3rd Annual Bird Cage Falcons Full Mock Competition

Yes, it’s finally here Bird Cage Family Members, the 2011 NFL Draft is just around the corner so that of course means it’s time to get your final Falcons Full Mocks ready to win the trophy in the 3rd Annual Bird Cage Falcons Full Mock Competitions. Just a friendly competition, but we know that many of our Cage faithful won’t get that message.

Rules and Regulations

  • All mocks must be submitted by Thursday, April 28th @ 6 pm
  • Simply post your mocks somewhere in this post and they will be saved into MS Excel
  • You can submit TWO MOCKS, yes that’s correct. Since it’s so insanely hard to pick the Falcons draft picks correctly out of thousands of players, you can submit two mocks.
  • The Original Mock (main one) will count slightly higher (1 pt) than the Alternate Mock


Direct Hit/First Choice – 4 points: If you select the exact correct player in the exact correct position, you will receive 4 points. (EX) You choose the Falcons to select Adrian Clayborn in the first round (pick #27), you will get 4 points.

Direct Hit/Alternate – 3 points: Same rules as direct hit/1st choice, but the alternate will garner one less point since it’s not the original mock draft.

Correct Player/Wrong Spot – 2 points: If you choose the Falcons to select Jerrel Jernigan in the second, but they pick him in the 1st round, you would get 2 points.

Correct Position/Wrong Player – 1 point: If you have the Falcons selecting defensive end Justin Houston in the 1st round, but they end up taking Ryan Kerrigan, you still get 1 point for predicting they take a defensive end in the 1st round.


Atlanta Falcons Draft Picks

1st Round – 27th pick

2nd Round – 59th pick

3rd Round – 91st pick

4th Round – 124th pick

5th Round – 158th pick

6th Round – 192nd pick

7th Round – 209th pick

7th Round – 228th pick

7th Round – 229th pick





Atlanta Falcons Reported Workout/Interview/Contacts

Special thanks to Bangkapi Ajarn (our resident draftech) for compiling these awesome lists.


1 Gabe Carimi – OT – Wisc. 6’7” 314 5.18

1 Tyron Smith – OT – USC 6’5” 307 5.08

1 Anthony Castanzo – OT – Boston College 6’7” 311 5.21

3-4 Marcus Gilbert – OT – Florida 6’6” 330 5.41

6-7 Willie Smith – OT – ECU 6’5” 310 5.40

FA Matt Murphy, UNLV, 6’4” 300 6’4” 300 5.24


4-5 Zach Hurd G Connecticut 6’7” 316 5.28

FA Colin Baxter – C – Arizona 6’3” 311 5.42

FA John Gianninoto , C UNLV, 6’3” 292 5.25


2 Ryan Williams – RB – Virginia Tech 5’9” 212 4.59

2-3 Kendall Hunter – RB – Oklahoma St 5’7” 199 4.46

3-4 Taiwan Jones – RB – Eastern Washington 6’0” 194 4.53

4-5 Derrick Locke RB 5’8” 188 4.37

4.5 Alex Green RB Hawaii – 6’0” 225 4.45

5 Bilal Powell Louisville 5’11’ 207 4.54

5-6 Da’Rel Scott – RB – Maryland 5’11” 211 4.40

7 Noel Devine – RB –5’8” 179 4.35

7-FA Mario Fannin RB Auburn 5’10” 231 4.37

7 Anthony Allen RB Ga. Tech 6’1” 228 4.56

7 FA Damien Berry RB MiAMI – 5’10” 211, 4.58

FA DuJuan Harris – RB – Troy – 5’7” 197 4.45


1-2 Kyle Rudolph TE ND – 6’6”, 259 2.64

3-4 Jordan Cameron – TE – USC –6’5” 254 4.53

3-4 Virgil Green –TE – Nevada 6’3” 249 4.54

FA Corday Clark TE McNeese State 6’1” 234 4.72

FA Will Yeatman TE Maryland 6’6” 273 4.89

FA Stephen Skelton (Fordham) 6’5” 252 4.78

FA Chris Blohm – TE – Yale 6’4” 262 4.87


2-3 Colin Kaepernick – QB – Nevada 6’5” 233 4.53

4-5 Pat Devlin QB – Delaware 6’3” 225 4.53

7 Adam Weber – QB – Minnesota 6’1” 209 4.73

7-FA T.J. Yates, North Carolina 6’3” 219 5.06

FA Adam Froman, Louisville 6’4”220 4.56

FA Justin Roper – QB – Montana 6’6”218 4.86


1-2 Leonard Hankerson – WR – Miami 6’2 209 4.45

1-2 Torrey Smith WR Maryland 6’1 204 4.37

2 Jerrel Jernigan – WR – Troy 5’9 185 4.32

2 Jon Baldwin WR 6’4 228 4.45

2 Randall Cobb WR 5’10 191 4.45

2-3 Titus Young – WR – Boise St. 5’11 174 4.42

3 Edmond Gates – WR – Abilene-Christian 6’0 189 4.35

4-5 Denarius Moore – WR – Tennessee 6’0 194 4.37

5-6 Dwayne Harris WR 5’10 203 4.56

6-7 Aldrick Robinson WR – SMU 5’10” 184 4.35

6- 7 Ricardo Lockette – WR – Fort Valley St. 6021 211 4.37

7-FA Jock Sanders WVU 5-06 181 4.50

FA Vidal Hazelton Cincinnati – dad is a diehard Falcons 6’2” 210 4.57

FA Kevin Cone WR Ga tech FA 6’3” 216 4.37

FA Tyler Beiler, WR – Bridgewater College 6’0”185 4.39

FA Ryan Lincoln, WR Texas AM-Kingsville 5’11” 196

FA Kris Durham WR Ga. – 6’5” 216 4.46


7-FA Reid Forrest – P – Washington State

6-7 Kai Forbath –k – UCLA


1 Aldon Smith – DE – Mizzou 6’4” 263 4.74

1 Ryan Kerrigan – DE – Purdue 6’4” 267 4.67

1 Cameron Jordan – Cal 6’4” 287 4.74

1 Da’Quan Bowers – Clemson 6’3” 280 4.84

1-2 Adrian Clayborn – DE – Iowa 6’3”, 281, 4.78

1-2 (OLB) Justin Huston DE UGA 6’3” 270 4.62

1-2 Jabaal Sheard – DE – Pittsburgh 6’3” 264 4.68

1-2 (OLB) Brooks Reed – Arizona 6’3” 263 4.65

2-3 (OLB) Sam Acho – DE – Texas 6’2” 262 4.67

2-3 Allen Bailey – DE – Miami 6’3” 285 4.71

FA (OLB) Markell Carter – DE – Central Arkansas 6’4” 252 4.70

FA Tom McCarthy DE Yale 6’6” 265 4.72


2-3 Jurrell Casey DT – USC 6’1” 300

4 Sione Fua DT 6’1” 310

FA Frank Kearse – DT – Alabama A&M 6’4” 315

FA Nate Frazier DT – North Alabama -6’2”, 305


1-2 Akeem Ayers OLB – UCLA – 6’3” 254 4.81

3 Mason Foster OLB – Washington 6’1” 245 4.65

5-6 Doug Hogue, OLB Syracuse 6’3” 235 4.62

FA Jacquian Williams OLB – USF – 6’3” 231 4.53


2-3 Quan Sturdivant – ILB – North Carolina –6’1” 241 4.63

3-4 Colin McCarthy ILB Miami 6’1” 238 4.59

4-5 Nate Irving ILB NC State 6’1” 240 4.74

5 Casey Matthews – ILB – Oregon 6’1” 231 4.79

6 Mike Mohamed ILB – Cal 6’3” 239 4.65

7-FA Akeem Dent ILB UGA 6’1” 242 4.78


1-2 Aaron Williams CB/S – Texas 6’0” 204 4.40

1-2 Brandon Harris – Miami – 5’10” 4.53 40

3 Marcus Gilchrist CB/S/Returner ‘– Clemson 5’9”, 192 4.45

3-4 Jalil Brown – CB – Colorado 6’1” 204 4.52

4 Buster Skrine CB Tenn-Chattanooga – 5’10” 186 4.37

4 Rashad Carmichael – Cb – Va Tech – 5’10” 192 4.56

5-6 Jeron Johnson – CB/SS Boise State 5’10” 212 4.51

6 DeMarcus Van Dyke – CB – Miami – 6’1” 176 4.28

6 Mistral Raymond S/CB – S. Fla 6’1 196 4.62

FA Anthony Walters – CB/FS Delaware 6’0” 204 4.52

FA Cole Brodie – Cb – South Dakota State – 5’ 10”, 188 4.41 from Dacula


2-3 Quinton Carter – FS – Oklahoma 6’1” 208 4.57

3 Chris Conte -FS – Cal 6-2 197 4.52

3-4 Robert Sands- FS – West Virginia 6’4” 217 4.53

7 Mark LeGree – FS – App State – 6’0”, 210 4.49

FA Anthony Walters -FS – Delaware 6’0” 204 4.52

And finally, the Bird Cage’s likely losing attempt…….

1st Round

Aaron Williams – Cornerback – Texas

Really has gained steam lately where most believe that he could have the most immediate impact this year and quickly be inserted in as the Falcons starting nickel back. Williams posted 106 tackles, three sacks, 12 TFL, three pressures, four INTs, 24 pass break-ups, 6 forced fumbles, one fumble recovery and five blocked punts (No. 2 on UT’s all-time list) for his career (he declared for draft after his junior year). Even though a lot resources would be committed to the cornerbacks, Williams could finally put to rest the issue at cornerback the Falcons have had for a long while. With the departure of Brian Williams, who started at nickel back, there is an open spot and even though they rave about Chris Owens, hard to forget that awful night in January. In a league facing Drew Brees twice, Josh Freeman twice, and Aaron Rodgers, the Falcons finally secure their secondary with Williams

1st Round – Alternate

Justin Houston – Defensive End – Georgia

Many believed that Houston was way off the Falcons radar since he was slotted to purely be a 3-4 outside linebacker. After showing up a little heavier than expected to the combine and the fact that the Falcons will hold a private workout with the Bulldog star, it seems like a perfect fit. Measuring just under 6’3 and hitting 270 at the combine, Houston absolutely could fill a huge need for the Falcons where his pass rushing skills and playing in space could help the Birds immediately.

Many still believe that Houston will be drafted by a 3-4 team, but he produced in the best conference in college football in the 4-3 as a junior (15 tackles for loss, 7.5 sacks) and made the conversion to the 3-4 very well (18.5 TFL, 10 sacks). Would go against Thomas Dimitroff’s belief in drafting only seniors, but the last time he pulled the trigger on a junior, it worked out pretty well (Curtis Lofton). Would give Van Gorder and Smith immense talent as a 4-3 DE and open up tons of possibilities with him dropping in space.

2nd Round

Jerrel Jernigan – Wide Receiver – Troy

The wide receiver from Troy set all kinds of school records at the university in Alabama. He clocks in at right under 5’9. weighing 185, and ran a forty as low 4.32. While his stats aren’t insane, they are pretty impressive over his career: 3,128 yards receiving (high of 1,101), 18 TDs (6 his senior year), and 262 career receptions (high of 84 his senior year). Even though his stats aren’t off-the-chart, many defenses game-planned solely around him and double and even triple covered. Defines exactly what the Falcons are looking for in a receiver in terms of speed and explosiveness. According to Draftcountdown.com, Jernigan is “a dynamic playmaker who is a threat to score every time he touches the ball.” Some have even compared him to Percy Harvin. Thomas Dimitroff and the Falcons have talked to Jernigan once and reportedly had private workouts with him twice. He definitely seems to be a major target. Jernigan may even be under consideration at #27.

2nd Round – Alternate

Titus Young – Wide Receiver – Boise State

This one’s a late add, but since the Falcons seemed determined to select a slot wide receiver, Young fits the bill perfectly. Was insanely productive for Boise State and is an option to come in and fill the needed slot role. It doesn’t appear that the Birds will be looking for a #2 wide receiver since they are still starry eyed for Jenkins as a #2.

3rd Round

Virgil Green – Tight End – Nevada

Will he or won’t he? Tony Gonzalez came out pretty quickly and said he was coming back for more. But then the NFL Greedfest commenced and has put several older veterans on the verge of retirement a little closer to hanging them up. Justin Peele is a valuable backup and a complementary tight end to Gonzo, but he’s over 30 and doubtful he could take the full-time role. Michael Palmer showed flashes (props to Big Ray), but nothing to show for certain that he’s the ultimate answer either. The Falcons haven’t seemed too interested in taking a TE in the first round, but have looked at Virgil Green and Jordan Cameron, who are slotted around the 3rd or 4th round.

Virgil Green has immense talent and was first brought up by our very own Seminole Warrior. Green has prototypical size (6’3, 249), excellent speed (4.64), and excellent hands. He had good stats for a tight end with 849 receiving yards (453 as a senior), 11 touchdowns (5 as a senior), and 12.7 career yard per catch average (14.6 as a senior). As awesome as Gonzalez has been, he has faded in terms of stretching the field. The Falcons appear to be looking for a tight end who can run the seams and possibly even take it the distance. A draft pick like Green or Cameron would battle it out with Palmer to be Gonzalez’s eventual replacement.

3rd Round – Alternate

Demarco Murray – Running Back – Oklahoma

This is probably dreaming that he will still be around this late. In terms of production, they don’t come a whole lot better than Murray. Amassed 3,685 rushing yards, an eye-popping 50 TDs, 1,571 receiving yards, and 11 TDs over his illustrious career at Oklahoma. His senior year was his best, running for over 1,200 yards with 15 TDs and 594 receiving yards with 5 TDs. Has nice size (6’0, 213) and proved at the combine that his speed is no fluke (4.41). The Sooner running back may take some time to adjust to the rigors of the NFL and has questions on whether he can be a feature back due to his injury history.

4th Round

Marcus Gilbert – Offensive Tackle – Florida

The former Gator has prototypical size at 6’6, 330 and could project as a future left tackle in the NFL at some point. Scouts say that Gilbert is a solid pass protector with good lateral movement, but needs to improve against 3-4 rush linebackers. A very willing run blocker who readily engages would-be blitzers and gets down field to mix it up. Moved to right tackle as a senior, so do the Falcons need another right

4th Round – Alternate

Buster Skrine – Cornerback – University of Tennessee-Chattanooga

This one’s a late add as well, but the kids speed and productivity will Thomas Dimitroff a strong consideration to take Skrine since there is an opening at nickel back and he adds the much needed explosiveness the Falcons are looking for this draft.

5th Round

Da’Rel Scott – Running Back – Maryland

It’s almost a certainty of the Falcons drafting a running a back at some point in the draft, it’s just a matter of when. Just like wide receiver, anyone they take will need to have some serious speed. It’s unlikely they’ll take a RB before the 3rd round, especially this draft class of RB’s is so thin.

Da’Rel Scott might be the perfect fit for the Falcons. Even though he’s a little too much like Turner and Snelling in terms of size (5’11, 211), he’s also “track star fast” and is a “serious playmaker who broke TD runs of 61 and 91 as a senior” according to CBS Sports Draft Scout.

He runs a 4.34 and catches the ball out of the backfield extremely well. Even in a 3-back rotation, Scott still churned out some excellent numbers. Had 2,401 rushing yards in his career (high of 1,133 as a sophomore), 17 career rush TDs (high of 8 as a sophomore), 506 career receiving yards (high of 178 as a sophomore), and 4 career receiving TDs (nabbing 3 of those as a senior). Scott had some injury history, so that might be a reason for his lower status. Could be a great third down back for the Falcons team craving speed.

5th Round – Alternate

Lee Ziemba – Offensive Tackle – Auburn

The ratings are all over the place for the Tiger tackle. Ziemba is ranked to go in the 2nd or 3rd round by some, but slotted to go in the fifth round by others. Ziemba may not have the perfect size and ability, but started as a true freshman at left tackle and played all four years in the rough and tumble SEC and was a main reason the Auburn Tigers won the national championship. Ziemba could come into a similar role that Garrett Reynolds has played. Reynolds was also taken in the 5th round, has tutored under master OL Coach Paul Boudreau, and may be ready to take over right tackle when Tyson Clabo demands an enormous contract, as expected. Holds Auburn record for consecutive starts at 51, starting every game since 2007. The Falcons went a similar route with Mike Johnson who owns the record for most starts in Alabama history.

6th Round

Mike Mohamed – Inside Linebacker – California

I know some are throwing their computers against the wall right now with this pick, but this is purely a pick due to the Falcons pretty heavy interest in inside linebackers. They have scouted several inside linebackers this draft season, maybe to finally secure a legit backup for Curtis Lofton, but also to get an ILB who is better in pass coverage.

Mohamed could be a diamond in the rough and an excellent find for the Falcons. Mohamed has really good size (6’3, 239) and excellent speed for an inside linebacker, running 4.65 forty. He has career tackles of 339 (high of 111), 20 career tackles for a loss (high of 8), 6 career sacks (high of 3), 9 career pass break ups (high of 3 twice), and 7 career interceptions (high of 3 twice). The Falcons have had a rotating door at backup MLB since Dimitroff/Smith era began. Perhaps its time to set that position in stone once and for all.

6th Round – Alternate

Dejon Gomes – Safety – Nebraska

Important to remember that we as fans might as well be throwing darts when the Falcons start nearing the end, as evidenced by drafting rarely heard of safety Shann Schillinger last year. The Falcons could elect to go safety much earlier since there’s at least one spot open with the release of Erik Coleman and maybe more with the season-ending injury to Shann Schillinger.

Dejon Gomes played on a big stage at Nebraska and helped engineer their defense as one of the best in the country. He has good speed (4.48 forty) to pair with a prototypical strong safety size (5’11 ½ , 208) and had almost 100 tackles as a senior. Broke up 7 passes (12 career) and picked off 3 passes (7 career) in only two years after transferring from a JUCO.

7th Round (1)

Mark LeGree – Free Safety – Appalachian State

Although the Falcons are sitting pretty at the safety position with William Moore and Thomas DeCoud, this is perhaps the thinnest position on the roster. 2010 free safety draft pick Shann Schillinger looked good in camp and was performing well on special teams before he went down with a season injury that landed him on IR. The Birds parted ways with Erik Coleman who was a great leader and team guy, but was expendable with his large salary as a backup.

Mark LeGree could be a late round steal that could work his way up the roster while making his mark on special teams. Had 197 tackles over his career and an shocking 22 interceptions, notching 10 in one year alone. In fact, LeGree finished his career as the NCAA Division I leader of career interceptions. Is a little short for a free safety at 5’11, but possesses good speed (4.54) and is obviously a good ball hawk. Also known as one of the hardest hitting player on his team. Obvious knock from level of competition.

7th Round (1) – Alternate

Stephen Skelton – Tight End – Fordham

Stephen Skelton is a late add as well, but the Falcons could elect to cover all their bases by picking up Skelton, who may be a late round gem. Only been playing football for a limited amount of time and could develop alongside Michael Palmer to try and make the squad outright or least earn his keep on the practice squad.

7th Round (2)

Ricardo Lockette – Wide Receiver – Fort Valley State

Local product was interviewed by the Falcons and is extremely raw, but lacks great size (6’3, 211) and speed (4.41). As most all late round picks, Lockette would have a very tough time cracking the 53 man roster while they already have White, Jenkins, Douglas, Meier, and Weems. And there’s a distinct possibility they will draft another wide receiver early on.

So there you have it Bird Cage Faithful, Falcons Full Mock Madness is in the books. Now the real fun begins…….your turn.

7th Round (2) – Alternate

Aldrick Robinson – Wide Receiver – SMU

Maybe be long gone, but a highly productive wide receiver who is extremely fast. Two things that Dimitroff looks for in prospects. Robinson’s a shade under 5’10 and 184 lbs, but also has been clocked at a 4.35 forty. Insanely productive at SMU, where he totaled over 3,300 receiving yards (high of 1,301), 30 career TDs (high of 14 as a senior), and a whopping 18.3 career yards per catch average.

7th Round (3)

Ryan Winterswyk – Defensive End – Boise State

Thanks to uga_b on this one. The Falcons elect to go with Winterswyk because he has Kroy Biermann written all over him. Could make the team initially as a special teams player, but could also work his way up to eventual starter status. Just like someone else we know.

7th Round (3) – Alternate

Akeem Dent – Inside Linebacker – Georgia

Local product who had the misfortune for playing for a poor defensive coordinator for three years and then had to undergo a change in defensive scheme his senior year. Could finally be the backup middle linebacker the Falcons have been searching for after rotating guys three years in a row.

So there you have it folks, after months of debate and handwringing, the final mocks are in. Now it’s YOUR TURN! Get your mocks in by THURSDAY, APRIL 28th @ 6 PM. Make sure to do two mocks to give yourself a better chance to win.

Have Fun!!!!

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April 25th, 2011
9:06 pm

Sorry for the insanely long post, but there was a ton of information I needed to get on there. The list of contact/workout/interviews wouldn’t do single space for some reason. Anyway, here’s a shortened version of my final mocks………(I think)

Main Mock
1) Aaron Williams, CB
2) Jerrel Jernigan, WR
3) Virgil Green, TE
4) Marcus Gilbert, OT
5) Da’Rel Scott, RB
6) Mike Mohamed, ILB
7a) Mark Legree, FS
7b) Ricardo Lockette, WR
7c) Ryan Winterswyck, DE

Alternate Mock
1) Justin Houston, DE
2) Titus Young, WR
3) Demarco Murray, RB
4) Buster Skrine, CB
5) Lee Ziemba, OT
6) Dejon Gomes, S
7a) Stephen Skelton, TE
7b) Aldrick Robinson, WR
7c) Akeem Dent, ILB

By the way, if any of you need or want to change yours before the deadline, just post a note on here or shoot me an email. If you’d rather email your mocks, than send them to dawsondevitt@gmail.com


Paddy O

April 25th, 2011
9:06 pm

OK, here we ago:
Caveats: Depends on TD actually like Murray, and those higher pick expection guys NOT DROPPING (primarily Castonzo & Kerrigan):

RD 1: Hankerson WR
RD 2: Sheard DE
RD 3: Murray RB
RD 4: Virgil Green TE
Rd 5: Van Dyke CB
Rd 6: Casey Mathews ILB
Rd 7a: Tarrant S
Rd 7b: Lockette WR
Rd 7c: Dent LB


April 25th, 2011
9:06 pm

Let the countdown begin…..

Paddy O

April 25th, 2011
9:09 pm

Here is the most likely better draft, after consulting with TD’s dryer lint removal guy:

Rd 1: Houston DE
RD 2: Jernigan WR
RD 3: Reed OLB
RD 4: Gilbert OT
RD 5: Van Dyke (really strong on this guy!) CB
RD 6: Tarrant (ibid) S
RD 7a: Lockette (ibid 2) WR
RD 7b: Dent
RD 7c: Willie Smith OT

Bangkapi Ajarn

April 25th, 2011
9:31 pm

D3 – Freakin’ A!!! There are a LOT of correlations between your final and the one I am still playing with. Great minds think alike, etc.

I had a struggle between Mohammad and Matthews for the middle round LB, But Mo seems to be a better fit.

I have been fixated off and on with Marcus Gilbert, Da’Rel Scott, Mike Mohamed, and Mark Legree for a while and may chose them as well in one version of the mock or the other. My first two picks in my primary mock will be the same as yours, the second 1st rounder will be Houston because of the PR and LB skills for the reasons I went into in the nauseatingly long detailed post earlier today, OR possibly Ayers if I still think he slides to the Falcons (two possible teams ahead of us to take them, if their first choice is gone).

Gimme time to sort thru some other stuff, and I will finalize.

Time for bed, long day today.

GOOD LUCK CAGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two procedural questions if I may:

1) Is there a first round mock, for all 32 picks this year?

2) For your scoring, will you add the total score for mocks 1 and 2, or is it a matter of going with the best individual score of the two submissions.

Let the Games begin (I may wait a bit to finalize mine, two job interviews and two p/t night classes coming up, along with some Govt paperwork I need to get framed out for my two night classes, SEP or some such). I will be VERY close to the mocks I submitted erlier, however, just one or two tweaks after I can roll them thru a character filter crosscheck, injury history crosscheck, etc.


April 25th, 2011
9:39 pm

BA — We can do a first round, full mock if you like, but for the points of the competition, I thought we’d roll with our Falcons. Concerning the scoring, the points will be TOTAL of both mocks. After the last two years, it was so insane to try and snag points with just one mock, I decided to go to two mocks. Who thought we’d pick Shann Schillinger and Kerry Meier last year? The Meier one really surprised me last year because I thought I had scouted ALL the WR’s last year. Turns out I was wrong. Same thing for Chris Owens two years ago.


April 25th, 2011
9:48 pm

1) Torrey Smith WR
2) Allen Bailey DE
3) Murray RB
4) Marcus Gilbert OT
5) Casey Matthews LB
6) DeMarcus Van Dyke CB
7) Dent LB
7) Mario Fannin RB
7) Kai Forbath k


April 25th, 2011
9:59 pm

5′6 Jock Sanders on the list of WRs but no Jeff Maehl…..now that’s funny I don’t care who you are…..no Letterman or Leno for me tonight..LMAO.


April 25th, 2011
10:10 pm

This is going to be so surreal I feel like a kid in a candy store. I’m going to come up up with something, just not right now. If I were to win this I would “cramp” * in my pants. (old blog).
I will steal, hi-jack or whatever to come up with the knowledge and opinions I have read on this blog. I have no faith in the “experts” on the web that have no idea of what we will draft.


April 25th, 2011
10:34 pm

Main Atlanta Falcons Draft Picks
1st Round – 27th pick Justin Houston, DE, UGA
2nd Round – 59th pick Jerrel Jernigan, WR, Troy
3rd Round – 91st pick Jordan Cameron, TE, USC
4th Round – 124th pick Derek Locke, RB, Kentucky
5th Round – 158th pick Casey Matthews, LB, Oregon
6th Round – 192nd pick Doug Hogue, LB, Syracuse
7th Round – 209th pick Garrett Chisholm, OT, S. Car
7th Round – 228th pick Kai Forbath, K, UCLA
7th Round – 229th pick Kris Durham, WR, UGA

Alternate Atlanta Falcons Draft Picks
1st Round – 27th pick Torrey Smith, WR, Maryland
2nd Round – 59th pick Adrian Clayborn, DE, Iowa
3rd Round – 91st pick Kendall Hunter, RB, Oklahoma
4th Round – 124th pick Marcus Gilbert, OT, Florida
5th Round – 158th pick Robert Sands, S, W Virginia
6th Round – 192nd pick Mike McNeil, TE, Nebraska
7th Round – 209th pick TJ Yates, QB, UNC
7th Round – 228th pick Akeem Dent, LB, UGA
7th Round – 229th pick Shaun Chapas, LB, UGA


April 25th, 2011
10:37 pm

No trades–just straight up(ya can’t always get what ya want)….
1 Justin Houston DE
2 Jerell Jernigan WR
3 Jordan Cameron TE
4 Jaquizz Rogers RB
5 Zach Hurd OG
6 Tyrod Taylor QB
7 Chykie Brown CB
7 Mike Mohamed ILB
7 Chas Henry P
Alternate Mock
1 Kyle Rudolph TE
2 Quan Sturdivant ILB
3 Jordan Todman RB
4 Cortez Allen CB
5 Willie Smith OT
6 Alex Henery P/K
7 Ricardo Lockette WR
7 Pat Devlin QB
7 Ryan Winterswyk DE
I went outside the “official” workout list in 3 instances–with Tyrod T and Chykie B/ and Cortez A from Citadel. TD will surprise us a few times during the draft, so I did too…..


April 25th, 2011
10:51 pm

I like Houston but at #1 he may be a bit of a reach for us.We have many D-Lineman with a lot of money tied up with them. If it happens, I will not gripe about it because as someone said eariler he can play LB. Being a huge DAWG fan I kinda know that.


April 25th, 2011
11:08 pm

waynester, nice mocks if not for the early TEs. I think we have the TEs on the roster to last for a few years. It’s just an opinion my friend.


April 25th, 2011
11:21 pm

Oops…I forgot…Jock Sanders did have that big 9 yard TD catch against Coastal Carolina (one of four TDs on the year)…which is certainly more impressive than 140 yards by Maehl in the NC game against “an SEC team”….this Sanders kid is a stud….I know, I know he didn’t have a 100 yard game last year, but what’s the relevance of 100 yard games for a receiver…I mean really..when you’re 5′6 and slow you’re in the show…


April 26th, 2011
12:52 am

CAJ…got your post from the last blog…point taken…lets move on.

Good point on Sanders…he has some character issues as well…maybe we happened to be present at his pro-day but were really there to see Sands?

just me

April 26th, 2011
3:07 am

The GO/NO GO list is compiled mainly from prospects that the team is known to have spoken with. (Thanks for the list BA!) I have watch video on many of the prospects, but not all. Selection occurred based upon what type of players team officials have expressed a desire to draft this year through various interviews, as well as team actions, and perceived need. This is what TDs big board could possibly look like. Each position will have it own post. There are a few thoughts to go with each player. I have also included players I personally like for our team at the end of each position post. Enjoy!

just me

April 26th, 2011
3:08 am

QB: Projected round/ Name/ School/ Round TD could pick them

4-5 Pat Devlin – Delaware (If he is still around late. Possible 7th pick or RFA signee.)
7-FA T.J. Yates – North Carolina (Possible 7th or RFA signee.)
FA Justin Roper – Montana (Possible 7th or RFA signee.)

2-3 Colin Kaepernick – Nevada (I love this guy! He will go before we start looking at QBs. No pick.)
7 Adam Weber – Minnesota (Possible 7th or RFA signee.)
FA Adam Froman – Louisville (Possible 7th or RFA signee.)

Guys I like and where: (not all are on interview list)
RFA: TJ Yates (UNC), Pat Devlin (Delaware), Mike Coughlin (Boise St), Scott Tolzien (Wis), Justin Roper (Montana)

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April 26th, 2011
3:09 am

RB: Projected round/ Name/ School/ Information/ Round TD picks them

3-4 Taiwan Jones – Eastern Washington (great speed, scat back this year, work load could increase if he performs, fragile? Possible 2nd or later.)
4-5 Derrick Locke – Kentucky (former track star, NFL scat back. Possible 3rd or later.)
4-5 Alex Green – Hawaii (could be used as both FB and RB, good hands and speed. Possible 4th or later.)
5-6 Da’Rel Scott – Maryland (very good speed and hands out of the backfield, played in a rotation, Heavy scat back, injury issues. Possible 5th or later.)
7 Noel Devine – WV (small, great speed, good hands, elusive, character questions, Possible 6th or later.)
7-FA Mario Fannin – Auburn (could play FB and RB, good blocking skills and speed, has fumbling issues. Possible 7th or RFA signee.)
7 Anthony Allen – Ga. Tech (could play FB and RB, power runner, limited data on blocking and receiving skills, never fumbled in his college career. Possible 7th or RFA signee.)
FA DuJuan Harris – Troy (small speedy back, will need to improve his game to be an NFL scat back, Possible RFA signee.)

2 Ryan Williams – Virginia Tech (potential to become an every down back, MT successor. Possible 2nd or later pick.)
2-3 Kendall Hunter – Oklahoma St (short but explosive, NFL scat back. Possible 2nd or later pick.)
5 Bilal Powell – Louisville (best as a North/South runner, average hands, one year wonder? No Pick.)
7 FA Damien Berry – Miami (strong physical back, lacks burst and vision. No pick.)

Guys I like and where: (not all are on the interview list)
1st: Mark Ingram (Ala)
2nd: Demarco Murray (Oklahoma)
3rd: Taiwan Jones (EWU)
4th: Derrick Locke (KY)
5th: Da’Rel Scott (Maryland)
5th: Alex Green (Hawaii)
7th: Noel Devine (WVU)
RFA: Anthony Allen (GT), Donald Buckram (UTEP)

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April 26th, 2011
3:10 am

Projected round/ Name/ School/ Information/ Round TD could pick them

1-2 Leonard Hankerson – Miami (prototypical NFL WR build, big hands, deceptive speed. Possible 1st or later.)
1-2 Torrey Smith – Maryland (great work ethic and character, fast, needs to improve catching with his hands not body! Possible 1st or later.)
2 Jerrel Jernigan – Troy small fast WR with good hands, NFL slot/return guy. Possible 1st or later.)
2 Randall Cobb – Kentucky (jack of all trades, can play QB, RB, and WR, not fast but quick, good vision, nice hands, terrorized the SEC. Possible 2nd or later.)
2-3 Titus Young – Boise St. (small sneaky player, average hands, off the field issues. Possible 3rd or later.)
4-5 Denarius Moore – Tennessee (fast, good hands, adjust well to the ball, played under 3 different head coaches at Tenn, untapped potential, has difficulty with press coverage. Possible 4th or later.)
6-7 Aldrick Robinson – SMU (quick off the ball, fast, good hands and ball location, needs to protect the ball better. (Possible 7th or RFA signee)
6- 7 Ricardo Lockette – Fort Valley St. (fast, can grab errant passes, inconsistent, hears foot steps. Possible 7th or RFA signee.)
FA Vidal Hazelton – Cincinnati (top prospect out of high school, numerous injury issues. Possible RFA signee.)
FA Kevin Cone – GT (Great speed, played in an option offense. Possible RFA signee.)
FA Tyler Beiler – Bridgewater College (fast. Possible RFA signee.)
FA Ryan Lincoln – Texas AM-Kingsville (???, Possible RFA signee)

2 Jon Baldwin – Pitt (good WR build, good speed, inconsistent, has dropped game changing catches. Possible 2nd or later.)
3 Edmond Gates – Abilene-Christian (fast, extends his arms to catch the ball, sometimes drops easy passes, insecure over the middle. Possible 4th or later.)
5-6 Dwayne Harris – ECU (average speed, average hands, wildcat QB, on field rage, poor senior bowl. No pick.)
7-FA Jock Sanders – WVU (can play RB and WR, small, average speed, goes down on first contact. Possible RFA signee.)

Guys I like and where: (not all are on the interview list.)
2nd: Leonard Hankerson (Miami)
2nd: Randell Cobb (KY)
2nd: Jerrell Jernigan (Troy)
3rd: Titus Young (BST)
4th : Denarius Moore (Tenn)
7th: Aldrick Robinson (SMU)
RFA: Kris Durham (UGA), Ricardo Lockette (FVST), Kevin Cone (GT), Vidal Hazelton (Cin),Tyler Beiler (Bridgewtr), Ryan Lincoln (Tex A&M Kings)

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April 26th, 2011
3:11 am

Projected round/ Name/ School/ Information/ Round TD could pick them

1-2 Kyle Rudolph – ND (traditional TE, good hands and blocking ability, injury issues shoulder and hamstring surgeries. Possible 1st or later.)
3-4 Jordan Cameron – USC (former basketball player, soft hands, great leaping ability, good speed, played WR and TE at USC, needs to add bulk and improve blocking. Possible 3rd or later.)
3-4 Virgil Green – Nevada (fast, elusive, good hands, nice run after catch ability, needs to add weight and improve blocking. Possible 3rd or later.)
FA Stephen Skelton – Fordham (good hands, average speed, decent blocker. Possible RFA signee.)
FA Chris Blohm – Yale (???, Possible RFA signee.)
FA Corday Clark – McNeese State (???. Possible RFA signee.)

FA Will Yeatman – Maryland (blocking TE, off field issues. Possible RFA signee.)

Guys I like and where: (not all are on the interview list.)
3rd : Jordan Cameron (USC)
3rd : Virgil Green (Nev)
5th : Julian Thomas (Portland St)
7th : Schuylar Oordt (N. Iowa)
RFA: Stephen Skelton (Fordham), Chris Blohm (Yale), Corday Clark (McNeese)

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April 26th, 2011
3:12 am

Projected round/ Name/ School/ Information/ Round TD could pick them

4-5 Zach Hurd G – Connecticut (quick feet, uses his bulk well, drives defenders out of the play, needs to improve on firing out at defenders and assignment knowledge. Possible 5th or later.)
FA Colin Baxter C – Arizona (leadership, offensive MVP in 09. Possible RFA signee.)
FA John Gianninoto C – UNLV (???, Possible RFA signee.)


Guys I like and where: (not all are on the interview list.)
1st : G-Mike Pouncey (UF)
5th : G-Zach Hurd (UConn)
6th : C-Tim Barnes (Mizzou)
7th : C/G-Chase Beeler (Stanford)
RFA: C-Colin Baxter (Ari), C-John Gianninoto (UNLV)

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April 26th, 2011
3:13 am

Projected round/ Name/ School/ Information/ Round TD could pick them

1 Gabe Carimi – Wisc. (great first step, faced 4 first round talent DEs in 2010, excellent footwork, strong punch, can get down field quickly, ego issues. Possible 1st.)
3-4 Marcus Gilbert – Florida (solid all around OT, good leadership skills, always looking to improve his game, played RT at Florida. Possible 4th or later.)
6-7 Willie Smith – ECU (ideal NFL LT build, raw only 3 years playing Oline, has all the tools just needs to use them on a consistent basis. Possible 6th or later.)
FA Matt Murphy – UNLV (4 year starter at OT, 2010 team captain, limited info. Possible RFA signee.)

1 Tyron Smith – USC (played mostly RT, 20 y/o, gifted but raw, Will be gone before we pick in the first.)
1 Anthony Castanzo – Boston College (may not do well at RT or LT spot, could become a guard, willing, hard worker, A+ biochemistry major, good quickness, lacks balance and strength. Possible 1st.)

Guys I like and where: (not all are on the interview list.)
1st: Gabe Carimi (Wisc.)
4th: Marcus Gilbert (Florida)
6th: Willie Smith (ECU)
6th: Byron Stingily (Lou.)
6th: Chris Hairston (Clem.)
RFA: Matt Murphy (UNLV)

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April 26th, 2011
3:13 am

Projected round/ Name/ School/ Information/ Round TD could pick them

FA Frank Kearse – Alabama A&M (big lineman, can clog the middle, slow. Possible RFA signee.)
FA Nate Frazier – North Alabama (limited info, possible character concerns. Possible RFA signee.)

2-3 Jurrell Casey – USC (quick off the line, can shoot the gap, good punch, holds his gap well, sometimes picks the wrong gap. Possible 3rd or later.)
4 Sione Fua – Stanford (strong, a rock in the Dline, can fill two gaps, poor pursuit. Possible 5th or later.)

Guys I like and where: (none are on the interview list.)
4th: Kendrick Ellis (Hampton)
7th: Blaine Sumner “The Vanilla Gorilla” (Col Mines)
RFA: Frank Kearse (Ala A&M), Nate Frazier (N. Ala)

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April 26th, 2011
3:14 am

Projected round/ Name/ School/ Information/ Round TD could pick them

1 Ryan Kerrigan – Purdue (pure pass rusher, needs to adds some tools to play a 4-3 DE more suited to play as a 3-4 OLB. Possible 1st but expected to be gone by the time we pick.)
1 Da’Quan Bowers – Clemson (considered by many to be the total DE package, can rush the passer as well as defend the run, health concerns, poor offseason workouts. Possible 1st.)
1-2 Justin Houston – UGA (great speed, played in 4-3 and 3-4 defense, believed to take plays off…may have been unsure of his assignment…look for improved play in a steady system. Possible 1st.)
1-2 Adrian Clayborn – Iowa (strong pass rusher and run defender, lacks quick first step, plays to the whistle, has over come great odds to be the player he is, plays with tenacity and heart. Possible 1st or later.)
1-2 Jabaal Sheard – Pittsburgh (good speed, has numerous pass rush tools, needs to work on tackling technique, had elbow surgery in Dec. Possible 1st or later.)
1-2 Akeem Ayers – UCLA (look for him to play DE if drafted, improve 40 time at pro day, pass rush considered his strongest area, quick off the line, good tackler. Possible 1st or later.)
1-2 Brooks Reed – Arizona (good bull and speed rush, lacks agility, gets pushed beyond the QB, may be better suited to play as 3-4 OLB than 4-3 DE. Possible 2nd or later.)
7-FA Markell Carter – Central Arkansas (has good speed and play awareness, can pass rush and play the run, level of competition in question, will need to add weight. Possible 7th or RFA signee.)

1 Aldon Smith – Mizzou (has long arms, disrupts passing lanes well, tough played on a partially healed broken leg, Possible 1st but expected to be gone by the time we pick.)
1 Cameron Jordan – Cal (great run defender, above average pass rusher, made numerous second effort tackles, may be a better fit as a 3-4 DE. Possible 1st but expected to be gone by the time we pick.)
2-3 Sam Acho – Texas (average player who hustles, great character qualities, needs to improve all aspects of his game to be successful at the NFL level. Possible 3rd or later.)
2-3 Allen Bailey – Miami (athletically gifted doesn’t translate to the field, slow to pick-up run/pass, slow off the line. Possible 3rd or later.)

Guys I like and where: (not all are on the interview list.)
1st: Da’Quan Bowers (Clem)
1st: Justin Houston (UGA)
1st: Jabaal Sheard (Pitt)
1st: Adrian Clayborn (Iowa)
3rd: Dontay Moch (Nev)
RFA: Christian Anthony (Grambling), Markell Carter (Central Ark.)

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April 26th, 2011
3:15 am

Projected round/ Name/ School/ Information/ Round TD could pick them

2-3 Quan Sturdivant – North Carolina (former QB and SS, plays ILB and OLB, strong tackling skills, good pass coverage speed, reads QB eyes. Possible 3rd or later.)
4-5 Nate Irving – NC State (missed 2009 season recovering from a car crash, had 20.5 TFL in 2010, plays beyond his stature, played ILB and OLB, more of a run defender/pass rusher. Possible 5th or later.)
5 Casey Matthews – Oregon (rising stock, many have him as high as a 3rd round pick, NFL pedigree, plays with passion, solid tackler, smart player, can play the pass and the run, needs to improve agility. Possible 4th or later.)
6 Mike Mohamed – Cal (smart, durable, solid tackler, can cover TEs and WRs, has trouble with big blockers. Possible 5th or later.)
7-FA Akeem Dent – UGA (rising stock, All Star game standout, looks to be a traditional Mike LB, great run stopper, always around the ball, needs to improve pass def to be a 3 down back. Possible 4th or later.)

3-4 Colin McCarthy – Miami (good tackling skills, average pass and run defense skills, may be a product of the system. Possible 3rd or later.)

Guys I like and where: (not all are on the interview list.)
3rd: Quan Sturdivant (UNC)
5th: Akeem Dent (UGA)
5th: Casey Matthews (Ore)
6th: Mike Mohamed (Cal)
6th: Mario Harvey (Marshall)

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April 26th, 2011
3:16 am

Projected round/ Name/ School/ Information/ Round TD could pick them

3 Mason Foster – Washington (good football instincts, reads the play quickly, strong tackler, good a slipping past blockers, may have trouble covering faster RBs & TEs. Possible 3rd or later.)
7-FA Doug Hogue – Syracuse (good pass coverage, SS build, former RB, needs to improve run defense, only played LB 2 years. Possible 6th or later.)


Guys I like and where:
3rd: Mason Foster (Wash)
7th: Doug Hogue (Syracuse)
RFA: Malcolm Smith (USC)

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April 26th, 2011
3:16 am

Projected round/ Name/ School/ Information/ Round TD could pick them

1-2 Aaron Williams CB/S – Texas (has good footwork, usually matched with teams best receiver, good in run support, needs to improve tackling skills, has a short memory. Possible 1st or later.)
3-4 Jalil Brown – Colorado (saw a lot of balls playing opposite of Jimmy Smith, good speed and build for NFL CB, quick feet, long arms, good ball awareness, good recovery speed, can be over aggressive and get burnt, tends to peak into the backfield and lose WR. Possible 4th or later.)
4 Buster Skrine – Tenn-Chattanooga (great speed, good agility and foot work, good recovery speed and hand-eye coordination, can be over aggressive, needs to improve tackling strength. Possible 3rd or later.)
6 DeMarcus Van Dyke – Miami (great speed, played mainly NCB in college, needs to work on CB fundamentals, a bit raw, limited playing time. Possible 4th or later.)
FA Cole Brodie – South Dakota State (??? Possible RFA signee.)

1-2 Brandon Harris – Miami (quick play recognition, good in run support, excels a knocking the ball away but few ints, above average tackler for CB, needs to improve zone coverage, great game speed. Possible 1st or later.)
3 Marcus Gilchrist CB/S/Returner – Clemson (good zone defense, only had 1 int in 4 years, needs to improve man coverage, will need to improve all aspects of his game to be see game time. Possible 4th or later.)
4 Rashad Carmichael – Va Tech (good speed and back peddle, adjust well to the ball, goes for the big hit, poor man coverage skills, needs to improve tackling technique. Possible 4th or later.)

Guys I like and where: (not all are on the interview list.)
2nd: Ras-l Dowling (Virginia)
2nd: Davon House (NMSU)
3rd: Buster Skrine (Tenn-Chat)
4th: Jalil Brown (Colorado)
4th: Curtis Marsh (Utah State)
6th: Demarcus Van Dyke (Miami)
6th: Justin Rogers (Richmond)

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April 26th, 2011
3:17 am

Projected round/ Name/ School/ Information/ Round TD could pick them

2-3 Quinton Carter – Oklahoma (can play FS/SS/NCB, hard hitter, looks faster on tape than the clock shows, great run supporter and centerfielder, 4 ints each of his last two seasons, leader on and off the field, started a NPO to help kids in his home town of Las Vegas. Possible 2nd or later.)
5-6 Jeron Johnson – Boise State (hard hitter, 8 career ints, good in man coverage, needs to improve zone coverage, needs to wrap up better when tackling. Possible 5th or later.)
7 Mark LeGree – App State (ball hawk 22 career ints, hard hitter, great work ethic, uses long arm and good vertical, good speed and hustle, can undercut routes, needs to improve agility. Possible 6th or later.)
FA Anthony Walters – Delaware (??? Possible RFA signee.)

3 Chris Conte – Cal (former CB with 1 season at S, good speed and agility, solid tackler, good pursuit angles, can be out of position on play action. Possible 3rd or later.)
3-4 Robert Sands – West Virginia (falling stock after poor showing at combine and pro day, good speed, solid tackler, overaggressive, needs to improve backpeddle. Possible 5th or later.)
6 Mistral Raymond S/CB – S. Fla (hard hitter, physical in coverage, has improve every year, average ball skills, lack big play ability. Possible 7th or RFA signee.)

Guys I like and where: (not all are on the interview list.)
2nd: Quinton Carter (Oklahoma)
5th: Jeron Johnson (Boise St.)
6th: Mark Legree (App. St.)
RFA: Mana Silva (Hawaii), Anthony Walters (Delaware)

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April 26th, 2011
3:18 am

Projected round/ Name/ School/ Information/ Round TD could pick them

6-7 Kai Forbath K – UCLA (strong leg solid at 50-55yds, accuracy dropped senior year, pressure doesn’t bother him. Possible 7th or RFA signee.)
7-FA Reid Forrest P – Washington State (strong leg 4.5-4.7 sec hang time, can out kick the coverage 60 yd punts, punts well under duress. Possible RFA signee.)


Guys I like and where:
RFA: Kai Forbath K (UCLA), Reid Forrest P (Washington St.)

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April 26th, 2011
3:25 am

Sorry D3! I figured one good long post deserves another!

[...] 3rd Annual Bird Cage Falcons Full Mock CompetitionAtlanta Journal Constitution (blog)Yes, it's finally here Bird Cage Family Members, the 2011 NFL Draft is just around the corner so that of course means it's time to get your final Falcons Full Mocks ready to win the trophy in the 3rd Annual Bird Cage Falcons Full Mock Competitions. …and more » [...]

[...] 3rd Once a year Bird Cage Falcons Full Mock CompetitionAtlanta Journal Constitution (blog)Yes, &#1110t's finally here Bird Cage Family Members, th&#1077 2011 NFL Draft &#1110&#1109 &#1112&#965&#1109t around th&#1077 confront &#1109&#959 th&#1072t &#959f course means &#1110t's time t&#959 &#609&#1077t &#1091&#959&#965r closing Falcons Full Mocks ready t&#959 win th&#1077 trophy &#1110n th&#1077 3rd Once a year Bird Cage Falcons Full Mock Competitions. …&#1072n&#1281 more » [...]


April 26th, 2011
6:16 am

Ladies and Gentlemen, Judge Susan Richard Nelson, Major babe and champion of the working man, has just turned our mocking world upside down. Though the owners will continue to invest huge sums of money in useless lawyers and endless appeals, We are returning to a more normal situation. In all likelihood we are going to have free agency after the draft. This means that we will not have rely solely on the draft to patch our holes Dimitroff, You only thought you were tired. Now you’ve got two days to re-evaluate your entire draft board. You know there’s a decent chance that we might actually get to see these kids play some ball.

Breaking News |Breaking News

April 26th, 2011
6:17 am

[...] 3rd Annual Bird Cage Falcons Full Mock CompetitionAtlanta Journal Constitution (blog)Yes, it's finally here Bird Cage Family Members, the 2011 NFL Draft is just around the corner so that of course means it's time to get your final Falcons Full Mocks ready to win the trophy in the 3rd Annual Bird Cage Falcons Full Mock Competitions. …and more » [...]

[...] G&#959 here t&#959 see th&#1077 original: 3rd Annual Bird Cage Falcons Full Mock Competition – Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog) [...]


April 26th, 2011
6:58 am

1. Justin Houston DE
2. Randall Cobb WR (Traded Up)
3. Virgil Green TE
4. Derrick Locke RB
5. Nate Irving LB
6. Willie Smith OL
7. Ricardo Lockette WR
7 (2) and 7 (3) traded to move up a few spots to get Cobb in 2nd

1. Jon Baldwin WR
2. Allen Bailey DE
3. Kendall Hunter RB
4. Virgil Green TE
5. Tandon Doss WR
6. Mike Mohamed LB
7. DeMarcus VanDyke
7. Willie Smith OL
7. Noel Devine RB

[...] Excerpt from: 3rd Annual Bird Cage Falcons Full Mock Competition – Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog) [...]

[...] The rest is here: 3rd Annual Bird Cage Falcons Full Mock Competition – Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog) [...]

Big Ray

April 26th, 2011
9:02 am

No way can we put Jeff Maehl in our mock drafts. The buzz is that either the Patriots or the Packers will take him in the first round.


Big Ray

April 26th, 2011
9:04 am

For those worried about us picking a DE in the first round :


D. Ledbetter says that Ayers is our guy and Heyward/Clayborn are likely off the big board for us. Hey, it could be true…


April 26th, 2011
9:08 am

Good morning Cage family…

It’s been a while but I am back!! Been playing catch up on the topics and the thoughts.

The staff here at Tee Pee Sports is putting the finishing touches on the the big board. As I stated back in early January, this is the most difficult draft board we have ever crafted for the Falcons. It will reflect each essential need of the team as well as address some depth issues.

Before it is released, I want to make a key point. The TeePee NORMALLY rides its horse all the way through. But this year, as much as I want to, I am going to have to put my horse out to pasture early.

The Cage is fully aware of my passion for DE Aldon Smith of Missouri. I have no doubts that he will be an outstanding addition to the Falcons defense. But I am a realist that sees the big baord for what it is. Given the needs defensively of teams like Jacksonville, Tampa, Cleveland, Houston, and St. Louis, it is clearly apparent to me that he will not be there for the Falcons. So the Smith Wagon is not officially parked in the parking lot at Tee Pee Center. And there will be a new #1 selection at the top of the big board.

Stay tuned. The release is forthcoming.

Bull Schmitt

April 26th, 2011
9:09 am

Nice picks D3! Randall Cobb would be another interesting pick.

Big Ray

April 26th, 2011
9:15 am

What I find interesting is that suddenly NFL.com’s Steve Wyche also has Akeem Ayers as our first round pick.


Ledbetter : In this mock, the Falcons end up with UCLA’s Akeem Ayers, who played linebacker and defensive end for the Bruins. When they select on Thursday, they will be picking from Ayers, Miami cornerback Brandon Harris, Maryland wide receiver Torrey Smith and Mississippi State tackle Derek Sherrod. It’s starting to look like Ohio State’s Cameron Heyward and Iowa’s Adrian Clayborn will be off the board.


Atlanta would be selecting an outside linebacker in the first round for two straight years, but it could be a need because occasional starter and rotational player Stephen Nicholas could be lost to free agency. Ayers would upgrade the athleticism at the position.

And…heh heh….no mention of Kyle Rudolph whatsoever…unless you listen to Pat Kirwan, WalterFootball, and Brian Baldinger….

Big Ray

April 26th, 2011
9:24 am

SW ,

We wait with baited breath….!

Big Ray

April 26th, 2011
9:28 am


April 26th, 2011
9:47 am

Ayers woul be a mistake. Though he has played the defensive end position, he excelled as a OLB in the blitz at UCLA. Given the CRITICAL importance of the defensive end position, if we are going there, we need to go with the best DE available. If it is not there, fill another need of importance and then go after Charles Johnson.

Free agency is coming…trust me!!


April 26th, 2011
9:53 am

awesome. i’ll get to mocking later today. and i’ll bring the pain thursday night.

Paddy O

April 26th, 2011
9:56 am

If we don’t draft a DE, a WR a scatback and a LB, there is going to be a palace revolt.

Big Ray

April 26th, 2011
10:03 am

SW ,

Aight, I hear ya. So now I’m really curious as to what your mock looks like….

Big Ray

April 26th, 2011
10:04 am

LOL @ Paddy O…..