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ENORMOUS WIN – Falcons Beat Saints!

Five Film Reviews from the Statement Win

Simply Put: HUGE! (AP)

 The Falcons did it. I repeat, the Falcons did it! They took the step that so many fans wanted to see after coming “close” several times to getting a huge win that could lead to much bigger and better things. The last second comeback against the Chicago Bears in 2008 was its own big win and breaking the curse once and for all against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was also one of the best in franchise history. But beating the defending Super Bowl Champion Saints in their home, one of the toughest places to play in the NFL, was one that could reveal a huge opportunity to lead to much higher goals. A dose of reality is definitely needed here: no titles, trophies, or rings are handed out in the 3rd week. And if the Falcons go on to lose games that they definitely should win, than this win is all for not. Having said that however, this one has the potential to instill a confidence and belief in this young team that …

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The Great Battle of the South – Falcons @ Saints

Six Searing Questions as the Battle Awaits

Are Snelling and Co. Ready? (C.Compton/AJC)

Well, here it is Bird fans…The Great Battle of the NFC South begins on Sunday in New Orleans. No disrespect to the Carolina Panthers or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but right now the major fight for the division will kickoff between the Falcons and Super Bowl Champion Saints. The old adage goes if you want to be the best, than you have to beat the best. New Orleans had an unbelievable run in 2009 which ended with the Saints hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. The Falcons played very well against New Orleans in both games last year and almost came out on top, but almost doesn’t win championships or hang banners. After all the hype and talk, are the Falcons really ready for primetime? Six searing questions as the Birds travel down to the city of Mardi Gras……

1) Can the Falcons Pressure Brees the Great?

It’s always so easy to talk about when playing the Saints: just pressure quarterback Drew …

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Falcons Smash Cardinals

Five Film Reviews as Birds Rebound

Falcons running back Jason Snelling (right) gets into the end zone past Arizona Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson for this 3rd touchdown of the day and a 41-7 lead in the 4th quarter.

Snelling the Man! (C.Compton/AJC)

 After the hangover of the Falcons loss in Pittsburgh wore off somewhat, fans were ready to have it expunged from their memory with a turnaround performance against the visiting Arizona Cardinals. No one will mistake the 2010 Cardinals with the ones who were seconds from a Super Bowl title, but they still have some talent and a good coach. The Falcons came out and destroyed the Cardinals from the opening kick in pretty much all aspects of the game. Coach Mike Smith even had the offense take a knee in the red zone with several minutes remaining. Granted the Cardinals aren’t the class of the league, but the Falcons showed they have some of the juice that many raved about during the off-season. The long-awaited test comes in 6 days against you-know-who, but let’s enjoy the great win for a little while. Five film reviews from the beatdown on Sunday….

1) Like Most Already Knew, Snelling’s Legit

Even …

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Can Falcons Rebound Against Cards?

Six Searing Questions as Cardinals Enter Dome

Our dear Birds joined the ranks of going winless after one week and blowing a huge chance in Pittsburgh. The 50 yard jaunt that made every top play across the nation and NFL put a dart in many fans high hopes on the year. Mostly, the first week was a sad continuation of what we saw in preseason (1 touchdown from 1st string in 16 quarters including preseason). Yes, its only one loss to one of the best teams of the last decade, and the history of the NFL, but perturbing doubts have manifested themselves into enormous concerns regarding the offense. For the most part all logical Falcons fans still realize the franchise is on an excellent upward trajectory, but some serious fault lines have developed over the direction of the offense. The Arizona Cardinals come in with a 1-0 record in a barn-burner against St. Louis in week 1. The Falcons are a heavy favorite (-6.5 at last check) against the Cards with no Kurt Warner, Anquan Boldin, …

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Falcons Suffer Bad Loss in Steel City

Five Film Reviews from Defeat

Rashard Mendenhall (34, front) ran 50 yards for a touchdown 2:35 into overtime and the Steelers overcame a shaky start by replacement quarterback Dennis Dixon and a missed field goal attempt late in regulation to beat the Atlanta Falcons 15-9 on Sunday. - AP

Chumped it Really Good, eh? (AP)

 The Falcons lost a game that they definitely could have and should have won in Pittsburgh against a Steelers team that had less than a full roster on display. There were a few bright spots, in particular the defense, but blame goes wide and deep on the Birds coming up short against the Steelers. The offensive play-calling was pathetic, Matt Ryan had an awful and untimely interception, another missed field goal, zero running game, timid decisions from the head coach, and a defensive breakdown at the worst time. Yes, it’s only the first game and the Falcons certainly had their chances, but they better get some problems fixed in a hurry or this will be a long season for Bird fans. Points taken away from Falcons Film Review:

1) Who’s the MOST to Blame for the Loss?

Hook, Line, and Sinker (AP)

Not to pile on too much, but who deserves the lion share of the blame? It’s certainly a tough call because there are …

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Falcons Open Against Steelers

Six Searing Questions as Birds Hit Steel City

Are Ryan and Roddy Ready for Sunday? (J.Getz/AJC)

The combines, the draft, mini-camp, the sweltering summer heat, training camp, preseason, and its finally here Ladies and Gentleman: Our Beloved Birds are Ready to Tee it Up in Pittsburgh for the 2010 Season! Rejoice, Falcons Football is here once again. The shortest off-season in memory (at least for many of us Cagers) has come to a close and all the hype, talk, and predictions will finally subside for the real deal. One of the most joyous occasions of the entire year is here as the Atlanta Falcons travel up to Pittsburgh to take on the 2006 and 2008 Super Bowl Champions at Heinz Field. Anyone who thinks this game will not be a hard fought battle to the end because the Steelers are without their starting QB or LT may be in for a big shock. Ready your weekend plans, double check your remote’s batteries, and get your Sunday game menu prepared because the Falcons are back once …

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2nd Annual Season Prediction Competition

Time to Make Your Prognostications

 With the close of one competition, another one begins here in The Bird Cage. The Atlanta Falcons Roster Spot Competition is still being counted and a winner will be announced very soon. In the meantime, time to put your prediction hats on and predict the Falcons win-loss record and analyze how the Birds will do against their 2010 opponents. Will the Falcons match their 2008 record of 11-5? Anyway they can make the jump to a 12 or 13 win season? Or does disappointment lie ahead in 2010? Feel free to describe each opponent or just post it up your prediction. Final submissions are due by Saturday at 11:59 pm. Get your picks in for the 2nd Annual Atlanta Falcons Season Prediction Competition………

The Bird Cage’s Weak Attempt


1) Falcons @ Pittsburgh Steelers – Win

The Falcons open their season in the Steel City against the 2008 Super Bowl Champion Steelers. Obviously, this is going to be a really tough game against one of the best …

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