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DE Ray Edwards is an Atlanta Falcon

Deal’s Finally Done

Minnesota Vikings defensive end "Big Play" Ray Edwards has agreed to a five-year deal with the Falcons. Air Blank One is leaving at 6:01 p.m. to scoop him up and retun him to Flowery Branch. (Associated Press)

Welcome to Atlanta, Ray! (AP)

Yes, it finally happened. After less than a week ago, the Falcons reportedly dropped out of the Ray Edwards sweepstakes due to reportedly asking too high of a price. Falcons fans started seeing defensive end after defensive end snatched off the market including Charles Johnson, Jason Babin, and several others.

A Quick Change

After believing that the Falcons had given up on defensive end pursuit, the front office followed up re-signing Tyson Clabo with the release of former first round picks Jamaal Anderson and Michael Jenkins, freeing up over $7 million dollars. Many believed that something was afoot after the sudden change.  If they had planned to use that money to keep guys like Jason Snelling and Justin Blalock, than their release surely would’ve come much sooner. Reports that teams interested in Ray Edwards had dropped down to the Falcons, Browns, and Titans. If Edwards wanted to go to an immediate contender, the Falcons …

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Will You Panic if Falcons Make No Moves?

Worried About Free Agency?

Nicholas Headed to NY? (B.Sanderlin/AJC)

Rejoice Bird Cagers, Falcons and Football are both back! Currently out of town, but wanted to get a new post up and question regarding our Beloved Birds since the lockout is officially over.

Of course its all speculation at this point, but word from our main Falcons man D. Orlando Ledbetter is that the Falcons are taking themselves out of the running for Minnesota Defensive End Ray Edwards and that Panthers DE Charles Johnson won’t make it out of Carolina. In the same report, Ledbetter says that Stephen Nicholas is rumored to be heading to the Giants of New York.

This leads to the big question: Will you panic if the Falcons stay put and don’t make a move in free agency?

Bird Cage Take

It’s debatable whether or not the Falcons need to add a top-tier defensive end and pay a king’s ransom for either Ray Edwards or Charles Johnson (which is likely to happen since the market is pretty thin at DE). Kroy Biermann …

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Enact Your Falcons Off-Season Plan

Time to Play the Role of Thomas Dimitroff

Blalock Back? (C.Compton/AJC)

Could there finally be an end to the NFL lockout? After all the blustering and attacks, it appears that the loss of money may curtail the labor dispute just in time for there to be no missed time. Reports are coming out that a deal could be agreed to, voted on, and accepted by Thursday. Many believe that the free agent market may open as early as Monday. There will be an insane avalanche of deals flying all around and now its your turn to make all the decisions for the Falcons extremely shortened season. Give your breakdown of Falcon free agents, unrestricted free agents, and you can even dip into the undrafted free agent pool if you like.

Atlanta Falcons Free Agents

Tyson Clabo

Re-sign the Pro Bowl tackle. In a story by Falcons guru D. Orlando Ledbetter, Clabo said that he wants to remain in Atlanta assuming the Birds do what’s needed. This changes things a good bit as initially it seemed he wanted to max …

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Can the Falcons Keep Jason Snelling?

Will Birds Be Able to Afford the Stud RB?

Can Falcons Keep Snelling? (C.Compton/AJC)

Even though re-signing Brent Grimes is the biggest off-season priority, one that figures to be very close in nature is whether or not the Falcons will be able to hold onto backup and extremely versatile running back Jason Snelling. Falcons resident stud writer D. Orlando Ledbetter just posted a topic on whether Snelling can start for another team. Since almost all of Falcon Nation believe that the Birds should re-up him (some even think he should become the feature back), the question will be “how much should they pay” to keep #44.

Pay Him as Falcons Future Starter

No, they won’t be able to pay him “quite” as much as they paid Michael Turner when they snagged him away from San Diego, but if they treat Snelling as the next in line ready to pick up after Turner hits his expected slow down, the transition for the next generation at running back in Atlanta will seamless and superb.

Turner Running …

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What Should Falcons Do @ OLB?

Is Stephen Nicholas in Falcons Long-Term Plans?

Should Birds Re-up #54? (J.Crawford/AJC)

The main conversations regarding the Falcons off-season priorities have included what the Birds need to do to improve their defensive pass rush and coverage issues in the secondary. Defensive end, cornerback, re-signing Jason Snelling, and retaining the free agent offensive linemen have been the main decisions that fans have discussed. One not included in that list, and potentially as important as any, is what the Falcons front office plan to do at one outside linebacker spot. Curtis Lofton is the leader of the defense in the middle and Sean Weatherspoon is locked in at one of the spots (best suited for weakside OLB, but that’s for another day).

The big question is what the Falcons plan to do at the other spot. Do they finally re-sign Stephen Nicholas and pay him starter money, even though he hasn’t been able to outright win a spot since he’s been in red and black? Do they really trust …

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Can the Falcons Afford CB Nnamdi Asomugha?

Can the Birds Afford the High-Priced Free Agent?

Oakland Raiders safety Stuart Schweigert (30) and cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha (21) look emotional after the San Diego Chargers scored in the fourth quarter of their NFL football game, Monday, Sept. 11, 2006 in Oakland, Calif. The Chargers defeated the Raiders 27-0. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)

Can Falcons Afford Asomugha? (AP)

Even though talks seem to be “progressing,” there still doesn’t seem to be that needed breakthrough that signifies that a deal will get done sooner rather than later. Regardless of their great intentions and public displays of goodwill, the fact remains that it’s now July and free agency hasn’t occurred and until there is a deal no teams will be heading to training camps and the clock continues to tick on the NFL season. In an attempt to get some good conversations flowing, the question involving superstar cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha is “can” or “will” the Falcons sign him rather than should. It would be a very redundant question to ask if the Falcons “should” sign him since he was described as the “best defensive free agent since Deion Sanders” by Peter King. All 32 teams would love to have the perennial Pro Bowler, but only a few teams will be in a position to sign him.

Pay the Man, Time to Win …

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