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The 2010 Atlanta Falcons NFL Draft is in the books and the reviews have certainly been mixed at best from many fans examining the newest Falcons. Thomas Dimitroff has been marveled as a top general manager and talent evaluator in the National Football League, but this draft in particular wasn’t the homerun that many fans think the previous ones may have been. TD has always been very loyal to his “needs-based” approach to filling out the Falcons roster through the draft and has hit some major homeruns in his time as GM, with only a few players (3 out of 19 to be exact) that are not either a part of the active roster or on the practice squad. So without further ado, meet the newest Atlanta Falcons and give your grades accordingly.

((((Editor’s Note)))) – In an effort to spread out the draft evaluation, have plenty of football to discuss in the upcoming “dark-cloud-no-football” period, and get some much needed down time, the posts will be somewhat shorter in the near future.

1st Round – Sean Weatherspoon – OLB – Missouri

One of the biggest favorites for a long time with local fans in Atlanta. Weatherspoon was a target early and often for Dimtroff and Co., working him out several times after having an amazingly productive career at Missouri. Fills a perfect need at outside linebacker and adds much needed speed, athleticism, and fire to the LB corps. Has superb coverage skills, an excellent tackler, and can rush the passer at any given time. Has an awesome work ethic and infectious attitude that should pair well with Curtis Lofton and Stephen Nicholas for years to come. After Brandon Graham was taken @ #12 by the Philadelphia Eagles and Derrick Morgan was nabbed by the Tennessee Titans @ #16, it seemed like a given that Spoon was headed for the ATL.

Grade – A

3rd Round – Corey Peters – DT – Kentucky

Let the questions begin at this point. Many fans knew that defensive tackle would be addressed at some point in the draft, but taking a DT with the 83rd pick in the third round was a little surprising, and when the name was called it was even more of a shock. Peters was originally slotted to go in the later rounds by some draft sites, but shot up the boards with good workouts, and most importantly to Dimitroff, an extremely productive college career in arguably the toughest conference in the nation: the SEC. Had better production in his senior year than many of the tackles even taken before him (12 Tackles for Loss, 4 Sacks) including Dan Williams (1st round) and many others. With all that being said, many fans are upset with this pick after taking a relative unknown player, which many consider a major reach.

Grade – B-

3rd Round – Mike Johnson – G – Alabama

Although many may not be happy taking two consecutive interior line picks in a row, Johnson was one of the best and most productive offensive linemen in the draft. Johnson broke the record for most games ever started by any Alabama player in their rich history. Johnson is a mauler who has played almost every position on the offensive line and paved the way for Mark Ingram to win the Heisman Trophy, as well as Alabama winning the SEC and National Championship. Gives magnificent insurance to Justin Blalock and Harvey Dahl entering their final years of their contracts. Most likely will work his way into the starting lineup at some point in the future.

Grade – B+

4th Round – Joe Hawley – C – UNLV

Absolutely one of the biggest stunners of the whole draft. Fans knew that center would most likely be addressed at some point, but the name was the most shocking. After having so many names on the board in the fourth round still available, and other highly ranked centers such as Eric Olsen, Matt Tennant, and Ted Larsen available, Dimitroff picked Hawley which was highly panned by fans and critics alike. Is a player with a major nasty streak and had great college production, but this one will be closely monitored by fans.

Grade – C

5th Round – Dominique Franks – CB – Oklahoma

Franks Adds Great Speed (

Might be the pick of the draft by Dimitroff. Franks was scouted to have 2nd or 3rd round grades by many draft experts and dropped all the way to the fifth round. Dimitroff saw Franks was in contention so he traded with the St. Louis Rams to nab him in the fifth round. Franks immediately adds speed, agility, and much needed size to the secondary that has already significantly been upgraded with the addition of Dunta Robinson and strong play of Chris Owens and Brent Grimes. Also adds much needed special teams ability and will look to be a contributor right away. Once an enormous weakness, the secondary looks to be one of the strongest positions on the team.

Grade – A+

5th Round – Kerry Meier – WR – Kansas

Quite another shock when Meier’s name scrolled across the board. A relatively unknown wide receiver who was a converted quarterback at Kansas. Other big names were on the board throughout the draft and the Falcons passed again and again to end up with Meier. After the initial disbelief, Meier might be a steal in the fifth round and perfect fit to the Falcons offense. Has good size, runs superb routes, and most importantly catches everything thrown his way. Set the record for most all-time receptions at Kansas. Had amazing production at Kansas clipping almost 2,000 yards receiving and 16 TDs in his final two years.

Grade – B-

6th Round – Shann Schillinger – S – Montana

Still the biggest head-scratcher to this moment. Its well known that Coach Smith and Thomas Dimitroff put a heavy emphasis on special teams, but drafting another safety seems to be a very surprising move when their were so many other players at different positions they could take a flier on. The Falcons have Thomas DeCoud, William Moore, Erik Coleman, Matt Giordano, and Antoine Harris, so safety seems to be an area of strength. Schillinger may turn out to add excellent depth, speed, and versatility, but this might be the most surprising of the bunch.

Grade – D

Overall Draft Grade – B-

Thomas Dimitroff certainly filled a lot of needs in terms of depth, but only a few players stick out as having an immediate impact (Weatherspoon, Franks). TD didn’t go for the flashiest names and was criticized by many fans and experts alike, but he gets the benefit of the doubt and this Falcons team doesn’t need the marquee names that it used to and is committed to building a well-rounded, tough, intelligent team with high character and excellent work ethic. Did many fans hear of Kroy Biermann, Chris Owens, or Thomas DeCoud at the time?

Much more analysis to come on each player, their potential impact on the team, and how they fit into the current roster over the next several weeks.

2nd Annual Bird Cage Mock Draft Competition Update – Submitted mock drafts will be scored over the next few days and winners will be announced this week. Thanks for all our fans that participated in the fun and friendly competition.

Your Turn to Give Your Expert Opinion

-Give your overall draft grade for Dimitroff and the Falcons

-Assign a grade to each player and give a description of your thoughts on each

-What was the Falcons best pick?

-What was the Falcons worst pick?

-How does this draft compare to Dimitroff’s other two drafts?

-What players should have TD taken instead?

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April 25th, 2010
10:46 pm


April 25th, 2010
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April 25th, 2010
10:56 pm

Bangkapi Ajarn

April 25th, 2010
10:57 pm

Would suggest the the second round pick deserves a grade as well – aging all pro TE, 2 or 3 tears of productivity

Reid Adair

April 25th, 2010
11:08 pm

Round 1 – Weatherspoon: A
The best of the defensive ends were gone, even though it looked like Derrick Morgan might make it to No. 19. I’m not sure they still wouldn’t have taken Weatherspoon. He can cover, and he can rush. Great pick.

Round 3 – Peters: C
Some Falcons fans on Twitter immediately started asking if Babineaux was gone or if Jerry wasn’t going to be healthy. I think this was for depth primarily.

Round 3 – Johnson: B
Solid offensive guard, and nothing wrong with some depth on the line. Frankly, I was a bit surprised they didn’t take Matt Tennant with one of the third-round picks.

Round 4 – Hawley: B
I had to go back and research Hawley since ESPN and the AJC had him listed as a guard. I thought for sure they would address the center spot in the draft. With Hawley, they did.

Round 5 – Franks: A
While Weatherspoon was obvious ot many, this may well be the best pick of the draft.

Round 5 – Meier: B-
I thought they would get at least one receiver in the draft, and I didn’t think it would be in an early round (although some thought Bay Bay Thomas would be a first-round option). I’m not sure if Meier was the best available, but I trust Thomas Dimitroff and Mike Smith.

Round 6 – Shillinger: C
Much like the original post, I’m still wondering about a safety, whether he can return kicks or not.

Overall Grade: B
There hasn’t been a lot of flash in the draft since the arrival of Dimitroff and Smith, but there has been a significant improvement in the overall talent on the team (as witnessed by the back-to-back winning seasons despite numerous injuries last year). I have no reason to think this year’s draft isn’t continuing to improve the roster.


April 25th, 2010
11:14 pm

Spoon – A. Peters – a reach, C. Johnson – B. Hawley – D. Franks – A, (excellent value). Meier – C minus. Schillinger – D minus. We added quite a few ‘Jack of All Trades’, ‘Swiss Army Knives’. I think a better approach is to do one thing great, not several things okay. Cross-training is one thing but this feels like we are aiming at marginal. If Jerry, Moore, Turner, Williams, and Douglas come back healthy and effective, the Falcons should be a very solid playoff team but that’s a big IF. We’ll know in three years how good this draft was. Right now it feels like a C grade overall.

[...]…Offer Up Your Expert Opinion The 2010 Atlanta Falcons NFL Draft is in the books and the reviews have certainly been mixed at best from many fans. [...]


April 26th, 2010
12:12 am

A lot of folks on here scratching their heads over the Schillinger pick–Why Safety? Why this guy? To answer the last question first-Schillinger is a dang good Safety–second, looks like we won’t be keeping Fudge, Harris or Peprah around or at least not all of them. In addition to Schillinger we also added 2 more Safeties. Rafael Bush from SC St and Gabe Derricks from SD. We just injected a whole lot of competition at the safety spots. We added a couple of TEs and Rader announced his retirement–again anticipating a FA loss. I suspect Babineux may be on the way out here for clogging up the “falcon filter” which goes a long way toward explaining the early reach for a DT–even if he was the highest rated player on our board( it’s doubtful based on the reaction) that other teams saw it that way– meaning Peters probably would still have been there at our 3rd rd comp. It’s at this point in the draft that I believe we panicked and went ahead and chose a DT earlier than they had planned (or wanted to). That seems like the most likely explaination based on Dimitroff’s press conference at the end of day 2. All just speculation, of course…


April 26th, 2010
12:48 am

D3, my man, great job I give it an A+!


April 26th, 2010
12:50 am

Round 1 – Weatherspoon: A++
I’ve been on the Spoonwagon since the Senior Bowl. He is the antidote to the Reggie Bush/Jeremy Shockey threat. We have 2 up and coming DEs better than any pick after Morgan or Graham. I never thought we should risk another 1st on a DE until our coverage issues were addressed. If Spoon were around 2 years ago instead of a certain current Dallas Cowboy (who is dead to me), 3 & 19 in the playoffs would have never happened. My favorite draft pick since Matt Ryan.
Round 3 – Peters: B
I thought this was a reach initially, until I found out about how many teams were about to snatch him up. Apparently he lead the SEC in TFL, and put a hurting on some Gators and my beloved Dawgs. Much needed depth in the interior DLine especially with the uncertainty of Jerry’s knee and Bab’s suspension.

Round 3 – Johnson: B+
Excellent pick. One of the most consistent, resilient, versatile, and underrated OLinemen in the draft.

Round 4 – Hawley: B-
Didn’t know much about this guy, apparently had a fantastic combine, really strong, apparently a scrapper in the mold of the “Nasty Boys”. Nice depth,with potential to replace McClure.

Round 5 – Franks: A-
Excellent value pick, may replace Weems on returns. Nice size. The only reason I give a minus to that A is because I had my heart set on Akwasi Owusu-Ansah. Great pick, may push Chevis Jackson off the roster.

Round 5 – Meier: A
HAVE YOU SEEN THIS GUY CATCH THE BALL? He’s like a slightly smaller Tony Gonzales with a little Wes Welker and Austin Collie for good measure. Sleeper pick of the draft. YouTube his name and enjoy. Mularkey probably got a little tighter in the pants after this pick.

Round 6 – Shillinger: B
Great Special Teamer, apparently great hands, another of TD’s great small school conference finds.

Overall Grade: A
Not as sexy draft as the crybabies that come out every year would have likes, but more importantly added much needed depth and character to our team. These are football players, smart gritty ballers with a high Football IQ. TD went into this draft with a scalpel instead of sledgehammer, and we will have a more cohesive better team for it. Excellent draft.

Hamad Meander

April 26th, 2010
12:53 am

I’ve been very critical of the draft, and I can say after a day of thought and consideration, I’m still critical. Since we are grading each pick individually, here we go:

Weatherspoon – a needed pick at a needed position. The fact that every other good fit was gone by #19, there really isn’t any argument here. Grade – A

Peters – a needed position, but a reach. Hard to argue this as EVERY mock had him going 5th or 6th round. Nothing wrong with Peters, only the fact he was picked a several rounds early. Getting good value in the draft is crucial to building a solid franchise. Grade – C

Johnson – watched this guy play in the SEC for 4 years. Don’t be fooled here. He can only play guard in the NFL. Nice back-up, but might have been available later and there were some big time linemen still on the board. Grade – C

Hawley – oh my word. With so many other highly graded centers available, why this guy in the 4th round. Why not let the draft come to you when this guy would have easily been available in the 6th round?

Franks – ok, I like this guy. A value pick. What we should have been doing in the draft all the way down. Hated that we gave up the 6th round pick for him, as there was awesome talent all the way down this draft board. Franks will make the team and contribute, but I’ve read that kick returns aren’t going to be his bag. Grade – A

Meier – I could come to like this guy, as he seems to have all the physical skills needed to be a fine receiver in the NFL. I would have liked others in the same position though. Grade – B

Schillinger – what in the heck. We are as deep as the Mississippi at both safety positions and there was monster talent still on the board at needed positions. Grade – F

There are two problems here – by reaching for players, it’s almost like we lost two third round talents by picking lower ranked guys in those positions. Secondly, our rivals loaded up on the talent that we left on the board. Now we have to compete against those guys that should have been on our roster.

Hamad Meander

April 26th, 2010
1:08 am

Just for fun, Hamad posts his dream draft based on who was still on the board at the time of our picks:

1st round – Sean Weatherspoon – why mess with a great thing
3rd round – Everson Griffin – DE – freak of an athlete mocked in top 25
3rd round – Bruce Campbell – OT – most mocks of him 1st round – fast, big, beast of a tackle – loves to knock people to the dirt
4th round – Eric Norwood – SLB – everybody loved this guy in the Bird Cage – can you believe we could have had him here?
5th round – Matt Tennent – C – ditto
5th round – Marshall Newhouse – OG – truly versatile OL
6th round – Jonathan Dwyer – again, 1st or 2nd round value in the 6th!
6th round – Myron Rolle – S – Rhodes Scholar and fine athlete

I think that with this draft, we would have had 4 or 5 starters. Weatherspoon, Campbell, Norwood, and Tennent would have all been starting real soon.

Ok, now that I’ve posted that, I’m ready to move on. I love the Falcons and accept who they have added. Let’s go win some football games.

Screen Pass

April 26th, 2010
1:24 am

Very nice Hamad…especially the woulda – SHOULDA been draft. I’ll have something up in a lil while. I will be throwing Dimitroff under the bus, kicking him in the head, and tying him to back of said bus to be dragged away. Then I will discuss why it isn’t really that bad and try to redeem TD. This might take awhile.

Screen Pass

April 26th, 2010
2:37 am

The 2010 draft for the Falcons and T. Dimitroff is over and we are left with a Jeckyll and Hyde love – hate kinda feeling. Why is this? Breaking the draft grade into 2 parts might help give us an answer. If we look at this draft in terms of “draft management” and “draft production” maybe we can better understand the schizo nature of this drafts epic fail and at the same time “not too shabby” result.

Let’s begin with draft management. Atlanta started the draft with 8 picks and ended up with 7, a net loss of 1 pick. TD had the option to trade the (19)pick with the Broncos and would have received the 24th and 3(87) or 4(113) picks as compensation…but chose not to. From here on out is purely speculative but at a minimum we could have had 9 picks and still gotten Weatherspoon. The Cowboys traded their 27 and 3 (90) for the 24th. That could have been us with now 10 picks, an extra 2 3rds or a 3 and a 4th. No one on planet Earth or any galaxy for that matter can say that Weatherspoon was worth a 1st and 2 3rds…considering he would not probaly have gone until the Saints at 32, we could have gotten “Spoon” and 2 3rds. This is a massive failure of draft management on TD’s part. I’ll stop here but needless to say ending up with less picks instead of more equals an “F” rating.

Next let’s look at draft production;

1(19) – S. Weatherspoon ; Not great value but a need – B+
3(83) – C. Peters ; Reach but addresses a need – B-
3(98) – M. Johnson ; Need and solid player – B
4(117) – J. Hawley ; Big reach, better players avail, fits need – C
5(135) – D. Franks ; Great value offset somewhat by giving up 6th rnd pick – B
5(165) – K. Meier ; reach for an UFA, slow and limited in role – D
6(171) – S. Schillinger ; Big, fast, versatile..slight reach – B+

We filled alot of needs with decent to good players at many positions so draft production was not really bad at all. I give “draft production” a B-
My overall draft grade for TD and the Falcons = C-

It is late..I will try some “what-if” scenarios tommorrow.

Big Ray

April 26th, 2010
3:46 am

Spoon- A

Peters- C+

Johnson- B+

Franks- A

Schillinger- ?

Meier- C

Hawley- C

Screw the “what ifs”……


April 26th, 2010
4:56 am

I don’t have a problem with none of Mr Dimitroff picks – I just don’t like where they were picked in each round.

Rd-1 Spoon C+ this guy is a second rounder
Rd-3 Peters C- this guy is a 5th rounder
Rd-3 Johson B
Rd-4 Hawley C- this guy is a 6th rounder
Rd-5 Franks B
Rd-5 Meier F this guy should have been an UDFA
Rd-6 Schillinger F this guy should have been an UDFA

Terrible draft. C-

That Dimitroff guy is using the Bobby Cox and the Atlanta Braves method(trying to keep out those athletes who they believe affiliate with gangsters. In the end that method will fail. Remember this Mr Blank and Dimitroff because of your judge mental attitude, those same quality atheletes that you are trying to keep out of your organization will be playing for another organization and they will help those teams defeat the falcons.


April 26th, 2010
5:03 am

Excellent work as always D3…here’s basically how I feel about the Falcons draft, picked up on

Atlanta Falcons

Grade: C-

Details: The Falcons reached for Sean Weatherspoon and pedestrian defensive tackle Corey Peters with their first two selections. Weatherspoon is a safe bet to be a long-term starter, but non-rush linebackers are rarely worth top-20 overall picks. Peters lacks difference-making ability.

Late third-rounder Mike Johnson is probably a future starter at offensive guard, while versatile guard/center Joe Hawley should be a valuable swing-type reserve. Oklahoma cornerback Dominique Franks was a value pick in round five. Converted quarterback Kerry Meier lacks ideal speed. Sixth-round pick Shann Schillinger of Montana wore an undrafted free agent grade and will only contribute on special teams.

GM Thomas Dimitroff deserves the benefit of the doubt because he’s been quite successful in building up Atlanta’s roster to this point, but there isn’t much to get excited about here. We’re not sure the team significantly improved during the draft.

Unca' Bob

April 26th, 2010
5:58 am


I got your Email. I can receive but I can’t send. I will reply as soon as possible.

Brian Hunt

April 26th, 2010
6:06 am

This draft will either make TD and Smith look like geniuses or fools. Only time will tell. It felt a lot like Dan Reeves was back in charge, except we didn’t get a tight end. I’d be a lot happier with this draft if we’d taken a TE (one of the deeper positions in the draft). The thing we learned about the team is that the Falcons’ brass is actually happy with their current roster and thinks that championship talent is already here.


April 26th, 2010
7:47 am

well folks we did get a tight end 3 in udfa including c peek from ala

The Real Falcon

April 26th, 2010
8:21 am

Incomplete. A lot of “if this or that happens” to be determined.

The Real Falcon

April 26th, 2010
8:26 am

When a draft pick is described a “stunner’ , “head scratcher” and “shocking” that says alot. I get the system specific pick theory but I thought we said we wanted playmakers. I see only one who can contribute right now. That’s not good fron a deep draft.

John Waynesworld

April 26th, 2010
8:36 am

Overall a good draft with what we had to work with. If and buts and candy and nuts…This is what we got.

Spoon- A: This could have received an A+, as there was a near chance of getting Derrick Morgan for our DE need. That being said, Spoon is just what we needed in a fast linebacker, and we did need an upgrade there to be sure.

Peters- B+: At first this was a shock to me as well, but upon further review, just like D3, I did a little video searching and found what D3 did, that Peters is a true disrupter AND a pass rusher, and he also is a short yardage brick wall. He will be invaluable on short yardage situations. Here’s a little show on big Corey:

Johnson- B+: This could be an A if he plays this year. Otherwise a hugely solid pick. This guy was highly rated.

Franks- A-: We shall see if there is a glaring reason he dropped so far, but otherwise for depth and return ability (I have been waiting for someone to compete with Weems for years) Franks is a surprisingly good pick.

Schillinger- C: I give this a C because he is basically an unknown to all of us (except Beer Man). Stay tuned.

Meier- B+: This one (a hunch) could be our diamond in the rough. This guy had just under 1000 yards and 8 TDs last year, averaged 10 yards per reception and no fumbles. In fact Kerry didn’t fumble in his entire career at Kansas. I like that stat.

Hawley- C: Again he gets a C for unknown abilities, except at the combine where he had the third best bench press right behind Russell Okung. Another factor may be he is from the Mountain West, which as we all recall went 4-1 in bowl games, the best of any conference last year.

I give the cage’s number one pick, D3, an absolute A+ for the information bonanza.

In Dimitroff We Trust

April 26th, 2010
8:42 am

I will be honest (unlike others) and admit I have no clue as to how well we drafted. However, I can not discount the job Dimitroff has done drafting so far. I think no one had heard of Biermann before TD picked him. No one heard of Sidbury either. Both late round picks have only scratched the surface with their potential. Jerry and Moore have yet to produce since early injuries denied us a true measure of their potential. Curtis Lofton was a late pick up and can anyone deny him? I don’t have the complete list, but the picture is clear. TD knows alot more about football players and the draft than many give him credit for. The fact that he took some players higher than “mock drafts” and Mel Kiper thought he should is irrelevant to me. If TD and co. thought they were worthy, who am I to quibble? In fact, the fact they thought it necessary to trade or pick earlier than most makes me think these players will be a lot better than the “experts” think. We have a few great players starting for us now that TD picked or traded for. Matt Ryan, Tony G.,Michael Turner, Biermann, Sidbury, Lofton, Baker,Dunta Robinson, Chris Owens, Brent Grimes, (Peria Jerry and Moore will prove themselves this year as well)

Listing out the Draft Comments

April 26th, 2010
8:47 am

[...] The Bird Cage (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) (B-) [...]


April 26th, 2010
9:09 am

Go back and listen to Dimitroff’s press conferences after day 2 and it doesn’t take a whole lot of reading between the line to know that we had something else in mind when round 3 started. I’m certain we didn’t ideally want to take a DT there, rather at 3rd comp.I’d love to know how our draft board was stacked at the top of the 3rd and how it evolved as the afternoon progressed. You’d figure that our main targets were already taken and we became uneasy and took DT before our priority guys disappeared entirely. Each choice has a domino effect on the remainder of the draft and I think that’s what we saw. Fortunately, we were prepared enough to cope with the loss, having found numerous later round guys with identical skillsets that we worked out diligently and studied intently. The resulting draft class covered practically all our needs with players that WE graded for our team chemistry and longevity. It’s possible that we keep some veteran DE’s on speed dial, giving Biermann and Sidbury a chance to sink or swim in year 3. If not there will be several pro-ready DE’s in the 2011 draft that we could target with our (LATE) 1st rounder next year. We’re still a work in progress, but I think we took some more giant steps in the right direction last weekend…..


April 26th, 2010
9:27 am


As always great job. I think it is too early to grade this draft. We are now only getting a feel for TD’s first draft. However, in saying that I was a little thrown by a couple of the names that flashed across the screen but when I go back and research these guys I like what I see. This may not be a flashy draft as some other teams but I think TD picked the players that we needed.

I also wanted to pass this along. After we drafted Shann Schillinger I ran over Biermann’s Facebook page and I asked what could we expect from Schillinger and Beirmann had this to say:

“Good job!! Great hard working and hard nosed kid that won’t disappoint.”


April 26th, 2010
9:32 am

This is a little off the subject but I’m sure everyone can agree with this. Something has to be done.


April 26th, 2010
9:35 am

I am still seeking help from this draft….I feel we should have drafted a RB and DE. I love Norwood (when he’s on the field) and DE….speaks for itself. We need a RB that can catch, get around the end, and keep the DF guessing……most teams are using this type of offense. This could give us a Thunder / Lighting type effect and allow for Turner to be stronger …… With that I give this DRAFT a “IN COMPLETE”….did not target positions that will help now and in the future…..I pray that I am wrong and the GM and his staff prove me wrong….


April 26th, 2010
9:48 am

Overall Grade – B

Not sexy at all, but in three years could turn out to be a solid A

I only give it a B because I thought we would go after a legitimate offensive weapon at some point. I trust Dimitroff though.


April 26th, 2010
9:51 am

Speculation up front says a strong B overall. We added depth where we needed it and more importantly set up some nice competition in Camp to see who is going to get what jobs.. I think Jenkins needs someone breathing down his neck this year, Douglass now has competition too from now only Weems but now we have rookies coming in to fight for 2nd/3rd rcver and for returns’
I say wait to camp and then first pre-season to really see how to rate this draft.

As we all know, what it says on paper is not reality on the field.

I am happy though we resigned Michael Koenen. And curious how Norwood works for us this year… Man I would love to see him uninjured and utilized ala Bush.


April 26th, 2010
9:53 am

Cbrass: Case in point is Jamarcus Russell … all those millions and for what? And now the raiders have Campbell coming in, and this leaves Russell on the bench getting literally fatter, slower and richer every day.


April 26th, 2010
10:10 am


Exactly. Love Matt Stafford to death but giving him all of that money before he even step foot on the field is just crazy. Something has to be done and quick. Oh and Jamarcus Russell checked out as soon as he signed his contract. Note how he held out all of that time. He only wanted the money. I love football more than Russell do.

Falcon Devil

April 26th, 2010
10:12 am

D3, who won the mock competition?


April 26th, 2010
10:22 am

Cbrass: my buddy and i were discussing that point over beers sat.. Does the money up front just ruin good players? As in, I got my payday, screw playing… One would think or argue that all that desire and hunger with the hours put in , the pain, the injuries etc, getting that pay day is all its about.
but then you see undrafted folks, busting their tails, making the teams and playing for not just the money, but the love of the game.
Stupid analysis but I just think of the time I spent on my last team at work. Bring in this hotshot that just got his MBA, and he makes more than anyone on the team etc.. yet he washes out in 6months … and we just wasted money on him and leaves the entire team in a lurch to fill that gap. ….I know, its not the same as pro sports but the feeling of “why did he get the money, accounts etc? was he really that qualified..really? ” is there none the less


April 26th, 2010
10:28 am

For all you experts saying Peters was a reach and would have been available later, Peter King writes today that TD broke the Brown’s heart with that pick, they were all set to take him a few picks later. If Peters was there, they wouldn’t have taken McCoy, that’s how much they thought of him

Bangkapi Ajarn

April 26th, 2010
10:36 am


April 26th, 2010
10:39 am

Not a sexy draft by any means however sexy doesn’t always get it done in the NFL. I was really looking forward to the draft however beside the Spoon pick I was left scratching my head. TD knows more than I do but in a draft that was said to be the “deepest in years” I figured there would be some names selected that I would get a little excited about. Truth is for myself this was a boring Falcon draft but it may also be our best when all is said and done. I honestly got more excited about some of the names on our rookie free agent list then I did our draft picks. I know we took a LB at 19 but when Dekota Watson was still on the board late I wondered why we didn’t pick him up. Time will tell if this was a good draft or not. I look forward to seeing how these guys develop.

I didn’t even know Montana had a football team until Beer-man. They appear to have a direct line to Flowery Branch now.


April 26th, 2010
10:40 am


Not a stupid analysis at all. It’s spot on. I was going to give Anderson as an example but he was simply drafted to high. He actually tries but just is a bust plain and simple. In saying that I’m sure he didn’t mind getting his millions in guaranteed money. Well on second thought I guess he would be a prime example. Here’s a guy who was “suppose” to come in and have double digit sacks each season but only have 2 1/2 in his three years. Whereas, Biermann on the other hand was a 5th round selection had 5 sacks in spot duty last season(up from 1 his rookie season) and is looking to have a outstanding season this year. Anderson benefited from a very weak SEC west the year which he turned into a huge payday.

Unca' Bob

April 26th, 2010
10:41 am

For all that were interested in Jax’s Henderson:


April 26th, 2010
10:51 am


Thanks for the vid. For a big man Peters can move!!


April 26th, 2010
10:52 am

Unca’ Bob,

Think TD will go after him?


April 26th, 2010
10:55 am

Just curious why everyone seems to be all about flash(playmakers). This isn’t fantasy football or the NBA.


April 26th, 2010
10:57 am

GO FALCONS!!!! About the draft, don’t give a rats butt, just win some games and get us in the playoffs. I’ll leave the GM and coach stuff up to them, I have a hard enough time trying to picking the #1 combo or the #2 combo at McDonald’s.


Unca' Bob

April 26th, 2010
10:58 am


Would not be shocked if he did. For the right money. Henderson was one of Coach Smith’s big tackles at Jax, and Jax does seem to be a conduit to Atlanta.

Henry Beach

April 26th, 2010
10:59 am

I do no that the Falcons got one hell of a steal in signing Michael Palmer TE out of Clemson as a free agent. That guy is a beast, and can catch a ball out of the TE position. Not only can he catch the ball, he can block just as good. When you look at a T E, you’re not really looking a go to guy at any time. But Palmer is a go to guy that can made plus yards after the catch. Atlanta Falcon fans, keep your eye on this guy, he is an awesome T E ! ! !


April 26th, 2010
11:03 am

Unca’ Bob,

Say we bring him in. Who in your opinion will be the odd man out in the DL?

Unca' Bob

April 26th, 2010
11:11 am


If he doesn’t pick up his game, T Lewis.


April 26th, 2010
11:12 am

The draft wasnt flashy….We got some good players tho… I also like a couple of UDFA’s we got.

Here is a little highlight video of our draft picks …..


April 26th, 2010
11:16 am

Henry B
Good info. I always want to hear from folks who have seen alot more of a player than I have.