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Falcons Reel in Sloppy Loss to Bucs

Another Poor Showing

Nah, Let's Be Conservative (AP)

We hear those adages about “stepping away from the ledge” and “look at the bright side,” especially since its so early in the season, but the Falcons put up yet another poor showing and lost to the youngest team in the NFL and a divisional opponent. An earlier post posed a question on whether a string of poor performances was developing into a trend. The sloppy game they pulled out from the Eagles was good enough, but this display against the Bucs reaffirms all the fears fans have been stirring with. There are no easy answers and the road ahead does not get any easier. A look at another pitiful game……..

1) Offensive Identity Crisis

This has been the main question plaguing this team for a long time and cracks are starting to show with the recent quotes like Tony Gonzalez and others saying how much more in rhythm the team is with Matt Ryan running the no-huddle. And other quotes like Roddy White essentially saying …

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Ryan, Falcons Knock Out Vick, Eagles

An Amazing Signature Win

Ryan Over Vick (J.Getz/AJC)

No, it wasn’t the Super Bowl or the NFC Championship game, but this one will go down as one of the Falcons, Coach Mike Smith, and, particularly Matt Ryan’s best franchise wins. All the ingredients were there for steamroll by the Eagles, but the Falcons showed that gritty moxie that has come to characterize the Falcons under Mike Smith and Matt Ryan. There’s nothing really more to say than it was just a fantastic, awesome, and amazing win in so many ways. To the huge victory………

1) Matt Ryan’s House

Some will still question Matt Ryan as the right guy for quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons, but it has to be an insanely small majority after last night. The leader of the team who won Rookie of the Year and made the Pro Bowl in his first 3 years has had his share of ups and downs, but he proved once and for all that he truly is unquestioned leader of this franchise.

When things looked hopeless, Ryan put the team on …

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Wobbly Falcons Host Dream Team Eagles

Pensive Days for Atlanta Falcons Fans

Can Turner Slow Game Down? (AP)

Pardon the potential for this post to be seen as less than rosy, but the stars are all lining up for fans to feel very nervous about the upcoming game on Sunday night. Coming off an embarrassing performance up in Chicago, the Falcons play host to the Philadelphia Eagles who had a convincing win in St. Louis, not to mention the firepower they’ve added on both sides of the ball. Nothing would please Falcons fans more and restore some shaky confidence than a huge win over Michael Vick and the Eagles on Sunday Night Football, but the prospects aren’t looking particularly bright at the moment. Some searing questions as fans get ready for a huge game….

1) Can Falcons Get Their Mojo Back?

Funny to think about the Falcons being in a funk after going 13-3 and winning the #1 NFC seed, but that’s exactly what the Birds appear to be in at the moment. If you include preseason, the Falcons are 1-7 since the New …

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Collapse in Chicago – Falcons Play Wretched Football

Bad, Bad Football

No Caption Needed (AP)

Not even going to pretend to be objective in this one because it was so truly horrific. Many of us may be labeled “fatalists” or “negative nellies” and frankly, that’s fine. The Falcons played one of their worst games of football under the new regime. No point in going over the general details because the score speaks for itself……….

1) Where Does This Rank?

Where does this embarrassing excuse for football game rank in your Falcons memory? It may not be the worst performance in history, but coming on the heels of the Debacle in the Dome, this Collapse in Chicago could be a bad omen for the season. There’s a difference between blind loyalty and not calling it like you see it. Frankly put, this one of the worst games this team has played under the Coach Smith regime. A team and coaching staff that prides itself on staying calm and collected completely unraveled and seemed sophomoric and absolutely outclassed. Kind of like …

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3rd Annual Bird Cage Atlanta Falcons Season Prediction Competition

Time to Put Your Prediction Hats On

Falcons starting quarterback Matt Ryan warmed up, but didn't play against Baltimore in Atlanta's final preseason game. The Falcons lost 21-7 and finish the preseason 0-4.

What's Your Prediction? (C.Compton/AJC)

It’s that time of year Ladies and Gentlemen of The Bird Cage, a competition that has become a yearly favorite in our realm known as the 3rd Annual Bird Cage Atlanta Falcons Season Prediction Competition. Sure, the name is insanely too long, but trying to predict the wins and losses for the season has proved to be a blast in this friendly little competition.

Make sure to give your own prediction. You can post it anywhere on this blog or a future blog as long as it gets in Saturday, September 10th @ 11:59 pm.

Bird Cage’s Weak Attempt

1) 9/11 – Falcons @ Bears – Win

How in the world can you use the term “need-to-win” on the opening game of a 16 game schedule? Can’t say the Falcons really have to have this game, but with their next four games and if the Birds really want to be considered contenders, they should win this game. The Bears reached the NFC Championship Game and surely gave the …

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