Atlanta Falcons Draft

Mixed Reviews from Most Fans

Welcome to Atlanta Mr. Trufant! (AJC)

Another Falcons draft has come and gone, and yet again the reviews are mixed with most Atlanta fans. Even with all the research in the world, GM Thomas Dimitroff proved to be his normal and completely unpredictable self, trading picks at will to get the players he wanted. Many fans predicted the Falcons would go cornerback and some even predicted they would take CB Desmond Trufant in the first round. That’s where the correct predictions ended.

In all, they took in 2 cornerbacks, 2 defensive ends, 1 tight end, 2 safeties, and 1 quarterback. Most are happy with the players selected, or can tolerate them, but the idea that the Falcons brought home exactly 0 linebackers, defensive tackles, or offensive linemen is perplexing to say the least. Even though many were initially upset at taking two cornerbacks with the first two picks, what was once one of the biggest weaknesses had immediately been transformed into a …

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5th Annual Bird Cage Atlanta Falcons Full Mock Competition

Let the Mocks Roll………

Welcome to ATL Mr. Trufant! (AJC)

It’s that time again ladies and gentlemen, one of The Cage’s most enjoyable posts throughout the entire year: Atlanta Falcons Full Mock Madness Competition. It’s truly hard to believe that is the 5th annual one and it’s a great way to get the draft juices flowing and ready for the big day. The spreadsheet should make it much easier this time around instead of just shooting arrows in the dark. If you haven’t received it yet, please email me at and I’ll be happy to send it to you ASAP. Will try to get some Falcons SWAG for the champion of our little friendly competition.

Rules and Regulations

All mocks are due by Thursday (Draft Day) by 6 pm. You can either send them to my email, post them on the blog or both. If you have done them in the past, it makes it easier if you can repost them on the new thread.

Finally Here!

You can submit up to 10 mocks if you want to, but only the mocks will be scored …

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How Much will the Atlanta Falcons Upgrade their LB Corps in the Draft?

A Very Strong Draft Class

Can Spoon Get Some Help Please? (AJC)

After months and months of research, analysis, debate, and discussion, the big day is finally almost upon us. With a little less than a week away, it’s like the build-up to Christmas morning to some, but for others it’s just a way to pass the time until real games actually start. Of all the drafts in the Dimitroff Era, this one appears to be one of the hardest to predict. And that’s saying something for the extremely stealth and sly Mr. Dimitroff. There’s a general consensus that this draft seems similar to the draft of 2009 that spent every pick on defense except one. There are many unproven players and a ton of holes on defense, so the belief is that it’s not a matter of if the Falcons go defense, but when and how often.

Linebacker is an area that is less certain than cornerback. Even though most all fans believe that linebacker is a major concern, there’s not necessarily any indication that the front office and …

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When will Atlanta Falcons Go DT and DE in the Draft?

A Look at Some D-Line Prospects

Been a Long Time Since Kerney (AJC)

The Atlanta Falcons have long suffered on defense and many believe the main culprit to be a weak defensive line. That’s a pretty tough argument to undercut since the pass rush has consisted of John Abraham, John Abraham, and the occasional Jonathan Babineaux. They have rotated, brought in, semi-developed, and drafted players to no avail. The lone high draft pick in the Smith / Dimitroff Era was Peria Jerry and that’s a microcosm for the past five years: supposedly loaded with potential, but actual production is nil.

The Cage Logo Returns!

It’s a pretty damning statement when the only two successful defensive linemen (at least consistently) were holdovers from the previous regime. Sure, there’s been spurts and flashes here and there, but surely nothing to write home about. Meanwhile, teams in the Falcons own backyard are finding ways to develop pass rushers. Former Bucs DE Michael Bennett was an undrafted free …

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Your Reaction to Atlanta Falcons Release of Tyson Clabo

A Projected OL Under 30

Darn Good Falcon! (AJC)

In a fairly surprising move, the Atlanta Falcons released long time right tackle and 2010 Pro Bowler Tyson Clabo. The former Wake Forest product may not have always been lights out as he was in 2010, but he’s surely been solid and one of the biggest stalwarts on the Falcons otherwise unsettled and inconsistent offensive line.

In terms of pure numbers, it’s not hard to see why the Falcons made the move, at least in the long term. Clabo had $11.5 million guaranteed in his contract and had been paid $6.85 mill to date. Very rough estimates only had the Falcons saving $1.4 million this year and creating well over $4 million in dead money (which seems to piling up) this season, but takes him completely off the books after this season.

It’s hard to believe this is a move that signals the Falcons will use the money on the open market but more about clearing the space for the future while also going ahead and doing the inevitable. …

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