What’s Your Thoughts on Falcons Re-signings?

Good Re-sign (AJC)

Some of the biggest names are still on the table, but Thomas Dimitroff and Co. made a flurry of moves that kept several potential Falcons free agents in Atlanta.

Brent Grimes said he won’t sign his franchise tag, but they are reportedly looking for a long-term deal with the Falcons. The biggest names remain unsigned with only a few days remaining until free agency starts. A look at the re-signings so far….

Thomas DeCoud

5 years / $17.5 million / $4 million guaranteed

Even though DeCoud had some critics, the majority of fans thought this was a good move to bring back the 3 year starter at free safety. DeCoud had an excellent first year, but struggled in coverage and tackling the last few.Some think the safety position still needs to be upgraded, but with several holes to fill, soon-to-be limited cap space, and only 2 draft picks in the first four rounds, this was a very good move. DeCoud, along with several other defensive starters, will look to benefit from proven defensive coordinator Mike Nolan. Some fans may think this contract was too high, if you look only at the $4 million guaranteed, its a very good deal for both sides.

Kroy Biermann

3 years / $9 million / $3 million signing bonus

The Bier Truck is Back! (AJC)

Fans mostly seem to like this move as well, but there are certainly many who think Biermann was either overpaid or didn’t want him re-signed to anything other than backup money.Biermann may not have earned a permanent starting role, but he is the ultimate team player, locker room leader, and exhibits outstanding work ethic. You can’t build your team only with big name superstars and Biermann is an excellent player to keep, especially with Mike Nolan coming in with his 3-4 principles. Biermann had shown to be very athletic and was even projected as a potential 3-4 OLB when he came out of Montana.

The deal may seem high for many fans at $9 million for 3 years and reports have varied widely about the exact details of the contract. He did receive a $3 million signing bonus, which likely could be the sum of his guaranteed money. He reportedly also has incentives where he could earn up to $12 million.

Jason Snelling

3 years / $4 million

This was probably one of the most shocking and pleasant surprises for Falcons fans. Most thought that Snelling might finally be on his way out of town with the emergence of Jacquizz Rodgers, the re-signing of Antone Smith, and the Birds obviously keeping Michael Turner. Snelling has been a quiet fan favorite for awhile, and surely increased that appreciation when he broke his jaw in the playoff game and returned to action.

Snelling is the ultimate insurance for the backfield. Many want to see him take over at fullback and thus allowing the Falcons to part ways with Ovie Mughelli and his $4 million dollar salary. He may not be a blocker on the level of Mughelli, but his versatility in the pass game and running threat more than makes up for it.

He also could be kept to take over a large load if thd Birds do in fact release Michael Turner, even though that seems pretty unlikely this year. Ultimately, keeping Snelling gives the Falcons a ton of options going forward. The best part is the price. No terms of guaranteed money have been released, but keeping Snelling and his upside for three years for only $4 million dollars is probably most fans favorite re-signing so far.

Antone Smith

1 year / $540,000

Smith was a restricted free agent, so this was a no-brainer. He’s shown excellent speed in very limited time and the hope with most fans is that he finally gets some legitimate consideration under new OC Dirk Koetter. His speed will be a very welcome addition.

Michael Palmer

1 year / $540,000

Like Smith, Palmer was a restricted free agent so this was another extremely easy decision. Palmer took on the role of backup tight end to possibly be the heir apparent to Tony Gonzalez. Unfortunately, he never necessarily showed flashes of being “the guy” when the legend retires. However, Palmer has absolutely shown that he has a major future with the Falcons at least in a supporting role. Palmer is an excellent #2 tight end option.


Curtis Lofton

The very recent news of the Falcons signing former 3 time Pro Bowler Lofa Tatupu has sent shockwaves through the Falcon Fan Nation. If whispers were rampant about Thomas Dimitroff hedging his bets by drafting linebacker Akeem Dent in the 3rd round (a big head-shaker for  most fans), then they’re in overdrive at this point. Lofton and Harry Douglas are the biggest remaining free agents to be re-signed and the chances of Lofton getting a renewal just evaporated. It will be tough for most to see Lofton go, but the NFL is a business, and it appears that both the Falcons and Curtis Lofton are ready for new business.

Harry Douglas

Can we please re-sign him already? (AJC)

A new contract never happens until it does. The opposite sides seem ominous and even sometimes acrimonious. Many times you think there’s no possibility of player coming back or signing a new deal, but then it magically happens. It just doesn’t make a ton of sense to not bring back HD. There are so many reasons that Douglas makes sense in Atlanta. He grew up here, he grew up a Falcons fan, did superb in college, showed flashes of brilliance in the NFL, was insanely underused with OC Mularkey, and can take over for a soon-to-be aging Roddy White. Not bringing him back makes less sense when you look at the solutions. Promote Eric Weems to the slot? That’s one of the biggest risks they can make. Sign a free-agent slot receiver? You’re going to pay for a new slot WR, likely for a higher price, who has no experience with the coaches and scheme to be better than the player you drafted, developed, and started? Sorry, not re-signing HD makes no sense.

Todd McClure

The recent signing of OG Vince Manuwai has shown that the Falcons front office may be living up to their statement of having an open competition at all OL spots. Although it’s difficult to truly gauge the Falcons interest in free agency and the draft, the signing of Mauwai at least shows the Falcons potentially think that Joe Hawley is ready to take over for Todd McClure at center. In other words, it’s hard to think that Hawley is a good candidate for an offensive guard position when they’re adding players to compete who haven’t even played in a year.

John Abraham

The worst kept secret in Atlanta and the NFL: John Abraham and his agent really think he is worth a lot of money for a final contract. The Falcons brass doesn’t think so whatsoever. They aren’t giddy to give a defensive end who’s turning 34 this year, has had his snap count cut way down, and nabbed 5.5 sacks against legit competition (3.5 vs. Jaguars, 1 vs. 3-12 Bucs) an enormous contract. Like Lofton, thank you for your excellent service while in red and black, but it’s obviously time to move on. We hope you find what you’re looking for.

Eric Weems

This one seems majorly dependent on the a Harry Douglas re-signing or not. They’ve already taken care of rotational guys like Kroy Biermann and Jason Snelling, so it’s a little peculiar they’ve haven’t re-inked Weems if they thought him worthy of a roster spot.

Chris Redman

Been a great Falcon as well, but it’s to move on. Draft or sign and develop a quarterback for the future. Competition to the QB ready to make $13.5 million dollars is never a bad thing. Redman is nowhere close to any competition.

James Sanders

Perhaps the Falcons are ready for a major chance in the free agent market because it appears they’ve taken care of all their rotational type players (Biermann, Snelling). Sanders of course wouldn’t shake the Earth on it’s axis if he weren’t coming back to Atlanta, but that leaves the Falcons with an underachieving free safety and a very oft-injured strong safety and a throwaway pick manning the safety secondary. Hard to imagine James Sanders asking for the moon, but you never really know. He would provide supreme insurance for a very volatile safety position.

Kelvin Hayden

Hayden played good when he in fact played, but that was rare. If the Falcons let Brent Grimes go, than this makes a lot of sense, but it appears that Hayden became expendable when Grimes was franchise tagged.

OG Vince Manuwai and LB Lofa Tatupu news to come next post………………

Your Turn, Bird Cage Loyalists:

1) Happy with the deals so far?

2) Is DeCoud a legit starter or not?

3) Are you confident of another year of a DeCoud and Moore secondary?

4) Did Falcons overpay for Biermann?

5) Does Nolan have plans for Biermann in a 3-4?

6) Where does Snelling get his snaps next year?

7) Could Snelling take over for Turner if need be?

8.) Your reaction on Lofton staying or leaving.

9) Your reaction on HD coming back or heading out.

10 ) What’s your overall thought on the re-signings to date?

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Big Lou

March 10th, 2012
11:41 pm

“Great point about genius earlier. I was thinking the exact same thing. Guys are the definition of “high reward, low risk” players. Guys who have performed at a very high level but were caught in a bad situation from the lockout. That TD guy is pretty smart times (actually a lot of times).” -Big Ray

Waiting for honest_abe rebuttal in 5…4…3…

All joking aside, Lofa Tatupu was a dang good pickup. One of my closet friends is a huge Seahawks fans, and loved that guy. I cannot wait till Free Agency starts. I really want to know what TD has up his sleeve.

The only person I really care to resign at this point is Todd Mclure(if he doesn’t retire) and HD. Everyone else is just… *Shrugs*.


March 10th, 2012
11:47 pm

roll the dice and lets see what happens

Big Ray

March 10th, 2012
11:49 pm

Big Lou ,

That wasn’t me that typed that. It was D3 .

As for Tatupu, this guy was a major leader on that Seahawk defense. He was the undisputed leader, and I’ve been researching him. Seems he had it all, but especially from the neck up. Dude insisted on the defense watching a lot more film than they wanted to, and also called all the signals on defense.

I know he’s coming off of injuries and surgery. He’ll be 30 years old this winter. But I’m betting he has even more to offer to Mr. Akeem Dent and the rest of the defense, even more so than Mike Peterson did, and will even be able to bring some of that to the field when he’s in the game.

Good pickup.

Big Lou

March 10th, 2012
11:54 pm

Big Ray

Oops. Still doesn’t kill the joke, though.

I agree that he is taking on the Peterson role. It’s still a strong possibility that they sigh Lofton, but no matter the direction they go, I trust Mike Nolan’s judgement.

Big Lou

March 10th, 2012
11:56 pm


I need to stop updating on my phone…

Big Ray

March 10th, 2012
11:59 pm

I think the Decoud and Biermann signings were pretty smart. Not only are we not giving up a lot of cash for guys who have starter experience, but they are guys who have come up in our system.

Personally, I think Biermann is way too much of a ST ace and a hustler on defense to give up on him completely. Now that we have a DC who is familiar with the 3-4 and the 4-3, we can probably expect to see Biermann flourish a bit, maybe a lot, as what I feel is a more natural spot for him at LB in a 3-4 set (hybrid or straight up, who cares?). I think Biermann can do okay in coverage, maybe even excel there, but will also be able to use his moves and superior speed against bigger blockers, without having to worry about getting punched in the chest by some 340 lb mauler the minute the ball is snapped.

If you don’t think distance and ability to gain speed while making “shedding” moves makes a difference, put guys like Kerrigan, Clay Matthews, Connor Barwin, Brooks Reed, and Brian Orakpo (or Terrell Suggs) at DE and watch them get swamped play after play. These guys need to be able to play in space. Biermann is no exception.

Decoud – the man hustles, and being third on the team in tackles in 2011 supports that assertion. Yeah, he has had issues in coverage, but I always thought he was a horrible fit in the zone. Yet he still got some interceptions. Sure, it will be sink or swim for Decoud under Nolan, but something tells me Nolan finds a way to get the best out of Decoud. If not, what did we lose? Decoud could get cut and we would hardly feel the sting.

Harry Douglas – I want to see him in a more west coast style offense under Koetter, who I feel would be thrilled to have a guy with his YAC abilities. If we can’t get him signed, I won’t be happy, but he’s not impossible to replace. It just won’t be easy. Any replacement of HD likely will be a short term one (unless Weems is re-signed and makes the absolute most of the opportunity), and there will probably a draft pick used to try and fix the long-term issue. Plus, as D3 notes, HD is a good replacement for when Roddy White gets towards the end of things. Fortunately we have Julio, so we won’t be looking at finding another #1 WR.

Big Ray

March 11th, 2012
12:01 am

Big Lou ,

LOL….no, it doesn’t but something tells me my ol’ budy honest abe is out havin’ a taste or something like that. I don’t look to hear much from him until monday, but he could surprise us.

If they still sign Lofton, then we have a beast of a LB corps, if you ask me. Tatupu might not be more than depth….or he could be part of more hybrid 3-4 sets than we could have imagined. I’ll take it either way….


March 11th, 2012
12:04 am

Tatupu had injuries to both knees…and had surgery after the 2010 season. Anyone know how much $ we spent? Could be he’s fully recovered, but could be a waste of money too. Hmmmm….


March 11th, 2012
12:07 am

Agree BR…could be a depth signing…and a replacement for MPete.


March 11th, 2012
12:08 am

im gonna play the wait and see card. free agency starts on tuesday. the next few weeks will be exciting.

Big Ray

March 11th, 2012
12:09 am

The thing about the signings so far is they are all based on low salaries, little guaranteed money amounts, and we are either getting back young players who are familiar with our system, or veterans who have been known for toughness.

I’ll take tough veterans to back up and mentor our young folks at the RG and LB positions any day. Tatupu has the goods from the neck up and that really, really matters. He’s been working hard to get back in, so he’ll be motivated to go out and there and earn his snaps. Dent will have his hands full, but playing with a guy like that….it can only do him some good. He’ll learn, but he’ll also be pushed – hard. Tatupu, from what I’ve read and heard about him, was never a slacker. Something tells me he and Sean Weatherspoon will have a great relationship as well. Imagine, two fiery LBs out there on our defense, with Dent in tow. Could be great things on the horizon.

And for the naysayers who can’t stand any type of optimism – If you haven’t figured out yet that true free agency hasn’t even started, then you just can’t be helped. All we’ve seen so far is the preliminary moves, the strategies that were likely in place long before we knew of them. Due dilligence isn’t always about the bright flash and the loud bang. Sometimes its about making the less sexy, smarter moves that allow the bigger moves to make more sense.


March 11th, 2012
12:09 am

Overall, I’m very pleased with the way TD’s moving through these re-signings and working through the offseason in general. I’m sad to see Lofton go, but again, it was made pretty clear, there will be no ’sacred cows’, and I guess Lofton fits into that premise.

I personally would like to see both HD and Sanders re-signed as well. I think with Sanders, they’re in no hurry because there’s no telling what the demand for him will be. But, in HD’s case, the plot is thickening. He’s definitely a guy that I’m sure many teams see as an ‘under the radar guy’. So, I think there will be teams that’ll snatch him up if we let him sit out there for the taking. Aside from these two, I like the thought process and the contracts (for the most part) of all the re-signings. We haven’t broken the bank on anybody yet. They seem to be exercising fiscal responsibility, but, time will tell whether they can stick to this principle when things really get underway on Tuesday.

I think TD’s positioned us pretty well to make a splash in FA, which was to be expected. I think there are a few more surprises that we don’t see coming. Baker, Ovie, possibly Babs, could be cap casualties to make a true ’splash’ rather than the ‘one big signing’. Again, it’s freakin’ exciting.

And the moves TD’s made thus far should have some folks back pedaling from the ledge we were all on after the season ended when we were in doom and gloom mode about how we could fill the necessary needs with the little resources we had. I think TD’s decision making has been influenced by Mike Nolan without a doubt. Moreover, it’s evident that they’ve definitely thoroughly evaluated what this team needs and are sticking to their guns to put the peices together.

I know folks will say, “How can he gather that from a few signings…?”

Well, the moves that he made with Tatupu and the OG in my mind signals that he’s already got a plan in place, and he’s proactively moving forward with that plan. I can’t substantiate it, but it just feels like he’s got a good handle on how to propel this team over the top at this point.

Of course, once Tuesday rolls around, and all the days after that, we’ll have a much better idea whether he ‘gets it’ or doesn’t. But right now, I approve.

Big Ray

March 11th, 2012
12:11 am

DePlane ,

Yeah, I thought about that. But do you recall that Lofton also had surgery on both knees last offseason? Didn’t seem to hinder him a bit during the 2011 season, as he led the team in tackles.

Differenc is that Tatupu had more time off. I’m less worried about his health than I am about him being in game shape. The good news is that he will have a full offseason with our trainers and our CS. Could turn out better than we (and he) hoped. This guy is a multiple pro-bowler. My guess is he just wants a chance to get back out on the field and play some NFL ball. And for that, he knows he must work hard.

Big Ray

March 11th, 2012
12:12 am

robertussen ,

Not a damn thing wrong with that. As you say, the real game begins Tuesday.

R Brown

March 11th, 2012
12:12 am

Thomas DeCoud – Ok

Kroy Biermann – Like some things, once felt the guy would be another Patrick Kearney. Not (so far) We overpaid.

Jason Snelling – Good deal.

Antone Smith – Good deal. I’d like to see more of him in the backfield

Michael Palmer – Good deal.If he’s the heir apparent then we need to start throwing him the ball

Overall critique of current signings including the two most recent – Ho-hum

Todd McClure – Keep him at less than 2 mil per

John Abraham – Keep him at less than 3 mil per (oops that won’t float, we just paid Kroy that. Guess Abe’s gone

Eric Weems – Gone

Chris Redman – Gone

James Sanders – Love to have him back

Kelvin Hayden – Love to have him back


March 11th, 2012
12:12 am

Co-sign Big Ray @ 12:09 about ‘the plan’…

One can get the feeling that these guys did their due dilligence.

Big Ray

March 11th, 2012
12:19 am

Wabe ,

I hate to see Lofton go as well. But I’ll get over it. The man never once gave us a minute’s worth of trouble on or off the field, has been a sure tackler, and a RB’s nightmare. Wasn’t great on the pass rush or in coverage, but I never really had complaints about that because I didn’t like our coverage schemes anyhow.

That said, I look for Spoon and Tatupu (if healthy) to fire things up out there. I hope Dent plays well enough to either win the starting job right away or push Tatupu out of the spot within the season. More than anything, I hope he learns a lot and asserts himself. We need a fired up defense, not a nervous one.

TD always has a plan, always looks confident. I think he got his jar of marbles shaken up by Blank during that press conference (sure looked like it to me on video) and he needed just that, as extra motivation.

I’m wondering whatever happened with Dolphins DT/DE Kendall Langford? He worked out for us, might we be signing him? Dude’s just 26 years old and he’s 6′6″ and about 295 or so.

Now, if you’re like me the first thing you thought of was Jamal Anderson, LOL. But this guy played under Nolan and they say he is a run stuffer who also gets some push against the pass, just doesn’t get sacks. Whatever, we could use the depth, I say…

R Brown

March 11th, 2012
12:28 am

Arthur Blank has ALWAYS been a major player in the FA market. Every year he spends big on one or two. The man is straight gold to me. Best owner in Atlanta pro sports history. That said, watch out when the period opens. There’s no reason to doubt he won’t make a splash again.


March 11th, 2012
12:28 am

Though most may disagree with the recent signings, I seem to feel that they signify something bigger to come. It is difficult to tell at times with TD, the brass there rarely shows there hand. Come Tuesday, once the 2012 cap is announced it is expected the Falcons will be somewhere close to 30 million under the cap. I have seen rumors that Dunta, Matt, and Roddy could all have contracts restructured, along with an agreement reached with Grimes, and a few cuts..(Some names I have read include Turner, Baker, Mughelli, and even Babineaux) could free up as much as 50 million for 2012. It is definitely doubtful that Lofton will be back, and Nolan may be content at using a committee to get through 2012 at the MLB spot. I expect to see Nelson and Mathis come in from Jacksonville to add depth at the CB and S positions with the possible departures of Sanders and Haden. With the added depth at guard I expect to see a run at an OT. Rumor has it Levi Brown will be a cap casualty in Arizona, McNeil will be cut by the Chargers soon (though given his injuries and possible price tag I am not to excited about him) and Bell in Gaither hitting the market we should definitely be able to upgrade our line. I still think there is a possibility to move Svitek to the RT and bring Clabo inside. Then the one big FA we are all hoping for Mario Williams. I think many believe the Falcons are going to make a run at him. If we land Super Mario, look for us to draft either David Wilson or Doug Martin in the 2nd (though I like Wilson Martin may be a better fit). Casey Heyward in the 3rd and J Bequette in the fifth. I hope to have HD83 back, but if not maybe we see Ryan Broyles late in the draft. Though almost the whole world expects us to try to draft Gonzo’s replacement…I personally do not see that with such limited options.

Big Ray

March 11th, 2012
12:30 am

R Brown ,

I don’t know that Michael Palmer is the heir apparent. I thought so initially, but is there anything about his game that suggest so? I mean, granted we haven’t seen enough of him. But is he fluid in his routes? Got great hands? Can consistently beat LBs and overwhelm Safeties?

If anything, he’s a better #2 TE possibly than Reggie Kelly (blocker only), Keith Zinger, and Justin Peele, is my guess. But I don’t know for sure.

Disagree on Biermann. I don’t see how we overpaid him. I know he underperformed and I laugh at your analogy of thinking/hoping he was the next Patrick Kearny because that is EXACTLY what I said when criticizing him all last season. Such a disappointment, but the funny thing is, I think he’ll flourish some under Nolan. I just see him as a stand up pass rusher in the mold of a Ryan Kerrigan or somebody like that. Kroy ain’t built in the mold of Kerney, something I didn’t realize at first. I know it seems like the measurables aren’t different, but remember Kerney was like 6′5″ or 6′6″ and around 275.

Kroy is 6′3″ and had to beef himself up to 260 to play DE. Kerney was stronger (obviously, in retrospect).

I think he can play some stand up or OLB like positions like Ryan Kerrigan. Look at Clay Matthews (just in physical comparison, nothing else). Dude is 6′3 and 255. Packers aren’t stupid enough to put him in a 3 or 4 point stance and expect him to beat a massive OT that is hunched over and staring at him a mere 6 inches away….

Totally agreed on Sanders. Hayden….yeah, but it needs to be another low salary. Hayden spent a lot of last season on the injured list.


March 11th, 2012
12:39 am

D3 – I just don’t know. It will be better once FA ends and the draft is complete, but for the most part, I’m not sure what the hell we’re doing. Here’s my take:

Thomas DeCoud – This is a great sigining. I know many don’t like DeCoud, but if you watch Safeties, you’ll see he is one of the better few in the league. He’s out of position from time to time, but I blame BVG. Plus, try to stay up with the WRs when there is no pass rush to help you. With all that, he snagged 4 INTs. I don’t care who you are, that’s pretty damn good. Also, he’s a top notch hitter. The details of the contract are to the teams favor. I tip my cap to TD. Great signing.

Kroy Bierman – I love this signing too. Maybe a bit steep, but Kroy has show flashes, is a solid rotational guy, great on ST and flat out WORKS! His problem last year? He got married. Sorry folks, but hooking up with a famous housewife detracts from NFL.

Jason Snelling – Oh weeping Jeebuz. We should have let Snelling walk last year. I am totally against letting Turner go. I would restructure Ovie if possible. If not, let him walk along with Snelling.

Antone Smith – Meh. Practice Squad guy. Look Turner and Rodgers need to split carries about 60/40. Smith is cheap, so OK.

Michael Palmer – I like this. Cheap signing and we’ll need 2 TEs eevn when TG leaves. Want to see this guy step it up and win a spot for next year.

Curtis Lofton – I don’t get this. I think we drafted Dent too high. Is Lofton driving a high price or something? I don’t like letting our leading tackler the last few years just walk. This may be the best player we have leave. Why not trade him last year. This is a bad value move.

Harry Douglas – See Lofton above. Harry is second on the list. No way to let this guy go and get the same value. Sign HD now.

Todd McClure – Let him retire. Encourgae it and draft Ben Jones.

John Abraham – This is interesting. Can’t pay him $12M, but I think his departure means you go after Mario Williams hard. Like others said, imagine our pass rush without Abe.

Eric Weems – Oh dear God, cut this kid last year. Why isn’t Franks returning punts? Even if HD leaves, cut Weems. Let Brandon Hayden play the slot.

Chris Redman – Too expensive. Pick up a QB in the 7th or UFA.

James Sanders – Sign during camp if needed.

Kelvin Hayden – See Sanders.

OG Vince Manuwai – What about Johnson and Jackson? OK if this is for competition.

LB Lofa Tatupu – What the hell?

Finally, Brent Grimes is a joke. I hope he doesn’t sign the tag and sits out. I’m sick of him and his loud mouthed wife. Remove the tage and draft Boykin if you don’t like Jones.

Big Ray

March 11th, 2012
12:39 am

Mike ,

Dunta’s contract has already been restructured. Saved us $1.75 million against the cap for this season.

I definitely think something big is coming, I just don’t know what.

I think it’s gonna be one of two things:

1) Just one or maybe two big FA acquisitions.


2) A series of acquisitions, none especially big, but the total impact may be big once OTAs and camp are overwith. If we don’t make huge moves on the O-line in FA, look for the O-line look to be changed. Clabo might become a Guard rather than a tackle, somebody else might move to RT, and so on and so forth.


March 11th, 2012
12:39 am

J.Snelling is a big plus, I’m glad that Dunta restructured his contract. I would love to see Nicks or M. Williams but not at all costs! Tracy Porter would be a major upgrade to our defense, & Marques Colston. I hope that we keep our fullback as well! Good job front office!

R Brown

March 11th, 2012
12:47 am

Big Ray – Someone posed the hypothetical on Palmers future earlier in the string. They could be right. Just saying. The decision has to be whether we are going to have a true TE who stays in and blocks or one in the mold of TG who is more of a receiver than a blocking tight end. The leagues TE’s are not what they used to be. I know Palmer can block and you’re right with TG in front of him, we didn’t get to see his full range.

We just signed Kroy for 3 mil per. Seems high to me for a non-starter who has not broken through yet. He’s had some plays that made you say, wow. I like him a lot. When he’s doing his thing it’s great but it’s been too far in between when he does. I’d love for the guy to be able to give me 10+ sacks a year with consistent pressure. I wouldn’t even play him on special teams.

Big Ray

March 11th, 2012
12:48 am

For the record though….

I’m not in favor of a bunch of swaps along the offensive line, and wasn’t a huge fan of a lot of cross-training that we’ve done in the past along the offensive line. There’s something to be said for a guy who is so talented and versatile that he can play two or more O-line positions. But how many guys can we really say are like that on our roster?

Here’s what I say – stop fiddling around and decide whether a guy is a Guard, a Tackle, a Center. For example – I would not fool with moving Joe Hawley to Guard. If you ask me, he performed better as a center, keep him there. If Clabo makes a better Guard than he does a Tackle, then play him there and only move him to Tackle if an extreme emergency forces you to. Otherwise, leave him at RT if he plays better there. If you think he will be better at Tackle if he’s next to a really strong/solid/good Guard, then keep him at RT and go get that damn Guard (Nicks, Grubbs, or whoever…). Blalock appears to be a lock at LG. Svitek is good backup at LT, and can help you in a pinch.

Perhaps Reynolds should be a tackle instead of a Guard. In fact, I don’t know what the f@ck he is doing at the guard position, he came out of UNC as a damn tackle!

Hopefully the advent of Pat Hill, and to a lesser extent Dirk Koetter, puts these games to rest and gets these guys in the positions they are SUPPOSED to be in.

Stop fooling around, our offense DEPENDS on the continuity and effectiveness of the OL, so get…it…right!!!!

Big Ray

March 11th, 2012
12:56 am

R Brown ,

Well, the good news is that Kroy’s pay isn’t really starter level pay (ok, that’s debatable, but most sources I’ve read are saying its not). I mean, I would have squawked for real if they were giving him $5 mil or more a year.

Funny thing is, he just about WAS a starter for us, he just didn’t do what we thought he might do. I still kinda blame BVG for this, but I also think we have seen the ceiling for what Kroy can do as a defensive end in a 4-3 . He’s the same size as Cliff Avril in Detroit, but there’s a big difference. Avril plays alongside who? Sammie Lee Hill, who is bigger than any DT we’ve ever had since Grady Jackson. And Ndamokung Suh. I need say no more….

Biermann doesn’t have that advantage and you are absolutely right – he has had some plays where we have said wow, and then we’ve also watched him get run slap over by big OTs off the snap, or even against the run. I watch Kroy and his hustle, and I’m seeing LB…LB…LB. I think he is a tweener who can play DE from time to time but doesn’t excel there. Hell, we know he has speed, he’s a terror on ST.

Like you, if we could get good production out of him in the pass rush, I’d let him skip ST.

I hold out some hope that Michael Palmer can be more than just a blocking TE. Word was that Matt Ryan likes the guy, and all that could be referring to is his ability to catch the ball. I’d like to see a lot more of him, even as we draft another TE, maybe an athletic speed type that makes it hard for defenses to focus on our WRs. Especially if we lose HD, which I think won’t be as easy a fill in as some of us think.

Big Ray

March 11th, 2012
12:59 am

I wonder where Kerry Meier fits into all of this? Should we give up on the guy, or is he still a piece (if only a minor one) of the puzzle as well?

I kinda saw him fitting in Brian Finneran style role, but dude hasn’t stayed healthy enough to show anything, and when he has been healthy, he didn’t get the playing time.

Big Ray

March 11th, 2012
1:01 am

Tracy Porter? Ha….he may not know how to play defense outside of the bounty system…..


The only Saint I’m truly interested in is Carl Nicks.

Big Ray

March 11th, 2012
1:01 am

Coop ,

Since when have we ever known what direction TD was going in until he got there? LOL

Big Ray

March 11th, 2012
1:06 am

Still laughing about the Redskins/Rams deal.

I don’t care what anyone says, that puts the Julio deal off the stove….

Rams didn’t even use lube or give the Screen Pass reacharound (kidding, kidding)….ouch ouch ouch…thing is, that was probably the Redskins’ idea.

The Rams will get to build with top tier talent with three first round picks and a second round pick. The Redskins will get to fail with Dizzy Dan Schneider and the Shanahan Clan. I hope RGIII doesn’t get ruined by the Shanahans. You already know Shanahan Sr is going to listen to his son over any QB, even a franchise one. Ask Donovan McNabb how that works….what losers. It’s a shame too, because they have a nice young defense…but they won’t be able to build on it anytime soon unless they get REAL luck in the draft or spend BIG in free agency.

Ken Strickland

March 11th, 2012
1:43 am

There’s no way any team risked working out Tapulu and Manuwai without giving them a complete physical. And since they obviously passed each physical given, it’s pretty obvious they are close to being fully recovered from their previous injuries, if not fully recovered. Our only concern is having them suffer a reinjury. Let’s face it, njuries are a concern for every player and team and is part of the gm.

I’ve read several articles and comments about how important the resigning of FS TDeCoud will turn out to be. They said Nolan has a reputation for developing outstanding safeties, and it was said he really like what he saw in DeCoud and wanted chance to develop him further. They said we should look for him to have a breakout season under Nolan and his attacking man coverage system.

A healthy Tapulu is an upgrade over Lofton, and will be a bridge until Dent is fully ready to take over. A healthy Manuwai is an upgrade over any OG on our roster. I’d like to see us resign WR HDouglas as well, but I’d also love to see us draft TE Green and use him as a slot receiver. With his speed and size(6′6″ 245lbs), he’d be a physical overmatch for any DB.

Ken Strickland

March 11th, 2012
3:18 am

For those who are worried about the injury situation of new signees Tatupu and Manuwai, don’t. Both players went through extensive workouts with several teams before signing with the Falcons. And you can bet the bank that each team covered themselves by giving both players complete physicals before putting them through any workouts. Since each player passed every teams physical, including the Falcons, they were at least close to 100%, if not 100%.

On the Tatupu signing, it was an outstanding move. Unless he suffers a reinjury, he will actually be an upgrade over Lofton, and although he’s older than Lofton, he’ll provide an excellent bridge until Dent develops fully. The same holds true for the signing of Manuwai, who would be an upgrade over any OG on our current roster. He and Clabo on the R-side will provide some awsome run blocking.

If we sign LT McNeal, and he holds up physically, he and Blalock will provide so awsome run blocking on the L-side. Having that type of consistent and effective run blocking on both sides on the OC will provide QB MRyan with as much pass protection as anything.

I’ve read several articles and comments about how Nolan was very high on FS TDeCoud, and wanted to work with him. It said Nolan has a reputation for developing outstanding safeties, and the aggressive man coverage system he’ll install should allow DeCoud to take his gm to the next level.

While I’d love to see WR HDouglas resigned, I’d also love for us to draft TE Green and use him as a slot receiver. He has unusual speed for a 6′6″ 245lb player, and would be a matchup nightmare for any DB.

Ken Strickland

March 11th, 2012
3:20 am

It looks like the blog monster has me in his sights, so I’ll have to shut it down for now.

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March 11th, 2012
8:33 am

Not too upset by the Manuwai signing, even if he IS from J-ville. I think healthy, he is a solid veteran lineman, no problems. The signal that become yet ever clearer is that the Falcons are going to run the ball. A LOT. I wonder how this will affect Ryan’s attitude in the short/long run. QB’s like to throw it, ya know?


March 11th, 2012
8:48 am

After having a night to sleep on the Tatupu signing I think BR is right. This could be a Great pickup. He is a leader and if healthy could be an awesome move to mentor Dent. And BR, thanks for reminding me that Lofton also had his knees cleaned up and still performed. Love Lofton, but Tatup is definitely a 3 down LB.

I like all the signings so far…and like everyone else I think something large looms come Tuesday. Would still love to get Nicks over Mario…since I still think protecting MR2 should be the priority. But if we don’t get him and get Mario I won’t be disappointed, since as KS has pointed out there is merit to the argument that the scheme played a big part in the way some of our guys performed on the o-line. Grubbs, McNeil (although I share the concern about injuries, but doesn’t seem to be stopping 12 teams from looking hard at PManning does it?) could fit if they decide to go that route.

Ah, the speculation! The waiting is the hardest part!


March 11th, 2012
8:50 am

Redskins sure did bet the farm on RGIII. Thanks to them the JJ move TD made will fade fast.


March 11th, 2012
8:55 am

Numbers on Tatupu…2 years, 5.75m. Not bad at all.


March 11th, 2012
9:16 am

Imagine getting Jared Gaither at LT and Carl Nicks at guard….one can dream can’t they?


March 11th, 2012
9:33 am

Big Ray, I don’t think many teams got less out of their 4 & 5 WRs than we did. Weems as a return man is overblown. Last year we were dead last in return yards (563) but first in giving them up (1487). We were at least 18 in the punt return game (315). Given that our average return was 23.5 yards with a long of 37, why rush to sign Weems.

I am on board with the signings and even though I like Lofton, he is going to be overpaid by someone. That is how we got Dunta, who deserves some kudos for reworking his deal. Right now, this team is better at OL, possibly better at LB, and retained the key players that have grown up in the system. It ain’t sexy yet, but throw in a blockbuster FA and it starts getting there (especially at DE). Also, Manuwai gives us more freedom to go away from OG in the 2nd round, which I thought was the right way to go.


March 11th, 2012
9:36 am

It is not entirely impossible that we draft 2 WRs this year. We could legitimately lose 3-5. We are turning into the Lions LOL.

Big Ray, that may be the biggest reason we keep Meier. If we sign HD, I don’t know who goes next. I feel like Weems’ skill set is easier to draft.


March 11th, 2012
9:47 am

Also on board with Tatupu, very veteran, very accomplished, great cred. Seattle’s D was NOT their problem the last few seasons, and he was a big part of the good there.


March 11th, 2012
10:27 am

I think Tuesday will be fun to watch when FA frenzy begins see what the Falcons do what happens if go after Nicks or Williams .

Ken Strickland

March 11th, 2012
10:28 am

For those who have concerns about the us signing 2 players coming off season ending injuries, don’t. They were both worked out by several teams before finally signing with the Falcons. And I can guarantee you that each team protected itself by giving them a complete physical before working them out. Therefore, with each player obviously passing each physical, and going through multiple workouts, you can rest assured that each player is fully recovered from his injuries at this point.

At close to 100%, Tatupu is an upgrade over Lofton, and Manuwai would be an upgrade over any OG we have. The only thing we have to worry about is a reinjury, and whether they can come close to regaining their previous skill level. I see us taking the same approach with our LT situation.

I’ve read several articles and comments about the reasons FS TDeCoud was such an important resign. It was said that Nolan has a solid reputation for developing safeties, and the Ravens’ Ed Reed is one example. They said Nolan liked his playmaking ability, and by coaching him up and having him play in his aggressive man coverage scheme he’ll surely install, we should expect DeCoud to take his gm to the next level.

It was also said we should expect the same from SS WMoore. They said Nolan was particularly adamant about us resigning CB BGrimes. It was stated that Nolan feels that playing in his aggressive man coverage system, and benefitting from having an actual pass rush, will help Grimes become downright dangerous. This whole thing is starting to become scary good.


March 11th, 2012
10:40 am

Make cap room for Mario….cut Sam Baker ASAP!

Ken Strickland

March 11th, 2012
10:42 am

With Tatupu and Manuwai being fully recovered from their injuries, it’s just a matter of how much of their previous skils have they managed to recover. If Tatupu is even close to 100%, he’ll be an upgrade over Lofton, and the same goes for Manuwai as far as OC is concerned. I know they’re fully recovered from their injuries because each of the several teams that worked them out protected themselves by making certain they passed complete physicals.

The fact that they each passed complete physicals from several teams and completed intensive workouts before signing with us proves they are completely recovered, medically. I read several articles and comments about how Nolan was adamant about us resigning both Grimes and DeCoud. It was said that he loved their playmaking ability, and he has established a solid reputation for developing top caliber safeties, like the Ravens Ed Reed.

He feels that both players will be able to take their gms to the next level with him coaching them up and playing in his aggressive man coverage scheme, as well as benefitting from having an actual pass rush.

Ken Strickland

March 11th, 2012
10:43 am

D3-My last 3-4 posts have been blocked.

[...] What&#39s Your Ideas on Falcons Re-signings? He did receive a $ 3 million signing benefit, which probable could be the sum of his assured funds. He reportedly also has incentives the place he could earn up to $ twelve million. This was most likely 1 of the most shocking and pleasant surprises for Falcons … Study far more on Atlanta Journal Constitution (weblog) [...]


March 11th, 2012
10:48 am

Nicks, hopefully.

Chop Buster

March 11th, 2012
10:56 am

1) Happy with the deals so far? It’s ok. They’re signing insurance players IMO.

2) Is DeCoud a legit starter or not? His play of late does not make him a starter. He’s had one good year and disappeared. Too inconsistent and always gets caught peeking in the backfield. I hope they bring in competition at the FS position since ALL jobs are open now.

3) Are you confident of another year of a DeCoud and Moore secondary? Doubtful. Both are out of position at times and can miss players. I think some of it can be fixed with coaching, but Moore’s injury track record is beginning to keep him out of games more than in them. How effective is he if he’s always injured?

4) Did Falcons overpay for Biermann? No, it’s reasonable IMO. Then he may have more of an impact in the new defense. We just don’t know what his role will be yet.

5) Does Nolan have plans for Biermann in a 3-4? I believe he does. I believe he played OLB in college and has experience dropping in coverage.

6) Where does Snelling get his snaps next year? Change of pace runner to give players a rest.

7) Could Snelling take over for Turner if need be? Yes. He showed he can step it up and run just as fast and hard when Turner was injured. Is a better pass catching RB as well.

8.) Your reaction on Lofton staying or leaving. I could take it or leave it. Lofton is another Brooking IMO…lots of tackles but suffers in coverage (which isn’t his fault). The Falcons knew he wasn’t a coverage LB when they drafted him. In today’s NFL you have to be able to cover guys coming across the middle.

9) Your reaction on HD coming back or heading out. HD was super fast and elusive prior to his injury. Last year was the first year he looked like himself, but that dummy Mularkey didn’t know how to use him. You would think after the way HD ran through NOs he would have gotten the ball more–NOT. Koetter should be able to utilize him and we should keep him at home.

10 ) What’s your overall thought on the re-signings to date? None of them have anything of significance. Still no real game changers yet. Like everyone else I”m waiting to see what happens next week.