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Season Prediction Champion and Playoff Picks Competition

1st Annual Bird Cage Season Prediction Final Standings

Other than discussing our Beloved Birds, this is a great forum to have a little fun as well. We’ve have several friendly competitions since the Bird Cage began, starting back with the NFL Mock Draft Competition, continuing with the Final Roster Prediction Competition, and now with the Final Standings of the 1st Annual Season Prediction Competition. All prognostications were close and a few had some pretty amazing forecasting ability and need to be on the next plane to Vegas. Enough small talk and without further ado, here’s the final standings of our first competition and time for some serious bragging time:

1st Annual Bird Cage Season Prediction Champion
15 – 1, (won tiebreaker with a score prediction of 30 – 20 in Falcons-Dolphins game)
15 – 1, (tiebreaker score 34-31)


3rd Place
14-2; Ed, Seminole, Falconsforlife, DW, JJ


4th Place
13-3; MRyan’s, Russ, Brian Hunt, CBrass, …

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Your Overall Take on the Season

What’s Your Opinion on the Year at Large?

Which Way Do You "Lean" on the Year as a Whole? (AP)

The feeling is still fresh and enjoyable of breaking the preposterous curse that has dominated this franchise for so long and is, at the minimum, wonderful to be able to end it as a conversation piece once and for all, and who knows what momentum it might build for the future. The Falcons ended on a big hot streak winning their last three games, but as DOL points out, the Birds only beat one team with a winning record (NY Jets) on the year and had some not so memorable contests in the middle part of the season. It’s been a long season filled with ups and downs and it might be tough to be objective this soon after the momentous curse death, but let’s hear it from you Bird Cage Falcon Fans. What’s your overall take on the year, starting with the torching of the secondary by Phillip Rivers and Billy Volek (and John Beck of Ravens as well) in preseason all the way to beautiful …

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THE CURSE IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Curse = R.I.P.. January 3rd, 2009; Tampa Bay, Florida

This might be a bit much, but who cares.

That’s right you heard correctly………the ridiculous, irrelevant, awful curse of never having back-to-back winning seasons in franchise history is OVER! The Falcons battled through so much in a season riddled with an unbelievable amount of injuries and a ridiculously hard schedule and the Falcons deserve all the credit in the world for what they’ve accomplished this year. This may sound preposterous to the common outsider, but this was an enormous game for the players, coaches, fans, staff, and owner of the Atlanta Falcons.

Defense Had a Big Day (AP)

They held the dubious honor of having the longest streak of any franchise of never having back-to-back winning seasons and that graciously and wonderfully ended on this cold day in Tampa Bay. Things looked bleak many times throughout the year, when the Falcons injuries started piling up from training camp, but especially when the …

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Pro Bowl Curiosities and the Big Question

Pro Bowl Corkscrew

Falcons fans certainly weren’t expecting large numbers of their favorite team to be named to the Pro Bowl, but to be completely shut out was pretty shocking to say the least. Tony Gonzalez and Curtis Lofton being shunned were two of the more intriguing decisions, with #88 being the absolute most surprising. All-Star balloting and voting for every sport is always a guessing game and will most certainly have some controversy about being a popularity contest, but the NFL’s all-star choices are either absolute undeniable picks or are playoff teams. Not to say that the best teams shouldn’t have the most players going, but 81% of the NFC’s roster is filled with players from playoff teams this year and most of them deserve it, but basing it on pure numbers and stats tells a different story. A look at some of the question marks in the NFC:

Tight End

Vernon Davis (In) – 72 Recs, 876 Yards, 12 TDs

Jason Witten (In) – 88 Recs, 954 Yards, 1 TD

Tony …

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