Falcons Full Mock Madness 3.0

3 Weeks Away………

 The 2010 NFL Draft is finally drawing to its awesome culmination and the draft boards are beginning to solidify as the big day inches closer. The Falcons have had several private workouts with many different prospects, some in an attempt to perform due diligence (Rolando McClain – ILB) and others for obviously legit reasons (2 workouts with Sean Weatherspoon). There are many different directions the Birds can go in and the attempts of nailing down the Falcons draft might becoming an obsession to many of us junkies. And with that Falcons Full Mock Madness 3.0. 

Use this week and next to continue playing around with different scenarios, prospects, and combinations to come up with your best guess for the 2nd Annual Bird Cage Falcons Mock Draft Competition starting Monday, April 19th. More details to follow soon. 

1st Round

Sergio Kindle – OLB/DE – Texas

The assumption here is that both Sean Weatherspoon and Brandon Graham are gone and they can’t trade back. Many fans have already launched their arrows my way after the very first pick, but at least hear out the argument. The most common, and legitimate, complaint that will immediately be lodged is that Kindle is only a on OLB for the 3-4 scheme with his size, lack of quickness, and potential issues in coverage should automatically preclude the Falcons from looking Kindle’s way. While it may be true that Kindle may fit better in a 3-4, that doesn’t mean he can’t play as a 4-3 linebacker. Granted, he probably is more suited to be the strongside linebacker, which is more run-heavy and doesn’t require as much coverage skills. Stephen Nicholas probably would need to move to the weakside, where Mike Peterson is fading, but there are several facts that remain concerning the 3-4 only argument.

1) Kindle is rated higher than Sean Weatherspoon in most overall player classifications (DraftCountdown.com, NFLDraftScout.com, Scout Inc’s Top 32). 2) Even though there will be a learning process, Kindle actually is better in coverage than most give him credit for, as a defensive end. 3) Nicholas showed promise in his first full year as a starter, but nothing on a level that shouldn’t merit some consideration to change and was drafted in the 4th round (his size @ 6’3, 230 seems more suited to WLB anyway). 4) Kindle’s versatility as a defensive end and outside linebacker presents tons of options on defense. 5) Ask yourself what the Falcons biggest weakness was in 2009: rushing the passer; Kindle can provide an immediate upgrade in that arena (35 tackles for a loss and 15 sacks in 2 years). 6) Many said the same thing about Brian Orakpo going to the Redskins running a 4-3 and he made the Pro Bowl as a rookie. Sergio Kindle is a tough, physical, and extremely versatile football player that, despite some growing pains, may have more upside than Weatherspoon. Unlike taking a center or guard first, Kindle can and will have an immediate impact. Also will be able to mentor under one of the best to play the game in Mike Peterson. 

3rd Round

Matt Tennant – Center – Boston College

Tennant seems to be a very popular pick here for many reasons, but the most obvious one is that it would reunite quarterback Matt Ryan with his former center at Boston College. Todd McClure was the strongest link on the offensive line last, at least according to ProFootballFocus.com, but he will be 33 years old this coming year and was rumored to ponder retirement last year. Several comments have McClure being very happy with the current offensive line, but the expected changes coming in 2011 may change his state of mind. Very athletic and agile for a center with prototypical size (6’5, 300). One of the most cerebral, smart, and aware lineman in the draft. Known for having a nasty streak in pass blocking and will have time to improve his strength in run-blocking playing behind Todd McClure for at least one more year. Brett Romberg would technically be slotted in front of him, but he could possibly play guard if need be and is 29 himself. Tennant also has the frame and athleticism to move to guard in a pinch. 

3rd Round (Compensatory)

Javier Arenas – Cornerback – Alabama

The Falcons did add the best cornerback on the free agent market with the signing of Dunta Robinson, and Chris Owens and Brent Grimes showed enough moxie to play extremely well as starting cornerbacks in the final stretch of the season. Add in Brian Williams hopeful return and the Birds would seemingly be set at cornerback. The issue is not top line talent, but depth. The Falcons have only 5 cornerbacks on the entire roster including Chevis Jackson, with no players even on the practice squad. Kickoff and punt returning special teams were pretty subpar as well. Eric Weems showed some flashes, but no serious threat. Arenas won’t add the height and size (5’9, 197) to the cornerback corps many fans desire, but his performance as a starting cornerback in the SEC where they lost 2 games in two years should prove he can handle top competition. Besides his speed and quickness on defense, Arenas immediately upgrades a special teams in need of some serious potency. Javier Arenas holds an SEC record with 7 punt returns for touchdowns. Had one interception against Florida in the SEC Title Game and 2 interceptions in the National Title Game. Hasn’t had the exact same production in the kickoff return game, but the talent is there. Arenas can come into a perfect spot with the Falcons in not having to start and can work in slowly as a #4 or #5 cornerback. Gives the ultimate threat of taking it to the house every time he touches the ball. 

4th Round

Blair White – Wide Receiver – Michigan State

The wide receiving depth in this year’s draft is particularly deep, especially with big and fast wideouts. Michael Jenkins is an integral part of the receiving corps, but needs some challenge to the number 2 spot. This challenge may come from a healing Harry Douglas, but may also come from the new draft pick. Blair White has excellent height (6’2), size (209), and speed (4.49) that can add a sure-handed threat to the Falcons receiving corps. White has a high motor, excellent work ethic, and runs does a great job of finding the opening on the football field. White had very good production in college, particularly in his senior season where he had almost 1,000 yards receiving and 9 touchdowns. White has superb hands and is a high-effort blocker which is something that offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey demands. White looks to be a great sleeper in the draft, and may only be available due to the good depth of receivers in the draft. 

5th Round

Jeff Owens – Defensive Tackle – Georgia

Owens likely won’t be around when the Falcons draft at this point, but a sub-par senior season may allow him to drop. This would be amazing news for the Falcons. Owens has a huge upside and looks to probably be a better pro player than he was in college, thanks to one certain defensive coordinator he played under. Owens didn’t have a fantastic senior season (4 tackles for loss, 1.5 sacks) in a very forgettable defensive season for the University of Georgia. Jeff Owens probably was limited to returning from a season ending ACL injury. The UGA D-Tackle may have helped his stock significantly with a 4.97 forty time and ripping off 44 bench reps of 225 lbs. Although the defensive tackle position is one of the deeper ones on the roster, Peria Jerry’s injury history and Jonathan Babineaux’s legal issues would make this a fantastic choice. Throw in the fact that Owens size is the perfect fit for Smith and Van Gorder’s system and you have the makings for magnificent selection. Also, how awesome would it be to have a Georgia Tech guy(Vance Walker) and Georgia guy (Jeff Owens) manning the interior line? 

5th Round (Compensatory)

Marshall Newhouse – Offensive Guard/Tackle – TCU

The vulnerability of the offensive line after the 2010 season would make the selection of at least two offensive lineman a really good idea. Newhouse offers great versatility after playing most of his entire career at left tackle, but projects inside to guard where his strength and size can be used more effectively in the pros. Lined up at every offensive line position and did extremely well during the week of the East-West Shriners Game. Very quick, strong, and agile for a big offensive lineman. Durable after starting every game but one over three years as a starter. Helped lead TCU to a top 5 finish in scoring offense, total offense, and rushing offense. Newhouse could pair with Tennant, Sam Baker, and Garrett Reynolds to provide for some serious depth and talent for years to come. Could learn for a year and possibly be ready to take over a starting role at some point. Has great size at 6’4, 326 and moves tremendously well for his size. 

6th Round

Andrew Quarless – Tight End – Penn State

The Falcons can’t obviously take every position early and tight end might be a good place to take a flier on a project that can be developed well for the future. Tony Gonzalez could probably play another 5 years if he wanted with the shape that he stays in, but the reality is that he will likely call it quits in the next year or two. Justin Peele is a superb #2 tight end option and could serve as a temporary stop-gap if need be, but he’s over 30 years of age himself. Keith Zinger made big strides from his rookie to sophomore year, but had negligible effect on the passing attack. Quarless’ measurables are off the charts (6’5, 254, 4.68 forty) and would normally go much higher, but the big knock on Quarless is his character. The Penn State tight end was arrested twice in college while playing in Happy Valley. Quarless didn’t have the best season statistically (536 yards, 3 TDs), but he has tremendous upside. Is known mainly as a pass-catching tight end, but has improved his blocking skills tremendously. Normally, this would be the type of player that the Falcons would steer clear of, but mentoring under the best tight end to ever play the game and a very strong locker room might be a perfect fit for Quarless. To his credit, he perfectly clean during his senior year. 

6th Round (Compensatory)

Andre Anderson – Running Back – Tulane

Some may call this a crazy pick since the Falcons have Michael Turner, Jason Snelling, and Jerious Norwood all locked up for next year. Several arguments can be made to take a flier on a running back at this point in the draft. All of the backs are up in age: Turner is 28, Norwood will be 27, and Snelling will be 26 when the season begins. Although each back is under 30 years old, its almost a certainty that either Snelling or Norwood will not be back after 2010. The depth behind those three is razor thin. The only other RB on the roster is Antoine Smith, who many believe can make some noise, but no other backs besides that. Signing Verron Haynes and Aaron Stecker should give fans pause on whether depth is adequate. Anderson is a local guy from Stone Mountain and was extremely productive (over 2,000 yds rushing and 17 TDs in 2 years) and versatile (over 450 yds receiving and 2 TDs) at Tulane. Anderson has good size (6’0, 212) and speed (4.5 forty) for a running back. His tough running style and excellent vision could make him a great, late steal. 

Well, there you have it Cagers; Falcons Full Mock Madness 3.0 is in the books. Remember, this is not necessarily representative of what will happen on draft weekend, but what should or could. Punch holes in my mock at will and use the following draft sites to get your boards together. 

Special Thanks to NFLDraftScout.com and DraftCountdown.com for their superb draft information and analysis. 

Your Turn

-Put forth your Falcons Full Mock Madness 3.0

-Agree or disagree with mock above?

-Talk about all the possibilities you’d like to see on draft weekend 

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298 comments Add your comment


April 1st, 2010
11:41 pm

Sarah B

April 1st, 2010
11:42 pm

I concur where is everybody?


April 1st, 2010
11:43 pm

Sarah, I had to do it, it was just sitting there, didn’t really mean it though.

D3, interesting mock, have to dive right in tomorrow, later cage fam

Sarah B

April 1st, 2010
11:44 pm

WR you didn’t?


April 1st, 2010
11:49 pm

WR – Keep in mind that I’ve put a rule in place to preclude myself from picking any one player more than once. Assuming Spoon and Graham are gone, no stud OT drops, can’t trade back, and no one like Spiller or Dez Bryant slips, it came down to Pouncey and Kindle. I went back and forth like a yo-yo, but couldn’t bring myself to take a center/guard with the #19 pick in this deep draft, at least not yet anyway.

Sarah B – These mocks are wearing me out. I love doing them, but they take so much longer than I plan on, between the writing, pics, changing fonts, links, etc.


April 1st, 2010
11:50 pm

This is a HORRIBLE mock. Kindle would be a bust in a 4-3. he is a 3-4 LB and cant cover at weakside.Falcons dont need to draft him. If Spoon and Graham are gone and we cant trade down Falcons should draft WR BayBay Thomas from GT.


April 1st, 2010
11:56 pm

Gary – I understand what you’re saying about the 3-4/4-3 argument, and it would be more of a reach than Spoon or Graham; but Thomas would be a huge risk as well. In my argument for Kindle I said that Kindle would need to move to SLB and move Nicholas to WLB (his orginial position in college, I believe). I see your argument, but I’m just thinking of a worst case scenario and I’ve put in a policy of doing no repeats to spur the discussion.

Kindle’s Pass Defensive Assessment from NFLDraftScout.com
Pass defense: His speed and length stops receivers and backs in their tracks on screen passes to at least force them inside. Quick enough to stay with tight ends in the flat or down the seam. A step late catching bootlegs run toward him, and not quite smooth or agile enough to make up ground. Brings down receivers quickly when dropping into zone from linebacker spot. Needs work on route recognition. Knocks down passes on the line and in coverage using his long arms, but does not have great hands for the interception.

Sarah B

April 1st, 2010
11:57 pm

Anyboy want a middle sized dog??? She’s working my nerves…


April 2nd, 2010
12:08 am

Maybe let Maggie and Rocky get together and they both sttle down. LOL

Bangkapi Ajarn

April 2nd, 2010
12:08 am

D3, excellent mock, lots to like here based on the assumption of Spoon/Graham being gone.

I must confess I have been looking at 3rd choice options if those two are gone at 19 as well, and I don’t have a good feeling yet except to agree with you that it still would be necessary to go OLB to fix that biggest of problems. I’m not sure who I would go with however, but I am souring a bit on Mays from what I have seen. I am considering a surprise pick based on the above scenario, but too late tonight to do anything.

Like Arenas a lot (welcome to the ST upgrade train :-) ) and Tennant, but personally wouldn’t go WR with the 2nd pick in the third (but understand why it is certainly justifiable). You DID however pick up a second OL in the 5th, so all is forgiven :-) .

I also like Owens in the 5th, and thinking of him and Walker in the trenches in some packages makes me smile – but I am thinking of another way to possibly approach the Babs absence problem.

Keep up he good work!

Hamad Meander

April 2nd, 2010
12:09 am

Love the first three picks, as long as we are considering Weatherspoon, Brandon Graham, and Rolando McClain gone and we can’t trade out. If we can trade out of #19 for a high second round and a low second/high third, I would be for it. I really want Weatherspoon though.

Tennent makes perfect sense if only McClure would be gone. I would not want to see us take a Center in the middle of the third round that wouldn’t be our starting center.

Arenas. Yes. Don’t forget the awesome interception he made in the SEC Championship game to seal the game for the Tide. His return skills are amazing and would drastically improve field position for the team. What a great pick.

The only problem I have with the rest of the picks is that I’ve never heard anything about any of them. Hopefully some nice 3rd round talent drops and we get some value later on. There should be some nice offensive linemen available and I would prefer them over another TE or WR. I definitely want to see a defensive tackle picked. I would not be upset to find two outside linebackers in the draft.

Sarah B

April 2nd, 2010
12:14 am

Bqx Good Idea!!! Got to get her under control one way or another.

Sarah B

April 2nd, 2010
12:15 am

That was Box….


April 2nd, 2010
12:19 am

I sure hope that the run happens on OL and not LB in the first round, but I am intrigued with the bottom of the D3 mock.
Any stats on these relatively off the radar picks? Like TD, though, some unexpected picks, potential diamonds just in need of some polish. You are as close as anyone, unless TD gave you his list.


April 2nd, 2010
12:20 am

Bangkapi – Thanks for the props. I literally went back and forth several times throughout the day in my head, and I had to go with Kindle. I liked Kindle a long time ago, and it would be some adjusting, but a player is a player. On Mays, I scowered (sic?) the internet trying to find anyone or anywhere to list Mays as a potential OLB and found nada, so I’ve let that go. Kind of doubt Jeff Owens drops that far, but you never know. See you tomorrow and we’ll go at it some more.

Hamad – Really good point on taking a center. I had to force myself to do it to be honest with you, but personally, I don’t see why we would draft a center in the 3rd to sit on the bench, but I do believe it would be good for the future.

Alright, finally it Cage Guys and Gals. See you on the flip side…..>>>>>>>>>


April 2nd, 2010
12:24 am

Box – I seriously doubt that all those circumstances happen (no spoon/graham, no trade back, no slips), but you never know. Even though draftcountdown.com doesn’t have analysis up on everybody, they do have a really easy to use part on stats. Hit rankings, click on the player, and all the stats are at the bottom. Hope you’re doing well my friend.


April 2nd, 2010
12:28 am

Last tidbit that will make us WR-protaganists happy. Jordan Shipley to visit Falcons



April 2nd, 2010
12:28 am

Thank you so much for all of your diligent work for the benefit of all us in the Cage. Also thank your wife… she must have the patience of Job, or is a really heavy sleeper. LOL


April 2nd, 2010
12:43 am

I cant lie… I’m not a big fan of this draft…. Kindle is not a fit for our scheme and Javier Arenas does not fit our scheme since we are playing more man coverage… If we are talking about NB ill take Grimes or Chevis over Arenas…

Kindle is rated higher then Spoon depending on the scheme…. We are in a scheme where our LB’s play alot of coverage… The redskins blitzed Orakpo alot.. They didint have him in coverage allot… Kindle is just not a fit.

The rest of the draft is ok but those 2 picks mess up everything…lol..

My Mock draft would look like this (if Spoon and Graham are gone and we cant trade back)

1st round : 6′3 270lbs DE Everson Griffen
3rd round: 6′1 241lbs LB Donald Butler
3rd round: 6′3 300lbs C J.D Walton
4th round: 6′3 310lbs WR Marcus Easley
5th round: 6′6 305lbs OT/G Jason Fox
5th round: 6′1 294lbs DT Earl Mitchell
6th round: 6′5 253lbs TE Andrew Quarless
6th round: 6′0 190lbs CB Chris Hawkins

Sarah B

April 2nd, 2010
12:44 am

She’s back!


April 2nd, 2010
1:08 am

Falcons dont need to draft a runningback especially that late. Too many needs else where. LB, DE, OL, WR, TE, SS, CB are areas Falcons should focus on….anything else wouldnt make sense. I really want the Falcons to draft WR Freddie Barnes around the 4th/5th round. He is a SLEEPER! Most underrated WR in the draft. He is better than most wide-outs in the draft and he didnt even get invited to the combine. Go to youtube and watch this kid. You’ll be impressed.

Seminole Warrior

April 2nd, 2010
1:18 am

Greetings Cage Family…a very busy working vacation here in FL.
Been peeking in and out, checking on the Cage. Will update the mock when I return to the Peach State on late Saturday.

The Express still rolls on as I am confident that TD and Smitty will be stepping aboard the Express in very short order.

Breaking right; one more day of hurricane discussions and Orlando sun.
See you all on the other side.


April 2nd, 2010
3:22 am

A very interesting mock. I am not sold on Griffen, though.

Ken Strickland

April 2nd, 2010
6:51 am

I tried to post this several times yesterday, but for some reason it wouldn’t take. TD and Smitty might decide to pass on Pouncey, draft an OC like Tennant and rely on the fact we have the NFL’s very best OL coach in Paul Boudreau. We all know the miracle he performed with our OL his 1st yr with the team, especially the job he managed to do with TClabo and HDahl, 2 UDFA’s off the practice squad.

They might feel a year of tutelage and development under Boudreau and OC TMcClure might make him as good as MPouncey, if not better. He’s considered to be quicker, faster and more aggressive than Pouncey, but not as polished overall. What he lacks, compared to Pouncey, can certainly be taught, and we definitely have what it takes to teach him what he needs to know.

I think we can get a quality RB and WR in any one of the 7rds. Rather than take a TE in a lower rd in this draft, we might wait until next yr and use a 1st or 2nd rd pick on one with more potential to become an immediate starter. Besides, if we can reestablish our rushing OFF to 08 form, we won’t be as reliant on our passing OFF as we were last yr. I still think involving RB’s MTurner and JNorwood in our passing OFF more will do more for us than replacing MJenkins at WR.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see us draft 2 LB’s rather than a DT. We not only have to consider replacing OLB MPeterson, but our backup LB situation is a little shakey as well. All of our DT’s are young, and did well last yr, but we have to consider the inevitable departure of DE JAbraham and his needed replacement. If that replacement is LSidbury, then we need to draft a replacement to replace him off the bench. Unless there are some variables we’re unaware of, I don’t see a big need for us to draft a DT, not with PJerry returning, which is like drafting a DT, and with the outstanding job JBabineaux, VWalker, TJohnson, JAnderson and TLewis did down the stretch.

Since we carried 5 CB’s last yr, plus we resigned CB RMiddleton to our practice squad last yr, I can see adding another CB to go with DRobinson, BGrimes, COwens, BWilliams and CJackson. I JUST CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS DRAFT TO START!

The Real Falcon

April 2nd, 2010
7:00 am

The first step is to sign Alex Brown who was just released by the Bears. Consistent and durable and would be better immediately than anyone on the draft board. Then draft a real OLB with no#1 pick. Then the rest of your mock works.
By the way Kindle is a 3-4 player ONLY. The only type of DE he can play is a split-out DE which is not the scheme we play.


April 2nd, 2010
7:47 am

Your choices in Mock 2 were a lot sounder. Do you believe the Falcons will take a tight end with character issues, a running back when they have other needs. They can get a running back as a FA,because being a special team player will be mandatory.
The Falcons need a pass rush, another quality OLB, CB depth, OL depth, WR and TE.


April 2nd, 2010
7:56 am

Just my two cents:

1st: Spoon OLB Mizz
3rd: Matt Tennant C BC
3rd: Brandon Lang DE Troy
4th: Zane Beadles OG Utah
5th: Joe Webb WR UAB
5th: Linval Joseph DT East Carolina
6th: Danario Alexander WR Mizz
6th: Andrew Quarless TE Penn State


April 2nd, 2010
8:35 am

Bill – I stated earlier that I’m not allowing myself any repeats on any players until our 2nd Annual Bird Cage Mock Draft Competition. The idea is to put forth as many different players and scenarios as possible. If you read my explanation on the tight end Quarless, you would have read my explanation about him being able to come into a strong locker room and mentor under the best. Also give him credit on styaing clean his last several years. My argument on a running back is that we will be very thin if and when either Snelling or Norwood leave after this season. Any 6th rounder you take will be developmental and he would be in a good position to develop playing behind Norwood, Snelling, and Turner. We signed Verron Haynes and Aaron Stecker off the street as free agents, both he hadn’t played in some time, so the need to have depth at RB is obviously there. What other position can benefit from a late 6th round pick in your opinion? I agree that this mock may not be as good, and it was a little harder to get together, but the idea is to put forth different combos just for discussion purposes.

The Real Falcon – You’re 100% positive that Kindle is a 3-4 LB only. Why, may I ask? Do you know more than draft experts who say he can play in either? I understand its not ideal, but to say that he absolutely CAN’T is a little ridiculous. From NFLDraftScout.com (a premiere draft website) Teams running 4-3 or 3-4 base defenses should be enamored with his elite athleticism, ability to play in space, length and pass-rush skills.


April 2nd, 2010
9:21 am

dawson! dig the blog, keeping me busy at this new job. also loving the self imposed rule of not picking the same dudes over and over. that gets boring in a hurry, and its nice to learn about some of these dudes ive never heard of, especially the late potential project types.

as for linebackers, where are those tcu fellows projected? any teams behind us that might be looking to move up and take a carlos dunlap or kindle so that we dont have to?

and georgia tech bias aside, not big on d thomas. has he ever really run anything othert than a go route?

and finally, havent heard anything about safety as a need for us in this draft really. is the kid we took last year finally going to be healthy and productive, or do we add some more depth there at some point.

good stuff. ill still have to come bother you and the wife one of these days soon. hope all is well. adios.


April 2nd, 2010
9:37 am

D3, full analysis coming in a few but I like the Kindle selection for some of the same reasons you gave, problem is chances are he is more likely to be gone then Spoon or Graham. Trent Williams on the other hand is starting to show signs of being available at 19, especially with players moving up the draft board like a Tebow. With so many 3-4 teams and overall defensive focused teams ahead of the Falcons look for Kindle, Spoon, and Graham to be gone, with a good OL G or T to be available along with WRs. Personally WR is looking intriguing but I would rather have a Shipley in later rounds, plus a Decker who is slipping due to injury, even as an injury pick he is worth a 4th round selection. More in a bit.


April 2nd, 2010
9:42 am

My turn…

I really think the Falcons are going to trade back and pick up an additional early round pick unless they are just in love with whoever is sitting there for them at #19…

1st. Griffen DE
2nd. Washington OLB

JoJo the Godfather

April 2nd, 2010
9:43 am

With 8 picks, I tried to identify 8 needs to fill. I came up with a starting linebacker, a center prospect to compete with Rombergh, another versatile O-Lineman, a tightend better than Peele or Zinger, two D-Linemen better than Lewis & Johnson (with JA98’s ability to play inside, the best mix would be a DE & DT), a WR & KR better than Weems, and a WR better than Finneran. That led me to the following picks:

1. Sean Weatherspoon OLB/Mizzou – Immediate starter.

3. Mardy Gilyard WR/Cincy – Think he drops due to less than stellar 40 times. I personally like the idea of Gilyard & Douglas returning kicks and sharing time in the slot, with one of them shifting outside taking some snaps away from Jenkins.

C & 4. Austen Lane DE/Murray St & Jeff Owens DT/UGA – I think both of these guys can take spots from Lewis & Johnson. That would give you Babs, Jerry, Lewis & Owens rotating on the interior, with Abe, Davis, Sidbury, Biermann & Lane at the ends, with JA98 serving time at both.

5. Saun Lauvao OG/Ari St – Versatile lineman that’s played both tackle spots & guard. Strong kid with a good work ethic.

C. Colin Peak TE/Ala – Solid blocker with good hands.

6. Danario Alexander – Can he get healthy enough and produce enough to replace team favorite Finneran in that 5th WR spot? Definitely has the potential to be special. Is White, Jenkins, Douglas, Gilyard & Alexander enough of an upgrade over White, Jenkins, Douglas, Weems & Finneran?

6. Joe Hawley C/UNLV – Falcons take a chance here. I think they have a private workout scheduled. This is also a guy that has played some guard. I think C gets addressed here if Tennant is gone by the time we pick in the 3rd.

Bangkapi Ajarn

April 2nd, 2010
9:47 am

Pudge on March 28, 2010 —

“Chris Steuber of Scout.com reports that Minnesota cornerback Traye Simmons will be among other local draft prospects that will work out in Atlanta on April 12. A previous report indicated that Clemson tight end Michael Palmer will be another one of those players.

As Steuber explains, the league has a limit on how many players can be worked out by each team at their own facilities, capping the number at thirty. But for players that played high school or college football in the local area, teams are allowed to designate one day for workouts of those prospects circumventing that rule. The Falcons have designated that day to be April 12.

Simmons is a native of Marietta, Georgia.”

Ajarn would really be interested in exactly who is showing up at the Falcons complex on the 12th!!

Bangkapi Ajarn

April 2nd, 2010
10:08 am

Spoon is scheduled for a second meeting with Falcons braintrust, this time in Ga. The Spoon express appears to be on schedule!


Bangkapi Ajarn

April 2nd, 2010
10:20 am

Ken S. – totally agree with your C analysis, sounds spot on to me!

Bangkapi Ajarn

April 2nd, 2010
10:48 am

“Scout.com’s NFL Draft Analyst Chris Steuber has learned that the Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins will host Indiana University of Pennsylvania cornerback Akwasi Owusu-Ansah for a visit this week.
— both teams are interested in playing the 6-foot, 207-pound defensive back at free safety.
—Even though Owusu-Ansah is listed as a cornerback, in college he basically served as the team’s free safety. At IUP, the defensive structure calls for a lot of two-deep coverage where Owusu-Ansah played field corner, which requires him to function as a free safety. But at IUP, the linebackers and safeties amassed most of the tackles – that’s why Owusu-Ansah, who was the last line of defense, didn’t record many tackles during his career; he had 14 tackles in 2008 and 27 this past year.
—Despite having surgery on his shoulder, Owusu-Ansah could ultimately be selected in the second round. The team that drafts him understands that he won’t be ready for mini-camp after the draft, but he will be 100-percent by training camp this summer.



April 2nd, 2010
10:50 am

Birdman, I like the Washington pick, not sure about another DE in the first just yet. Biermann has shown Kerney type of ability, actually if you compare the two Biermann has preformed better as a pass rusher with much less playing time then Kerney did his first couple of seasons. Plus you have Sidbury who has enormous potential and the Falcons knew it would take sometime for him to develop when they made him a third round selection, personally I think this rules out DE in the first round. I’m all for the idea of trading back, trade the 19 for a mid second and mid to late third, package two of the thirds to move back into the 2nd, now the Falcons have two second rounds and a third to address holes on the team. With the two seconds Take OLB Washington, and OT Bruce Campbell, snatch up Shipley with the third round selection, grab Tennant for the early fourth.


April 2nd, 2010
11:03 am

Trade Norwood and our fist round pick to move up and get McClain. .then draft Dexter McCluster in the third. .good first night.


April 2nd, 2010
11:11 am

Where most see improving the Falcons rush as pivotal, I don’t disagree but I don’t think its with the addition of another DE so here go’s my mock:

1. Trent Williams-OT,
3. Jordan Shipley-WR
3. Rodderick Muckelroy-OLB
4. Matt Tennant-C
5. Dorin Dickerson-TE
5. Joseph Linval-DT
6. Ciron Black-OT,OG
6. Jacoby Ford-WR


April 2nd, 2010
11:26 am

D3, I posted my mock but apparently the blog monster got a hold of it, help if you can.


April 2nd, 2010
11:34 am

ATLJBO – I see your points for sure, and Kindle would not be my first pick, but at some point I think you have to take the BPA in your biggest need if his value is there. It would be some serious adjustment, but coaches should be able to adjust their schemes a little to be able to bring in players with great potential. Concerning Kindle being higher due to scheme, I’ll have to disagree. Their are only 5 teams ahead of us that run a 3-4 (KC, Denver, Cleveland, SF, & Pittsburgh), so that makes 5 out of 16 teams (Seattle and SF have 2 picks) that run the 3-4. Scheme wise, I agree that he may not be the best immediate fit, but has Weatherspoon maxed out? And Spoon won’t offer near as much in terms of rushing the passer as Kindle could. JMHO.

On Arenas, I can see your point: why in the hell would we add another short CB, but his special teams skills is what puts it over the top. Granted, he may be short, but started for arguably the best team over the last 2 years at Alabama and did well. It would be a perfect spot for him to come in and learn. I’ll give that the last thing we need is another short CB, but I think Arenas breaks the mold. We’d be set at corner for a long time (assuming everyone is re-upped).

Really like the Walton and Easley picks. Many have Walton ahead of Tennant in fact. We’ll have to agree to disagree on Griffen and Butler. Griffen reeks of JA#98 and doesn’t seem to have the work ethic desired by TD. Butler is slotted as a MLB, which would present similar issues in converting to a OLB.


April 2nd, 2010
11:48 am

Gary – Would love to have Freddie Barnes. Took him with last pick in Mock 2.0. Actually, I prefer to take another WR instead of a RB, but just wanted to mix it up a little.

Seminole – Looks like its down to the Falcons and Giants. Personally, I think it would be a mistake to draft Spoon as a MLB, but who knows. Who do you take if Graham and Spoon are gone?

Ken Strickland – Very good point. That’s my reasoning behind not taking a guard or center in this year’s draft. It’s such a deep draft that I think a talent later with Coach Boudreau’s tutelage would make up the value in a very short time.

Chelf – My brother, what’s going on? Remember the very first draft party at TMac in the Highlands? Opened the place at 11 am and was staggering out around 5 pm. Even though its on a Thursday, whatcha think of a repeat down the road in Decatur? We can split a cab since we’re close. Agreed on D.Thomas, especially at #19. It’s down to Weatherspoon, Graham, Kindle, or trade back and not necessarily in any order.

CPat16 – Excellent mock. I’m still leaning towards Spoon first at this point, but the idea of a Graham/Dekoda Watson-OLB combo seems more potent than a Spoon/Brandon Lang combo, but both are awesome. Really like the Beadles, Joseph, and Alexander pick. I think we should really take two WR’s in this really deep draft.

Bangkapi Ajarn

April 2nd, 2010
11:58 am

OK, here it comes – My mock IF Spoon and Graham (and likely Kindle) are gone before 19 AND trade down is impractible. There are scenarios floating around out there where this happens, so it is worth a look-see, just for giggles if nothing else.
I will not take on D3’s no repeat selection restrictions, Just ain’t in his league I reakon (respect here).
I really chewed over this first pick, including reaching for an OLB here, but value for the 19th pick just gnawed at the back of my head. For me, Value=immediate and long term contribution at a high level, can change games sometimes when really in the “zone”. Fills an immediate need.
Regards reach, I chose to take a myopic, GM centric approach. If someone is slotted as a late first or second round pick, it really isn’t a reach if you think they are the best player available to meet your needs at 19 and you don’t have any more picks before their “slotted position”. If “slotted position” was all that, then so many mid-late round picks wouldn’t succeed in the NFL while 1st rounders crash and burn.
So, with all those caviets, here comes. Please be kind with the stones and arrows, and remember the worst case scenario I am working with.

1st round (19th if no trade) Dexter McCluster – Meltdown pick, if no reasonable OLB’s are available. Can contribute immediately on ST and as a deep receiving threat, back up Norwood if he gets hurt, and is on board if Norwood walks next year (netting TD a comp pick). This is IF no Spoon or Graham. THIS seems to be the best use of the 19th pick in this scenario to contribute immediately at a high level.
3A) Jerry Hughes– OLB 6-2, 257 NFP grade – 6.9 (same as Graham, slightly higher than Spoon)
“In 2008, Hughes led the nation with 15 sacks, forced six fumbles, posted 19.5 tackles for a loss, recovered three fumbles and intercepted two passes. In 2009, even though teams frequently double-teamed him, he still logged 11.5 sacks, 16.5 tackles for a loss, forced two fumbles and registered a career-best 58 tackles. He was selected as the Mountain West Conference Defensive Player of the Year following both seasons, and in 2009 Hughes was honored with the Lott Trophy as the nation’s top defensive player and the Ted Hendricks Award as the nation’s top defensive end.
Hughes has already worked out for the Atlanta Falcons and has private workouts or visits scheduled with the Colts, Eagles, Titans and Rams. Some people are assuming that TCU defensive end Jerry Hughes will have to switch to outside linebacker when he’s drafted late next month. After all, at 6-foot-2, 252 pounds, he’s not the prototypical size for an NFL defensive end.”
He could play OLB and DE depending on the scheme (I think Nichols is doing that some now). His flexibility in positions would contribute to the full time move of JA to DT, at least for a while during BABS suspension.
3B) Matt Tennant C – Hoping he is still available – he is projected at 3rd or 4th round from what I see
4)OG/OT Jerry if still available (Tennant and Jerry could swap places)

Bangkapi Ajarn

April 2nd, 2010
11:59 am

5A)TE/FB Clay Harbor – another multi purpose player, a RB in case of injuries and eventual replacement for TG. I am thinking Peele, as good as he is, will go in this scenario because of Age and Zinger stays because of ST play.
5B – Danario Alexander WR(possession/redzone/first down)- Missouri (HT: 6-4⅝ – WT: 215) – Finneran’s eventual replacement – another tall possession receiver. Imagine 3rd and 10 situations (including red zone), spread the field with Finneran, TonyG. and Alexander on different routes, clearing the box for a burst up the middle by Turner behind a surging Tennant and Jerry or a pass to Mc Cluster out of the backfield). Matchup nightmares for the D with lots of good hands out there.
6A – Daniel Te’o-Nesheim – DE depth – If JA stays at DT, and Jerry Hughes migrates to LB most of the time, we need another stud in the rotation with Bierman, Sidbury, and Abe (if not hurt)
6B) David Pender, CB Height: 6-0 | Weight: 180 | College: Purdue 4.37 40, vertical jump=39, twenty yard=2.5,
Pender, a three-year starter at cornerback, wrapped up his Boilermaker career with the second most pass breakups in school history. His 33 PBUs from 2006-09 fell just two shy of Steve Jackson’s school-record 35 set from 1987-90. The Folkston, Ga., native moved into the starting lineup as a sophomore and remained there for the final 31 games of his career. He ended his tenure in the Boilermaker secondary with 129 total tackles and three interceptions. His pick of Notre Dame’s Jimmy Clausen in the Purdue end zone on Sept. 19 this past season was the first interception of the year thrown by the Irish signal caller and only one of four thrown by him all season.
He made six interceptions as a senior in high school and won back-to-back state Class AA titles at the 100-meter dash, long jump and triple jump.
Pender stepped into the fire as a true freshman (13 tackles, two pass breakups), earning a start in the regular-season finale at Hawaii. He then started seven of 13 games in 2007 (one INT, six PBU) before becoming an honorable mention All-Big Ten selection as full-time starter in 2008 (one INT, 12 PBU). Coaches put him on their all-conference second team to wrap 2009 after he made a career-high 40 tackles, two for loss, one interception and 13 pass breakups.
Though Pender’s frame and technique might cause him problems against NFL receivers, he brings more than respectable speed and athleticism to the position and does not back down from anyone in press coverage. He should be a good find late in the draft or as a free agent.
This gives flexibility, players that can play more than one position at a quality level
3 defensive players
LB/DE hybred starter, one of the best defenders around.
DE Depth, good motor, good rotation potential
CB depth, tall, Ga. native so fit in to the community
5 offensive players
WR.RB/Special teams stud
Quality C/G, contribute immediately
Quality G/T, contribute immediately
TE/Fullback, eventual replacement for TG – rated best fullback in this class, so flexible.
Tall possession WR


April 2nd, 2010
12:04 pm

Off subject and it envolves the hated Niners from the old NFC west, but Herm Edwards proposed a trade possibility for the Niners that could be a monster for the NFC, trade a number two for McNabb and one of their two number one’s for Brandon Marshall. If this happens that team would be hell, especially considering their D. Plus they would still have a number one to go after C.J. Spiller, a player most are projecting them to pick anyway. Can you imagine a offensive arsenal of, QB-McNabb, WR-Marshall and Crabtree with a slash and dash combo of Gore and Spiller, to go along with a good defense, WOW, and if they continue to take on Mike Singletary’s hard nosed demeanor, the Niners would be back.


April 2nd, 2010
12:10 pm

BA, great mock outside of McCluster at 19, McCluster will be lucky to go in the 2nd, I’m all for explosive players but there’s just to many avenues to go long before McCluster becomes a consideration at 19, but I respect your opinion, we all have different thoughts on potential players or outcomes for the 19th pick. Before I would even give a hint of thinking McCluster I will give Mays a shot at OLB, Bryant or Thomas at WR, or Price and Cody at DT, and thats not even including the guys I think will fall that can improve the OL.


April 2nd, 2010
12:11 pm

Screw character…if we can not have spoon, graham, spiller..
I say take a flyer on Carlos Dunlap.
It could be a Warren Sapp type pick.

darrell starks

April 2nd, 2010
12:25 pm

First we must trade snelling or norwood and next year second for and early second.

GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!


April 2nd, 2010
12:32 pm

B Ajarn
Needless to say I love this mock. I’m fully on DMcC’s wagon and you’ve included my favorite DE in your mock D Te’o N. Hughes and Jerry will sadly be gone by our picks but Tennant would be great in that spot. I’d look at OLB Edds instead and TE Pitta in those slots. Your WR should be a good one at our 5th comp then OG Beadles or a falling OT like Washington and then best available CB or DT, since we’re slightly better off depth-wise at those positions.
You and I have been on the same page all offseason based on our posts so naturally I think you’re wizard…..

darrell starks

April 2nd, 2010
12:34 pm

If no trade happen and everything stay the same.

GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!