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The Bird Cage Mini-Camp Special

A Little Taste of Falcons Football (C.Compton/AJC)


Falcons Football is here again!….well sort of. Atlanta Falcons fans will get their first glimpse of their 2010 Birds when mini-camp kicks off this weekend in Flowery Branch. There will only be one day open to the public, so grab your favorite football memorabilia, chairs, and snacks and head up to The Branch to get a look at your hometown Birds, which is brimming with excitement on the dawn of a new season. Take advantage while you can, because it will be a long, painful wait until July and training camp officially gets under way. Just like spring practice in college football, mini-camp will offer just a little taste of what’s to come for the Atlanta Falcons in the 2010 NFL Season.

A few Frequently Asked Questions from

Time to Arrive

Saturday, May 8 (First Practice)

Practice – 10:30 a.m. (Practice is open to the public, gates open at 9:30 a.m.)

Defensive players available after practice for fan autographs 

Saturday, May 8 (Second Practice)

Practice – 4:15 p.m. (Practice is open to the public, gates open at 3:15 p.m.)

Offensive players available after practice for fan autographs

What to Bring

Hats, jackets, rain gear, sunglasses, sunscreen, binoculars, blankets, umbrellas, lawn chairs, and strollers

Are Cameras Allowed?

Still cameras with under 12′ lenses and no flashes are permitted. No flash photography of any type, camcorders, or recorders are permitted at any time.

Are Coolers Allowed?

Coolers are permitted, but are subject to search at any time by Falcons security personnel. No alcoholic beverages of any kind or glass containers are permitted.

Are Bags Allowed?

Bags over 8.5 inches wide by 13 inches long by 5 inches deep are not permitted at training camp.

Any ATM’s on site?

No ATM’s are located on site, so grab cash before hand if you plan to purchase any merchandise or concessions


Training camp parking is available at the Hog Mountain Sports Complex and Flowery Branch High School across the street from the Falcons Training Complex. After Hall County Schools begin, parking will be available at the Hollis Transportation Lot located one mile from the Falcons Training Complex. A complimentary shuttle service will be provided from this location. Please follow the signs to this location. There is no general parking available at the Falcons training complex

Kids Activities

A Kids Zone interactive area will be available for children one hour prior to each practice session.


The Falcons merchandise tent is located near the main fan field entrance of camp.


You can either bring your own merchandise or purchase it at Flowery Branch, but make sure to bring your own sharpie.

Updated 2010 Atlanta Falcons Roster with Player Numbers

Sorted by Number

Sorted by Name

The Bird Cage Guest Writing by Fans

A first for The Bird Cage, this weekend we will be inviting fans to write up a little summary (as short or as long as you want) on what you see after attending the Atlanta Falcons mini-camp. Take notes if you want or just make some mental memories on what you see at Flowery Branch on Saturday. Give the good, the great, the bad, and the ugly. Write about how the offense or defense looked, some of the new players in Falcons uniforms, or just the overall fan experience. It’s totally up to you. Just type up your “Guest Column” on MS Word as an attachment or just type it in the email. Send email to and I will include your piece in Sunday’s New Post along with your handle-name, your real name, or both depending on whichever you prefer. We’re truly looking for the real fan viewpoint on this one.

Check out AJC Staff Writer D.Orlando Ledbetter Giving His 5 Burning Questions as Mini-Camp Begins……

So here in The Bird Cage we thought we’d give our different Six Searing Questions as the Atlanta Falcons Mini-Camp commences:

1) Can William Moore Unseat Erik Coleman at Strong Safety?

One of the most fun things of mini-camp, training camp, and pre-season is the raging position battles that look to take place. One of the most fun to watch this year will be to see if William Moore can supplant veteran Erik Coleman. Coleman was a total team player and moved over to strong safety from free safety and was very good in run support, but struggled a good bit in pass coverage. Moore has had a full year of rehab and film study and if he can get back to his junior year playing level it should be a great one to watch. Late news has William Moore being held out of mini-camp again. Looks like grabbing that starting job is slipping further and further away.

2) Who Will Be on the Offensive Line Block?

Is Clabo in Long-Term Plans? (C.Compton/AJC)

The Falcons infused a ton of new talent on the offensive line after drafting Center Joe Hawley and Guard Mike Johnson in this year’s draft. Add to that the fact that Dimitroff drafted Tackle Garrett Reynolds last year and you get that feeling that some offensive lineman’s jobs are now in jeopardy. The Falcons carried 9 offensive lineman on their active roster: Clabo, Dahl, McClure, Blalock, Baker, Reynolds, Romberg, Ojinnaka, and Svitek. After adding Hawley and Johnson, several OL will need to fight for their spots. Will Svitek and Quinn Ojinnaka, in particular, played well in relief and Romberg has shown great promise as well. The Falcons may carry 10 OL, but if they don’t several players will looking over their shoulders.

3) Can Anyone Fill the Void in the Aerial Attack?

The obvious answer is to hope for Harry Douglas’ complete and healthy return to his pre-injury days. But he’s barely 9 months removed from a very serious injury that takes a full year to recover from, not even including the fact that receivers and corners usually take longer. The injury to Harry Douglas hit much harder than many fans expected. The Falcons became predictable on offense when Roddy White was double covered, Tony Gonzalez was bracketed, and Michael Jenkins had a sub-par year. Marty Booker was brought in and had little to no effect and Eric Weems was never able to catch on. The Falcons bring in a plethora of talent in 5th round draft pick Kerry Meier and Undrafted Free Agents Ryan Wolfe, Tim Buckley, and Brandyn Harvey. Eric Weems was a practice squad success story last year, could Troy Bergeron finally make the cut? Weems has an excellent opportunity to take hold of the slot, but he’ll have a ton of competition.

4) Who’s on the Defensive Tackle Block?

The drafting of Corey Peters at defensive tackle in the 3rd round surely gave a warning sign to at least one or more DTs that made the roster last year. Even though Jonathan Babineaux’s looming suspension will merit more bodies, there still is a plethora of talent at defensive tackle, not even including the guessing game on where Jamaal Anderson may reside. In addition to Peria Jerry and Jonathan Babineaux, other players will be fighting for their Falcon lives. Vance Walker, Thomas Johnson, Corey Peters, and Trey Lewis will be in a battle for 3 or possibly even 2 spots. Walker and Johnson both proved it on the field down the stretch and look to have the inside track. Journeyman Dan Klecko and big Trey Bryant (UDFA) will look to jump in the mix as well.

5) What Role Will Jamaal Anderson Play?

Its like asking Where’s Waldo? Many believed that Anderson had finally found a home at defensive tackle, after the beginning of the season. But according to the coaching staff, he rotates in and out at the defensive end and defensive tackle positions, much to the chagrin of fans. When asked about Anderson directly, Coach Smith responded that they like what they were seeing from Anderson at both positions, but that he would continue to play defensive end. Really? Anderson can bring much needed versatility to the defensive line, but how many chances does he get to prove himself at D-End? He’s had three years.

6) Who Will Nab the 5th Running Back Spot?

The Falcons carried 5 running backs in their active roster and for good reason. After starting out with a solid rotation of Michael Turner and Jerious Norwood, that rotation was quickly expanded to include Jason Snelling and the Birds even had to go out and pick up Aaron Stecker as a free agent, even after they inked Verron Haynes on the initial roster. They seemed to be poised not to make that mistake again, especially considering that Norwood and Snelling are both entering their final years of their contracts. Many believe that Antoine Smith is poised to make a serious splash after having an excellent career at Florida State. The Falcons also added RB Dmitri Nance to the mix as well. Should be a good one.

So many more questions, but we’ll save some for later.

Your Turn

If you’re headed to The Branch, take some mental notes and send your Bird Cage Guest Column on your thoughts from camp to be published in Sunday’s post. Shoot it via email to

-How much stock do you put into Mini-Camp? A ton, or not so much?

-What are your biggest training camp battles?

-Can William Moore ever get healthy enough to win a starting spot?

-What should the Birds do with Jamaal Anderson? Please help them out.

-What’s your running back rotation? Who will win #5 RB spot?

-Can anyone help the aerial attack?

Enjoy Mini- Camp and Go Falcons!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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May 6th, 2010
10:12 pm

Not gonna say it


May 6th, 2010
10:31 pm

Have the hardest time understanding what the coaches see in Jamal Anderson…..??


May 6th, 2010
10:42 pm

Fifth running back? Are you kidding me? After Turner and Snelling, where’s the beef? Norwood and Anderson are just alike.Legends in their own minds! The rest of the dear hurts with all that potential should be on the verge of changing their zip codes, as Norwood and Anderson should have already.

Sarah B

May 6th, 2010
10:49 pm

I really, really wanted to be there for the AM session. But, alas, real life interviened when my phone rang around 6 only to find out an old friend & roomate had died. I will be at the memorial service Saturday AM. I will still try to make the afternoon session but something tells me I will still be at Atkins Park. Anyone want to commandeer some Auto’s for me?

Sarah B

May 6th, 2010
10:51 pm

BTW – this really sucked as we are/were only 45…

Ken Strickland

May 6th, 2010
11:51 pm

OPENMINDED-until last yr, the Falcons’ run DEF was been on of the NFL’s worst. Last yr, with the solid run stopping ability and versatility of JAnderson, we really moved up the ladder in run DEF. Your run DEF can’t get better if you get rid of your better run stoppers, especially if he can get it done playing 2 DL positions.

Playing DE is much more than a one dimensional process, and getting sacks, while glamorous, is only a part of that process. The only thing that matters, in regards to JAnderson, is Smitty and his DC see something in him.


May 7th, 2010
12:38 am

Good questions–#’s 2 and 3 strike me as the most urgent, and they won’t even begin to be answered this weekend. My guess is we’ll carry 9 Olinemen and say goodbye to one of the guys on your list. Who that will be is going to be a really tough call unless someone gets hurt(forbid). The WR’s I see moving on are Bergeron( hello again, goodbye) and most of the UDFA’s(Wolfe looks like the exception). If put on the spot. I suppose I’d have to go with Romberg for OL cuts, but as you noted the potential is there–maybe more reps is all he needs. There are going to be some big decisions at the cut-down date…..


May 7th, 2010
12:45 am

The more I think about it. I believe Romberg probably is the most likely to be cut. He’s the oldest (other than McClure) of the O-linemen and we’ve got a serious youth movement underway. Still going to be a tough call–hopefully, one of the young’uns will step up and seize a spot….

Sarah B

May 7th, 2010
1:20 am

Oh God I can’t sleep. And I can’t go to Mini-Camp either.


May 7th, 2010
7:56 am

Good morning Cage.

Damned!! Another stellar post from the master. TeePee Sports will be live at the Branch on Saturday and you can rest assure we will bring you the scoop, unbiased and straight, as we see it.

Just a few things upfront:

First, I am truly looking forward to meeting my man Spoon in person.

Second, I really intend to ask TD or Smitty if the Bier Truck has a legit chance at starting this season.

Third, I will be watching the DT situation closely as well. The two new tackles, Peters and Bryant, along with Trey Lewis, will definately have my attention.


May 7th, 2010
7:57 am

Sarah, the TeePee sends its prayers to the family of your lost friend. May the graces of the Divine be with them and you at this time.

John Waynesworld

May 7th, 2010
8:03 am

Maybe Shann Shillinger can surpass Will-i-am “Injured Again” Moore just by staying healthy.

Sorry to hear about your friend, Sarah B.

Waynester, I agree that Bergeron just can’t catch a break. Maybe he is just one of those good wide receivers that just cannot get off the line of scrimmage against elite NFL defenders, a problem I remember UGA alum Fred “Alarm Clock” Gibson had.


May 7th, 2010
8:18 am

JWW, I love the nicknames. What’s up bro?


May 7th, 2010
8:55 am

I will miss the mini camp, but when Camp kicks in this summer I will be very curious how #12 reacts. I still think he had a mind melt because of White holding out, Jenkins gets thrown into the #1 slot, and the attention granted with that.. attention his ego needed. And he had a very good camp last year. Then White comes back to the the main guy and Jenkins’ head just did not get back to where it should have been all year. ( my opinion)

I am along the lines of what Smitty and TD see in Jamaal. Hoping again hope this is his break out year maybe? .. maybe.. please…. ( at least he is not a bust along the lines of Russell..ha)

Sarah: sorry to hear about your loss! Memories last forever, and it only takes a smile to bring them back.

John Waynesworld

May 7th, 2010
9:05 am

SW, my man. I was just venting on an web page about the NFLPA bullying hotels into becoming unions or else they will not stay at those particular hotels. The ironic point is that the NFLPA is saying that the employees are being bullied by the hotels. It’s an upside down world.

SW, I am sick about this William Moore thing. Tearing a pectoral muscle lifting weights? That sounds like something that happens to an unfit man who just started to work out and does too much, NOT to a professional athlete who is supposed to be working out daily leading up to mini camp. I hope William is not the Falcon’s version of Chipper Jones. Last year’s draft has the possibility of becoming one of the worse Falcons drafts, especially if you know who goes down also.


May 7th, 2010
10:12 am

Best D@mn Day of the Work Week Cagers! — Finally, FINALLY, this week is almost over. It just grinded on and on and on forever. Hopefully a beautiful weekend is in store for all our Cagers headed up to The Branch for some mini-camp action. Remember to jot down some notes so you can guest write on Sunday’s mini-camp wrap-up post.

Updates — Updates will be provided here in The Bird Cage as they become available.


May 7th, 2010
10:15 am

JWW, the NFLPA is fast becoming a joke with me. So I will second your comments as it comes to them.

As far as the injury issues go, I too am having some concerns about them. I know they are a part of the game and the preparation process. But damned, this is a little too ridiculous for me. The LW(Larry Wayne) aka Chipper reference is a good one. Good intentions but the tools seem to just not want to support the job that awaits. Only time will tell.

As far as you know who, while talking with a friend last evening, I voiced concerns about his long term viability. In the two games that he played last season before the injury, he officially totaled ONE tackle ( One. But as my friend stated, he clogged the interior of the line. Ok. I will give it the benefit of the doubt. But questions still remain.

One question I looking for answers on is the apparent love affair Smitty has with JA98. Forgive me, am I REALLY that damned blind? Am I really missing something? I attend the minis, I attend the fall camp, I attend the preseason, I attend each game at the Dome, and I roll with the team to at least two to three games a year. So I get to see a lot of this young man. PLEASE tell me…someone PLEASE tell me, what in the hell am I missing. Should I change my name from Seminole Warrior to Stevie Wonder II?

I’m going to make it as simple as I can. JA98, in three years, with 44 starts at DE and DT, has 84 tackles, 2 sacks, and 1 forced fumble.

The Bier Truck, in two years, with TWO starts at DE, and extensive special teams time, has 56 tackles, 7 sacks, and 1 forced fumble.

DE continuity? A man has SEVEN sacks and he is second string. A man has TWO sacks and he starts. Hell, I think even Stevie Wonder will ask questions there.

Will definately be taking the notes this weekend; will definately send a full summary to DE for him to post to the page, and will definately do my best to ask TD and/or Smitty a few pointed questions on Saturday if the chance affords itself.


May 7th, 2010
10:29 am

can’t wait to get there tomorrow. I would love to go to both practices but the lawn must be cut!!!! Hope to see some of you guys there in the morning


May 7th, 2010
10:33 am

Sorry for your loss.


May 7th, 2010
10:35 am

JWW, I feel you on the NFLPA. What a joke they are becoming?

As far as the injuries go, I am a little troubled about them. While speaking with a friend last eve, my friend told me my tone was dark and that I appeared to be giving up on William Moore. I like the kid; he has a very nice skill set but bad luck just seems to pop up on him when it comes to this darn injury bug. I hope he overcomes it and hits the field with a vengenace in the fall. He has the skills to be a damned good one.

The shoulder injury to Babs is nothing compared to the injury that the Constable and Gwinnett Co. still have the potential to inflict. DT is one position I personally plan to pay VERY close attention to Saturday while at the Branch. Most eyes will be on Peters for sure but I want to see this kid Trey Bryant out of Baylor. He has some nice skills (got to get the massive cable packages or a dish to see these guys). His size and abilities are noteworthy. Personally, I see him as a shorter version of Marcus Stroud. Easy UGA fans…I’m not converting in this life time….

I am still troubled by the statement that JA98 is still the starter ot his DE position. What the hell? I read K Strick’s blog points and while respect and agree with a few on my brother’s points, I am of the mindset it is time for a change. To me, personally, I think it is high time to give the Bier Truck a shot. In two years, he has worked hard, gotten bigger and stronger, played the loyal team first role, and been there when needed. Time to reward.

Stats do not always tell the story but in this case, they are rather revealing. JA98, in his multi-facet role as a DT and DE over the last three years, has 44 starts. In those starts, he has 84 tackles, 2 sacks, and one forced fumble. Recall now, these are his CAREER numbers to date. This is considered good enough and he has shown enought to warrant starting status. Bull…..

These same pundits would then turn around and say that John Abraham had a “down” year last season when he posted 35 tackles, 5.5. sacks, and 1 forced fumble. In a down year, Abe had as much or more production in two areas as JA98 has had in a career at TWO positions?

I continue..The Bier Truck, in TWO season, with TWO starts and extensive special teams play time, has 56 tackles, 7 sacks, and 1 forced fumble to date. Again, in two key areas, with MUCH LESS playing time, he beat out JA98. We did not draft JA98 to be a run stuffer…we drafted him to get up field and sack the QB. Plain and simple. To borrow a line from Coop, that dog just does not bark.

Enough venting…I will be watching closely on Saturday and I will bring back the feedback. I truly do intend to ask, if given the chance, a couple of pointed questions of TD or Smitty, during the autograph sessions if they come over. Do not worry…I will not make SportsCenter or Nancy Grace. Just want to show the passion we fans have for our team. I also will invite them to check out the PREMIER source of great debate about all things Falcon, the Bird Cage.


May 7th, 2010
10:36 am

BLord, did all that yard and other honey do work yesterday and today. The Branch is destination one on Saturday.


May 7th, 2010
10:53 am

John Waynesworld
You mean the political left in this country would stoop to such tactics as bullying to force others to join or suffer the consequences? That sounds like something that would happen under the Soviet, Chinese, N. Korean, Islamic funda….oh what’s the point of sarcasm..let’s all enjoy the ride down the slippery slope! Wheeee…..

Ken Strickland

May 7th, 2010
10:56 am

It has been noted that SS EColeman was excellent against the run, but had trouble defending the pass, which gives me pause for concern. He’s a FS by trade, and pass coverage shouldn’t be an issue for a FS. However, SS’s do play closer to the line of scrimmage and have to read run first, while FS’s have more room and can read pass first. Hopefully, his issues were a matter of adjusting to a new position with new requirements.

I also have issues with a SS that has injury problems, since it requires more physical play at the line of scrimmage. However, DE JAbraham had the same injury concerns before we acquired him, and except for his 1st yr here, he’s been solid as a rock and virtually injury free. I still think he was hampered by preseason surgery last yr, which might explain why TD and Smitty are so certain he’ll bounce back this yr. The fact we didn’t consider drafting a DE demonstrates to me that TD and Smitty are more than satisfied with JAbraham’s ability to rebound, and the progress of KBiermann and LSidbury.

Drafting a DT so early tells me they aren’t fully confident in TLewis’s ability to progress sufficiently from his injuries, nor PJerry’s full recovery timetable. I don’t think there’s any concern about the ability of rotational DT’s TJohnson and VWalker. I’m anxious to see how DT TLewis does during camp, since it will be his 1st off season since his rookie yr he’s been able to work on anything besides rehab.

This will also be the 1st training camp since his rookie season he won’t be concerned about how his injuries will respond to the rigors of training camp. I wouldn’t count him out just yet. If he can return to his rookie level of performance, his size and strength will give him an advantage over some of his competition, all things being equal.

If the OLinemen we’ve drafted over the last 2yrs progress as expected, look for C Romberg, OG Blalock and/or OT Svitek to be the ones on the bubble.

As far as our receiving core is concerned, having a prolific pass catching TE like TGonzalez takes a lot of pressure off our WR’s. Look for HDouglas to be the difference maker as the slot receiver. Also, look for rookie KMieir to be groomed as a possession receiver, and BFinneran’s replacement. EWeems will likely make the cut as security in case K & PR Franks gets hurt.

JAnderson ain’t going nowhere, so get use to it. As long as he continues to provide versatility and solid run support at DE & DE, he’ll get all the time he needs to develop his pass rushing skills, which seems to be his only weakness.

I look for this team to catch the NFL by surprise, like it did in 08. But unlike that yr, when our goal was to compete for a playoff berth, the increased talent, depth and experience of this yrs team will allow us to compete for a Superbowl birth.


May 7th, 2010
10:56 am


As always great post!!!. The defense(mainly Biermann) and WR’s. I also will be keeping an eye on Collin Peek. I like that guy. Hope he makes the team.


So sorry to hear about your friend.

Bangkapi Ajarn

May 7th, 2010
11:02 am


I know things are tough, losing a friend so young. No words can remove the hurt, nor should they – grieving for those we have lost, regardless of why, make us who we are.

Just try to remember that the time and manner of your friends passing are not so important – the important things to remember, to cherish, are the time and manner of their life, how they affected you, how they helped you grow and learn about things big and small. As long as you keep those experiences, those little growth and learning moments you shared, as part of your life, they will never truly be gone.

Never alone, Sarah, never truly alone.


May 7th, 2010
11:04 am

K Strick, well written my friend. Excellent breakdown. I can’t find a significant issue with any of them. I want to the the Bier Truck start this season at DE opposite Abe though.


May 7th, 2010
11:07 am

SW, Work and school combined unfortunately make Sat. the only time I can get around to the load of the honey do. I will be dependent on the members of the bird cage to keep me informed of the events in the pm practice.


May 7th, 2010
11:09 am

Sarah…this is from Robert F. Kennedy, a favorite of mine. As BA said so well, place your friend and the times shared in this context…

But we can perhaps remember–even if only for a time — that those who live with us are our brothers; that they share with us the same short moment of life; that they seek–as we do–nothing but the chance to live out their lives in purpose and happiness, winning what satisfaction and fulfillment they can.


May 7th, 2010
11:09 am

BLord, I promise. The TeePee will have your back!!

Bangkapi Ajarn

May 7th, 2010
11:16 am

D3, SW, Ken S., Great stuff, thanks.

I accept that Smitty says JA is DE first, but I also note that he mentioned in an interview that JA is gaining weight to allow him to better play DT.

I also note that during Babs suspension there will be an excellent opportunity to use JA more at DT and Bierman/Sidbury at DE, without committing to any changes that could create the public impression that someone is disappointing the team (Smitty is a “players” coach, dissing them publicly is counterproductive, such as suggesting JA is weak at DE).

SW, really looking forward to your insights from the branch. If you get a chance to talk to TD, tell him you know a great guy to write an interesting book on the draft process, the “birth” of a Falcon from the perspective of candidates for the roster as well as the front office sorting thru the grading parameters from the get-go :-) .


May 7th, 2010
11:23 am

BA, I will definately pass on the message if I get the chance.


May 7th, 2010
11:26 am

BA, I am not saying that Smitty should put down JA98…if he is going to move him inside, that is cool. I like the depth that gives. But I can not see why we would say that he (JA98) is the starter at DE when, based on the evidence to date, that experiment has proven to be a failure.

Bangkapi Ajarn

May 7th, 2010
11:31 am

SW, Agree totally(I think we are on the same page there).

I am looking at the public comments from TD and Smitty regarding JA that disturb many (me included), and the OTHER comments that JA is gaining weight to better perform at DT, and that they want the younger developmental players a chance to develop. I see Bierman and Sidbury in that statement, but that may just be my rose colored glasses (hoping they aren’t from that famous primrose path!!).


May 7th, 2010
11:36 am

Feeling you my brother. I will definately be watching for that. As far as anything Bier Truck related, I read that CBrass will be there evaluating Bierman and the WRs. So I will defer to her for detailed analysis on the Truck…

CB, your turn on the mike.

Sarah B

May 7th, 2010
11:39 am

Thanks Ya’ll your comments mean a lot to me.


May 7th, 2010
11:40 am

Breaking news!! If you are so inclined, like a junkie like me, this Mothers Day (of course, handle the more important biz with mom, if you are so blessed).

On the Network, they will replay the first of the Falcons/Saints game this Sunday at 5:30pm.


May 7th, 2010
11:40 am

blord & Seminole — Make sure to jot down some notes or mental memories so you can send a guest column to be published on Sunday. Would love to make it, but its the CEO’s birthday celebration this weekend.


May 7th, 2010
11:41 am

We are always here for you, Sarah…This Cage rolls like that!! One Nation…Falcon Nation.

But something are more important. And when one is hurting, we all hurt. For we all are one in the graces of the Divine.


May 7th, 2010
11:42 am

D3, count on it my friend. And make sure that the CEO enjoys the weekend to the max. The Westin or the Omni if you can my friend. Trade secrets..

Bangkapi Ajarn

May 7th, 2010
11:51 am

Thanks on the book message (I know it won’t happen, but I actually think it would be a good idea.

Think of it truly as the “birth of a Falcon”, in allegorical terms.
1a) umpteen draft eligible seniors from all over the world (not just the USA) in contention to be the, say, 4th round pick in next year’s falcon draft
1b) umpteen sperm swimming upstream trying to be the one to impregnate that egg

2a) Lots of obstacles along the way kill off most of the little swimmers
2b) Lots of factors reduce the pool of potential draft picks when the 4th round pick comes along

3a) One little swimmer gets to wiggle inside the egg, starting the pregnancy process
3b) One candidate, with the right resume, character, versatility, motor, positional experience gets picked to go to training camp

Survival of the fittest, but the process (from the team perspective), continues

4a) training camp feeds the prospect education, medical, Physical training/molding
4b) same with pregnancy, vitamins, med checks, pre-natal care

5a) Make the roster or not, continue to receive training, education, medical
5b) same for a baby as it is born healthy or not, receiving education, exercise, medical.

And on and on.

Similar process from the prospects perspective, follow a few potential prospects from initial radar blip to draft day.

Converge in the final chapter, look at some prospects that were picked in the same round thru the same process and how their career blossomed or not over the years.

Just a thought, but I still think it would be a good idea and immortalize TD. Maybe readable to more than football fans, humanize it possibly.


May 7th, 2010
11:54 am

Damned BA, that’s deep!! And you are right..I think it would sell.


May 7th, 2010
12:36 pm

B Ajarn
The 2nd paragraph of your 11:16 post was dynamite–really got me thinking–thanks for the mental stimulus(now all I need is a Physical bailout)! I’ve been looking at the potential suspension of Babs from only the perspective of the harm it could cause, not the possible benefits to our youngsters. Of particular profundity was your observation regarding Smith’s coaching style and how any suspension could be turned into a opportunity for others without causing lockerroom tension or media speculation about “who’s replacing who”.
Sarah B
Others have expressed it more eloquently than I ever could, but for what it’s worth, you’re in my prayers along with your friends’ folks….
Dear Cage,
Sorry for my political rantings earlier–I’m in a real smart-alecky mood today for some reason and needed to blow off some steam along with John Waynesworld….
Quick Quote
“(football) is the last bastion of pure, unadulterated testosterone-laden barbarism–and that’s why we love it” former NFL O-lineman Ross Tucker in his latest column on…think I’ll go hit something now….


May 7th, 2010
12:45 pm


Rranting and releasing today ensures a chance for a better tomorrow. Heard some old dude say that in a barber shop one day long ago. And you know those barber shop dudes have a keen insight on life….


May 7th, 2010
12:50 pm

BA…that’s a funny analogy! But I enjoy your prose ;)

Sarah B…I’m sorry for your loss…peace and love to you during this time of sorrow.

Can’t wait for everyones feedback on the mini-camp. The work monster and the family will keep me away but I look forward to the reports from the Cagers…


May 7th, 2010
12:55 pm

DePlane…been a little while. Glad to see ya.

Bangkapi Ajarn

May 7th, 2010
1:08 pm

SW, waynester, DePlane, thanks! I know it won’t see the light of day, but compared to “Moneyball” (Billy Beane’s opus) it would likely do really well. I’m working on a sci-fi novel at the moment, so my mind goes in funny places.
Deplane – definitely could get funny, think of the jokes if a VALID career comparison of aspiring professional football players to sperm was published “the best part of Demarcus Russell—”, etc., etc.

Waynester – as someone that is constantly biting my tongue to withhold political commentary (and sometime should when I don’t) I certainly understand the urge, and appreciate when it comes out from time to time. Forming one’s opinions from the talking heads on TV is DANGEROUS!!!!

Sorry if I am a bit off topic, no shot at mini-camp up here in corn country.


May 7th, 2010
1:10 pm

re: your earlier post–It is possible to be both a FSU and UGA fan. It’s very common in South Georgia. They’re called DawgaNoles. I should know, as I too am such a hybrid. It’s a good thing–you get hated on by Jackets and Gators alike–fun on the bun!


May 7th, 2010
1:21 pm


At heart, I am forever a Dawg (my beloved THS Bulldogs). But the passion and the love for the Seminole nation are enduring, both the spirit of the school as well as the rich history of the tribe.

As far as the Wasps (aka Bees, Jackets), I will never root for them. The cross town rivals, the Wasps (aka Jackets of Thomas Country Central)…..oh, I forgot, this is a family friendly blog.
Would rather have dinner in an outhouse than to root for them

The UGA Dawgs are cool with me, especially as long as they hold on to MY coach, Mark Richt. Do him wrong and it will haunt you UGA for a long, long time. You have been warned!!


May 7th, 2010
1:22 pm

One more point, Waynester.

Given her intense love for the Dawgs and her love to pick on the Noles, I can’t wait to see what CBrass says about the DawgaNoles moniker….LOL.