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So here we go Cage Family Members, after months and months an insane amount of research, statistics, player profiles, website diving, and all the rest, it’s finally here. The 2011 NFL Draft is an hour away and we’ll be live-blogging, so make sure to join us right here in the Bird Cage with the best d@mn Falcons Football Fans in existence!

To lead us out, here’s some opening questions until we get ‘til draft time:

  1. Closing Argument: who should the Falcons take @ #27? Give your closing arguments on who the Falcons should pick and why?
  2. The buzz today is that the Birds maybe jockeying to get in the top 10 to grab AJ Green or Julio Jones, but they would have to give up 4-5 picks. Is it worth it?
  3. Which players will you be happy with if the Falcons call their name?
  4. Which players will you be angry with if the Birds call their name?

Here we go Cage Family……..Let’s Have Some Fun!!!!!!

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3rd Annual Bird Cage Falcons Full Mock Competition

Yes, it’s finally here Bird Cage Family Members, the 2011 NFL Draft is just around the corner so that of course means it’s time to get your final Falcons Full Mocks ready to win the trophy in the 3rd Annual Bird Cage Falcons Full Mock Competitions. Just a friendly competition, but we know that many of our Cage faithful won’t get that message.

Rules and Regulations

  • All mocks must be submitted by Thursday, April 28th @ 6 pm
  • Simply post your mocks somewhere in this post and they will be saved into MS Excel
  • You can submit TWO MOCKS, yes that’s correct. Since it’s so insanely hard to pick the Falcons draft picks correctly out of thousands of players, you can submit two mocks.
  • The Original Mock (main one) will count slightly higher (1 pt) than the Alternate Mock


Direct Hit/First Choice – 4 points: If you select the exact correct player in the exact correct position, you will receive 4 points. (EX) You choose the Falcons to select Adrian Clayborn in the first …

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Falcons Full Mock Madness – 2.5

A Matter of Days……

Will it ever get here? The 2011 NFL Draft is getting close to a week away and it seems as though it slows down as the weekend gets near, as opposed to speeding up. If you listen to the mock “experts,” the Falcons might as well go ahead and send an airplane to pick up Adrian Clayborn or any other defensive end prospect that’s still available. Will Thomas Dimitroff and Co. really be happy with the 6th or 7th best defensive end prospect in the first round? We’ll know very soon. The last Falcons Full Mock until we start our competition beginning on Sunday Night, April 24th. All rules and details will be included in the final post coming Sunday. Until then, one final mock to jog the brain on possible candidates.

1st Round

Leonard Hankerson – Wide Receiver – Miami

Many will vehemently disagree with this pick, but if you take a look at the guys highlight reel, it may change your mind. Hankerson is regarded as one of the best wide receivers in the …

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Falcons Full Mock Madness – 2.4

Oh So Close……..

Almost 2 weeks away and nothing is any clearer regarding the Falcons draft plans than it was 2 months ago. The Birds have done their due diligence and then some. According to an agent at UGA’s pro day, they said the “Falcons were everywhere, all over the place.” They have worked out plenty of prospects and likely won’t finish until the actual draft kicks off two weeks from Thursday. They seem to be looking at several key positions in the 1st round: defensive end, wide receiver, cornerback, and possibly offensive tackle. There are obviously a number of ways the Falcons could this year, but this one has been one of the hardest to get a hold on from the fan’s perspective. And with that comes Falcons Full Mock Madness 2.4. Be sure to explore some more scenarios before the real competition gets started in only a few weeks.

1st Round

Aaron Williams – Cornerback – Texas

Some will definitely disagree with this pick since the Falcons decided to invest …

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Falcons Full Mock Madness – 2.3

Less than a Month……

Even as the NFL owners and players continue their irresponsible greed-fest, fans still have one more thing to look forward to before the NFL season actually starts to contract and disappear. The NFL Draft is always one of the most fun events of the entire year, but this year it holds sway a little more since this may be the last football related event for a long while.

The fight seems to be getting worse, not better. You have owners, such as our own Arthur Blank, sending out letters basically trying to justify their position and say it’s not their fault and you have the players seeking damages for the owners stockpiling a billion dollars from TV contracts getting ready for the lockout. Just a matter of time before fans start turning to other activities and sports, where disappointment turns into anger and anger turns into ambivalence.

Well, at least we have the draft rapidly approaching and with that the 3rd installment of the Falcons Full Mock …

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Your Top 5 for Atlanta Falcons Draft

Out of town and away from the computer, so we’ll make this one short until we get our Falcons Full Mock Madness 2.3 up, which will be soon. The topic is simple: list your desired top 5 prospects that you hope the Falcons take at #27, with the assumption that they have a decent chance of falling to us at the bottom of the first round.

Bird Cage Attempt:

1) Justin Houston – DE

Extremely raw and will take some time to develop, but taking in the assumption that most rookie DE’s don’t produce on a high level immediately, the former Georgia Dawg give the Falcons a ton of athleticism, versatility, and pass rush. Proved he could play in both schemes in consecutive years in the toughest conference in college football. Would give Coach Smith and Coach Van Gorder a ton of flexibility with his ability to drop into coverage. In a perfect setting to develop under Abraham’s tutelage and also has Biermann and maybe Sidbury to pair with. Local UGA ties don’t hurt either.

2) Torrey Smith - …

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