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Falcons Bye Week Questions

Can Birds Keep Their Mojo After Bye Week?

Will Ryan Have a Better 2nd Half? (AP)

The Atlanta Falcons earned a much needed win in Detroit and gave themselves and fans a big boost heading into their bye week. It comes almost at a perfect time with several injuries needing healing and following a pretty grueling first part of the schedule. Seemingly, the road gets a little easier with 5 of their final 8 games being played in the Home Sweet Georgia Dome, where they’ve played pretty darn well for the most part. Have the Falcons turned it around after an initial rough patch? Or do land mines lurk ahead? Some questions to ponder during the break………..

1) Is the Worst Over?

It was a really bad stretch for the Birds to start the season. They collapsed in Chicago against the Bears, losing a game many fans thought they would win. They come back home to huge win (at the time) against Michael Vick and the Eagles. Then perhaps their worst loss came when they absolutely should have …

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Falcons Earn Tough Win in Detroit

Birds Get Much Needed Boost Heading Into Bye

On a Roll? (AP)

The Falcons didn’t play the prettiest game in the world, but they did what had to be done to win the game. It was a hard-fought and very much earned win against a quality opponent in a hostile environment. The defense played as good as it ever has under Coach Mike Smith and DC Brian Van Gorder against a very potent offense. The offense was fairly sporadic, but did what had to be done when it counted and did some good things against a pretty tough defense. Will be back with another post very soon with more in-depth analysis, but for now let’s hear from The Bird Cage Faithful on your thoughts of the big win…………

1) Fantastic Defensive Effort

We here in The Bird Cage have given plenty of criticism directed towards the defense for some time, but its also fair to say that we also give credit where it’s deservedly due. The Atlanta Falcons defense was absolutely fantastic yesterday. It was one of the best defensive …

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Falcons Get Back on Track vs. Panthers

Birds Show Grit Against Division Enemy

Huge Day for Turner (C.Compton/AJC)

In a hard fought game with an upstart divisional foe, the Falcons got back to doing what they do best with a gritty win over the Panthers. It wasn’t the prettiest victory in the world, but it showed the Falcons still have potential to achieve some of their original goals for 2011.

Obviously, beating a team that was 1-15 in 2010 and were 1-4 before the game started won’t get you much attention from the talking heads confederation, but this was a big one to regain some much needed confidence and hopefully be the first step in a new winning streak. The Birds still have some issues to correct, but they did what they had to do to win the game.

1) Has Lower Playing Level Led to a Depressed Fanbase?

It’s not something that Arthur Blank or Rich McKay would want to hear, but the few empty seats might be a product of the way this team has played this season. Atlanta fans are usually late-comers anyway, but …

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Obvious Must-Win as Falcons Host Panthers

Can Birds Finally Get Back on Track?

Which Defense Will We See? (C.Compton/AJC)

Well, to say that this season hasn’t gone as planned would be putting it lightly. There’s no shame in losing in the NFL, and there’s certainly no disgrace to losing to teams that were both in NFC Championship in January or a team that has had a meteoric rise with several great drafts and a division foe on the road in Tampa Bay. However, losing to all three while also looking really terrible in the two wins doesn’t strike any fear in the rest of the schedules, much less soothing a nervous fanbase.

1) Obvious Must Win?

The Falcons host the seeming hot Carolina Panthers and another division enemy. Yes, the Panthers are 1-4, but they have played close enough to win in all their games including Green Bay, Chicago, and New Orleans. Cam Newton has lit up the league with his throwing ability and the coaching staff have correctly just let him sling the ball and have no fear. Meanwhile, the Birds …

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Falcons Meltdown to Packers……Again

Has This Coaching Staff Peaked?

What You Got Smitty? (C.Compton/AJC)

The Falcons were up 14-0 and there were thoughts that this might be the game to get this team and coaching staff back on track. Nope. Only more fuel has been added to the fire that this coaching staff simply aren’t getting it done.

You can talk about talent or rosters or schedules or tough opponents all you want, but the simple fact is that this Falcons coaching staff is losing fan confidence like a sinking boat. Sure there are some holes here and there on the roster, but the point becomes clearer and clearer every week that this coaching staff may not be the ones.

Many will point to Mike Mularkey’s ridiculously conservative offense as a reason for the current implosion. Others will say that because Matt Ryan doesn’t possess a Jeff George like arm that its time to start looking for a replacement at QB. Some will say that it’s Brian Van Gorders jumbo jet soft zone that has helped continue the slide.

This is …

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Can Shaky Falcons Upset Streaking Packers?

Can the Birds Restore Some Much Needed Confidence with Win?

Anyone Have a Memory Eraser? (J.Getz/AJC)

The “Debacle in the Dome” shook most fans to their core and its one of those type of losses that’s so bad, that it takes a long time to get rid of in many fans minds and hearts. Some think that it may have even ripped off a mask of this team, specifically the coaching staff, that has shown it to not be truly considered in the conversation of elite. The Falcons need this win against the Super Bowl defending Champion Green Bay Packers in so many ways.

Most of which is to remind a nervous fan base that this team can still compete at the highest levels with goals of titles in their minds. It all was going along magnificent with the Falcons getting the #1 Seed in the NFC, home-field advantage, and looking invincible at home. Then the nightmare just kept getting worse and worse and ended with one of the worst playoff blowouts (at home) in NFL history.

Not many can get too upset if …

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Less Than Stellar in Seattle – Falcons Barely Hang On

Birds Fairly Uninspiring in Win

Definitely Not the 3rd Quarter (AP)

A win’s a win’s a win, especially in the rough and tumble and highly competitive National Football League. The Falcons got a tough win on the road and got back to .500, but fans looking to gain confidence in their 2011 Falcons after a less than stellar beginning campaign found none after Game #4 in Seattle. Yes, an ugly win is better than a pretty loss, but the Birds are a shell of their 2010 selves right now.

1) That Old 3rd Quarter Collapse

Like an old friend (really enemy) that keeps popping up every time the Falcons play, fans can guarantee that they will see the Falcons completely implode in the 3rd quarter. This has been a hallmark of the Mike Smith reign in Atlanta. No lead is safe with these Falcons, and even though they came out and fired a 50 yard bomb to Julio Jones in the first series after halftime, you just knew they would find a way to let the Seahawks back in the game. And sure enough, they …

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