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Falcons Beat Down the Bills

Enormous Game Awaits in Tampa Bay

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The Falcons took care of business and then some against the Buffalo Bills in the final game in the Georgia Dome by romping to a score of 31-3. The Birds had an imperfect day in the first half and only led the emaciated Bills 10-0, but came out and put away the injury riddled team in the second half. The beatdown of the Bills brings up the biggest game of the season ,in terms of the franchise’s history anyway, in attempting to break the ridiculous “curse” against the Tampa Bay Bucs . Normally, it may not be so worrisome, but the Bucs just beat the NFC’s best team in the Saints at home today. Certainly sets up for must-see TV in a week’s time.

Quick Hits from the Final Home Victory
Big Day for Dimitroff’s 2009 Draft Class

After having his top two draft picks go out for the season with injury, Peria Jerry and William …

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Determined Falcons Beat the Jets

Birds Steal a W in New York

Game-Winning Celebration (AP)

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The Atlanta Falcons looked as though they may lose another tough fought game as they’ve done many times throughout the year, but they showed an unbelievable determination in beating the gritty New York Jets in frigid Meadowlands Stadium. It wasn’t one of the prettiest games in Birds history, but considering the environment, weather, and eventual outcome, this game possibly could a springboard for future things to come. The offense was wholly unspectacular for most of the 58 and half minutes, but came up in the clutch when it mattered most. The defense had an excellent game (save for one play) and continued to give the offense tons of chances throughout the game. The Falcons showed some serious character in getting a really tough win against a pretty good …

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Character Game Against Jets in the Cold

Birds Try to Quell Red-Hot Jets

Big Game as Always (Curtis Compton/AJC)

The Falcons officially enter into the final push of the 2009 campaign with an extremely cold and frigid task up in New York against the red hot Jets. The Birds have had a penchant of playing tough and close this year against good opponents, but yet coming up short. The Falcons may not be playing the Saints or Eagles, but if the Falcons drop this one it will be a tough pill to swallow for fans. Meaning that the Birds are not only a part of the elite, but really aren’t a part of the second tier either. Should be a really interesting tell on whether the Falcons fight is for real or if the Saints loss was the end of the road. Let’s find out……..

Six Searing Questions


1) Can the Falcons Stop the #1 Rushing Attack?

Even though the Birds have been ranked near or at the bottom of every category in defense, they have improved a decent amount in stopping the running game. They have held many deadly combos …

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Inspired Effort, Another Loss

Falcons Upset Bid Falls Short to Saints

Upset Bid Comes Up Just Short (Curtis Compton/AJC)

The Falcons played inspired football against the NFL’s best team and nearly pulled off the improbable upset, but fell short with a couple of miscues towards the end of the game combined with some bad play calls. The playoffs are done, but the Birds showed that they still have a lot of fight left in them and likely will take pride in the final three games. The Falcons went toe-to-toe with the Saints and fought back several times but came up just short. Chris Redman rebounded with a good game and only made one critical mistake throughout the contest against a very good Saints defense. Jason Snelling had a tough running game and Michael Jenkins scored his first touchdown of the year after dropping a potential game-changing TD earlier in the game. The defense had its ups and downs, but held the NFL’s best offense under 30 points and kept the Falcons in the game and gave them a chance to …

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Can Falcons Do the Impossible?

Pride at Stake vs. Saints

Can Redman Step Up? (Kent Johnson/AJC)

The Falcons return to the Georgia Dome on Sunday against the NFL’s best team and one of the more embarrassing scenes in franchise history. Injuries are well-noted and are a legit reason for the Birds travails this year, but the amount to which the Falcons were beaten and battered with the playoff hopes hanging in the balance was pretty upsetting to fans. Emotions were abound throughout the game and the Falcons defense did keep it close for a half, but the second half was atrocious on many levels and some even questioned if the team quit against the Eagles. Even if the Falcons aren’t mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, they need an enormous miracle and a monumental collapse by all three teams in front of them, which won’t happen. Playoffs should be the last thing on the Falcons and their coaches mind, pride should be first. The Birds are likely done for the year in terms of the postseason, but …

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Playoffs Done with Pathetic Effort

Birds Fall Apart in Blowout

Playoffs Over….As They Should Be (Bob Andres/

The playoffs are unofficially done, and they should be. The mask was ripped off of this Falcons team against the Eagles when they not only failed to show up, but led a pretty embarrassing effort to boot. Injuries are definitely abound throughout the Falcons roster, but excuses need not apply. The Falcons didn’t have Ryan, Turner, Dahl, Baker and even Jenkins, but Philadelphia wasn’t at full strength either. The Eagles didn’t have their number one running back (Westbrook) or their number one receiver (Jackson), but they found a way to come out and play the game tough and resilient. They found a new stud in their offense with Leonard Weaver, who looked like John Riggins against the Falcons defense. The Falcons looked uncharacteristically uncomfortable in the Dome on Sunday. They came out and played soft and weak from the opening whistle. Everyone knows well about the return of the player …

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Playoff Do or Die vs. Eagles

Big Tie-Breaker at Stake

Playoff Put Up or Shut Up (Curtis Compton/AJC)

  The Atlanta Falcons literally limp into the Terror-Dome to play the biggest game of the year against the Philadelphia Eagles in basically a do or die game to get to the postseason for the second consecutive year. The Falcons difficulties have been well-documented throughout the season including everything from tons of injuries and a difficult schedule to inconsistent offensive play and underperforming defense, but the bottom line remains that the NFL shows no pity and excuses need not apply. Of course the big news is the return of Michael Vick to a place where he used to play every Sunday. The reaction will likely be boisterous in the beginning and when Vick enters the game, but based off the amount he’s played throughout the year, the actual impact on the game may be minimal. Based on their record, performance, and wins the Falcons are pretty much an average team defeating only teams with losing …

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