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Trick or Treat? – Falcons @ Saints

Can the Falcons Manage Some Hallow Eve’s Magic?

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Computer cord crashed this past week, so the posts will be somewhat shorter than normal. As soon as the technical issues are resolved, we’ll be back at full strength and ready to roll.

The Falcons enter the national stage of Monday Night Football extremely heavy underdogs against the Saints. The Saints are the best team in the NFC, and arguably the best team in the NFL. They are coming off a huge comeback win against the Dolphins that found them down by 3 scores, showing they can storm back to win, along with their normal role of blowing opponents out.  The Atlanta Falcons certainly enter on a different note, losing an ugly game in Dallas that saw Tony Romo have a field day on the secondary, the run game continue its ridiculously weak performance, Matt Ryan being sacked 4 times, and the offense again looking feeble, despite having so many weapons.  Of course it’s early, …

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Mid-Week Quick-Toss – Draft, Corners, Bitter, and Standings

Do You Believe in Miracles? 

The Falcons are taking a serious beating by the hometown fans, rightly so for the most part, and are being given absolutely no chance in the game on Monday Night Football. That too is completely justified. But if all teams throughout the history of sports listened to what should happen, than some of the most memorable moments in sports would’ve never happened. 1980 U.S. Hockey Team vs. the Ruskies? Buster Douglas knocking out Mike Tyson? AFL Namath led Jets beat the NFL Colts in Super Bowl III? Or even the Giants of 2007 being told to not even show up against the 18-0 New England Patriots. Sure, this is only the 7th game of the season and it’s a touch on the dramatic side, but the point is there’s a reason they play the games, so anything can happen. 

Draft  -  Hate to play the 20/20 hindsight game, because drafting any player always carries inherent risks and guesses just like anything else. And no one can ever account for injuries, as …

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Ugly Loss – Falcons Beat-Down in D-Town

 Birds Punched Out by Cowboys 

This Pic Sums it Up (Michael Ainsworth/Dallas Morning News)

The Falcons were hit in the mouth several times today by the Cowboys and wilted under the pressure in Cowboys Stadium in Dallas. If last week’s win over the Bears was a total team win, today’s loss was a total team defeat.  All aspects of the Falcons team performed poorly and contributed to a pretty bad conquest at the hands of the Cowboys. Many reasons or excuses may be offered up such as the Cowboys coming off a bye, the Falcons having a short week, the Cowboys “needing” the game more, or playing on the road, but all excuses aside, this team didn’t show much fight and heart that we’re accustomed to seeing starting with the coaching staff down. 

The Birds started off to an amazing start, driving down the field at will and scoring a touchdown on a 8 minute drive that made it appear as though the Falcons might be in for a repeat for the 49ers game, and how the game took a …

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Mid-Week Quick-Pitch – Fudge, DJ, and KB#56

The Hated Buckaroos Await

The Cowboys are surely one of the most hated franchises of any team in the NFL, mainly because of their past success and somewhat due to the larger-than-life personality owner/GM Jerry Jones. The herders have fallen on hard time recently, not winning a playoff game since 1996, but beating the Falcons could add legitimacy to this season as well as a providing a much needed confidence boost. There will be many variables at play, bit none bigger than a certain player who played for every team in the State of Georgia including high school, college, and pros. Some musings before the big game preview……….

Jamaal Fudge – A player that is certainly known well by Falcons fans, but known even better by the coaching staff since he played for Coach Smith and Coach Van Gorder in Jacksonville and Atlanta. The loss of Brian Williams for the season prompted many fans to wonder if TD would pull the trigger on a trade for corner, scan the practice squads, or …

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Victory! – Falcons Edge Bears

Birds Triumph on Sunday Night Football

Complete Team Victory (Curtis Compton/AJC)

It wasn’t quite the barn-burner that occurred last year in the Georgia Dome between the Falcons and Bears, but it was pretty close. The Falcons had a total team win, one in which the oft-criticized defense, helped out the normally explosive offense. Special teams for the Falcons continue to be one of the best in the NFL in playing an extremely important role in the overall victory. The hard-fought game many predicted came to fruition where both teams took turns throwing and receiving punches throughout the game, needing all 59 minutes and 31 seconds to finalize the result. The Falcons came out on top against a talented and tough Bears team, that looks to make noise of their own in the NFC down the road. A total team victory that pushed the Falcons past a tough opponent coming off a bye and to a 4-1 record (Check out DOL’s new post).The defense had an outstanding night, locking down one of the …

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Sunday Night Football – Falcons vs. Bears Preview

NFC Power Match-Up

Does it get much bigger than this early in the season? Well, technically the answer could be yes since both teams have a loss on their schedule, but the Falcons and Bears have rebounded from their lone loss. The Bears have won three straight after losing the first game of the season to the Packers, and the Falcons certainly found their stride against one of the best defenses, and upstart teams in the 49ers last week. Both teams stand at 3-1 and really want this one because the Bears have the Bengals, 49ers, Eagles, and Vikings, and the Falcons have the Cowboys, Saints, Giants, and Eagles on the horizon. Add in the element of last year’s well-known, heart-stopping game where Matt Ryan and the Falcons showed some serious moxie in winning the game with 8 seconds left on the clock, and you get the making for a huge battle. As much as it was an amazing experience at the Terror-Dome for the Falcons and our fans, it was also a pretty bitter pill for the Bears and …

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Mid Week Quick-Screen – JA#98, Missing Corners, & Opposing Fans

Is it Sunday Yet?

The week feels like such a long time until Sunday, particularly until you get to at least Thursday, which is the unofficial start to the weekend. With that in mind, a few mid-week quick hits to make the rest of the week not too terrible, and its already the mid-week.

Jamaal Anderson to DT – This really could turn out to be a great story for the most beleaguered and criticized Falcons player on the roster. Number 98 has the had the target on his back from day one of year one and has failed to live up to expectations in terms of sacks. The coaching staff has shown solid support for Anderson with his run-stuffing ability and skill to put pressure on the quarterback, although not coming up with the big numbers in terms of sacks. In all likelihood, Anderson may have been drafted too high by former GM Rich McKay, and he has been given every chance to “turn the corner” at defensive end, so after he’s struggled again at D-End so far this year, is all hope …

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WOW – Falcons Destroy Niners!

Birds Rip Gold Rushers Apart

Well, many Falcons fans certainly got this one wrong in expecting one of the toughest games of the season in traveling out west to play the upstart 49ers. This one was pretty much over at halftime. The Falcons showed how great they can look when every aspect of the team, offense, defense, special teams, and coaching comes together all at the right moment. Matt Ryan and Roddy White had career days, and the defense played a magnificent game in holding the 49ers to 10 points. Many wondered if the Falcons and coaches got their problems corrected on the bye week, and I think the final product speaks for itself. (Check out DOL’s new blog on the Niners win). A look at the positions:



Matt Ryan had a career day throwing the ball with 329 yards passing, 3 TDs (2 passing, 1 rushing), with 1 interception. Critics and fans alike have been calling for the vertical passing attack to come into play, and it certainly did today. Ryan connected …

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Must Win? – Falcons @ 49ers Preview

Big Game Against Upstart Niners

Finally Turner & Burn Unit's Day? (Bob Andres/AJC)

Many fans and professional prognosticators alike picked the Falcons to be 2-1 at this point and headed out favored to get past the 49ers. Falcon followers and media didn’t foresee the Falcons losing the way they did in Foxboro, complete with many three and outs, failure of backbone in playing and play-calling, and a feeling that the Falcons never had a real chance to win. The Birds are 2 and 1, but if there ever was an early must-win game, it’s this one. The 49ers have developed into one of the best defenses in the league and have shown that last year was no fluke, but the Falcons look to have a tough, hard road ahead with games coming up against the Bears (3-1), Cowboys (2-2), Saints (4-0), Giants (4-0), and Eagles (2-1). You have to wonder that if the Birds drop this one, how many more might they drop?

Falcons Defense vs. 49ers Offense

NFL Ranks

Falcons Defense (Rush – 25th, Pass – …

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You Fix the Falcons

Bye Week Tune-Up

Well, the bye week’s over and now the Falcons are ready to start their insanely difficult stretch run that will likely determine the fate of the season. It’s hard to speak in absolutes and negative terms while sitting at 2-1, but the performance in the Patriots game left a lasting, bad taste in most fans mouths. Add in the fact that our victories were not extremely convincing and were over two teams, Carolina and Miami, that are a combined 0-6, and there is certainly reason to worry on both sides of the ball. The issues are many and have been roundly recognized by fans throughout the start of the season. On the bright side, we have to remind ourselves that we are 2-1, and got beaten by the franchise of the decade in Foxboro, who just also beat the previously undefeated Ravens. The Falcons were also in that game until the very end as well, so all hope is not lost, but there are some areas that need fixing and in a hurry with the schedule we have on the …

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