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Falcons Ice Packers

Cardiac Birds Win Again

Reason to Celebrate (CCompton/AJC)

What a game, what a game. The Falcons can’t make it easy on themselves or on their fans, but they sure find ways to win and their mettle is something special this year. The Falcons are the Cardiac Birds this year and have made us very proud for their never-give-up attitude. The Bird Cage will be back with a longer and more in-depth post soon, but wanted to go ahead and get a new post up for you to enjoy the win on before the official one comes up. A few observations from the huge win……..

A Tough Tandem (CCompton/AJC)

-Ryan just finds ways to win…….period. The guy is something special.
-Turner ran very well today. As did Snelling.
-Gonzo comes back with huge game after a few lower games
-Got ripped on that Gonzo no TD call
-The defense got it done again, but made it hard as usual
-We are offcially (evidently) a bend-but-dont-break defense
-How many times was it obvious that we were blitzing?
-Completely vanilla, …

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Fight for the NFC – Falcons vs. Packers

Six Searing Questions as Colossal Game Awaits

The Falcons are 8-2 and own the best record in the National Football Conference. They are atop their division with two head-to-head tiebreakers (at least currently) against their closest competitors, the Saints and Bucs. They roundly are considered to have a much easier schedule than many teams with their final remaining games, but this gigantic game against the red hot Green Bay Packers will set the tone for the drive to the playoffs and possibility of earning Dome-field advantage and a first round bye. The 8-2 record is extremely impressive, but the fact that 5 teams are only one game behind them at 7-3 (Bucs, Saints, Eagles, Packers, and Bears), make the lead very tenuous with a road game to Tampa Bay and home game against the resurgent Saints left on the docket. The Packers have had some of their own enormous wins (@ Jets and @ Philadelphia), but they’ve also had their share of perplexing losses (Bears, Redskins, and Dolphins) …

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Falcons Pull Away from Rams

Five Film Reviews from Road Win in St. Louis

 It looked as the though the Ravens Hangover was going to be official when the Falcons came out sluggish and unfocused against the feisty Rams playing at home. After a good defensive stop, the offense fizzled when Roddy White got the offense slapped with a big 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty, followed by a weak punt and then the Rams drove right down the field to an easy touchdown. Memories of the 49ers game were fresh in fans minds. After struggling early though, the Falcons came back and absolutely wore the Rams defense to a nub, dominating the time of possession and turning on the burners at the end. William Moore’s interception on the 2 yard line of Sam Bradford’s shovel pass pretty much put the game out of reach. Michael Turner’s late game burst for a long touchdown made it official. The Falcons won on the road and improved to 8-2, still owning the NFC’s best record with another enormous game next week when the 7-3 Packers …

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Falcons Best Ravens

Five Film Reviews from Birds Arrival

This Pretty Much Sums it Up (JGetz/AJC)

 The questions, the whispers, and all the rest were ready to accompany the Falcons if they were to fall short in the big primetime game against the Baltimore Ravens on NFL Network’s debut of Thursday Night Football. Many of the talking heads have been saying that the Falcons are nothing more than an average team that has gotten several lucky breaks, including the big victory over the New Orleans Saints in the Superdome. Nope. The Falcons arrived on one of the biggest stages and proved that they can hang with anyone in the National Football League and win. The Philadelphia Eagles game is looking more and more like the anomaly, instead of the rule. The Falcons lost a tough game to Pittsburgh on the road and the Birds probably need to get better on the road in general, but the questions on if this team is or can be elite should be over for the time being. Yes, there is so much football left it would be …

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Primetime Showdown – Falcons vs. Ravens

Six Searing Questions as Matchup of Year Looms

Can Ryan and Turner Deliver? (CCompton/AJC)

 It’s finally here Ladies and Gents…the big matchup we’ve been waiting for since the 2010 schedule was announced to air as the first Thursday Night Football Game on NFL Network. Take your pick of the story lines. Of course the Matt Ryan vs. Joe Flacco debate will be analyzed ad nauseum. The two teams have identical records at 6-2 and are tied for their respective division leads. Can the Falcons pass a test against one of the “big boys” of the NFL? Could this really be considered a Super Bowl preview? And of course Mike Smith won his only Super Bowl ring with the Ravens in 2000 as an assistant coach. Assuming this game plays out like many think it will, it’s hard to imagine NFL Network matching  this one the rest of the year. Six searing questions as the Big Bad Ravens come to town………….

1) Are the Falcons “Contenders” or “Pretenders?”

This will finally give a good barometer of what the …

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Falcons Edge Bucs

**Apologies for the comment section being closed. A miscommunication error on my part. The new post should allow for comments to be open now**

Observations From the Bucs Victory

A new and longer post will be coming shortly, but for now here’s some observations from the NFC South victory over the Bucs.

*The Dome was pretty rockin’. Moreso than any other game this year….IMO

*Ryan looked good and efficient today. Not too many deep tries

*Turner looked in top form, hopefully that’s great going forward.

*Gonzo has had a little case of the dropsies lately (at least for him b/c he normally catches everything)

*Michael Palmer was an amazing UDFA steal. He’s in the process of replacing Justin Peele as we speak.

*No Gartrell Johnson sighting. Antone Smith made a few appearances. Looks like Gartrell was a one time deal

*Really waiting for the middle tier WR’s (HD, Weems, BFinn) to make an impact. BFinn did make some nice conversions, but HD and Weems were absent once again.

*O-Line …

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