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Who’s Your Favorite Ball Coach?

Anyone Better than Reeves? (AJC)

I have welcomed a new addition to my family, so please forgive if the posts are pretty lean for the next little bit. The previous post was going to be the last in the Retro-Post series, but due to the high popularity, The Bird Cage will have one more in the series. This one may be limited more to the veteran Falcons fans, but a good topic nonetheless: Who has been your favorite Atlanta Falcons football coaches?

The Coaches

Norb Hecker — 1966 – 1968 — 4-26-1 — (.129)

Tough job of having to guide a brand new franchise to success starting from square one. Although Hecker was tasked with a difficult job, he showed very little promise and actually digressed from a 3 win inaugural season back to a 1 win second season. Fired after three games in 1968.

Norm Van Brocklin — 1968 –1974 — 39-48-3 — (.433)

Van Brocklin took over for Hecker when he was fired after the first 3 games in 1968. After working for the Eagles organization and being head coach for the Vikings for six years, Van Brocklin led the Falcons to varied results compiling a 37-49-3 record, but he also led the Falcons to the their first winning season of 7-6-1 and also to the playoffs in 1973 with a 9-5 mark. After the Falcons most successful season to date, though, Van Brocklin was fired in 1974 after only winning 2 of the first 8 games.

Marion Campbell — 1974–1976 — 6-19 — (.240)

The famed “Swamp Fox” from the University of Georgia may have been a local favorite, but Campell had a hard time as the Falcons head call coach, compiling a 6-19 record after just 3 when he took over for Van Brocklin in 1976. Perhaps he didn’t get enough time to make things right, but he ranks as one of the lowest head coaches in NFL history (3rd lowest having coached at least 3 years).

Pat Peppler — 1976 — 3-6 — (.333)

Interim head coach who took over for Marion Campell in 1976 and did pretty well considering one would supposed, but didn’t get the nod for head coach.

Leeman Bennett — 1977–1982 — 46-41 — (.529)

One of the most beloved coaches both for his creation of the famed “Grits Blitz” defense and for leading the Falcons to their best records and seasons to that point in the franchise’s history. The famous Grits Blitz became well-known for its hard-nosed and punishing style and allowed only 129 points in a 14 game season, an NFL record. Bennett made a quick turnaround, defeating the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Wild Card game in 1978 before losing to the Dallas Cowboys. After a losing season in 1979, Bennett led the Falcons to what many fans believe was still the best team to every play the game in 1980. The Birds claimed their first NFC West title and a 12-2 record. Unfortunately, Bennett is best known for allowing the total collapse of the Falcons blowing a 20 point lead in the 4th quarter against the Dallas Cowboys losing 30-27. This is still regarded as one of the most devastating losses in Falcons history as many fans believe that the Super Bowl would have been the Falcons for the taking. Bennett was never able to recover, posting a losing season in 1981 and made the playoffs to the strike-shortened season, but lost in the first round. Bennett was dismissed as Falcons coach leaving with a 47-44 overall record. Some believe his career was cut too short after being the most successful Falcons coach by leaps and bounds.

Dan Henning — 1983–1986 — 22-41-1 — (.344)

The ultimate veteran Henning had coached with about half the teams in the NFL when his tenure was finally over. After winning the Super Bowl as the offensive coordinator for the Washington Redskins in 1982, Henning proved unable to make the transition to head coach as many coordinators often do, posting a 22-41-1 record. Ironically, Henning went back to be offensive coordinator for the Redskins in 1987 and won another Super Bowl in 1987.

Marion Campbell — 1987–1989 — 11-36 — (.234)

Not sure what the Falcons organization had in mind bringing Campbell back for a second go around. He may have gotten another shot, but his results were the same. Campbell posted 11 wins in 47 games and retired after 12 games in 1989.

Jim Hanifan — 1989 — 0-4 — (.000)

Interim head coach who took over for Campbell and couldn’t muster one win in the remaining four games.

Jerry Glanville — 1990–1993 — 27-37 — (.422)

After being the Falcons secondary coach from 1977-1978 and then the Falcons defensive coordinator from 1979 to 1982, Glanville got the nod as the Birds head coach. According to Wikipedia, “Glanville was more famous for his antics and brash, outspoken personality than for his success on the field (his career record is 63-73). While coaching the Falcons, he regularly challenged and mocked opposing teams players on television and in interviews. He was also famous for often leaving tickets at will-call for the late Elvis Presley, wearing all black to be easily recognized by his players, and driving replicas of vehicles driven by James Dean.” Even though Glanville brought excitement and attention to the Falcons, he will always be known for one of the all-time worst blunders in not agreeing with the selection of Brett Favre, refusing to play him, and sending the future Hall of Famer and Super Bowl winning quarterback to the Green Bay Packers. Maybe that trade was what actually spurred Favre to success, but hindsight says that Glanville really blew it with the Favre trade. Glanville’s best season came in 1991, where he 10-6 but lost the Redskins in the playoffs.

June Jones — 1994–1996 — 19-29 — (.396)

Jones took over for one of his best friends in Glanville as head coach in 1994 and the move to take the job caused an issue with the two where they reportedly didn’t speak for several years after. According to, the San Francisco Chronicle, and New York Times, “Jones installed the Run & Shoot offense in Atlanta and initially quarterback Jeff George flourished under the system, passing for 3,734 yards and 23 touchdowns in Jones’s first year and 4143 yards and 24 touchdowns his second year. In 1995, Jones’s second season as head coach, the Falcons went to the playoffs, losing in the first round to the Green Bay Packers. The following year, the Falcons posted a 3–13 record, leading to Jones’s dismissal. Jones’s coaching record over three seasons in Atlanta was nineteen wins and twenty-nine losses.[3] He also clashed with quarterback Jeff George during his final season, including a well publicized and widely broadcast profanity laced shouting match during a September 23 game against the Philadelphia Eagles. The feud contributed to both men’s release by the organization.”

Dan Reeves — 1997–2003 — 49-59-1 — (.450)

The most revered Falcons coach in history, the homegrown Georgian was not only a fantastic player in the NFL, but also one of the best and most likeable coaches in all of the NFL. After having great success in Denver, Reeves made several trips to the Super Bowl but fell short each time. Reeves also had the best performance for a 1st year head coach in New York Giants history when he was the head ball coach for them. Reeves still owns the best single season for any Falcons coach in history when he took the Falcons to heights unseen with a 14-2 regular season record, a shocking win at Minnesota for the NFC Championship, and a tough loss to his former team, the Denver Broncos, in the Super Bowl in a cruel ironic twist. With an aging team, Reeves failed to post winning seasons the next three years, but re-invented himself when he helped engineer the trade up to get Virginia Tech standout Michael Vick. 2002 saw a rebirth of Atlanta Falcons football where they went 9-6-1 and became the first team to ever beat the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field in their history. After Vick was injured in preseason the next year, the Falcons managed just 3 wins and Arthur Blank, who had just bought the team, elected to dump Reeves, a move many vehemently disagree with to this very day.

Wade Phillips — 2003 — 2-1 (.667)

Interim head coach. Phillips filled in for Reeves the remaining 3 games, managing 2 wins out of 3 games, but was likely never a serious candidate for the head job as Blank elected to go with a fresh look with Mora Jr.

Jim Mora — 2004–2006 — 26-22 — (.542)

Things couldn’t have started any better for the young and vigorous Mora. He took the Falcons, led by Michael Vick, to a 11-5 record, an NFC Title, and all the way to the NFC Championship in his rookie season as a head coach. The future looked bright, but that would be the pinnacle of his career as a Falcons coach. In 2005, the Falcons got off to a fantastic start going 6-2 at the halfway point and completely collapsed from that point going 2-6 in the final 8 games to finish at 8-8 and unable to even break the “never-having-back-to-back winning-seasons” in franchise history curse. The Birds got off to a good start once again in 2006 going 5-3, but once again having another collapse the rest of the season, winning only 2 more games in the final 8 and losing the last three with playoff hopes on the line. Not only was Mora’s record indicating he was a front-runner who was known for a late-season collapse, his antics were starting to garner negative publicity. Mora had a post-game meltdown with Dave Archer when asked a legitimate question following a punt with 1 minute remaining while losing against the Bucs, where he threw the microphone down and stormed off. He was also seen talking on cell phone on the sidelines during a game, falling to his knees on the sideline, and the quote that may have sealed his fate. He commented to a Seattle radio station that the Washington Huskies coaching position was a “dream job” and that he absolutely “would take the job even if he were in the middle of a playoff run with the Falcons.” That combined with the sense that he had lost the team and the players had quit on him, led to his firing.

Bobby Petrino — 2007 — 3-10 — (.231)

The most hated Falcons coach in franchise history. He was selected, with too much input from Arthur Blank, as the next coach for the Falcons from the college ranks and was picked with the intent of transforming Michael Vick with his offensive genius. Some of it wasn’t his fault after being shoved into an unimaginable position with the Vick dog-fighting circus that followed the teams every move. The starting quarterbacks were Joey Harrington and Byron Leftwich and the season was a trainwreck. That being said, though, Petrino’s dictatorial style alienated players and fans alike. But of course all the worst things were confirmed about the snake when he slithered out of town to take the Arkansas job in the middle of the night like a thief in the cover of the night. Falcons fans should be grateful because the true definition of class, determination, and winning were to follow with Thomas Dimitroff and Mike Smith taking over. Still a snake.

Emmitt Thomas — 1-2 — (.333)

The Hall of Fame player did an admirable job in the nightmare he took over, but was never a serious candidate to be the permanent head coach.

Mike Smith — 2008 – Present — 33-17

Already One of the Best (AJC)

Already one of the best coaches in Falcons history in just 3 seasons. He helped lead one of the best turnarounds in 2008 with a rookie QB and many new players present in a seeming rebuilding mode. He helped steady the Falcons to a 11-5 record and a playoff birth in his first season. The second campaign saw the Falcons get off to a hot start only to falter around mid-season being plagued by many injuries. Smith did perhaps his best coaching job willing the Falcons to win their last three games of the season to once and for all break the back-to-back winning seasons curse, something not to take light of since he’s the only coach in franchise history to accomplish that feat. Smith helped lead the Falcons to one of their absolute best seasons last year going 13-3, winning the NFC South Title, and clinching the NFC #1 seed. Although Smith is already one of the best coaches in Falcons history, he has the 0-2 playoff record hanging over his head and leading one of the worst playoff blowouts at home in NFL history. He is controlled, personable, disciplined, and players love playing for him. That being said, he must show an ability to learn from his playoff losses and overly conservative play-calling on offense and defense to compete with elite teams like the Packers, Steelers, and Colts, not to mention the high-flying offensive juggernaut Saints.  The Falcons coaches were definitely outclassed, out-coached,  and the team was confusingly under-prepared against the Packers in the playoffs, and that falls directly on Smith.

Your Turn

  1. Who’s your favorite Falcons coach in franchise history and why?
  2. Who’s your least favorite Falcons coach in franchise history and why
  3. Rank the coaches from most to least favorite
  4. Who was the most underrated Falcons coach in franchise history?
  5. -Who was the most overrated Falcons coach in franchise history?
  6. Who got the axe entirely too soon?
  7. Who got the axe entirely too late?
  8. What were some of the best coached games and seasons in history?
  9. What were some of the worst coached games and seasons in history?
  10. Were any coaches unfairly judged on poor talent?
  11. Which coaches failed to maximize the immense talent they had?
  12. Who were some of the best in-game coaches?
  13. Who were some of the worst in-game coaches?

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June 21st, 2011
12:50 pm

John Waynesworld

June 21st, 2011
1:21 pm

D3, I will add to your good job. Coach Smith’s winning percentage (33-17) is .660, which by the way is awesome.

As far as favorite coaches, I got a kick out of some of the characters we had as Special Teams coaches, like Joe DiCamillis and Foge Fazio. They were player favorites as well.

[...] Your Favorite Atlanta Falcons CoachesAtlanta Journal Constitution (blog)The famous Grits Blitz became well-known for its hard-nosed and punishing style and allowed only 129 points in a 14 game season, an NFL record. Bennett made a quick turnaround, defeating the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Wild Card game in 1978 before …A few minutes with … Roddy WhiteNFL News (blog)Atlanta Falcons Roddy White's Top Five WR Today: is He Right?NFL Mocksall 15 news articles » [...]

John Waynesworld

June 21st, 2011
3:43 pm

“If and when an agreement is reached, all players whose contracts have expired and have four or more years of experience are expected to be unrestricted free agents, sources familiar with the talks told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter. Certain tags will be retained but that still is being discussed.”

I believe that brings back Charles Johnson into the discussion. This will also keep certain older free agents on a short DE list from demanding too much money simply because there are so few of them available.


June 21st, 2011
3:47 pm

Since I have not been around as long as others being a transplant and all, and coming in during Reeves, I cannot comment on past goachs as much.
But for me, when Smitty got in the face and then Shoved/Pushed/Hit MeAngelo that sealed it right there for me. And I think that is when he won the crowd over too. I mean he had fan/crowd support, but man did his stock go up significantly after that.


June 21st, 2011
4:03 pm


June 21st, 2011
4:37 pm

Hey Cage Family!!!! — Been quite awhile my friends. Sitting here holding my newest little Falcon typing with one-hand. As you can imagine, between this one and my two year old, I’m a little crunched for time. I check regularly, but don’t really have the time I would like to get in here and rap with my friends.

Following on JWW’s report of all players being UFA’s w/ 4 or more years experience, we stand to have a good amount of free agents as well. Here’s who I would see…………….

Brent Grimes, jason snelling, clabo, blalock, dahl, nicholas……….who am i missing?

John Waynesworld

June 21st, 2011
6:25 pm


June 21st, 2011
8:10 pm

JWW, good post/link. Things are looking good! Ray Edwards or Charles Johnson would be a heck of a boost! If AB got really, really lose with his purse we could even get that LB from Oakland.
I know, I know, I am an eternal optimist, but! Nnamdi Asomugha , had to copy and paste his name.


June 21st, 2011
10:03 pm

I like Smitty the best I think he is the best but I to , am new at this , I liked Reeves but I don’t think his players liked him ! . And as lord said he has the teams support and trust and he does have that Fire that you like to see in an NFL coach .

Man I hope to see this Lock-Out come to an end . Because it really looks like season coming for the Birds is gonna be the most exciting yet . Dam Lock-Out

Scott Anderson

June 22nd, 2011
6:27 am

Dan Reeves had to be the worst coach in the Falcons history. Unprepared , terrible evaluator of talent, downer of a coach.

He was the worst clock play coach in NFL history. He seemed totally unaware of how the clock played a important part of winning games. Over and over he failed .

His whole situation with Vick was just pathetic. He allowed Vick to just be a superstar with few repercussions. Glad he is long gone.

Couldnt have been soon enough.

Thanks to TD and Smith for finally bringing Atl a winner.

Go Falcons

Bull Schmitt

June 22nd, 2011
8:10 am

Smitty, Dan Reeves and Leeman Bennett are by far my favorites. I wished we had kept Bennett for a few more seasons. Jerry Glanville in the “Gritz Blitz” days would be next in line.


June 22nd, 2011
11:16 am

Mike Smith is the best Falcons coach in history, and it’s not even close. I mean look at the records! And it’s not like Smitty came in to a great situation and had it handed to him – he inherited what most observers thought was the worst and most hopeless predicament in the NFL at the time. What Dmitroff and Smitty have built in such a short time, and the success that they’ve had while rebuilding, is nothing short of astounding.

Look guys, I know it still hurts, but I think we’re putting way too much emphasis on one game. This organization is built to potentially win for a long time, so let’s keep the faith.

Big Ray

June 22nd, 2011
3:11 pm

Tha Real Falcon

June 22nd, 2011
3:38 pm

Leeman Bennett, right up until Mile Smith.

[...] continue reading… [...]


June 22nd, 2011
5:27 pm

Yet one more reason to love Matty Ice………….

AJCFalcons @JulioJones82 on Matty Ice:”He’s taken me under his wings. Let me come over his house to go over material that I don’t have in my playbook.


June 22nd, 2011
10:00 pm

Not a falcon fan, why are you on this blog? It is called The Bird Cage.It kinda sounds like a Falcon fan blog to me. In other words, your comment means nothing.


June 22nd, 2011
10:24 pm

Best coaches, Reeves, Bennett and Smith. Reeves would have been great under this ownership, Bennett”s only problem was he was too conservative, I think Smith will win the big one for us. Blank expects no less and I know we don’t.


June 22nd, 2011
10:42 pm

The worst coaches, that’s kinda hard to say under the ownership at the time. I don’t know a lot about the early coaches and we will never know what they could have done with Blank as the owner. It is easy for me to say that Bobby P is the worst coach I have ever seen.


June 22nd, 2011
11:11 pm

Congrats on the new little fan. Haven’t been checking in lately due to school. As far as coaches go, Smitty is up there and I think that Reeves is a man of good character. On the flip side of class comes Petrino, the worst example of a persom to ever coach our team.

69 Atlanta Falcon

June 22nd, 2011
11:21 pm

Petrino still needs a good ole a$$ whipping for what he done to the club……….

John Waynesworld

June 23rd, 2011
7:52 am

I would think the Cage might start heating up real soon.

“I kind of recognize everything because it’s the same pro set we ran at Alabama,”

Impact rookie, right away.


June 23rd, 2011
9:48 am

I know this is opening a can of worms, but here goes. Some folks have issues with Ryan, some folks wish we still had You Know Who.. but when you see tweets like JJ is at Ryans home to go thru the plyabook and read reports that Ryan had organized “mini camp”,. That Ryan is leading the team thru drills, working with the receivers for timing and trust, you can see that Ryan has really turned into the leader that he was hired to be…
and then you remember You Know Who and does one think he would have actually done what Ryan is doing now to insure that this team remains 1) A Team 2) Competitive 3) Prepared for a season allowing a play off run?
Ryan may have a “weak” arm(yea right…) but no denying his leadership ability and the trust that his fellow players have in him. And that desire to follow a lead like that bodes very well for this organization and this team. Plus,hardwork and desire can compensate for any perceived lack of natural ability.
Ok off the soapbox… back to work. Sorry about the rant..

Larry Harvey

June 23rd, 2011
10:41 am

D3 Wrote:

“Norm Van Brocklin — 1968 –1974 — 39-48-3 — (.433)

Van Brocklin…led the Falcons to the playoffs in 1973 with a 9-5 mark.

Not true! The Falcons, at 9-3, lost their last two games of the season and the Rams won the devision knocking the Falcons out of the playoffs. This was before the “wild card.”

The Falcons first ever playoff game was December 24, 1978 in a wild card win against Philadelphia. They lost to Dallas the following week despite knocking out Roger Staubach in the game who was replaced by Danny White.

Larry Harvey

June 23rd, 2011
10:54 am

As for the best coach? Pretty easy!

The coaching combination of Reeves with Rich Brooks as the DC was the best ever! Reeves took four teams (two different franchises) to a Super Bowl but each and every time his team were simply beaten by better overall talent. Had Reeves been afforded Terrell Davis to compliment Elway he too would have one one or two. Denver was better than the Falcons in 1999.

You HAVE to be a great coach to take 3 or 4 teams to a Super Bowl, just as Bud Grant and Marv Levy were great coaches that mostly lost to superior teams and a little bad luck too.

I have Smith and Bennett in a tie for second and Smith can easily surpass Bennett and should surpass Reeves if he can accomplish much more in the playoffs…I have my doubts with BVG as his DC, one of the weakest and most unqualified DC’s in the NFL. I’d love to see Smith paired with Brooks, Glanville or Campbell from the past, or a Dick Lebeau or Dom Capers of today heading up our defense.

John Waynesworld

June 23rd, 2011
1:09 pm

Funny how BVG gets all the grief for every failure of our defense by various folks, yet he is the longest tenured Defensive Coordinator in the NFC and tied for second with Mike Zimmer behind Dick LeBeau for longest tenure in the entire NFL. Why wouldn’t he be another casualty of DC personnel turnover? Maybe because his defense is young and his pass rush has been ineffective. Give any NFL QB worth his salt a 6+ second pocket and he will find someone wide open. I somehow doubt it is because Brian has pictures of Coach Mike in a tutu.

John Waynesworld

June 23rd, 2011
1:10 pm

Enter your comments hereFunny how BVG gets all the grief for every failure of our defense by various folks, yet he is the longest tenured Defensive Coordinator in the NFC and tied for second with Mike Zimmer behind Dick LeBeau for longest tenure in the entire NFL. Why wouldn’t he be another casualty of DC personnel turnover? Maybe because his defense is young and his pass rush has been ineffective. Give any NFL QB worth his salt a 6+ second pocket and he will find someone wide open. I somehow doubt it is because Brian has pictures of Coach Mike in a tutu.

John Waynesworld

June 23rd, 2011
1:11 pm

D3, help with the blog eater please.

John Waynesworld

June 24th, 2011
12:23 pm


June 24th, 2011
1:37 pm

JW: It is awfully quite in here.. I even toss out You Know Who and remains quiet.. guess everyone is on vacation….


June 24th, 2011
2:43 pm

LRD/JWW/21, 32 posts in three days with a few regulars. This has got to be a record of some sort. LRD, change bait? JWW, keep posting the links, they are entertaining.
This whole scenerio is like 4th and goal on the 2 with 3 seconds on the clock; the ball goes flat and we’re waiting on someone to put some air in it with his lips and no football needle!
LRD, who can afford a vacation?


June 24th, 2011
3:15 pm

Scott Anderson

You are so misinformed my friend in regards to Reeves. He did not enable Vick, as a matter of fact Vick said that firing Reeves was a big mistake by the Falcons. Reeves knew what he was doing even though he was old school. The year that Vick got hurt, dan Reeves final year, he had a plan to open up the passing game, and it would’ve worked if his QB had not gotten injured in the pre-season. Reeves is a great coach and had Blank stayed with him this franchise would’ve been ok, because Reeves held his players accountable. Reeves wouldn’t had drafted MeAngelo Hall.


To answer your question, I believe under Reeves Vick would’ve done that.


June 24th, 2011
3:21 pm


Vick is doing those same things now that Ryan is doing. Vick wasn’t asked to start right away when he got to Atlanta because Chandler was the QB. Vick went through the same process that all running QBs go through. Steve Young went thorugh it, McNabb, Cunningham as well. They had to learn how to be a passer first, but it took them time to get there. Vick is there now where he knows he can beat you with his feet but doesn’t always try to now.


June 24th, 2011
9:53 pm

I took the bait the first time but will not do it again. It only leads to more BS.


June 25th, 2011
8:51 pm

Looks like there’s not much in the area of Falconolgy for us Falconolgist to discuss or debate. This time is simply the calm before the storm.


June 25th, 2011
8:57 pm

Heck I can’t even spell Falconology or Falconologist correctly.


June 25th, 2011
9:58 pm

Sportaree, we could always debate the spelling or tieredofwaitingness!


June 26th, 2011
1:08 am

Who’s your favorite Falcons coach in franchise history and why? Glanville for his antics
Who’s your least favorite Falcons coach in franchise history and why? Petrino, b/c he is a snake
Rank the coaches from most to least favorite… Glanville, Smith, Reeves, Bennett, Jones, Campbell, Mora, Henning, Van Brocklin, Hecker, Petrino
Who was the most underrated Falcons coach in franchise history? Bennett
-Who was the most overrated Falcons coach in franchise history? Mora
Who got the axe entirely too soon? Bennett
Who got the axe entirely too late? Jones
What were some of the best coached games and seasons in history? Minnesota in 1998… We had the best game plan to cover Moss and offense featuring Jamal…
What were some of the worst coached games and seasons in history? Green Bay in 2011… We had no game plan for the Packers and it showed.

Were any coaches unfairly judged on poor talent? Bennett
Which coaches failed to maximize the immense talent they had? Mora
Who were some of the best in-game coaches? Smith
Who were some of the worst in-game coaches? Glanville


June 26th, 2011
9:15 am

I was shocked when Leeman Bennett was released. I saw a lot of promise in Jim Mora, but I also saw that he needed more experience and maturity that we didn’t have time for. Smitty is it. We’ve all waited for years for a coach like Smitty, and now we’ve got him. I still feel that Smitty has a lot to learn, but looking at his preformance so far, we’d be foolish to let him get away.


June 26th, 2011
11:18 am

Hands down…..Dan Reeves….Jim Mora’s father was correct MV7 was/is a coach killer.


June 26th, 2011
12:08 pm

I will always give Jones credit for benching Jeff George for the rest of the season even though he knew it would cost him his job. It was the right thing to do and took cajones.
I loved Glanville as a D coordinator and he was a hoot as a coach (just not as successful as I’d have liked). Smitty became my favorite because 1) he wins; 2) he didn’t back down from Meangelo Hall. I still like to play that clip…


June 26th, 2011
12:10 pm

Man I remember when LeMand Bennett got here,we use to talk about how the player’s was slipping out of camp at night it was so truff. (Iron Jaw) After the Dallas lost this entire City were down on one person but LB burned out and the fire was gone for Coach Bennth.


June 26th, 2011
8:49 pm

Greetings Cage Family!! — Finally, it appears the lockout MAY be coming to an end. And with that we start a series examining a few free agents that may actually be a possibility. See you over there!!!!


June 27th, 2011
12:10 pm

Leeman Bennett was best coach. Mike Smith record is overrated to conservative to ever win in playoffs with bend but don’t break defensive scheme