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Battle for the NFC South – Falcons vs. Bucs

Six Searing Questions as “Best Team in the NFC” Arrives

Can Falcons Run on Bucs? (CCompton/AJC)

 Well, this game is certainly turning out to be much different many expected. Sure the Bucs would probably be better, but no one had any idea that they would be the “Best Team in the NFC,” and probably the “Best Team in the Entire NFL” after beating the Arizona Cardinals by 3 points. The fodder and talk should be good this week as Tampa Bay Bucs head coach Raheem Morris proclaimed his team the “Best Team in the NFC” after they beat the St. Louis Rams last week and said that “stats are for losers and only wins matter” or something like that. The Falcon don’t need any extra motivation to win at home, something they’ve done extremely well under Coach Mike Smith and playing a NFC South rival after having a bye week, but I’m sure that the coaching staff may mention once or twice this week. You have to respect the audacity that Morris exudes and if he can back it up than even more so, but …

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Falcons Hold Off Bengals

Film Review from the Cincy Game

Roddy the Man! (

***Editor’s Note***Apologies for the lack of new post this weekend, but internet is down at the house.

Well, it wasn’t beautiful (especially in the 3rd quarter), but the Falcons found a way to win the ballgame and now sit in the lead of the NFC South and tied for the lead of the entire NFC with a much needed bye week coming up to heal some injuries before the long stretch run to the end.

After blitzing out to a 24-6 halftime lead, the Falcons came out sluggish and tried their age-old (and mostly failed) policy of just sitting on the lead and running out the clock. Bad decision. The Bengals came roaring back with 22 unanswered points to take the lead. The Birds then of course responded by re-taking the lead and held on for dear life to win a big game. After an embarrassing loss, the Falcons rebounded and made fans feel good once again about this years prospects.

1) Roddy the Best WR in NFL?

Yep. Leads the NFL in receiving …

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An Embarrassing Display in Philly

Just a Bad Game or Questions to the Core?

 This game post won’t be long because you can say “embarrassment” and “joke” in only so many ways. Awful, pathetic, choke…take your pick. If nothing else than the “big game” in Philadelphia was a complete effort in that the entire team was awful, from Head Coach Smith all the way down to the training staff. Yes, every team has bad games and gets beat in the NFL. But the effort that the Falcons showed was downright embarrassing and humiliating to Atlanta Falcons fans. The big question now is whether it was just a bad game or if the foundation of “the process” has been shaken to the core. Care to read if you choose………..

1) Self-Destruction or Redemption?

Many fans were talking before the game about how the Falcons almost always show up ready to play and rarely get blown out. Hah. Thanks to a collapse on all fronts, the Falcons were quickly in a hole 21-0 and they seemed completely unable to respond, which is totally out of character for …

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Good Win in Cleveland and Huge Game in Philly

Birds Notch Road Victory in Cleveland 

#33 and a Cloud of Dust (AP)

The Bird Cage offers up a combination of sorts since the week is winding closer to the Eagles game and farther away from the Browns game. Apologies for lack of post this week, but a little downtime and recharging was in order. The Browns game was a win in the NFL on the road and that’s enough said. No, it wasn’t the prettiest or a big blowout that many fans wanted, but it was a win on the road in a tough environment against an underrated team. The Falcons came out sloppy once again on offense and are starting to create some worry among fans as the meat of the schedule looms. The Birds fell behind and did what had to be done to win the game, particularly on offense, but many fans will remember that the Falcons were 4-1 last year as well, and then went on to go 2-6 over the next 8 games, needing a three game win streak to erase the “never-back-to-back” cures once and forever. A much improved defense is proving …

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Can Falcons Take Care of Browns?

Six Searing Questions as Birds Head North

Are Falcons Ready for Browns? (J.Crawford/AJC)

Can Falcons Take Care of Browns in Cleveland? Not so fast Falcons fans. A game that looked as it might be one that wouldn’t be as difficult seems to be much harder than originally thought. Yes, the Cleveland Browns are 1-3, but when you take a look at their schedule, who they played, and how close they played them, Falcons fans better get ready for Sunday with “clear eyes and full hearts” as they say on Friday Night Lights. After two weeks of nail-biters and a near escape against a tough 0-3 team, overlooking the Browns shouldn’t even be in the conversation. Again, the Browns may be 1-3, but they just beat the Cincinnati Bengals and their two losses were to the surprise of the season Kansas City Chiefs (14 – 16) and Baltimore Ravens (17 – 24). After a week of looking sloppy at home, the Falcons better bring their A game or they could drop won thought unimaginable when the schedule came …

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Falcons Survive Niners in Ugly Win

Five Film Reviews from the Escape

Lofton the Man (J.Crawford/AJC)


An ugly win is much better than an beautiful loss and the players, coaches, and fans will definitely take it in the rough and tumble NFL. No win is easy and certainly isn’t guaranteed. For all the talk about not coming out in a lull after the big emotional win in New Orleans, the Falcons came out pretty flat against the 49ers, particularly the offense. The 49ers did come out strong and played like the wounded animal many thought they would. The special teams collapsed again and nearly cost them the game. The offense sputtered and stopped before they finally got the job done. The Falcons defense carried the day by keeping the Birds in the game and giving them multiple chances to win the game. But give credit where its due, the Falcons found a way to win and could have definitely folded up tent many times. Roddy White got the ball back after the game seemed lost. Matt Ryan and the offense drove down the field to …

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Can Falcons Avoid Trap Against Niners?

Six Searing Questions as Birds Come Back Home


Let's Keep it Going (AP)

 The Bird Cage offers a super short Falcons-49ers primer due to some time constraints. Can the Falcons come back down to Earth after their enormous when and continue their momentum against the wounded 49ers? The two teams are on opposite extremes. The Falcons are sky high after beating the defending Super Bowl Champs in New Orleans. The 49ers are 0-3 and have fired their offensive coordinator. This sets up as the perfect trap game for the Falcons. Can they continue their momentum or will they hit an emotional lull? Six searing questions as the Niners enter the Dome…………

1) Can the Falcons Avoid the Trap?

All the coaches, players, and even fans always say the right things about keeping their head down, working hard, and not taking anything or anyone for granted. But they call them trap games for a reason. The 49ers are a wounded animal and will fight like mad to avoid an 0-4 start, especially after an …

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