3rd Annual Bird Cage Atlanta Falcons Season Prediction Competition

Time to Put Your Prediction Hats On

Falcons starting quarterback Matt Ryan warmed up, but didn't play against Baltimore in Atlanta's final preseason game. The Falcons lost 21-7 and finish the preseason 0-4.

What's Your Prediction? (C.Compton/AJC)

It’s that time of year Ladies and Gentlemen of The Bird Cage, a competition that has become a yearly favorite in our realm known as the 3rd Annual Bird Cage Atlanta Falcons Season Prediction Competition. Sure, the name is insanely too long, but trying to predict the wins and losses for the season has proved to be a blast in this friendly little competition.

Make sure to give your own prediction. You can post it anywhere on this blog or a future blog as long as it gets in Saturday, September 10th @ 11:59 pm.

Bird Cage’s Weak Attempt

1) 9/11 – Falcons @ Bears – Win

How in the world can you use the term “need-to-win” on the opening game of a 16 game schedule? Can’t say the Falcons really have to have this game, but with their next four games and if the Birds really want to be considered contenders, they should win this game. The Bears reached the NFC Championship Game and surely gave the Packers a better game than the Falcons. The Bears have arguably one of the best defenses in the NFL, but their offense doesn’t strike fear into many opponents, even with the addition of Roy Williams. This will be a major fight and the Birds better show up ready to play or they could be coming home 0-1.

2) 9/18 – Falcons vs. Eagles – Loss

Disregarding the entire circus that will follow this game with the return of Michael Vick to have the first ever match-up with the QB that replaced him Matt Ryan, this game has hinged on coaching the last 3 years. The Eagles are the new Redskins when it comes to trying to buy a Super Bowl and they do seem to be pretty loaded, but superstar teams never seem to work out in the long run. All that being said, the Falcons coaching staff have been absolutely owned by the Eagles coaching staff the last three years. Maybe the Falcons don’t match up well with the Eagles or maybe they just chose the Eagles to have one of their worst games of the season the last two years, but the two previous games have been blowouts. Would love to slot a win here, but this will have to be a case of seeing before believing, and it has very little to do with Vick and everything to do with the Falcons coaches.

3) 9/25 – Falcons @ Bucs – Win

Can Spoon Finish the Deal? (C.Compton/AJC)

The Bucs are everyone’s media darlings this year due to their youth, good drafts the last few years, and their surprisingly good season last year. They absolutely have gotten some good draft picks in and are very talented, but still not buying the hype just yet. Even though they went 10-6 last year, they only beat one team with a winning record and that was the Saints in the last game of the season. Not discounting how difficult this game will be, but the Falcons have proven their track record over the last three years. The Bucs have not, at least yet. A loss here wouldn’t be devastating, but if it makes the Birds 1-2 or, heaven forbid, 0-3, it may be a very long season and quickly put the Falcons behind the eight ball.

4) 10/2 – Falcons @ Seahawks – Win

Many are predicting a trap game here and the Falcons will be in a tough bind with the long road trip after coming back from Tampa Bay, but if the Birds want to reach any of their preseason goals, they have to win games like this. The Seahawks had an amazing playoff win against the Saints, but are still a work in progress with several questions at quarterback and running back. Who knows if Pete Carroll can sustain his first year success, but the Falcons are way ahead of the Seahawks in terms of talent, cohesion, and consistency. The Falcons have done a magnificent job of winning the jobs they should win and that streak continues in Seattle.

5) 10/9 – Falcons vs. Packers – Loss

No Explanation Necessary (C.Compton/AJC)

Packers. Falcons. Georgia Dome. Nightmare. One of the worst playoff blowouts in NFL history is the freshest memory in Falcons fans brains. A magical season came crashing to the ground in basically a half of football. It was a complete failure on all levels: offense, defense, special teams, coaching, preparation, and anything else associated with the Falcons that night. All that being said, the Falcons seemingly have addressed their flaws in terms of needing to be more explosive and more aggressive in terms of coaching (at least in what they’ve said anyway). The word revenge is ridiculous because the Packers now have Super Bowl rings. Similar to last year, the Falcons drop this one and fly completely under the radar to the playoffs. Like the Eagles game, definitely want to slot a win here, but the “Debacle in the Dome” is seared too deep. They’ll at least have a better defensive showing, right?

6) 10/16 – Falcons vs. Panthers – Win

The Cam Newton era begins and they have made some serious splashes in free agency, but they have a little ways to go before they can think about reaching the Falcons and Saints. The team that won only 1 game last year may have a year like the Bucs, but don’t count on it unless Newton turns out to be similar to Matt Ryan or Josh Freeman. They have a potent backfield, two good tight ends, and a superb linebacker corps, but the Falcons must take care of business against a team in rebuilding mode. This team goes as Newton goes and a guy who said he wants to be known as an “entertainer and icon” and oozes of arrogance seems to be in for some humble pie.

7) 10/23 – Falcons @ Lions – Win

Are the Lions finally for real? They have had some of the best drafts the last few years and appear poised for a year ready to challenge for a playoff spot. They have stockpiled young talent and also added plenty of legit free agents to complement the roster. Sound familiar? This game has trap written all over it, but the Falcons will find a way to win this one as well as others. The Lions are getting very close, but until they prove they can get over the hump with a challenging schedule, the Falcons will win this one.

8.) 11/6 – Falcons @ Colts – Loss

The Birds will be coming off a bye and, depending on Peyton Manning’s injury status, they very well could be considered to win this game. As just mentioned, that key is Peyton Manning and you can’t count him out for very long. The Birds will give a tough fight in this one, but 5 road games in the first half of the season, even with the bye, finally catches up to them. Also could get peaking ahead to the hated Saints coming to town the next week.

9) 11/23 – Falcons vs. Saints – Win

Best Rivalry in NFL? (J.Getz/AJC)

Forget about Eagles-Cowboys or Patriots-Jets, the Falcons-Saints rivalry has been reborn as one of the best and most competitive series in the NFL. Monday Night Football had its highest rating of the season between the Falcons and Saints in the Georgia Dome. The two split the series last year, both poaching one on the road. This time the split stays at home. Another heated game has the Falcons winning this one at home.

10) 11/20 – Falcons vs. Titans – Win

The Titans are in a little bit of rebuilding mode themselves, particularly at quarterback. Even with one of the best running backs in the game, the Titans still have a ways to go to prove they are good enough offensively to keep up with some of the leagues better teams. It may turn out to be closer than expected if Matt Hasselbeck is healthy, but the Falcons continue winning the games they’re supposed to, especially at home.

11) 11/27 – Falcons vs. Vikings – Win

Similar to the Titans game, the Vikings have some talent and may try to get something going with Donovan McNabb at quarterback. They still have the games best running back in Adrian Peterson, but a team who lost their quarterback, best wide receiver, starting defensive end, and countless other players seems to be a little ways yet to getting back on top. This one will be very interesting to see former wide receiver Michael Jenkins and QB coach Bill Musgrave in purple and gold and former Viking Ray Edwards in red and black. Birds take care of business against Vikes.

12) 12/4 – Falcons @ Texans – Loss

Will this finally be the year the Texans make the jump to the playoffs after knocking on the door the last few seasons? They appear to have finally built a solid offense and defense led by Matt Schaub. Gary Kubiak know he’ll be fighting for his job the entire season where fans are demanding a playoff spot. After the comfy confines of home, the Birds drop one to a team with Andre Johnson, Arian Foster, and a likely heavily improved defense led by Wade Phillips, who has a proven track record as a DC. The Falcons come up just short.

13) 12/11 – Falcons @ Panthers – Win

Falcons Streak Over Panthers Cont'd? (J.Crawford/AJC)

Who knows where the Panthers will be this time around in Charlotte. They may be lighting it up like the Bucs did last year or they may be closer to their 2010 season. Same as before, the Panthers may be on their way up, but the Falcons must get this game if they want to be taken serious for the playoffs.

14) 12/15 – Falcons vs. Jaguars – Win

The Falcons get the short end of the deal as they have to return home from Charlotte and play a mere 3 days later against the Jaguars on Thursday Night Football. The good news is that they take the field @ home in the Georgia Dome. The Jaguars are extremely inconsistent and it appears that Jack Del Rio’s job may at last be on the line if they don’t find a way to make the playoffs. The Jags spent a lot in free agency and brought in some quality players, but it won’t be enough to beat the Falcons at home in a short week where they have to travel. If this games in Jacksonville, it likely would be a different pick.

15) 12/26 – Falcons @ Saints – Loss

Will the Falcons need this one to secure a playoff berth or jump ahead for the NFC South Title? The only thing that is certain is that it will be yet another hard fought and extremely entertaining game and that’s why Monday Night Football (and likely the NFL as well) scheduled this as their last game of the year for the second year in a row. The Falcons will put up a good fight, but Sean Payton will have the Saints in high form at home after a possible slow start. The season split stays intact again and it may decide the NFC Title, if that’s true the Saints have to be favored here at home.

16) 1/6 – Falcons vs. Bucs – Win

Who knows where everything will shake out in the brutal NFC South, but the Falcons get a home game on the very last weekend of the year for the second year in a row. If a wild cards at stake, than the Falcons have to be favored here. The Bucs fail to meet their extremely high expectations and the Falcons get in the playoffs likely as a wild card team due to the Saints extremely favorable and easier schedule.

11 – 5, Wild Card

Final Analysis – The Falcons take a small step back, but could be in a better position, at least if you believe in the recent success of wild card teams. The Falcons could just as easily go 13-3 again this year, but fans can’t fully believe it until they see it after the “Debacle in the Dome” and fairly lackluster preaseason. The Birds got most the breaks last year (Saints missed field goal in OT, Roddy’s strip against 49ers) and its hard to believe they’ll get them again this year. If they truly are contenders for the Lombardi Trophy, we’ll have a great idea on January 7th, 2012.

Your Turn

-Time to make your 2011 Atlanta Falcons Season Predictions

-All submissions due by Saturday, September 10th @ 11:59 PM.


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Big Ray

September 5th, 2011
11:30 pm

Nice going, D3 .

I concur with 11-5 and wildcard.

Definitely agree on the Eagles game having everything to do with coaching. As I recall last season they whooped up on us with Kevin Kolb…


September 6th, 2011
12:25 am

D3, I knew this was coming and what better time to release the hounds. I will be back later in the morning to do my predictions. I’ll have to complete my research. At first glance I had us going 16-0 but on second thought I will revise that prediction……lol

Go Falcons!!!

just me

September 6th, 2011
1:03 am

Not to discount the Saints, but they lost a little something when they moved Reggie Bush out of town. At this point I don’t see Peyton back to 100% even by November. (I’ve had a neck injury and I know what it does to your ability to throw!) If we can keep our starters healthy I think we will do quite well this season!

With that said put me down at 14-2 (Philly, Green Bay).

I think worst case senerio is 10-6 (Philly, at Tampa, Green Bay, Detroit, Houston, and at New Orleans)


September 6th, 2011
1:24 am

12-4, NFC South champs!

Deacon Blues

September 6th, 2011
1:32 am

Defense is key. I say that if Edwards is healthy and ready to play, 13-3 is given. The Falcons don’t need to overwhelm in order to win.

Great Falconi

September 6th, 2011
1:51 am

11-5, wild-card.


September 6th, 2011
8:11 am

I’d like to have something different to say, but it feels a lot like 11-5, at best 12-4 and at worst 10-6. I’ll go 11-5 and Win NFC South. They will win one or two that they shouldn’t and lose one or two they shouldn’t.

Just for fun some stats predictions:
Matt Ryan 4250 yds, 33 TD’s, 13 INT’s
Burner 1075 yds, 11 TD’s
Roddy 90 rec, 1250 yds, 10 TD’s
Julio 65 rec, 1000 yds, 7 TD’s
HD 70 rec, 750 yds, 5 TD’s
Tony G 65 rec, 800 yds, 6 TD’s
Abe 9 Sacks
Ray Ray 9.5 Sacks
Beer Man 7 Sacks
Spoon 5 Sacks, 2 INT
Babs 4 Sacks, 4 Forced Fumbles
Grimey 6 INT
W Moore 6 INT


September 6th, 2011
8:19 am

Week 1 – @ CHI – win
Week 2 – vs Philly – win
Week 3 – @ Bucs – loss
Week 4 – @ Seahawks – win
Week 5 – vs Packers – win
Week 6 – vs Panthers – win
Week 7 – @ Lions – win
Week 8 – @ Colts – loss
Week 9 – vs Saints – win
Week 10 – vs Titans – win
Week 11 – vs Vikings – win
Week 12 – @ Texans – win
Week 13 – @ Panthers – win
Week 14 – vs Jags – win
Week 15 – @ Saints – loss
Week 16 – vs Bucs – win


I guess I have high expectations lmao. Truthfully, the schedule doesn’t look as brutal as it initially looked. We have a lot of points where we could string multiple wins together. I did mark down some wins that were borderline losses in my head, IE – Philly. But, I just think everything the Birds did this offseason was to prove that they can beat the elite within the NFL. I don’t see them losing to the Packers because that’s a game I know they’ve circled on the schedule, and that’ll be one they’ll want. I think how we start the season will dictate how we do this season, whether we take the same route we took last season soaring through the NFC or whether we take that wildcard contention route. I think the first couple of games are toss-ups. I fully expect a win @ CHI, but things happen, and a loss could be devastating and put even more pressure on our Birds vs Philly.

But, as it stands, I have us at 2-0, despite how slim those chances might be.

13-3. Rise Up.


September 6th, 2011
8:25 am

There’s a couple of points in the season that are tricky.

The first 3 weeks are vital to the success of our season. I think a strong start is crucial. Weeks 7-9 will be difficult as well. @ DET, @ INDY, vs Saints. That will be another portion of the schedule that will be rather difficult. And then ending with NO and TB gives us our shot to take the NFC South.

Between some of those weeks, I think we have the potential to string together some wins.


September 6th, 2011
8:37 am

11-5 Record.
-Chicago WIN William Moore blitzes, puts the hurt on Cutler, game over.
-Philly WIN here i differ with most and predict we win this game. This is the game Lofton and Spoon could really show the domination of our LB
- Tampa Win: Freeman scares me, but still early in the season, lots of new players, not much pre-season means the Bucs are not 100% yet
- Seattle LOSS After 3-0 start and our focus now on the pay back to GB, we are not focused and thus lose on the road
- GreenBay Win.. and even though it is a payback,it really just ends up with us winning with a Matt Bryant field goal in the final minute.
- Carolina Win. Cam, meet The Predator.
- Detroit Win Stafford is injured yet again, and the Lions give us a good game none the less, but our O is just on fire
- Indy LOSS Peyton is now in the 3rd week of him being back on the field. He now has his rhythm back. He picks our DB apart and we all wonder if we are a contender or not.
- New Orleans: Win After being embarrassed by Peyton, or DB’s keep Brees under control and Ray Edwards gets 2 sacks this game.
- Tennessee: LOSS Injuries have slowed down our DL, and LBs. We get run over, but not blown out.
-Minnesota WIN By now there is questioning of who is the starting QB, as Donavan is beat up. Our D takes advantage of this and we post sick sack/hurry #’s.
- Houston WIN Houston is trying again to prove they are the team everyone thinks they should be.. and they must beat a team like ours for the mental fix for post season. They lose.
- Carolina Win They still are in dis-array however, they do show flashes of brilliance that gets us worried about what they will be like next year.
- Jacksonville Win At this point JAX season is over, and they are just going through the motions
- New Orleans Loss It is the 50/50 split and we lose this one in their house
- Tampa Bay Loss At this point we are resting our starters a bit and more focused on post season as Wild Card is locked for us. Plus the Bucs need this game worse than we do


September 6th, 2011
8:54 am


John E.

September 6th, 2011
8:58 am

NostroJohnUs imagines.

Week 1 – @ CHI – win
Week 2 – vs Philly – win
Week 3 – @ Bucs – loss
Week 4 – @ Seahawks – win
Week 5 – vs Packers – win
Week 6 – vs Panthers – win
Week 7 – @ Lions – loss
Week 8 – @ Colts – loss
Week 9 – vs Saints – win
Week 10 – vs Titans – win
Week 11 – vs Vikings – win
Week 12 – @ Texans – loss
Week 13 – @ Panthers – win
Week 14 – vs Jags – win
Week 15 – @ Saints – loss
Week 16 – vs Bucs – win



September 6th, 2011
9:00 am

LRD, good read, dont see us losing to seattle with there qb issues.


September 6th, 2011
9:21 am

Week 1 – @ CHI – win
Week 2 – vs Philly – loss
Week 3 – @ Bucs – win
Week 4 – @ Seahawks – win
Week 5 – vs Packers – loss
Week 6 – vs Panthers – win
Week 7 – @ Lions – win
Week 8 – @ Colts – win
Week 9 – vs Saints – loss
Week 10 – vs Titans – win
Week 11 – vs Vikings – win
Week 12 – @ Texans – loss
Week 13 – @ Panthers – win
Week 14 – vs Jags – win
Week 15 – @ Saints – win
Week 16 – vs Bucs – win

12-4, might or might not win the division but will make the playoffs. No matter what I will be sitting 3rd row section 107 for every home game, and in the man cave for all the away games. Go Falcons.


September 6th, 2011
9:55 am

Week 1 – @ CHI – win: We are better than this team (WABTTT). Over/under on Cutler quitting from the defensive pressure is 2.5 quarters

Week 2 – vs Philly – win: Last year’s loss was @Philly, and complete with some game changing officiating. We don’t get out coached this year at home

Week 3 – @ Bucs – loss: Letdown game after big win against Philly. This one will have us scratching our heads. Is Tampa that good or are the Falcons really off today?

Week 4 – @ Seahawks – win: We are much better than this team, and so embarrassed by the Tampa loss we step it up and win big.

Week 5 – vs Packers – win: We beat them in the regular season at home last year. We will do it again this year.

Week 6 – vs Panthers – win: No commentary required. But watch anyway because Cam is going to be good for one highlight reel play every week. (WABTTT)

Week 7 – @ Lions – win: We are better than this team. And the new look Falcons Defense should be gelling by now.

Week 8 – @ Colts – win: Don’t know why everyone is still afraid of the Colts. Manning won’t be himself at all this year. And we are better than this team.

Week 9 – vs Saints – win: I’d like to see us sweep the Saints this year. We are the better team. They’ve got the better offensive scheme. But Defense carries us through this one on the road.

Week 10 – vs Titans – win: We are better than this team. And by now we should be starting to smell blood in the water, and dominating the weaker teams on both sides of the ball.

Week 11 – vs Vikings – win: We are better than this team. AP may get his, but that’s all the good that will come out of it for the Vikes.

Week 12 – @ Texans – win: We are better than this team. And Arian Foster won’t be himself this year. We win a shootout, and people start to question the defensive backs again.

Week 13 – @ Panthers – win: Again, no commentary required. But again watch anyway because Cam is going to be good for one highlight reel play every week. (WABTTT)

Week 14 – vs Jags – win: We are better than this team, and at this point have only lost one game. NFC south all but sewn up. The national story is can we win a playoff game

Week 15 – @ Saints – win: They need this game, to have a chance at the playoffs. We are better than this team and we get the season sweep and kill their dreams. Saints trolls mysteriously vanish.

Week 16 – vs Bucs – win: Payback, and the Bucs are in the wildcard, and may be resting players. Besides, We are better than this team.

John Waynesworld

September 6th, 2011
10:06 am

Thanks, D3.

Week 1 – @ CHI – L
Week 2 – vs Philly – L
Week 3 – @ Bucs – L
Week 4 – @ Seahawks – W
Week 5 – vs Packers – L
Week 6 – vs Panthers – W
Week 7 – @ Lions – W
Week 8 – @ Colts – L
Week 9 – vs Saints – W
Week 10 – vs Titans – W
Week 11 – vs Vikings – W
Week 12 – @ Texans – W
Week 13 – @ Panthers – W
Week 14 – vs Jags – W
Week 15 – @ Saints – L
Week 16 – vs Bucs – W

Let’s not kid ourselves…This is a TOUGH first half of a schedule.

This is a sickening prediction considering it means that by Week 4 we will all be sharpening our hari-kari knives after an 0-3 start. That would be the bad news. The good news is that I predict we right the ship after a tough loss to a rested Peyton Manning in Indy and put a string of six victories together to snatch a playoff spot ahead of 9-7 Chicago, plus we beat Tampa Bay in a tiebreaker for the final wild card slot in Week 16.

10-6 and playoff bound after a rocky start (and keep the Advil handy).

John Waynesworld

September 6th, 2011
10:09 am

D3, X-Lax for the blog monster please. Release the Cracken!

Big Ray

September 6th, 2011
10:45 am

From one of D. Ledd’s recent offerings:

Defensive coordinator Brian VanGorder would like a more aggressive unit, but concedes he must first know that his defensive backs will hold up in man-to-man coverage.

Grimes is ready for a steady dose of man-to-man or zone coverage.

Uh-huh. So….there’s part of the zone vs. man-to-man argument…

Chop Buster

September 6th, 2011
10:53 am

Here’s my prediction:

9/11 – Falcons @ Bears – Win
9/18 – Falcons vs. Eagles – Win
9/25 – Falcons @ Bucs – Win
10/2 – Falcons @ Seahawks – Win
10/9 – Falcons vs. Packers – Win
10/16 – Falcons vs. Panthers – Win
10/23 – Falcons @ Lions – Win
11/6 – Falcons @ Colts – Win
11/13 – Falcons vs. Saints – Win
11/20 – Falcons vs. Titans – Win
11/27 – Falcons vs. Vikings – Win
12/4 – Falcons @ Texans – Loss
12/11 – Falcons @ Panthers – Win
12/15 – Falcons vs. Jaguars – Win
12/26 – Falcons @ Saints – Loss
1/6 – Falcons vs. Bucs – Win

Big Ray

September 6th, 2011
10:55 am

You know, I’d rather have a semi-slow start and a fast finish over the opposite, but a slow start feeds the doubt monster.

Cage members will be on suicide watch, the boo birds will be plentiful, and the usual malcontents will strike at their favorite targets. It will be painful just to come here and blog.

Fact is….if we get off to a slow start, it won’t be because of the schedule. NOT if we’re a good team that’s trying to be an elite team. Teams like that don’t and hell, can’t blame the schedule. The only things that can be blamed are coaching, injuries, and player performance.

If the Steelers or Patriots start off bad, do they say “oh, but look at their schedule?” NO. They say look at the injuries, or look at the performance of these particular individuals. Rarely even do they say “this coach might be on the hot seat.”

The schedule is an excuse . It’s an inanimate object that shouldn’t matter when it comes to preparation, performance, etc. Rivalries are a factor, no doubt. But the schedule is not the difference between a good team and a not so good team.

Coaching? Injuries? Performance? These are all reasons for failure. After all, if your schedule is why you failed, then forget about succeeding in the playoffs…and you’ll have a built in excuse ….because there’s no easy schedule in the playoffs, right? All of those games are going to be tough. Or should be.

Can’t blame the schedule. Gotta blame something more substantial.

joe white

September 6th, 2011
11:01 am

WOW I am glad to see a lot of people just giving the nfc to philly and the packers but this is why we play the game. Falcons will go 11-5 or 12-4 win our divison again and go the nfc championship.


September 6th, 2011
11:07 am

The persistent theme in my pics is that we will beat lesser competition and we will step up at home against anyone. That’s the team we had last year, and this year’s team is demonstrably better on both sides of the ball. I actually really want to predict 16-0, but that’s just so hard to do in today’s NFL. The schedule isn’t really that daunting. The AFC South isn’t scaring anyone. Yes we have some prolific passers to deal with, but favorable conditions for most of those matchups. We’ll give up some passing yards, but we will do enough on defense to stay competitive, and we have a pretty prolific offense that all these other teams are going to have to deal with.

Chop Buster

September 6th, 2011
11:13 am

Oh and we win the NFC South AGAIN!


September 6th, 2011
11:24 am

Only need to look at the Philly Smurf hype to conclude DISAGREE. The only reason momentum against the Smurfs didn’t turn last year is it became illegal (during the game) to plant smurfs (i.e. DeSean “mouth Smurf” Jackson).
Being a long time Falcon fan, I am reasonably certain of the outcome when MV7 gets less than optimal protection. We all know MV can’t throw with a broken leg.
My prediction – improvement over last year – the team clearly addressed the deficits from the end of season debacle.


September 6th, 2011
11:31 am

BR you couldn’t be more right.


September 6th, 2011
11:55 am

Big Ray: To your point, the 2010 Steelers were without their QB for the first 3 games. Did they moan and cry..well the team didnt but all the arm chair QB/GMs/CEO’s did.. and the team won their first 3, and went to the SB.
We need a fast start. Mentally the team needs that edge to erase that season ending debacle.

Bill M

September 6th, 2011
12:20 pm

Game 1 – W CHI
Game 2 – L PHI
Game 3 – L TB
Game 4 – W SEA
Game 5 – L GB
Game 6 – W CAR
Game 7 – L DET
Game 8 – L IND
Game 9 – W NO
Game 10 – W TENN
Game 11 – W MINN
Game 12 – L HOU
Game 13 – W CAR
Game 14 – W JAC
Game 15 – L NO
Game 16 – W TB

9-7 Atlanta will be facing teams with PRO BOWL quarterbacks.


September 6th, 2011
1:06 pm

Afternoon cage, D3, nice post for this 3rd annual event, know one will truly know who is right until the end of the season, but where I disagree most is with the idea of the Falcons losing almost every game against the so called elite to nearly elite teams, I put the Falcons in that category, so I can’t see them losing every one of them. That being said here goes:

Falcons vs. Bears-Win–I’m not a fan of the trap game theory, but in my opinion, if there is such a thing this is the game. Nothing against the Bears, their a pretty good team, but they have many holes and the Falcons should be able to take advantage of this.

Falcons vs. Eagles-Win-I completely agree the Eagles have owned the Falcons, and thats not just over the past three years. The Falcons need this game to rise up as the slogan goes, this game will offer everything the Falcons must face to succeed during the regular season and into the playoffs, this game will foreshadow there season win or lose. The outcome of the game will not determine the season, how the Falcons preform will show alot as far as where they might be headed.

Falcons @ Bucs-Loss, the Bucs aren’t quite there yet, the Falcons take a step back after two early big wins, Bucs really want the Falcons in this game, Falcons come in riding high just to get smacked in the mouth.

Falcons @Seahawks-Win,Falcons get back on track in a big way, reality sets in that the season is long and regular season games only get you into the party for the big dance, but they don’t get you into the dance itself.

Falcons vs. Packers-Win, Not nearly the hyped game it will be made out to be, but it is against the reigning SB champs, its also against a team that dragged the birds up and down the field, payback goes out the window here, the Falcons just want GB to know thats them their watching in their rearview.

Falcons vs. Panthers-Win, Rivera will showcase a new power thats rising in the NFC south, but Cam’s not quite ready and gets an unfriendly welcome to the NFL in this one.

Falcons@Lions-Loss, coming in with only one loss and again starting to believe, the Falcons get punched in the mouth rather badly, these aren’t the Lions of old and their not just up and coming, their here, birds find that out the hard way.

Falcons@Colts-Win, after being overpowered and outcoached by the Lions the birds are upset and look to take it out on the Colts, the Colts willingly let them do so because Hayden is now the NCB an area where the Colts had hoped to exploit.

Falcons vs. Saints-Win, for this game records go out the window, the Saints hate the Falcons and the Falcons hate the Saints. The Saints took this one a year ago on the Falcons field, Falcons not having it this year.

Falcons vs. Titans-Win, Titans need to bring more then Chris Johnson to town for this, they fail to do so.

Falcons vs. Vikings-Loss, Falcons let a sneaky good opponent come in to snatch a victory, their upset and tired with some minor injury issues, but refuse to make excuses and just take the loss.

Falcons@Texans-Loss, not quite recovered from the heartbreaking loss to the Vikings the Falcons get slapped down by the Texans and its not a bad thing, after this game the birds finally decide to rise up to match their slogan.

Falcons@Panthers-Win, The Falcons are mad, they have beaten some of the best just to fall back down, they have rised up, just to be put back to sleep, the light bulb is starting to go on, the chemistry is beginning to come together and the Panthers are a welcome release.

Falcons@Jaguars-Win, this isn’t the Falcons of old, their angry, their determined, and their hungry, the Jags just happen to be on the menu and their thoroughly devoured.

Falcons@Saints-Win, normally a split would be good, but the Saints are looking across the field at a team with the same look in their eyes as the Saints had a couple of seasons back, the Saints know the look and can do little to prohibit the fire that burns from the heart of the look.

Falcons vs.Bucs-loss, the Falcons have clinched there playoff position, they tune up a bit in the 1st half and leave it to the non first teamers.

End result-Falcons 11-5, 2nd seed in the NFC, beats NO out for the tiebreaker division wise and seeding wise.

Chop Buster

September 6th, 2011
1:08 pm

Bill M, just curious…have a PRO BOWL QB automatically equates to a win? I’m just trying to follow your reasoning.


September 6th, 2011
1:22 pm

Side note: Good luck to all the cage members in the 3rd annual birdcage fantasy football league and 1st annual Sarah Brainerd fantasy football league. I want you all to know it was a pleasure doing the FFL weekend predictions while many probably could careless about it, because of Sarah and JJ I continued it and it was all in fun, and good for a laugh, even at my own team. With the 1st lady of the cage gone and without much fanfare the FFL weekly predictions won’t continue, probably great news to most, but I still wish the best for everyone. Glad I have a bye this week, heading up the East Coast for a week on an assignment, won’t be around or able to catch the Falcons game for the first time since I can remember, but the faithful of the cage will be watching and cheering them on, good luck to the Falcons, and again to the FFL, and ultimately blessings to the cage, catch ya’ll next week, God willing.

John Waynesworld

September 6th, 2011
1:26 pm

In defense of my 10-6 prediction:

I am feeling kind of soft from expectations this year…

WHAT IS THE DIAGNOSIS? Low “O” (Low Optimism)

WHAT ARE YOUR SYMPTOMS? I am a fan of a team that succeeds when I least suspect it and fails when I expect it, just like every other sports team in this championship-forsaken state. Yes, the Falcons were 13-3 last year, but by my count they pulled 2 of those games out of their BUH-HO (Saints, 49ers) and several more could have gone either way (the last play against Baltimore comes to mind). In 2010 we won 7 games by a TD or less, FIVE at home. The playoff embarrassment still hurts as well and the 2011 preseason didn’t help my Low “O” one bit.

I probably just need a pill. 10-6.


September 6th, 2011
1:58 pm

Read’em and weep:

9/11 – Falcons @ Bears – Loss
9/18 – Falcons vs. Eagles – Loss
9/25 – Falcons @ Bucs – Loss
10/2 – Falcons @ Seahawks – Win
10/9 – Falcons vs. Packers – Loss
10/16 – Falcons vs. Panthers – Win
10/23 – Falcons @ Lions – Win
11/6 – Falcons @ Colts – Loss
11/13 – Falcons vs. Saints – Loss
11/20 – Falcons vs. Titans – Win
11/27 – Falcons vs. Vikings – Win
12/4 – Falcons @ Texans – Loss
12/11 – Falcons @ Panthers – Win
12/15 – Falcons vs. Jaguars – Win
12/26 – Falcons @ Saints – Loss
1/6 – Falcons vs. Bucs – Win


September 6th, 2011
2:03 pm

BT/JB, Winterswyck was expected to be out 6 weeks. My main point was I don’t think they are leaving Valdez or Jackson off the main squad and carrying 10 DBs. Just another interesting wrinkle with Hayden and Sanders coming in so late is that we had to stay deep on our roster there.


September 6th, 2011
2:24 pm

So Philly’s trying to buy a Super Bowl? How so? Because the hottest free agent available in the offseason decided to take a pay CUT and sign with them? Nnamdi turned down more money from the Jets and Cowboys. Did they overpay Cullen Jenkins? How did they try and BUY a Super Bowl? Don’t get mad because a top free agent CHOSE to go there.

Falcon 34

September 6th, 2011
3:21 pm

Eagles free agency additions…….

1) Nnamdi Asomugha\
2) Cullen Jenkins
3) Ronnie Brown
4) Jason Babin
5) Steve Smith
6) Donald Lee
7) Johnnie Lee Higgins
8) Vince Young

No………you’re right. They just made a few strategic strikes in free agency.

John Waynesworld

September 6th, 2011
3:36 pm

John Waynesworld

September 6th, 2011
3:39 pm

Or they are officially in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes OR they are going for the indomitable Dr. Tebow.

Big Ray

September 6th, 2011
4:07 pm


Yep, gotta have a good start.

Falcon 34 ,

:lol: Good one….

D3 ,

There are certain posts (and bloggers) that the blog monster should have free reign on. I’ll leave it at that. 8)


September 6th, 2011
4:17 pm

@ Chicago W
Philly L
@ Tampa W
@ Seattle W
Green Bay W
Carolina W
@ Detroit W
@ Indy L
Tennessee W
Minnesota L
@ Houston W
@ Carolina W
Jax W
@ NO L
Tampa W


September 6th, 2011
4:32 pm

Hey Y’all:

I got the Falcons going 13-3. I see the defense starting off the season ahead of the offense in making a statement on what this team is about. But our defensive backs will be the key. I see our defensive line and linebackers being real nasty this year. If they started talking trash to some of those D-Backs to start playing ball and playing a a “ONE HEARTBEAT” coordinated group back there things will be alright. I see that happening throughout the season. The D-BACKS wil wind up be the premier D-BACKS in the leaugue. Mark my wor. They will be the Shocker for the season. When that happens, NFL “WATCHOUT”. HERE COMES OUR FALCONS IN “ONE HEARTBEAT!!”

On Offense, of course , we have the talent on paper and on the field. This will be up to the coaches having the offensive schemme to attack defenses and keep thep of ballance. THE SKY IS THE LIMIT for the offense. This will be interesting because this offense can RUN AND BLOCK NASTY and can PASS, CATCH AND RUN WITH FINNESSE. What we will see this year is the RACS (RUN AFTER CATCH) by our receivers this year. They will be taking a lot of shorts balls and taking it to the “HOLE” . This will confuse a lot of defnses to wher THE FACONS ” PUBISHING RUNNING GAME” with our “NASTY LINEMAN’ and SLICK, POWERFUL RUNNING BACKS ar going to make defenses pay. MARK MY WORD! MARK IT IN “ONE HEARTBEAT!!”

Now the special teams (KICKOFF, PUNTING, KICK COVERAGE, FIELD GOAL) will be “SOLID”. This is the group that is going to strenthening THE FALCONS as a complete solid team. They have always played well. And I am more than confident that they will continue to play well for the great special teams coach that the FALCONS have. Look for a lot of punt returns this year with WEEMS.

Again, I see 13-3. If not, I will not get excited becoause I see us in the playoffs and hurting a lot of teams on our way to the SUPER BOWL. This is it! “THE PROCESS CONTINUES” and I am loving it!!! I can’t wait until Sunday!!!!! THIS IS OUR YEAR! THIS IS OUR TEAM. THIS IS “OUR HEARTBEAT!!” LET’S GO FALCONS!!!! WE GOT YOUR BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!



……………………………..”ONE HEARTBEAT, BABY!!!………………


September 6th, 2011
4:35 pm

Chicago W
Philly L
Tampa L
Seattle W
Green Bay L
Carolina W
Detroit L
Indy W
Tennessee W
Minnesota L
Houston L
Carolina W
Jax W
Tampa W


September 6th, 2011
4:44 pm

I’m calling 4 losses total. Not just the regular season. I don’t think the falcons will loose to the Packers. As long as the falcons take care of the ball offensively then we should have a W against them.


September 6th, 2011
4:44 pm

Why I say 8-8 possibly 9-7? Last season was the one they let slip away. Think about it. Remember when the Saints won the SB? Remember all the breaks they got…The Redskins and Miami games…loosing the last three. Remember Falcons last year? the Niners, Saints and Bucs games how close the Falcons came to losing those games but got the breaks and won and still ended up being 1st seed? When you’re destined to win the Super Bowl you get all the breaks and you get home field throughout. Sorry folks, but those breaks won’t happen this year. If you know football you know this to be true. The Falcons will be contenders but nothing like last year. Falcons had their shot, and missed.


September 6th, 2011
5:48 pm

Follow up to the Pro Bowl QB’s equals win….So since we have a Pro Bowl QB, so does that mean we cannot lose?


September 6th, 2011
6:22 pm

@ Chicago, Win
Philly, Win
@ Tampa, Win
@ Seattle, Win
Green Bay, Win
Carolina, Win
@ Detroit, Loss
@ Indy, Win
NO, Win
Tennessee, Win
Minnesota, Win
@ Houston, Loss
@ Carolina, Win
Jax, Win
@ NO, Win
Tampa, Win

A 14/2 record should earn HFA through out, as we roll over the other teams in the NFCS and beat the teams that are our chief rivals in the conference.


September 6th, 2011
6:49 pm

Greetings Cagers!!

Here is my prognosis:

Wk. 1 @ Chicago – W
Wk. 2 Philly – W
Wk. 3 @ TB – W
Wk. 4 @ Seattle – W
Wk. 5 GB – W
Wk. 6 Carolina – W
Wk. 7 @ Detroit – W
Wk. 9 @ Indy – L
Wk. 10 NO – W
Wk. 11 Ten – W
Wk. 12 Min – W
Wk. 13 @ Hou – L
Wk. 14 @ Car – W
Wk. 15 Jax – W
Wk. 16 @ NO – L

13-3 folks and NFC champs again and same record as last year. The Falcons repeat as Champs of the NFC South, a feat as rare as…………………..well you guessed it……………….a repeat chanp of the NFC South.

Go Falcons!!


September 6th, 2011
6:51 pm

This is the year we get to the QB. Furthermore for Ken Strick & E43 this is also the year we play some man to man.

Go Falcons!!


September 6th, 2011
7:02 pm

I can’t tell you why because I don’t know but I’m thinking 11-5. I don’t agree with D3 about greenbay we did beat them last year in the regular season.I heard that Philly retooled their Oline and as we all know preasure on Vick will take him out of his game.


September 6th, 2011
7:07 pm

A company rep once asked me how I started my business so I gave him the cliche’, “Plan your work and work your plan.” He asked me what did I plan to do if I failed. I explained I did not a make plans for that because I didn’t intend to. That was 35 years ago so I’m going with “however many it takes” and “whatever.”. I got an NFL Division Champs hat last year and I want a Super Bowl hat to go with it. We can get there from a wild card so I won’t need another Division hat but I really do want that Super Bowl hat.


September 6th, 2011
7:11 pm

JB love that bro. By any means necessary I guess.