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Fans Guide to Falcons Training Camp (w/ Updates)

Training Camp Tips, Hints, and Excitement




Training camp updates will be posted in the comments section as they become available throughout the weekend.

Good News Once Again

Thomas Dimitroff and the Falcons Front Office are simply good. They have an unbelievable ability of getting all of their picks signed and in camp for Day 1 of Training Camp. Peria Jerry, Sam Baker, and now Sean Weatherspoon cut it close, but they got it done. Kudos and beyond to Thomas Dimitroff and his staff on the superb job he’s done as Atlanta Falcons General Manager.

The Long Wait is Finally Over!
Ah, the dark clouds of no-football have finally lifted, and we’re finally ready for some FALCONS FOOTBALL! Training camp is here ladies and gentleman. The long, excruciating pain of waiting for a new football season has at last come to an end. The post draft buzz wore off quickly; leaving us football junkies only with the heat of summer and a few tidbits from …

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Thomas DeCoud Primed for the Pro Bowl?

One Year Wonder or Franchise Defender?

 Thomas Dimitroff certainly isn’t above criticism in his drafts as General Manager of the Atlanta Falcons, such as him oft-injured and highly questioned Sam Baker at left tackle in the first round. His picks of the “injury twins” Peria Jerry and William Moore with his first two choices in the 2009 NFL Draft has raised some eyebrows as well. However, even after you count Matt Ryan, Curtis Lofton, Harry Douglas, and Kroy Biermann in the 2008 draft, fans now arrive at, perhaps, one his absolute best picks of all in free safety Thomas DeCoud. After having a pretty fantastic year in his first as a full-time starter, is DeCoud ready for another huge year and maybe a Pro Bowl, or was it a one year emergence for a player with no tape for offensive coordinators? Pick a side and have at it Ladies and Gentleman……..

DeCoud By the Numbers

((All safeties ranked together: both strong safeties and free safeties))

Snaps – 1035

Overall …

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Is Michael Jenkins a True #2?

Still Potential or Bust?

 Nothing can draw out the ire and controversy more than one Mr. Michael Jenkins. On one hand, the wide receiver from Ohio State is a superb blocker and a true move-the-chains wideout. On the other hand, Mr. Jenkins has drawn the deep fury for never living up to his first round pick status. He’s caught a few big balls, but he’s most well-known for his huge drops and inability for taking advantage of having a Pro Bowl receiver on the other side in Roddy White. This one might take awhile, but let the contest run…………

Mr. Jenkins By the Numbers

2008 Campaign

Snaps – 748

Overall Comprehensive Ranking – 20th (+3.4 Rating)

Pass Receiving – 13th (+6.3 Rating)

Blocking – 86th (-1.9 Rating)

Percentage Caught – Tied 27th (65.8%)

2009 Season

Snaps – 813

Overall Comprehensive Ranking – 90th (-7.9 Rating)

Pass Receiving – 84th (-3.2 Rating)

Blocking – 75th (-1.7 Rating)

Reception Percentage – 68th (57.5%)

Receiving Yards – 46th (635 …

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Can Stephen Nicholas Turn the Corner?

Is #54 a Long-Term Option at OLB?

 One of the few holdovers from the Bobby Prictrino-Rich McKay GM era, Stephen Nicholas has put in due time to become a full-time starter last year. He has all the physical tools (6’3, 230) and speed to become an excellent linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons. His first full year had some pretty decent results and definitely shows some major promise. He had 80 tackles, one forced fumbles, and 3 sacks on the season. In fact, he was the only linebacker able to rack up sacks and put pressure on the opposing QB. Nicholas notched 3 sacks, while Mike Peterson got one and Curtis Lofton recorded zero. The Falcons drafted Missouri linebacker Sean Weatherspoon and it seems as though the new #56 will make his way on the field sooner rather than later. Some believe that that Weatherspoon may be a better fit for a strongside linebacker, which would allow Nicholas to move back to his more natural weakside position, although his coverage was really poor …

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Three Torching Questions for Training Camp

The Days are Counting Down……..

 The Bird Cage will be a touch out of commission over the weekend, so in honor of the 2010 Atlanta Falcons Training Camp and New Season, Three Torching Questions (Six Searing Questions during season) will be posed to whet your Falcons and Football appetite. By the way, the time is so very close now. Only 14 days until Atlanta Falcons Football Returns!

1) Give Your Ridiculously Too Early 53 Man Falcons Roster

Training Camp hasn’t even started but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with who’s in or who’s out in this insanely competitive preseason. With Thomas Dimitroff and his front office having two and half years under their belt, this looks to be the deepest roster competition that the Falcons have had in ages. It’s quite possible that many big names may not be there, and some unheard of’s will be ready in September. With that, here’s this ridiculous attempt……

QB: Matt Ryan, Chris Redman, John Parker Wilson (3)

RB: …

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Is Justin Blalock in a Fight to Start?

#63 the Weak Link on the OL?

 Taken in the second round by then General Manager Rich McKay and Coach Bobby Prictrino, Justin Blalock seemed to be a steal out of Texas in the second round. He was well known for being a bulldozing tackle who earned All-American honors as a freshman in Austin and could project extremely well inside to guard, where his strength and run blocking ability could shine while he honed his pass blocking skills. Blalock came in as a rookie in 2007 and has started 46 out of 48 games since becoming a Falcon. #63 had major flashes as a rookie when he was plugged in at left guard, but also had some struggles adjusting to the pro game. Even though his individual stats may not have looked fantastic in 2008, he should get a large amount of credit for contributing to the second leading rushing team in the NFL, pushing Michael Turner to the second leading rusher in the NFL and into the Pro Bowl. Statistics aside, its hard to argue that Blalock, and the entire OL, …

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Will Brent Grimes Seize the Cornerback Spot?

Can #20 Prove He’s a Legit Starter?

 Brent Grimes represents a common story we know very well: a tough but undersized player from a small school works hard, refuses to give up, plays well, and works his way up to be an excellent and consistent starter in the pros. Grimes has the entire story down pat except for the very end. Can the tough as nails, but vertically challenged cornerback permanently take the starting spot opposite Dunta Robinson for the Atlanta Falcons? Grimes has a somewhat mixed bag of success as an NFL player, even though the track record is short after being in the NFL for three years. It’s a well known fact that Grimes is the pound-for-pound most athletic player on the team, at least according to Head Coach Mike Smith. Grimes quickness, speed, jumping ability, and high motor led a team high 6 interceptions and tied for 3rd in the entire NFL for most interceptions and he only started 8 games. In fact, only Charles Woodson and Asante Samuel had more INTs …

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Can Matt Ryan Take the Next Step?

Or Was 2009 a Troublesome Sign?

Which is more accurate for Matt Ryan: 2008 Offensive Rookie of the Year or backslide against tougher competition? The Falcons QB is certainly one of the faces of the franchise, and a darn good one, but many expected that Ryan would take a step back in his second year and see a “sophomore slump” after NFL defensive coordinators had a year of tape on the QB and found out his weaknesses and tendencies. While Ryan didn’t have an outright terrible year, the former Boston College signal caller did have his share of struggles, where he threw 12 of his total 14 interceptions in a 6 game span. Predictably, the Falcons went 3-3 in that span. He then injured his foot and was out for several games, going 1-2 and almost going 0-3 and losing to a winless Tampa Bay team at the time. Many assumed that the Falcons would once again fall short in their quest for back-to-back winning seasons. To his major credit, Ryan came back strong from the injury to lead …

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