Falcons Full Mock Madness – 2.2

Miami linebacker Marcus Robinson (56) and defensive lineman Allen Bailey (57) bring down Virginia Tech quarterback Sean Glennon in the second half. (By J. Pat Carter -- Associated Press)

Bailey in the 2nd? (J.Carter/AP)

Seems like the big day will never get here. Combine’s over and most Pro Days have already occurred, leaving us fans with a painful drought of football until the NFL Draft finally gets here. It’s also been tough this year with no free agency to get us through most of March. The big weekend is still almost 5 weeks away (4 weeks as of Thursday) and all we’re left is going over the endless scenarios on who the Falcons will draft and when. And with that, here’s Falcons Full Mock Madness 2.2…….

1st Round

Torrey Smith – Wide Receiver – Maryland

Many may disagree on the need to upgrade the wide receiver position, but repeated comments by both Head Coach Mike Smith and General Manager Thomas Dimitroff about needing to be “much more explosive” can’t help but be directed at the wide receiving corps. Michael Jenkins should definitely be apart of the receivers, but he’s been unable to show he can carry the team if Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez are double covered. They also appear to lack blind faith in just hoping that Harry Douglas or Kerry Meier return to form. For whatever reason, Eric Weems has been no part of the aerial attack. Enter Torrey Smith.

Generally considered the 3rd best receiver in the draft behind the “Big Two,” AJ Green and Julio Jones. Even though only a junior, Smith had some very impressive numbers as a sophomore (61 receptions, 824 yards, 5 TDs) and a breakout junior year (67 receptions, 1,024 yards, 12 TDs). He has great size (6’1, 208) that pairs with his excellent burner speed (4.40) that the Falcons definitely crave. According to NFLDraftScout.com, Smith’s best ability is his ability to run after the catch, which is one of the Falcons biggest problem areas outside of Roddy White.

Sometimes drafting a receiver in the 1st round can be risky, but recent history has shown that picking one later in the 1st round can really pay off such as Hakeem Nicks, Kenny Britt, and Dez Bryant. Set an ACC record with 2,983 kick return yards, which could offset a potential loss of Eric Weems. NFLDraftScout.com quoted former head coach Ralph Friedgen as saying “God created a perfect person” due to Smith’s humility and dedication. Even though he’s a junior, he graduated from college in 2 and half years. His work ethic and character would be a perfect fit for the Falcons locker room. The Falcons get the explosion and speed they need and desire.

2nd Round

Allen Bailey – Defensive End – Miami

The Falcons will likely look for defensive end in the first round since this is a very deep class, but if they don’t get they guy they want, they will get another shot at a good one in the second round. Allen Bailey is tantalizing defensive end prospect due to his size (6’3, 285) and speed (4.77). He was one of the fastest defensive end prospects and did one of the best number of bench reps for a true DE. Bailey didn’t have blinding statistics throughout his career and is definitely raw, but his talent coupled with his good work ethic seems as though the surface is barely scratched with Bailey.

Doesn’t have blinding statistics, but he did notch 33 tackles for loss and 20 sacks in his career, although he never had more than 7 sacks in any one year. Obviously is a great character player who has moved to three different positions (linebacker, defensive tackle, defensive end) to help out the team. Will definitely need work on the next level, but he could be in a perfect position in Atlanta where he could learn under John Abraham while also having Kroy Biermann and Lawrence Sidbury to rotate in with, lessening the pressure of needing an immediate impact at DE, a position with one of the deepest learning curves as a rookie. As with all prospects, could be gone by the Falcons pick late in the second round.

Third Round

DeMarco Murray – Running Back – Oklahoma

Hard to believe that this guy will be around late in the third round when the Falcons pick, but most draft sites have him listed as going in the 2nd or 3rd round. In terms of production, they don’t come a whole lot better than Murray. Amassed 3,685 rushing yards, an eye-popping 50 TDs, 1,571 receiving yards, and 11 TDs over his illustrious career at Oklahoma. His senior year was his best, running for over 1,200 yards with 15 TDs and 594 receiving yards with 5 TDs. Has nice size (6’0, 213) and proved at the combine that his speed is no fluke (4.41). The Sooner running back may take some time to adjust to the rigors of the NFL and has questions on whether he can be a feature back due to his injury history.

The main knock on Murray is his lengthy injury history. Some of his injuries over his career include turf toe, an ankle injury, a dislocated knee cap, ruptured hamstring, and battled ankle and knee injuries even in his senior year. A first round talent that will probably drop due to his injury history. The Falcons need to add speed, but they already have one Jerious Norwood. Assuming no free agency takes place before the draft, taking running back may not be a high priority, but Murray would be too hard to pass up if he’s available in the 3rd round.

Fourth Round

Lawrence Wilson – Outside Linebacker – Connecticut

Hard to imagine the Falcons not re-signing Stephen Nicholas since he’s been the most consistent linebacker under the Coach Smith era. He’s proven to be the most capable linebacker in terms of rushing the passer and athleticism. The assumption is that Nicholas, Curtis Lofton, and Sean Weatherspoon will round out the starting LBs, Coy Wire has been re-signed, and Smith has gone out of his way to talk about Spencer Adkins and Robert James getting big chances this season. The need for linebacker may not be that high, but more speed and pass rushing ability would be welcome.

Wilson may not be the best known OLB candidate, but he’s had great production at UConn and is a very fast linebacker who could learn under Lofton, Weatherspoon, and Nicholas. An outstanding tackling machine who collared 449 career tackles. He also has shown a knack for getting in the backfield with 35 tackles for a loss, 9 career sacks, coupled with 5 career picks. Wilson has nice size (6’1, 229), but probably could add a few more pounds. Had pretty good speed at the combine (4.75) and could add some much needed ability to pressure the backfield.

Fifth Round

Lee Ziemba – Offensive Tackle – Auburn

The ratings are all over the place for the Tiger tackle. Ziemba is ranked to go in the 2nd or 3rd round by some, but slotted to go in the fifth round by others. Ziemba may not have the perfect size and ability, but started as a true freshman at left tackle and played all four years in the rough and tumble SEC and was a main reason the Auburn Tigers won the national championship. Ziemba could come into a similar role that Garrett Reynolds has played. Reynolds was also taken in the 5th round, has tutored under master OL Coach Paul Boudreau, and may be ready to take over right tackle when Tyson Clabo demands an enormous contract, as expected. Holds Auburn record for consecutive starts at 51, starting every game since 2007. The Falcons went a similar route with Mike Johnson who owns the record for most starts in Alabama history.

Sixth Round

Byron Maxwell – Cornerback – Clemson

Since the Falcons decided to part ways with nickel back Brian Williams, they could decide to go for a cornerback much higher in the draft. They have their two starting cornerbacks in Dunta Robinson and Brent Grimes (hard to imagine them not re-upping the recent Pro Bowler), but the nickel position is wide open. The nickel might as well be a starting position with the advent of heavy passing teams. News from Coach Smith is that they’re comfortable with Chris Owens and/or Dominique Franks to take over that position, so that’s the reason for the cornerback slotting so low…..for now.

Maxwell would bring nice size (6’0, 202) and speed (4.45) to a Falcons cornerback corps that don’t have anyone reaching the 6’0 height plateau. A solid tackler that notched 163 tackles over his career. Also had 20 pass break-ups, but is not necessarily a ball hawk, taking away only 3 interceptions in his career. Maxwell is an excellent special teams player and a very hard-hitting cornerback. Could work his way up quick in a an open competition with Owens and Franks.

7th Round (1)

Mark LeGree – Free Safety – Appalachian State

Although the Falcons are sitting pretty at the safety position with William Moore and Thomas DeCoud, this is perhaps the thinnest position on the roster. 2010 free safety draft pick Shann Schillinger looked good in camp and was performing well on special teams before he went down with a season injury that landed him on IR. The Birds parted ways with Erik Coleman who was a great leader and team guy, but was expendable with his large salary as a backup.

Mark LeGree could be a late round steal that could work his way up the roster while making his mark on special teams. Had 197 tackles over his career and an shocking 22 interceptions, notching 10 in one year alone. In fact, LeGree finished his career as the NCAA Division I leader of career interceptions. Is a little short for a free safety at 5’11, but possesses good speed (4.54) and is obviously a good ball hawk. Also known as one of the hardest hitting player on his team. Obvious knock from level of competition.

7th Round (2)

Adam Weber – Quarterback – Minnesota

Yes, this sounds insane, but this pick is only due to the fact that the Falcons scouts have either talked to, interviewed, or worked out at least 3 quarterbacks, according to various reports. Maybe the Falcons coaching staff and front office know something we fans don’t. Upon first glance, the QB depth chart is set with Matt Ryan, Chris Redman, and John Parker Wilson. Is there a possibility that either Redman or Wilson may be on the trade block? Hard to believe that the Falcons will let go of John Parker Wilson since he was claimed as an undrafted free agent and has shown excellent strides in preseason.

Weber could fill the role that Wilson has by coming on and possibly earning the 3rd QB spot and developing. That would be assuming that the Falcons were comfortable with John Parker Wilson taking over as the number two. Weber has nice size (6’3, 221) and even ran a 4.95 forty. His passing numbers are astounding, throwing for almost 11,000 yards and 72 touchdowns over his career. Would need to cut way down on his interceptions, but could develop in a good spot. The Falcons have reportedly scouted him.

Your Turn

-Like, hate, or indifferent to Falcons Full Mock 2.2?

-Who do you like out of this group?

-Who do you NOT like out of this group?

-Would Torrey Smith be a good pick in first round?

-How about Allen Bailey if he lasts that long?

-Any chance that DeMarco Murray lasts until late third round?

-What do you think of the Wilson, Ziemba, Maxwell, and LeGree picks?

-What’s up with the Falcons scouting QBs?

-Are Redman and/or Wilson on the block? Should they be?

-Make sure to give your own Falcons Full Mock 2. Only requirement is that it has to be different than your first.

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Bangkapi Ajarn

March 27th, 2011
10:28 pm

Realistic option if they Sour on Houston, WR in the 1st.

Bangkapi Ajarn

March 27th, 2011
10:33 pm

I really like DeMarco Murray, but I haven’t been able to see where they have talke to him. I can’t comment on Allen Bailey in the 2nd, but I think DOL mocked him to the Falcons in the 1st, didn’t he?

I like Mark LeGree in the 7th as well if he gets out of the 6th.

I understand completely why you chose a QB in the 7th, but I still haven’t figured out why the Falcons are paying such attention to QB’s, unless they are positioning to get someone to trade up with them to grab one in the mid rounds, or they think they can move Redmond or JPW to a QB hungry team, of which there are many.


March 27th, 2011
10:37 pm

Greetings Cage Family! — Hope all of you are doing well. Apologies for the other post expiring, but I knew I was getting the other one up soon (took a little longer than I realized). New Full Falcons Mock up. Keep in mind that there will be at least 3 to 4 more mocks and that each mock will be different from the previous.

A note on the QB pick and No TE pick — I had not clue that the Falcons were in the market to change the QB depth chart, but why would they be scouting or talking to several late round QB prospects if they didn’t have something up their sleeve. Why would they do reported smoke screens on late round candidates? They’ve reportedly scouted or talked to 3 quarterbacks. Just throwing it out there. I’m sure many of you will destroy the pick, but having a little fun with it.

Regarding the No TE pick, one will come at some point in one of the mocks, but I think they are comfortable with Peele and Palmer, even if this is Gonzalez’ last year. Dimitroff has stated many times that he doesn’t believe in drafting guys and not giving current players chances to shine. I personally think that Palmer might be the guy with the rookie year he had with very limited opportunities. And they also re-signed TE Robbie Agnone.

Anyway, have fun with the mock and have a great week!

Bangkapi Ajarn

March 27th, 2011
10:39 pm

One more on Smith, when I tried to pull together a 1st round mock, the two choices than seemed to face Baltimore at 26 (one pick ahead of the Falcons) were CB and WR. Since I wrote it, there seems to be more support for Smith, who is a hometown fav. The odds of him sitting there at 27 seem to be diminishing.

A realistic scenario seems to be developing where Houston, Smith, and all the top OT’s and DE’s are off the board – IF teams avoid QB’s that will be useless in a weird off-season where they can’t even start to work out and learn the playbook. No CB’s could be selected, and only the top two QB’s, then the Falcons have a bit of a quandary and may be forced into picking a CB (who they don’t seem to be looking at ) or reach for Jernigan.

Bangkapi Ajarn

March 27th, 2011
10:44 pm

D3 – I like the idea of different mocks based on different scenarios, great idea.

On the TE situation, I 100% agree, but they may take a mid round shot if someone slides.They seem to have talked to three so far:
Jordan Cameron – TE – USC –
Corday Clark TE McNeese State
Will Yeatman TE Maryland

Regards QB, they have talked to 4 now, but seems to be rising up draft boards (I will likely slot Christian Ponder into the Mid 1st round in my next pass at a full 1st rounder, along with a few other changes).

Colin Kaepernick – QB – Nevada
Adam Weber – QB – Minnesota
Pat Devlin QB – Delaware
Adam Froman, Louisville

Bangkapi Ajarn

March 27th, 2011
10:49 pm

One more oddball name to throw into the late round/UDFA TE mix for the Falcons as a raw trainee:

Julius Thomas of Portland State.6′5″ 246 lbs.4.68 40. Ex basketball player with just one year of football, but that was a stellar year, he can only get better.


March 27th, 2011
10:59 pm

BA — Good stuff as always. Hate to hear the news on the job front. Keep at it my man. Frankly, if all of the following players are gone by the time we pick and we can’t trade out I don’t know which way to go. Would all the following players be gone by 27? Houston, Aldon Smith, Ryan Kerrigan, Torrey Smith, Nate Solder, Anthony Constanazo.

Looks as though Leonard Hankerson may have officially dropped out of the first round with his less than stellar pro day, particularly regarding his route running at least according to one NFL scout. I really don’t think that drafting an OT is in our best interest, but I would learn to like it I suppose. If so, where would they start? Left tackle over Sam Baker? Right tackle over Tyson Clabo or Garrett Reynolds? Would they move Baker to guard? I still think our OL did a pretty good job last year.

Can’t see them reaching that far for Jernigan. He’s ranked as the 8th best WR by draftcountdown.com and the 6th best by NFL Draft scout, all below Randall Cobb and Leonard Hankerson. I would rather them reach for either Hankerson or Cobb over Jernigan. I’ve even seen some sites have Titus Young slotted in the first round. Torrey Smith seems to be the only lock as a 1st round receiver. Sure would hate it if Houston, Kerrigan, Aldon Smith, Torrey Smith, and Brandon Harris are all gone.

just me

March 27th, 2011
11:05 pm

BA – I enjoyed the article you posted at the end of the previous blog. Hard to believe a scout would actually admit how things really work. It does leave hope for any player that has not been looked at publicly to be drafted by TD!


March 27th, 2011
11:11 pm

Last thing for the night: if the Falcons draft Adrian Clayborn or Derek Sherrod, I will throw my remote through the TV. Here goes, in order of MY desire……

1) Justin Houston, DE
2) Torrey Smith, WR
3) Aldon Smith, DE
4) Ryan Kerrigan, DE
5) Brandon Harris, CB
6) Leonard Hankerson, WR

Bangkapi Ajarn

March 27th, 2011
11:16 pm

JAX at 16 is projected to go DE or CB, in my mock I went CB, but if DE their best option may well be Kerrigan, who TB covets. In that case a realistic option for TB is Houston.

Smith to the Ravens at 26, Aldon Smith to the Vikes at 12, Solder to Detroit at 13, Constanazo to the Giants at 19 (if NE doesn’t take him at 17 instead of a G, which is a real possibility).

The next level of OT are projected in some spots to go Kansas City at 21- Tyron Smith
22 Indianapolis– Derek Sherrod ,23 Philadelphia– Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin.

That projects to leave a rather bare cupboard for the Falcons at 27, and they either reach for Jernigan with the fear he won’t drop to their 2nd round pick, Hankerson which seems a bit unlikely, or a CB which they don’t seem to be looking at (although they cut Williams, and Franks has no experience).

Bottom, the more I study, the less I know.

Bangkapi Ajarn

March 27th, 2011
11:20 pm

just me – Thanks! It just seems to show the duplicity and false info that is fed out there. It is, ultimately, a crapshoot.

just me

March 27th, 2011
11:30 pm

BA – no doubt! If all the players we think are prime targets are gone by pick 27 do you see TD going after the TE from Notre Dame? It hasn’t been reported that we talked to him, but many have mocked him to be picked by the Falcons.

Bangkapi Ajarn

March 27th, 2011
11:32 pm

D3, just from my idea alone, I think CB would be the best option in the scenario, and maybe more now that I looked at Houston more closely (I don’t think TD is serious about picking him in the 1st).

1) DOL saying we won’t draft a CB could well be smoke from the Branch. If I were TD, I would have one of my staff whisper that in D3’s ear if I wanted it put out there.

2) We have an open spot, now, for a CB. No trainees to cut, Williams is already gone. New guy could battle Grimes and Franks for the NCB, and we have depth if Grimes or Dunta goes down, which we desperately need in this division.

3) In the last blog I gave six reasons I am thinking Houston won’t really be the pick. The more I think about, the more I believe that is correct but I simply don’t have a good second choice now.

4) Looking at Offense run/pass, and Defense Run /Pass as we rate to the rest of the league, Pass D is worst. For several reasons, of course. BUT, the most immediate way we could use the draft to improve that would be a solid improvement in NCB, and perhaps another LB that excels in pass D. TD is a numbers guy, measurements, and that is a biggie. We still need speed and explosiveness in the O, but we need it in the D as well and a stud CB would give it, the only place we could impact that this year.

There is no indication that TD is thinking CB, but just sayin’.

Bangkapi Ajarn

March 27th, 2011
11:38 pm

just me – I don’t see it. The guy has an injury history, and I suspect TD will let Palmer continue to grow and learn. He has dropped out of most March mocks from what I have seen, here is a good summary:http://falcfans.com/?p=3249

They may get a TE, but it will be a late pick at best. Last year they brought in two TE’s that had been mocked to the Falcons in different places (Peek, Palmer) and was able to grab them in the minutes following the draft. Peek apparently was a locker room cancer that was cut injured, but what chance Palmer had he has impressed.

But, if I was smart I would be rich, I reckon.

Paddy O

March 27th, 2011
11:39 pm

Not as keen on this mock, but we do get Murray. I thought Smith had an iffy catching habit? Graduating in 2.5 years is amazing, plus doing all his football stuff. If we dont’ trade, I dont see us drafting any QB, but – if all those guys are gone, I definately see us opting for Rudolph – he might play for us like Hernandez does for the Pats.


March 27th, 2011
11:40 pm

BA — Very well put. One other name that has been popping up recently is Cameron Heyward. That guy is purely a 3-4 end and sure as the hell isn’t a pass rusher. Sorry, but if they can’t produce sacks and pressure in college, what makes anyone think they will in the NFL. Him being Ironhead’s son makes no difference to me. Mike Mayock said recently that Clayborn is falling down draft boards. I still don’t think any DE will make much of an impact THIS year, but could be good long-term.

Bangkapi Ajarn

March 27th, 2011
11:43 pm

OOPS, time for bed. I was answering D3 and subbed him for DOL, My 11.32 post should have read:

1) DOL saying we won’t draft a CB could well be smoke from the Branch. If I were TD, I would have one of my staff whisper that in DOL’s ear if I wanted it put out there.

just me

March 27th, 2011
11:49 pm

You can add TE – Stephen Skelton (Fordham) to your list of players the falcons have talked to.


He could be a late round pick that TD may look to develop.

Bangkapi Ajarn

March 27th, 2011
11:55 pm

Nice catch, just me – thanks!

just me

March 28th, 2011
12:56 am

Here’s a thought. If you wanted to add a new explosive angle to your offense why not bring in a QB who can run and is a decent passer. Imagine a wildcat formation where your team had a legit running and passing treat behind the center without puting your franchise QB at risk of injury!

I am probably way out in left field somewhere on this one, but maybe we are looking for someone to add that extra dimension to our team. I just wanted to share my crazy thought.

Big Ray

March 28th, 2011
1:44 am

BA – you’re depressing me. A CB in the first round? That would just plain suck. Unless it was Patrick Peterson (and it won’t be).

Paddy O

March 28th, 2011
8:59 am

just – yeah, i’d say out in left. Too much shades of the nameless #7, and way to gimicky for these Falcons. How many flea flickers did we run? Reverses? Only shocking play was G Johnsons sprint off of right tackle. Snelling TD catch off the Ravens was a surprise, but I thought we got lucky on busted coverage.


March 28th, 2011
9:09 am

That is a great mock. My only criticism is that it is overly optimistic but I would love if that is how the draft truned out.

1. T. Smith lasting to #27 is a stretch but I would love to have him. Ryan needs weapons a scare a defense and this guys speed would do the trick and would force safeties to respect his speed and make life easy on TG unerneath.
2. A. Bailey lasting until #59 is a pipe dream. Guys with his clay don’t last that long. Defensive Line coaches can’t wait to get hold of that clay and mold it. TD has scouted him alot and will probably try to trade up in the 2nd to get him. He would be a GREAT 2nd round pick.
3. D. Murray lasting to pick #91 seems to be a serious stretch too. If he gone I see us looking at Todman in the 3rd round ….of he is gone then there are speedsters Locke and Devine in the late 4th round or late 5th round who can scare the crap out of teams on 3rd down passing situations coming out of the backfield.

I love your 5th round pick. Ziemba is a run blocking road grader.


March 28th, 2011
9:51 am

Lets get the nfl agreement signed first. Go falcons

The Real Falcon

March 28th, 2011
11:10 am

1. A first round WR pick does NOT bring explosiveness next year since the player will be a rookie
with OTA’s
2. Where is the TE to replace “88″?
3. Why would we take another raw projet in the second round?


March 28th, 2011
11:18 am

A touch off topic here, but Arthur Blank just needs to stop sending out letters to the fans trying to justify the owners position, he’s just pissing me off as a season ticket holder………………



March 28th, 2011
11:32 am

Some things to remember about the current regime: while they do have a track record of interviewing and having workouts with their 1st round picks, we have seen them select a lot of players they never met with. At least according to the press. So I definitely look for some surprises through the smoke screen.

I still don’t believe that we get anything out of a 1st rd WR that we can’t get from a 2-3 rounder. Similarly, for RB nothing that we can’t get 4-5th rd. And I really like Murray. TE is like RB.

As far as DE, we could have one of the top 8 sitting there or not have a fit, so it seems that position will be determined by those above us. Looks ripe for a trade up or a pass for that position in round 1.

For CB, that’s a lot of money to put into that unit, but you could say the same for LB.

All of these would be excellent reasons to take an OL or my personal upset special/darkhorse/sleeper Rahim Moore (who they haven’t met with).

Bangkapi Ajarn

March 28th, 2011
11:33 am

Big Ray – Honestly, that was my first reaction when I first saw one of the three second tier CB’s mocked to the Falcons. Ignorance, stupidity, amnesia (who wants to repeat the Bruce Pickens, Jimmy Williams, MeAngelio Hall), etc. CB to the Falcons in the 1st was happening more and more around the country.


Thinking about it, I warmed to the idea for a few reasons

1) We have a pro bowl corner on one side, and a mega expensive free agent on the other side. But, in today’s world of Drew Breez (twice a year), Freeman (twice a year), Aaron Rogers and 5 wideouts (between us and a ring), etc. we need a way to put more than two good corners on the field – 5 wideouts ate our lunch, and the whole world saw. We need a solid NCB to win a ring. THAT is why we didn’t go anywhere in the playoffs.

2) We have NO reliable depth behind our two starters, and in this pass happy division, that is playing with fire. Owens didn’t cut it as a starter, and was a child against men in the Playoff. Franks can’t get onto the field for some reason. Williams is injury prone and now cut. Our MLB can’t defend the pass against a good passing team, and there are a lot of them. AS long as we play good to average teams, and don’t get too nicked up in our DB we can roll. Big if there, and could be the difference between 13-3, and 9-7.

3) In this year’s draft. there does not appear to be a slam dunk pick for the Falcons at 27. There are no DE’s that can have an impact this year at 27, and any receiver we get will likely be another version of Jenkins with minimal impact this year. No OLB’s OL, or RB’s worth a 1st left in all likelihood, and we just don’t need a DT, or S. We have a hole at CB where Williams was, and there will be 1 or 2 first round worthy CB’s left at 27 in all likelihood.

4) There is an open roster spot, now, for a CB after Williams release. No open roster spots, now at least, for OL (not knowing FA impact which is a bit scary), DE, WR. or TE for that matter. Just CB, and S after the post season cuts (Coleman, Williams).

I don’t think the Falcons will go that route, they aren’t talking to any stud CB’s that I can see, but in my opinion, after further review, the idea doesn’t totally suck.

Bangkapi Ajarn

March 28th, 2011
11:39 am

uga_b –
Rahim Moore wouldn’t shock me, or Aaron Williams who can play both spots. But they don’t seem to be paying attention to early round DB’s as you note, whatever that means in this environment of mis-information. Possibly the ghosts of Hall, Williams and Pickens are haunting TD – high risk in picking an early DB, but high reward if you hit (Deion Sanders).


March 28th, 2011
11:45 am

Here would be my letter to the fans basically:

The Falcons organization remains committed to this years Draft and building on our 2010 campaign. I look forward to a quick resolution of the current CBA process and assure you that the Atlanta Falcons will work tirelessly to ensure a wonderful 2011 season. I cannot wait to celebrate our first touchdown with our terrific fans and players!

Bangkapi Ajarn

March 28th, 2011
11:49 am

And, look what I just found :-) Miami just had their rescheduled pro day Friday, and Harris said he has “several” private workouts scheduled next month – any bets one of them is at the Branch?????

“The Atlanta Falcons have expressed interest in University of Miami CB Brandon Harris, according to Omar Kelly, of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.”

Read more: http://www.fantasysp.com/player/nfl/Brandon_Harris/1533991/falcons-have-shown-interest-in-brandon-harris#ixzz1HuSyGlcC


Bangkapi Ajarn

March 28th, 2011
11:53 am

The Pats are also interested in Harris, same source.

and, also from the Miami pro day:

“Miami WR Leonard Hankerson struggled with drops and route running during the recent Pro Day at the University of Miami, reports Rob Rang, of CBSSports.com. “He’s a bit stiff as a route-runner and isn’t as fast as he timed at Indy, a scout said.

Read more: http://www.kffl.com/hotw.php/nfl#ixzz1HuU8uvZ2

Bangkapi Ajarn

March 28th, 2011
12:01 pm

Aaron Williams is the other CB that the Falcons might consider several mocks have him going to the Falcons at 27. 6′1 – 192 lbs.

CB/S/Special teams stud:
recorded 16 tackles, three PBU, a TFL, a fumble recovery, a forced fumble, four blocked punts (T-No. 1 on UT’s single season list) and returned an INT 81 yards for a TD … tied for second on the team with nine special-teams tackles.


March 28th, 2011
12:08 pm

Great Mon(dane) Cage Fam! — Hope you guys and gals are off to a good week among the crappy weather. Some LOUD thunderstorms rolled through Dekalb last night.

Paddy — Yeah, I think I like the other one a little bit better as well. I was on the Torrey Smith bandwagon, then off, and now I’m back on again. The guy would be a perfect fit for our locker room and team. And the fact that he set the ACC record for 2,983 career kick return yards did it for me. Speed, good route running, and finally a legit #2 to pair with Roddy.

Big Ray — That’s what I initially thought too, but if a lot of our guys are gone, Harris may be the best option. If nothing else, once and for all (hopefully) our secondary would no longer remain a problem. Still prefer Justin Houston, Aldon Smith, Ryan Kerrigan, or Torrey Smith.

coachx — Yeah, you’re right. On these mocks its always probably a little too positive outlook, but I do try to go by where they’re slotted to go by NFLDraftScout. You’re correct though since we draft from the bottom of each round.

Cane Pole

March 28th, 2011
12:24 pm

GREAT JOB D3 ..As always

I sure hope these issues with the lock out are resolved before the season begins . I have been real busy with the softball season starting and my other work as well . Saturday I umpired five games before the rains started .Today I am off due to the rain but will be going back out of town in the morning . Great reads you guys as they always are .
http://bleacherreport.com/articles/641949-2011-nfl-mock-draft-complete-first-round-mock-plus-pick-no-33/page/28 Here is one I got in the mail today …Enjoy


March 28th, 2011
12:50 pm

Cage Fam…what’s up?

Back in the saddle here in middle GA after using some taxpayers dollars to discuss Solar flares and sunspot activity (the new frontier in meteorology) last week.

Played catch up on the last blog as well as the current postings. I can see some ideas coming into focus. TeePee Sports will be revising its board due to a couple of shifts and the lack of comp picks for the Falcons. That will have an impact on the latter rounds but nothing over bearing.

The top of the board will have no changes…I am still rolling in the Smith Caravan. Defensive end is the most pressing need we have in this draft; we have got to add talent and depth. Other than Abe and Biermann, I simply do not like what we have on the board. I’m anxious for a Sidbury appearance but damned, I may be on the field before he gets there. And the last thing you want to see is this grey rabbit rushing the passer….though I could outproduce some of our DL I am sure.

Will continue to catch up…on the night beat for the next two weeks so I will be in the mix here during the day time. So stay tuned for TeePee Sports and the Cocoa Mel as we bring it all to a boil with the draft getting closer and closer.


March 28th, 2011
12:52 pm

If I was not so sold on defensive end as my priority, I would be on the Hankeson Shuttle. That kid is going to be a hell of a player for someone. I WOULD love to have him as a Falcon.


March 28th, 2011
12:57 pm

D3, I am with you. AB is lowering his stock with these dadgum letters. And I am on official record as saying he should stop the pursuit of the new stadium right now. The state can not afford the half billion or more in contributions it would require to build it. There are MUCH greater needs in Georgia than a damned stadium.

Personally, I do not give a damned if we EVER host the Super Bowl in Atlanta again. I much rather go cheap, host a SUPER BOWL parade, and stay put in the Georgia Dome. What is AB going to do; threaten us with moving the team? I think not.


March 28th, 2011
1:03 pm

Personally, I would be livid if the Falcons were to draft a CB after spending such a high price on that position in FA last offseason.

The issue is and continues to be the ability of the defensive line to apply enough consistent pressure to make something happen. If we do not improve the pass rush and ability to collapse the interior of the line, I will be leading the charge here for a significant change in the structure of the regime.

Joshua Malavenda

March 28th, 2011
1:06 pm

hes my mock draft for the falcons: 1. brandon harris u of miami cb: hes too talented to pass him up and at the worst he can be our starting nickle but I have feeling he is gonna be a shut down corner. he has a passion for football and hes a student of the game. He has that swaggert that have been missing since deion.
2. trade up for brooks reed Az de/olb : td kind of guy high motor, high football iq, team leader, pretty talented , good student of the game.
3. Rahim morris ucla:fs he is that ball hawk the falcons have been looking for and he will pair well with decoud.
4. titus young boise state wr. He will take the load off roddy white and will be the deep threat the falcons are looking for in there offense.
5. lee ziemba auburn ot
6. Mike mohameed califorina olb /Ilb
71a.Dion lewis rb pittsburgh
1b: stephen skelton te forham

torrey smith I dont like the pick because there is too many good fast recievers that you can get in the lower rounds. I dont like bailey pick because he is too much of a risk and I dont think irs worth it if dosent work out, do like the ziemba pick and the ucon lb pick, I think they are going to make a trade is why they are scouting qbs. what do you think of my draft?


March 28th, 2011
1:07 pm

Good gracious–I would cry in my adult beverage if it shook out this way–this is almost a worst-case scenario, since I believe we could do better at virtually every position taken. Most of these guys are good but we’re not looking for good in this draft–we’re looking for GREAT. If we aren’t able to add players who fit that description(and there are plenty in this year’s draft) do what it takes to trade back and stockpile picks. We’ve reached the point with this team that we just need a few real playmakers to solidify us as a perennial contender….
I floated the idea of shopping one of our backup QBs a few weeks back and still think it’s a good idea, especially this year. Several of the guys I covet in the 2nd rd are former QBs and could open up some opportunities for Mularkey to get back to his “inspector gadget” roots. Another guy that fits the description that “just me” posted above would be Tyrod “end” Taylor who should be available in the 6th.
I, too, enjoyed the post about the deception practiced this time of year. TD has been fairly straight-up about team needs and draft direction since he’s been here, so maybe he’s throwing a change-up this year and being a little more “tricky”…..

just me

March 28th, 2011
1:08 pm

Everyone in the league seem to be fighting over the 9 billion a year that the league makes. Why don’t they use part of that to repay tax payers for stadiums that have been built as well as fund new stadiums for teams instead of expecting tax payers to build it for them!


March 28th, 2011
1:16 pm

Just me, I feel ya 1000% on that. When you are asking teachers, cops, firefighters, and others to pay more for less but want to build a dadgum stadium that will benefit a FEW groups, I say hell no!!

Take a look at ATL. With a half billion dollars of State money, imagine an expanded MARTA, much needs road improvements, more green space, increased public safety, school improvements, a stable future for Grady Hospital, etc. Don’t get me going.

Look I love AB…but I know the history behind how Rich McKay and the big wheels in Tampa put the squeeze into play there. In Florida, they did it with a sales tax increase. That was fair and easy for all to absorb. But to appropriate badly needed taxpayer money to a PRIVATE venue is just not right. Not given the current state of the economy. And do not believe the hype that things are improving. If we are no producing goods, how in the hell can we expected things to improve.

Sorry…I got carried away. Enough of the Warrior for Governor efforts.

just me

March 28th, 2011
1:27 pm

They could build one new stadium a year. It would take 32 years for every team to get a new stadium. Some teams like GB may not want a new stadium, but the teams that do could submit a stadium proposal. A example requirement could be something like: current stadium must be 20 years or older. This way that “extra” money would benefit everyone (fans, players, owners, and the league)

just me

March 28th, 2011
1:31 pm

SW – you gave me added ideas…the league could also cover the building of improved transportation in the area around the new stadium to ensure a smooth transition for players, officials, employees, and fans. What great publicity that would be!


March 28th, 2011
1:31 pm

Breaking right for a while…then the transition to the night beat. Great convo and I am sure that the draft talk will be heating up more and more.

Keep it real, stay safe, and let someone you care for know it. Sometimes, they or yourself may be nervous in revealing your true feelings, but if they are real, they will be received with warmth and joy. We all need to feel good about something so why not share the positive and kick the negative to the curb for at least one moment.

If nothing else, remember this. The Cage has a special Angel that for five weeks now has been keeping her eyes on us. We are moving on in her spirit but her presence is felt and missed. Luv ya, SB!!


March 28th, 2011
1:33 pm

This is my “IMPACT” Draft focused more on where in the Draft I see the biggest value impact for each position. No way do I think this is remotely possible, but I do think it intriguing that we could add a backend ballhawk, big play WR & RB, quality OLB that could upgrade coverage, and Nickel DB.

1-Rahim Moore – big upgrade in coverage from Decoud
2-Randall Cobb (Jernigan or Baldwin) – Cobb gives me slot/RB/ and return options. Jernigan slot. Baldwin just is a lot of talent to pass up if the other two are gone.
3-Mason Foster – Aggressive playmaker. Only one on the board here that doesn’t have large coverage question marks.
4-Cliff Mathews – I put him here instead of Scott because I assume an early run on DEs. Captain, hardworking, effort player sounds like the Falcons. Has a year to grow behind Bierman and Abe.
5-Da’Rel Scott – Speed and pass catching. Falcons have seen him in person.
6-Byron Maxwell – Aggressive and played on a good pass defense.
7-Demarcus Van Dyke – Speed and could be developed like Grimes was.
7-Kyle Adams – Another smart character and max effort guy. We have the time to groom a developmental player at this position.
First FA: OT Trevis Turner – I could have put him in the 7th round and wanted to but I think he will be available FA. Lots of production on a lower level. Nice size and speed to be molded behind Reynolds and Svitek.


March 28th, 2011
1:34 pm

Again, I feel ya Just Me…Hell, I want a Corvetter ZR1 but I am smart enough to secure my future over the dreams of my moment. Let’s hope that the same sense prevails in the halls of the Georgia statehouse.


March 28th, 2011
1:35 pm

Nice board, UGA B.

Still wounded here over the way Jasmine James and your Lady Dawgs took out my Lady Seminoles. But in the spirit of fairness, I will hold my head high. That is some b-ball player in Miss James.


March 28th, 2011
1:36 pm

Breaking right…big board update tomorrow. Laters and God bless, Cage Fam!!