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Should the Falcons Sign DE Ray Edwards?

Good Move to Sign the Minnesota DE or Wait?

Minnesota Vikings defensive end Ray Edwards would be a nice fit for the Falcons. (Associated Press) Finally, it looks as though the NFL owners and players may be putting their greed to the side and using their brains regarding this lockout. With the potential of actual time and money being lost right around the corner, it appears that (at least according to reports) something may actually get done towards mid-July. Of course nothing is set in stone just yet, but encouraging news nonetheless. One of the first pieces of information to come out was the idea that free agency would go back to previous rules where any players that have accrued at least 4 years in the league would become unrestricted free agents.

The big criticism from media talking heads is that the Falcons failed to address their pass rush through the draft (even though they fail to mention that NONE of the prospects would likely have an immediate impact in their rookie year), and the chance of getting one of the better defensive ends prospects would immediately enhance …

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Your Favorite Atlanta Falcons Coaches

Who’s Your Favorite Ball Coach?

Anyone Better than Reeves? (AJC)

I have welcomed a new addition to my family, so please forgive if the posts are pretty lean for the next little bit. The previous post was going to be the last in the Retro-Post series, but due to the high popularity, The Bird Cage will have one more in the series. This one may be limited more to the veteran Falcons fans, but a good topic nonetheless: Who has been your favorite Atlanta Falcons football coaches?

The Coaches

Norb Hecker — 1966 – 1968 — 4-26-1 — (.129)

Tough job of having to guide a brand new franchise to success starting from square one. Although Hecker was tasked with a difficult job, he showed very little promise and actually digressed from a 3 win inaugural season back to a 1 win second season. Fired after three games in 1968.

Norm Van Brocklin — 1968 –1974 — 39-48-3 — (.433)

Van Brocklin took over for Hecker when he was fired after the first 3 games in 1968. After working for the Eagles …

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Favorite Atlanta Falcons Memories

List Some of Your Favorite Bird Recollections

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White (84) tries to get around the tackle of Baltimore Ravens cornerback Josh Wilson (37) in the first half of their game at the Georgia Dome.

A Great Game (J.Getz/AJC)

In the final of the Retro-Post Series, this one’s a really simple one: just list some your favorites memories you have in association with the Atlanta Falcons. Even though its summer, it appears that the NFL season is on the verge of getting some parts lost. Sure, there is still plenty of time for the NFL players and owners to stop their greedfest, but does many fans still have hope that they’ll get it together in three months after having three years? Anyway, we’ve got The Bird Cage to get us through. Your memories are special to YOU and don’t need to be a “highlight of the franchise,” per se, similar to who YOUR favorite Falcons players are. My youth in terms of being a Falcons fan will show, but here goes the list (which is not entirely extensive, because it could go on for days):

First Falcons Game in The Dome – I had the privilege of seeing the Falcons in Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium before it got …

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Your Atlanta Falcons Dream Team

All-Time Atlanta Falcons Dream Team

Deion Leads the Dream Team (AP)

In our 3rd of the Atlanta Falcons Retro Post series, you get a chance to build your own Atlanta Falcons Fantasy Football Team. This was the idea of one of our posters Sgt. Pepper, and it should be a fun one to try and develop. Use any players that have ever played for the Atlanta Falcons. You can choose any player and there are not restrictions. You can do only a starting lineup or you can go all the way and create a Dream Team 53 Man Roster. While the sports boredom drags on with no football in sight, should be a fun little exercise. You don’t have to necessarily rank the players if you don’t desire. The idea is not really to field a team according to Fantasy Football, but rather the best at each position through the franchise’s history.  The Bird Cage’s meager attempt:

Quarterback (3)

Matt Ryan, Steve Bartkowski, Michael Vick

Hard to argue against these three as the best quarterbacks in Falcons history. …

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