2nd Annual Bird Cage Roster Competition

Decisions, Decisions

Will Nance Snag a Spot? (CCompton/AJC)

 It’s that time again Ladies and Gentlemen, your turn to take part in the 2nd Annual Bird Cage Roster Competition. Even though the coaching staff and front office have to make the actual tough decisions, its time to agonize between what you think should happen and what will happen. We as fans aren’t privy to all the information and evaluation that goes into making the hard resolutions that will determine the final 53 man team and 8 man practice squad. The vast majority of players are locks and are no-brainers, but there will be some excruciatingly hard calls on a few players. Pore over the preseason games and training camp in general and list out who you think will be the final Falcons 53 man roster.


-Each correct player prediction receive 1 point

-Each correct player on the practice squad will receive a half point

-Rosters must be posted in The Bird Cage or sent via email by Friday @ Noon

-Winner may receive a small prize

-Welcome to give description on each player or just the roster

2009 Final Roster Spot Breakdown

Quarterback (3) – Ryan, Redman, Wilson

Running Back (5) – Turner, Norwood, Snelling, Mughelli, Haynes

Wide Receiver (5) – White, Jenkins, Weems, Booker, Finneran

Tight End (3) – Gonzalez, Peele, Zinger

Offensive Line (9)

Baker, Blalock, McClure, Dahl, Clabo, Reynolds, Svitek, Ojinnaka, Romberg

Defensive Line (9)

Abraham, Biermann, Anderson, Davis, Jerry, Babineaux, Lewis, Johnson, Sidbury

Linebackers (6) – Lofton, Peterson, Nicholas, Adkins, Wire, Gilbert

Safeties (4) – Coleman, DeCoud, Moore, Harris

Cornerbacks (6) – Grimes, Owens, Houston, Jackson, Williams, Hill

Special Teams (3) – Koenen, Elam, Schneck

Practice Squad Rules

Players that have played in 9 regular season games or more are not eligible for practice squad and any single player cannot remain on the practice squad for more than 2 years.

The Bird Cage’s Weak Attempt



Quarterbacks (3)

1) Matt Ryan – Franchise starting quarterback who needs to be more consistent.

2) Chris Redman – Deeply entrenched backup quarterback who got a new deal before becoming a free agent. Performed admirably filling in for Ryan going 1-2. However, the strong play of John Parker Wilson may force the coaching staff to re-open the backup job in the near future.

3) John Parker Wilson – Had a very good preseason, looking comfortable in the pocket and making good throws. No question a part of the Falcons future, but will he have a chance to displace Redman in a few years?

Running Backs (5)

4) Michael Turner – Franchise running back looking to get back to Pro Bowl form.

5) Jason Snelling – Carried the rock and the Falcons when they needed him most, trying to break the ridiculous back-to-back winning season curse. If a choice must be made in the future, will he get the nod over Norwood?

6) Jerious Norwood – Talent and potential, potential and talent. Norwood’s looking to get back on track after an oft-injured and down year. If Mularkey can utilize him correctly, Norwood may finally realize his true potential and make the Falcons hard to stop.

7) Ovie Mughelli – One of the best run blocking fullbacks in the game. When he was out, the offense definitely sputtered.

8.) Antone Smith – A surprise pick and one that many may not agree with. The Falcons shocked fans last year by keeping Verron Haynes as a good utility back and were forced to play rotating doors with the 5th running back. Many like Dmitri Nance at this spot, but his style of play too closely resembles Turner and Snelling and Smith adds speed and is very versatile in the pass game. With Norwood’s injury history, Smith’s speed puts him over the top.

Wide Receivers (5)

9) Roddy White – Franchise wide receiver who needs to get rid of the dropsies.

10) Michael Jenkins – Currently injured, but is reportedly rehabbing quickly and will re-take his #2 wide receiver spot.

11) Harry Douglas – The sorely missed spark the Falcons didn’t have in their passing arsenal and it looked like night and day from 2008 to 2009. Hard to believe that HD didn’t make an enormous difference. Has looked good and healthy in preseason and here’s to crossing fingers and toes he stays that way.

12) Brian Finneran – Appears to be healthy and definitely adds leadership and sure hands to the Falcons receiving corps. Likely will be starting against Pittsburgh unless Jenkins can make a quick return. If Kerry Meier doesn’t go down for the year, this may be a different conversation. Even though great when playing, Finneran adds an element of risk to an injured receiving corps (Jenkins, Douglas, and Jenkins).

13) Eric Weems – Even though he hasn’t shown much to anything in the passing attack, Weems is a very sure handed and good returner. He proved last year that he’s well above average and is a lock when compared to anyone else returning kicks and punts for the Birds.

Tight Ends (3)

14) Tony Gonzalez – Soon to be Hall of Fame tight end and likely the best to tight end to ever play the game

15) Justin Peele – A sure handed and more than capable backup tight end that looked good in preseason and likely has earned himself some more catches and playing time this year.

16) Michael Palmer – A possible surprise, but Palmer looked good in limited action and showed why the Falcons may have found their young tight end to develop behind Gonzalez and Peele, both of whom are over 30. Palmer beats out Keith Zinger due to his upside in the passing attack. Sadly, Colin Peek may have challenged for this spot but an early injury cut his career as a Falcons short.

Offensive Line (9)

17) Sam Baker – Entrenched left tackle who has a big year ahead to stay healthy and prove he deserves the job.

18) Justin Blalock – Left guard looking to realize his potential and have a big year in terms of production and must get better as an all-around offensive lineman. Due up for a possible contract year.

19) Todd McClure – One of the most underrated centers in the NFL and the undisputed leader of the OL. Still has plenty of gas left in the tank.

20) Harvey Dahl – One of the nasty boys and needs a big year for the Falcons to produce.

21) Tyson Clabo – This gigantic right tackle may be in his final season as a Falcon, but its hard to argue that any offensive lineman was better outside of Todd McClure last year.

22) Mike Johnson – 3rd round draft pick out of Alabama and has had a good camp, enough said.

23) Joe Hawley – 4th round draft pick as Dimitroff continued to build the OL for the future.

24) Garrett Reynolds – The lone offensive draft pick in Dimitroff’s second draft, Reynolds is poised to possibly take over at right tackle should Clabo leave.

25) Will Svitek – Played admirably in relief of Sam Baker at left tackle and a key backup that Dimitroff inked last off-season, particularly with Baker’s injury history.


Defensive Tackle (5)

26) Jonathan Babineaux – Was the best defensive lineman last year and arguably was robbed in not going to the Pro Bowl.

27) Peria Jerry – The 2009 first round draft pick could be the key to huge year for the Falcons defensive line and overall defense. Must stay healthy to allay fears of having too many injury issues.

28) Corey Peters – Was having a very strong camp until getting injured, but still looks to be very prominent in this years DT rotation. Could turn out to be a huge steal if his trajectory remains intact.

29) Jamaal Anderson – Although he will be listed as defensive end and will take snaps there, his new home appears to be at defensive tackle. Forgetting all the past, Anderson could turn out to be extremely valuable for the defense. Allows the Falcons to stack for depth at other positions.

30) Trey Lewis – The hardest decision to date. Lewis was working uphill in fighting for a spot and appears to have the lead for the final DT spot after having better camps than Vance Walker and Thomas Johnson. His big body will allow the Falcons some flexibility in their schemes.

Defensive Ends (4)

31) John Abraham – Poised to have another huge year with help on the other side and extreme depth in the middle of the DL.

32) Kroy Biermann – Tough to argue that he didn’t have the best camp of any player on the roster. Whatever Coach Smith and Co. are thinking, he’s made it impossible not to be handed the open starting defensive end spot. A candidate for a huge breakout season.

33) Lawrence Sidbury Jr. – Also has had a very good camp and appears to have forced himself onto the playing field much more often in his 2nd year. Appears to be being groomed as Abraham’s eventual replacement.

34) Chauncey Davis – Some feel he may be on the block, but his versatility in being able to play multiple positions on the defensive line locks him in as a solid backup.

Linebackers (6)

35) Curtis Lofton – One of the leaders of the defense finished with 133 tackles last year and is destined for great things. Wants to become more of a play-making linebacker in the mold of Patrick Willis and Ray Lewis.

36) Mike Peterson – Was thought to be a savvy veteran helping out a young linebacking corps, but as he proved against the Dolphins, he’s still got some serious gas left.

37) Stephen Nicholas – The starting strongside linebacker of 2009 had a very good first year as a starter and notched triple the amount of sacks of any other linebacker.

38) Sean Weatherspoon – The first round draft pick has had some trial by fire moments, but looks to be everything that fans thought he would be when he was the Falcons first round draft pick in April.

39) Spencer Adkins – The extremely talented Adkins surprised a lot of people when he leaped Robert James and claimed the last linebacker spot last season. An excellent special teamer who could be working himself more playing time.

40) Coy Wire – The special teams captain may have some issues in pass coverage, but is by far and away one of the best special teams players on the roster and a solid backup linebacker.

Safeties (4)

41) Thomas DeCoud – Had a magnificent first year as the starting free safety. Even though he hasn’t looked fantastic in preseason, DeCoud’s ready to capitalize on a great first year.

42) Erik Coleman – Was one of the best tackling safeties in the NFL last year and has had a very good camp, determined to hold his starting strong safety spot.

43) William Moore – Has battled through injury issues since being drafted as a Falcon in 2009, but gave fans a much needed glimpse of his amazing ability when he delivered some bone-crushing hits against the Dolphins.

44) Shann Schillinger – A surprise 6th round draft pick out of Montana has had a good camp and is poised to play a vital role on special teams. Looks to have finally taken the place as the developmental safety the Falcons have been seeking for awhile.

Cornerbacks (6)

45) Dunta Robinson – The $57 million dollar investment hasn’t taken the field in preseason, but fans are salivating at the fact of finally having a true #1 corner.

46) Christopher Owens – Looks to be in the lead of taking the open cornerback spot opposite of Dunta Robinson.

47) Brent Grimes – Was hampered a little bit by a groin injury, but absolutely will find his way on the field even if he happens not to be named the starter, which hasn’t been ruled out. Could rival to be one of the best nickel backs in the NFL.

48) Dominique Franks – Showed fans why he was roundly considered one of the best steals of the draft in the 5th round. Could be in the lead for getting the most playing time after the top 3. Obviously won’t be returning many kicks or punts judging from preseason.

49) Chevis Jackson – Has had an up-and-down preseason, but still has talent and could definitely find some type of role in a pass heavy NFL, especially with Brees (twice), Rodgers, Flacco, and Palmer on the roster.

50) Brian Williams – Hardest decision by far. Do the Falcons keep 6 receivers, 6 defensive tackles, or 6 cornerbacks? Williams was one of the Falcons better defensive backs before his injury last season. Will add depth, veteran leadership, and could put the Falcons over the top in terms of defensive backfields if he makes a great comeback.

Special Teams (3)

51) Matt Bryant – Really no words here. He’s the only kicker on the roster and is giving fans awful nightmares. Could be on his way out if a better kicker becomes available.

52) Michael Koenen – One of the best punters and kickoff specialists in the NFL. Dimitroff will have to finally pay up after this year.

53) Joe Zelenka – A much needed steady long snapper that will hopefully be a part of a good kicking game (….I said hope).

Practice Squad (8)

1) Brandyn Harvey (WR) – Boatloads of talent and could be in line for a spot if he has a great 4th preseason game, but appears that he’s about a year (or injury away). Could be snagged by another team.

2) Ryan Wolfe (WR) – Seems odd to keep two receivers on the practice squad, but with Jenkins, Douglas, and Finneran having possible injury issues, the Falcons will try to hold on to some young talent.

3) Jose Valdez (OG) – Has had a good camp and might could’ve shocked the world if the Falcons hadn’t drafted both Mike Johnson and Joe Hawley

4) Bear Woods (LB) – Had a promising camp, but is stuck at a position where depth is a major strength of the team.

5) Rafael Bush (DB) – Has stuck with the team throughout camp when Gabe Derricks has rotated off, back on, and back off again. A good developmental defensive player.

6) Dmitri Nance (RB) – Seemed to be ahead in the RB derby, but is too similar to Turner and Snelling. Still may actually take the last spot, but Smith’s speed seems to have him ahead.

7) Maurice Lucas (DE) Made the practice squad last year and could be in line to make the jump if any injuries beset defensive ends.

8.) Robbie Agnone (TE) – Difficult to see who makes the final couple of practice squad spots. Many players are seemingly out of practice squad eligibility (Bergeron, Walker) and this could be a spot for a rookie/undrafted free agent waiver addition. Dimitroff drafted both Palmer and Peek possibly with a spot for a TE in mind.

Really Tough Calls

1) Troy Bergeron – Personally think he deserves a roster spot, but Weems special teams ability and Finneran’s veteran experience with Meier’s injury means that the Falcons will look elsewhere for depth. Could have a spot if Jenkins injury will take some time.

2) Vance Walker – The hardest call of all. Was likely the leader for the final DT spot, but a great camp by Trey Lewis means that he may be on the outside looking in. If the Falcons carry another DL, then he’s surely in.

3) Thomas Johnson – A feel good story with solid production in 2009, the drafting of Corey Peters, Trey Lewis’ big camp, and a training camp injury means that Johnson’s Falcons days are probably done.

4) Brett Romberg – His future was likely sealed when the Falcons drafted McClure’s likely eventual replacement in Joe Hawley.

Your Turn

-Submit your own 53 man roster and practice squad by Friday @ Noon

-Feel free to give description of each decision

-What decisions would YOU make differently than what’s expected?

-Who’s on the bubble when the final preseason games starts?

-Any major surprises in store?

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Sarah B

August 30th, 2010
12:03 am

Well no INT access at work so I’ll take pleasure in being #1!!

Big Ray

August 30th, 2010
12:19 am

I was pulling for Dimitri Nance, but admit that Antone Smith’s speed makes a difference that you can’t teach or coach.

Pulling for Bergeron to make the roster. I say Falcons keep 6 DTs.

Big Ray

August 30th, 2010
12:20 am

Well, maybe not if Chauncey Davis can play inside.

Ok, they’ll keep 6 receivers. They ain’t keepin’ 6 CBs.

Sarah B

August 30th, 2010
12:21 am

Matt Bryant has go.

Sarah B

August 30th, 2010
12:22 am

I liked Nance better than Smith.

Sarah B

August 30th, 2010
12:23 am

Night all…

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August 30th, 2010
12:32 am

If Bryant goes, who do we bring in?

[...] 2nd Annual Bird Cage Roster CompetitionAtlanta Journal Constitution (blog)19) Todd McClure ? One of the most underrated centers in the NFL and the undisputed leader of the OL. Still has plenty of gas left in the tank. … [...]

[...] 2nd Annual Bird Cage Roster Competition Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog) Pore over the preseason games and training camp in general and list out who you think will be the final Falcons 53 man roster. Players that have played in 9 … http://blogs.ajc.com/atlanta-falcons-fans/2010/08/29/2nd-annual-bird-cage-roster-competition/?cxntfi... [...]


August 30th, 2010
5:31 am

D3, nice work, as always. I’ll dive into it after work. I’ve been researching your cavalry for wk 1, very impressed.

Moose,SarahB – dont feed the fish, lol.

Bangkapi Ajarn

August 30th, 2010
9:16 am

Good Topic, fun, thx D3!!

First, here is my summary -

Summary -
Off –26

Offensive Line (9)
Quarterback (3)
Running Back (5)
Tight End (3)
Wide Receiver (6)

Def –24

Safety – 4
CB – 5
Defensive Line (9)

Linebackers (6) –

Special Teams (3) –

PS – (8)
**Injured reserve – Meier (WR)

I am keeping an extra WR because of HD’s potential fragility and Jenkins not-yet healed Preseason Injury. e do NOT want to have the troubles of last year.
I had to let some favorites go (Vince Walker for example) as well as a guy many will keep (Chevis Jackson), but numbers have to be met, and new blood needs their snaps!

Next Post, the Bangkapi Ajarn Roster guesses, courtesy of Blind Squirrel enterprises (hoping to find that elusive acorn).

Bangkapi Ajarn

August 30th, 2010
9:21 am

Falcons Roster guess (all it is, in reality)

Quarterbacks 3 – Matt Ryan, Chris Redman and John Parker Wilson.
The only question here is who is No. 2, and who is No. 3. Stability and familiarity with MM’s offence are good things.

Running backs 5 – Turner, Norwood, Mughelli, Snelling and Klecko.
I am going with DOL here, and assuming that Klecko is kept as blocking depth behind Ogie. No room on the starting day roster for 6RB’s (unless Norwood gets hurt and moves to IR, then Smith may get a shot as the speed guy – otherwise, Smith may be toast). Again, familiarity with the system and offense are keys to sticking for Klecko.

Wide receivers 6 White, Jenkins, HD, Finneran. Weems, Bergeron.
Bergeron sticks because of Jenkins injury, and a lack of total confidence in HD’s durability for a 16 week season.

Tight ends 3 – TG, Peele, Zinger.
DOL reported that Zinger seems to have made the squad (again, familiarity with the offense), and I believe him. Palmer will stick, on the practice squad.

Offensive line 9 – Todd McClure, Justin Blalock, Harvey Dahl, Sam Baker, Tyson Clabo, Will Svitek, Garrett Reynolds, Joe Hawley, and Mike Johnson.
No Surprises here, just hoping the pass blocking improves as the rookies get seasoned.

Defense –

Defensive line 9
DT – Lewis, Peters, Jerry, Babineaux,
DE – Abraham, Biermann, Sidbury, Davis.
Swing (Both) – Anderson
Numbers eliminate Walker and Johnson sadly, unless Peters injury is worse than we know. Then Walker sticks, more upside and healthier. I would like to see Walker take Davis’ spot, but DE needs the depth more with Abe’s injury history.

Linebackers 6 – Lofton, Peterson, Nicholas, Spoon, Wire and Adkins.
No surprises here on roster spots, just where Spoon plays. Bear Woods earned a PS spot with aggressive Preseason play.

Defensive backs 9 -
Safety 4 – Moore, Coleman, Schillinger, DeCoud.
Some fragility here with Moore’s durability questions
CB 5 – , Grimes, Owens, Robinson, Franks, Williams
This one is tough, BUT if Williams is healthy I am going with Williams over Chevis Jackson, who fails to make the cut on a tough cut down day – but his number will stay in TD’s rolodex for sure, with a red tab for easy access).

Specialists 3 – Bryant, Koenen, Zelenka
Matt Bryant – for now, until/unless he pulls an Elam. Koenen is gold, and Zelenka is a solid snapper

PS (8)-
Nance – RB
Brandyn Harvey – WR
Ryan Wolfe – WR
Palmer – TE
Jose Valdez – OL
Bear Woods –LB
Rafael Bush – DB
Maurice Lucas (DE)

This gives practice squad RB, WR, TE, and OL support for offense, and DL, LB, and DB support for the defense. Developmental talent on all levels.


August 30th, 2010
10:01 am

We need a kicker. I would love one that can fill this position for a while.

Bangkapi Ajarn

August 30th, 2010
10:06 am

There was a HUGE temptation to put a K on the practice squad instead of Lucas- perhaps Lindholm if he is available, otherwise pick one up after roster reductions. I do not have confidence in Bryant and would like to have talent in house to push him. I don’t believe Smitty would do this, however.

I came to the conclusion that I may be over reacting to last seasons meltdown from another K NOT named Bryant,

AND a missed PAT.

AND several missed long range FG’s.

My mantra must be, “Smitty knows what he is doing, Smitty knows what he is doing, Smitty (is a defensive coach showing loyalty to a player that is in a peripheral contributor in his opinion), oops, how did that slip in there????????????? “Smitty knows what he is doing, Smitty—–”

Bull Schmitt

August 30th, 2010
11:04 am

Being a Tech fan and Falcons fan, sure hope that Vance Walker sticks around. He’s a solid backup lineman.


August 30th, 2010
11:11 am

QB (3)
- Matt Ryan
- Chris Redman
- John Parker Wilson

RB (5)
- Michael Turner
- Jerious Norwood
- Jason Snelling
- Ovie Mughelli
- Antone Smith

WR (5)
- Roddy White
- Michael Jenkins
- Harry Douglas
- Brian Finneran
- Eric Weems

TE (3)
- Tony Gonzalez
- Justin Peele
- Keith Zinger

OL (9)
- Sam Baker
- Justin Blalock
- Todd McClure
- Harvey Dahl
- Tyson Clabo
- Mike Johnson
- Joe Hawley
- Garrett Reynolds
- Jose Valdez

DT (5)
- Jonathan Babineaux
- Peria Jerry
- Corey Peters
-Trey Lewis
- Vance Walker

DE (5)
- John Abraham
- Jamaal Anderson
- Kroy Bierman
- Lawrence Sidbury
- Chauncey Davis

LB (6)
- Curtis Lofton
- Mike Peterson
- Sean Weatherspoon
- Stephen Nicholas
- Spencer Adkins
- Coy Wire

S (4)
- Thomas Decoud
- Erik Coleman
- William Moore
-Shann Schillinger

CB (5)
- Dunta Robinson
- Chris Owens
- Brent Grimes
- Chevis Jackson
- Dominique Franks

K (1)
-Free Agent

P (1)

LS (1)

PS (8)
-Brynden Harvey (WR)
-Ryan Wolfe (WR)
-Michael Palmer (TE)
- Bear Woods (LB)
- Dmitri Nance (RB)
- (DE)
- (OL)
- (DT)


August 30th, 2010
11:14 am

I couldn’t get around the injury issue at DT and didn’t feel right about just Abe, JA98, Sidbury and Bierman. I would have liked to have given that spot to an WR, but I think we keep 2 on practice squad like D3 for that purpose. I think Snelling can play FB so sorry Klecko.

I wish we had another young OLB that could avoid getting suspended. Williams hasn’t played enough to make the team. Our next kicker is currently on another team.


August 30th, 2010
11:55 am

Good morning Cage Fam…

Working on the 53 man roster. In the meantime, here is a great piece I found. Very insightful.


Bangkapi Ajarn

August 30th, 2010
12:29 pm

Perplexing ponderings:

1) I am still conflicted on Nance vs: Klecko, that one may come down to the last preseason game. I reserve the right to change my mind. personally, I prefer Nance but Klecko may be the better blocker and that is realistically all that spot on the roster will do, the runners of choice will be are Turner, Snelling, and Norwood. Also, Nance will fit nicely on the PC, while Klexko may nt qualify, so this way we keep both.

2) While I still waver on the Williams vs. Jackson, I still think I got it right. IF Williams is healthy, mainly because
A) Williams is a Smitty guy from way back;
B) Williams can mentor the young guys, much like Peterson will do for the LB’s and Abe can do for the young DE’s
C) It just fits, numbers wise, since Williams can play CB and Safety if I recollect correctly – so, it gives you the flexibility of 5 potential bodies for CB and S, while occupying 9 roster spots:

Safety 4 – Moore, Coleman, Schillinger, DeCoud.
CB 4 – , Grimes, Owens, Robinson, Franks
Swingman (plays both ways) – 1- Williams

Same versatile set-up that I see them doing on the DL and OL

darrell starks

August 30th, 2010
12:34 pm

William your best corner last year, what in the h is TD doing sometime i wonder, chevis should be cut.
GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!


August 30th, 2010
12:37 pm

Oh no!!! From Dled’s latest tweet.

AJCFalcons DE Kroy Biermann misses practice. Will be game-time decision on Thur. Injury – undisclosed.

darrell starks

August 30th, 2010
12:38 pm

D3 like i said before if the falcons don’t go after a legitimate number 2 WR, the boo birds will come out at the iceman.
GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!


August 30th, 2010
12:38 pm

If the coaching staff does not start Bierman after the year he had in 2009 and the preseason in 2010….then they should just cut him so he can go on with his career somewhere else.

Bangkapi Ajarn

August 30th, 2010
12:47 pm

CB – Terrible news! We really need him, for sure!


August 30th, 2010
12:54 pm


I hope it’s nothing major. There is not need for him to play this week anyways. Just rest him up and get him ready for the opener.


August 30th, 2010
1:00 pm

I agree with most of the mock rosters, But I would take Palmer over Zinger simply because he’s younger and the kid has velcrow for hands, he would be the ideal pupil for Gonzales to mentor. Smith over Nance, we already have 2 backs cut from the same mold..ie Turner and Snelling, we do not need a #3 with the same boby type inbetween the tackles runner with simular speed, we need that change of pace back with speed to the holes that can take it to the house.

I am also leaning in the direction of Chevis Jackson over Williams. Although Jackson has shown inconsistencies in preseason, I beleive he can be coached up and his techniqe should improve. I think Williams is still bothered by the knee, not completely healed, his durability is a concern. Also if Jackson is cut, he will not last 5 mins. on the FA/ cut block, Ravens amoung other teams will snatch him up so fast make your head spin.

I agree Davis over Walker, Davis is a jack of many trades on the D-LINE, proves more valuble. Walker to the practice squad. Last receiver spot is wide open, I think they are leaning toward T.Burgeron, but something tells me Coach Smith and staff are hiding the talents of Harvey and Wolfe, Harvey inparticular. Last spot will be decided after Thursday game.


August 30th, 2010
1:00 pm

I’m waiting until Thursday after the game to finalize my roster, but unless Nance falls on his face (or Smith finally gets around the corner in a real game) I think it’s Nance over Smith.

D3 you have JA98 listed as a tackle. Won’t the team be listing him a DE and will that affect your coring if you pick the right player but the wrong position?


August 30th, 2010
1:15 pm

Kicking Game is a concern, don’t know why Bryant seem to be a lock. With this teams offensive play calling and Matt Ryan groomed or doomed to be a game manager, we will not be getting into the endzone as often as we should, playing this type of football will result in point totals in the teens, drives ending somewhere near, or in the redzone. I have a feeling many of our games this year will be determined by a field goal. We need a kicker with accuracy some where around the 90 percentile. If we plan to compete in the division.


August 30th, 2010
1:38 pm

No matter the nature of the injury, the Bier Truck has proven that he is ready to roll. I would give Sidbury extensive time and see what he can do. After all, he could be easily thrust into a possible starting role next season given the age of Abe (34 next season) and the lack of production from any other DE not named Biermann or Abraham.

Additionally, we have to determine our depth as Abe, the Truck, and the Bust are all unrestricted FAs in 2012.


August 30th, 2010
1:39 pm

SuperBird, I have a feeling that the loser of the Houston kicking battle, Kris Brown versus Neil Rackers, may be getting a call. While they are long in tooth, those legs are still strong and accurate.


August 30th, 2010
2:54 pm

Howdy all……..

Interesting tidbit from PY at ESPN…….

D. Orlando Ledbetter’s got his breakdown on how Atlanta’s roster might shape up. It looks like the Falcons are going to have to cut a pretty decent defensive tackle with Thomas Johnson and Vance Walker on the bubble. Just a thought here, but if I’m a personnel guy in Carolina, I’m watching the waiver wire closely because either of these guys could be an upgrade over what the Panthers have.



August 30th, 2010
3:01 pm

I was thinking the same thing SW……… However………Off the AP..

Houston Texans PK Kris Brown (foot) was experiencing pain from plantar fasciitis during pregame warm-ups Saturday, Aug. 28, reports Nick Scurfield, of HoustonTexans.com. Head coach Gary Kubiak said the team hopes to control it.


August 30th, 2010
3:30 pm

D3…. I gotta wait and see if the Falcons can pull off anymore trades…… Nice problem to have for a change…… Also what are the odds tha B Willims and or M Johnson go on the PUPs list?………


August 30th, 2010
3:45 pm


Plantar fasciitis gave me hell my senior season in college. I can only imagine how hard it is for a kicker to try and kick a FG with this. If you’re put in the PUP list you have to wait 6 weeks before your eligible to be removed from it? Right?


August 30th, 2010
3:55 pm

CBrass……. Yep and after six week they should have a real good idea on whos who…… I just read a RapidReport that BWilliams is out of his knee brace and will play Thusday, no word on M Johnson yet…..

BTW…… Ouch, they do sound painfull……


August 30th, 2010
6:31 pm

BT, you asked at 845 sat am, I told you ALLday, you went CJ, big mistake I’m afraid. We’ll see at the end of the yr but …who knows.


August 30th, 2010
6:44 pm

D3, great post, I knew it was coming and I’ll jump in on it as the week progresses and before the dead line, but I was just reading DLed’s post about elite QBs and where Ryan stood and I almost lost it. Nothing against McNabb, but he shouldn’t even be mentioned with the like of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, and yes Eli Manning has won a Superbowl but so has Trent Dilfer. so what, I know your judged on Superbowl’s but Eli Manning, not to say he couldn’t eventually be put in that group, but he’s not there yet IMO, honestly IMO he’s not even close. Putting him and Drew Brees in the same category is poor sports writing and coverage to me, they don’t even function on the same level. Brees can carry a team, whether the pieces are there or not they would be fine, Eli can’t do the same thing, I’m shocked, sorry about taking the Falcons blog to debate this topic but seriously, McNabb elite, Eli close to it, if this is true I’m not watching the NFL, h@ll I don’t know what I have been watching and I’m starting to think, neither does the analysis.


August 30th, 2010
6:49 pm

WR, wk 5 buddy, wk 5!!!


August 30th, 2010
6:54 pm

Anyone want D. McCluster? Bids open until 9pm. Soon to be a ffl superstar, but need a 2nd st. qb.


August 30th, 2010
7:50 pm

Appreciate ya, D3.
Will have my roster in by Friday.
It will look very similar to BA`s.
It`s 90% set but that last preseason game means a lot to guys on the bubble.

JJ, we will see on AP over CJ.
I think, your Viking bias is showing through but either way (baring injury) either is a great pick.


August 30th, 2010
8:15 pm

Have to agree with WR,
There are only three (of what I consider) elite QB`s in the league, right now.
The rest are what they are until they prove otherwise, except A. Rodgers.
All he needs to is keep up what he`s doing and win a title.
In no particular order, the elites are, Brady, Brees and P. Manning.

Sarah B

August 30th, 2010
9:45 pm

CB, Moose I too suffered from Plantar fasciitis from to many years of step class. It is wicked painfull, especially in the morning. I had to get cortizone shots in the feet for weeks on end. It still flares up. Those nasty little bone spurs never go away unless you have surgery (read filing them down). No high heels to this day.


August 30th, 2010
9:52 pm


I hear ya. Never been into heels but they are not an options at this point. My arches have been killing me lately. My coach and trainer tried to get me to get a shot in both of my feet but I wasn’t having it.

Sarah B

August 30th, 2010
9:59 pm

CB I finally couldn’t decide which hurt more the shots or the bone spurs. Now I’m probably killing my kidneys with Advil but it works the best.

Sarah B

August 30th, 2010
10:01 pm

CB you were never into heels because you’re not 5′3″. Although I always prefered tennis shoes anyway.


August 30th, 2010
10:05 pm


Sneaks, flops and Sperry boat shoes all the way for me.


August 30th, 2010
10:34 pm

Elite (Legendary) QBs:


Outstanding QBs

Very Good QBs
Chocltae Burger

Up and Coming
Vince Young
Sanchez (maybe)


August 30th, 2010
10:34 pm

Sarah – OK, mustang, heels, picture. Seriously…