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Rate the Falcons Free Agents

Your Turn to Rate the Falcons Free Agents

Coming Back After All? (AJC)

Just a quick new thread before the “Changes to Falcons Defense” is finished. Rate your Falcons soon-to-be free agents on importance of re-signing.

1) Brent Grimes

According to reports, it appears the Falcons are intent on keeping. If Dimitroff and Co. can find a way to keep Grimes to a reasonable but fair deal, some of the other needed free agents, and fixing the OL, it would be a coup.

2) Curtis Lofton

The big debate centers on Lofton and how much to pay. He may still need some work on coverage, but he’s a known commodity and someone to build around. Hard to imagine him getting Patrick Willis money in Atlanta, though.

3) Harry Douglas

This ones a no-brainer. There’s no one proven after him, he’s shown he can play, he can take over for Roddy White down the road, and he solidifies the offensive arsenal for years.

4) Jason Snelling

He is extremely versatile and if he could make a permanent move to fullback, …

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Will Dimitroff Take Risks or Play It Safe on Offense?

Time for Quizz to Get a Large Role? (AJC)

The Atlanta Falcons and their fans enter a very intriguing off-season. On one hand, this regime is by far the most productive in franchise history, making the playoffs 3 of the last 4 years. However, they are also 0-3 in the postseason, with the last two being embarrassing blowouts. Add to that the issue of 17 players set to become free agents, and this is by far the most unpredictable off-season in recent memory.

GM Thomas Dimitroff could decide that only a few tweaks are in order to get over the playoff hump, or he could take this opportunity to dramatically remake the Falcons roster for the forseeable future. In other words, Dimitroff could decide to “play it safe” or “take some risks” in regards to several positions on the roster.


This ones still a year or two away from making an assessment. Although the majority of fans still believe Matt Ryan is the franchise QB, there are some who think all that ails the Falcons is …

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10 Falcons Free Agent Questions

Defensive end John Abraham

How Much for Re-Sign? (AJC)

Sickness has made its way through the family and has even batted around the order. Working on new “Risk or Play it Safe” post currently, but wanted to get a new thread up to let the Bird Cage Faithful talk Falcons and Football. Until new post gets up, here’s 10 questions to get the conversations going……..

1) Is Brent Grimes the 2nd Best Overall Free Agent on the Market?

Yesterday, AJC’s Jeff Schultz came out with an article reporting that (known for their intensive use of stats), rated Brent Grimes as the 2nd best overall free agent on the market. Do you agree with this assessment? If so, should the Falcons consider using the franchise tag on him, thus awarding him an almost $11 million dollar contract?

2) Can Lawrence Sidbury and or Cliff Matthews Take Over if Abraham Leaves?

The same website ranked John Abraham as the #3 overall free agent on the market. Turning 34 in May, Abraham seems ready to cash in on one last contract …

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What is Falcons Biggest Area of Need?

Positions of Need

Will #44 Be Here in '12? (AJC)

This is just a smaller new post thread to transition to a much more in-depth and longer post to come soon. Until the new post comes, we wanted to hear from The Bird Cage Faithful on the Atlanta Falcons biggest areas of need by position.

The Cage’s Take

Offensive Line

Some will say defensive ends or cornerbacks or maybe even running backs, but the Falcons must finally infuse some much needed talent into an offensive line that has overachieved since its inception. Maybe a new OL coach, scheme, and offensive coordinator can make a big difference with the guys already on roster, but Dimitroff likely even concedes he hasn’t drafted enough talent.

Only two players are solid at two positions, Justin Blalock and Tyson Clabo, and the rest will be totally up for grabs. Joe Hawley gave some flashes and Will Svitek did an admirable job in relief, but still major question marks on Mike Johnson and Andrew Jackson remain. Garrett Reynolds …

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