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Atlanta Falcons: Who’s Your Favorite to Start at Center?

Several Options Available

Konz Likely to Start, but Where? (AJC)

Without question, the biggest area of concern for the Atlanta Falcons heading into training camp and into the 2012 season is the offensive line. It’s great to talk about how many skill players you have, new coordinators, and new schemes, but as many fellow Cage members have pointed out, it means nothing if your offensive line can’t protect their quarterback and open some holes for their running backs.

Even though left tackle is getting the most attention as the Falcons draw close to the season, the center position may hold one of the biggest keys to the entire offensive line. Not only is the center the “quarterbacK” and leader of the offensive line, but in the Falcons case it could have a domino effect on the right guard spot. As fans saw last year, the importance of the center position can’t be understated. Todd McClure’s injury forced Joe Hawley in to start in his place to begin the season and his …

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Atlanta Falcons: Can Koetter Utilize All His Weapons?

No More Excuses for Offense

Koetter's Getting Benefit of Doubt (AJC)

Atlanta Falcons fans have been wondering for a long time whether or not someone can enact an offensive philosophy that can utilize all the weapons at their disposal. Mr. Mularkey had the likes of Roddy White, Tony Gonzalez, Michael Turner, and recently Julio Jones and Jacquizz Rodgers, but failed to make any dent on being a legitimate and fierce offense. The hope is that since Mularkey is gone from Atlanta that a new coordinator will take the new Atlanta offense to another level. Whether that actually happens or not is another story.

Tons of Talent

Here’s the facts: Koetter has superb talent on offense. He has Michael Turner, Jason Snelling, and Jacquizz Rodgers at running back, which can be extremely potent if used correctly. Turner can get you tough yards and for all the talk of him slowing down, he still gained over 1,300 yards rushing last year. Rodgers is an superb change-of-pace back who has shown …

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Atlanta Falcons: Rank Your Falcons

Rank YOUR Favorite Falcons

Falcons players gather around head coach Mike Smith for some "coach speak" at the conclusion of team practice Wednesday in Flowery Branch. The team was on the field for non-contact drills one week before opening mini-camp.

Who's the Best? (AJC)

1) Matt Ryan – The Falcons won’t see the ultimate prize until the franchise QB hits his mojo

2) Sean Weatherspoon – The new leader of the defense

3) Julio Jones – The next best WR in the NFL

Julio — The Future (AJC)

4) Corey Peters – The former 3rd round pick dominates the defensive line

5) Roddy White – The twitter man has made the Pro Bowl 4 years running

6) John Abraham – Might go down as the best all-time Falcons DE

7) Tyson Clabo – The rock that made the Pro Bowl and is the moral center of OL

8.) William Moore – So much potential, time to deliver

9) Justin Blalock – Perhaps the most underrated OL in Falcons history

10) Michael Turner: He’s slowed down, but still the face of the Falcons

Underrated OG (AJC)

Your Turn

Rank your top 10 – 15 – 20 Atlanta Falcons

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Atlanta Falcons: Is Defensive Tackle an Area of Concern?

Peters Injury a Worry? (AJC)

Some of the biggest storylines and questions regarding the Atlanta Falcons on their upcoming season have centered on the two lines, both offensive and defensive. The offensive line has generally been the more discussed of the two with new OL Coach Pat Hill likely bringing a new attitude and new schemes to Flowery Branch. Some in the national media have even said the Falcons have the shakiest left tackle situation in the NFL. Up to 3 spots are available for players to earn a spot in the starting rotation.

Regarding the defensive line situation, the area of defensive end has gobbled up much of the oxygen. Questions on who will make the team, where will they play, and what kind of looks they will be in under Mike Nolan have dominated much of the conversation. One part of the defensive line that hasn’t gotten a lot of airtime, but is just as equally important is the situation at defensive tackle.

Most believe the Falcons are in a pretty good …

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Atlanta Falcons: Fans Biggest Questions

Three Weeks to Go

New Crew, Right Results? (AJC)

The No-Falcons, No-Football deadzone is in full swing, but we’re barely 3 weeks away from training camp and the blessed season will return. With many Cage Family members taking vacations, taking time to be with loved ones, or just taking it easy, Football talk has slowed to a crawl. So with that, a chance for you the fans to offer up and answer some of your most burning questions as football season is drawing ever so closely……..

Bird Cage’s Take
1) Will Falcons be flying under the radar in 2012? Should they be?
2) Are there any roster shocks in order before the season begins?
3) Will Dirk Koetter use Jacquizz Rodgers like Maurice Jones-Drew?
4) Can one of the young tight ends make a move to earn a roster spot?
5) What kind of breakdown of the defense will fans see in the 4-3 vs. the 3-4?
6) Who will lead the team in sacks in 2012? Predict the sack numbers for each player if you care.
7) Who wins the middle …

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