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Test Failed – Falcons Take First Loss

Coaching and Offense

If this was the big test and benchmark we could gauge ourselves with, the returning grade is not good. The Falcons took their first loss of the season by allowing the Patriots to put them away in the 4th quarter. The opening drive looked fantastic, but having to settle for a field goal was probably a bad omen. After two above average performance by our Birds, this one will rank as a definite sub-par performance, to say the least. This one ranks high in the missed opportunities and blown chances category, and even though the game was technically within reach until the end, there was a feeling that we wouldn’t win this one. Really tough considering that the Falcons will have to gnaw on this loss for two weeks, never wanting to head into the bye week with a poor showing and a notch in the L column. Many areas for improvement and we hung in there with arguably the best franchise of the decade.


There were several questionable calls on both sides of …

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The Major Test – Falcons vs. Patriots Preview

OL key to a win (CCompton/AJC)

Here we go. The big test we as Falcons fans have been waiting for since Arthur Blank hired Thomas Dimitroff from the gold standard New England Patriots. Dimitroff was 3rd in line behind Head Coach Bill Belichick and then General Manager Scott Pioli. Dimitroff won the job on a satellite interview with Blank and revived a franchise in complete disarray. TD struck gold on his two biggest decisions in hiring Coach of the Year Mike Smith and drafting Offensive Rookie of the Year in Matt Ryan. Those two calculated, exceptional decisions coupled with a magnificent overall draft led him to being named General Manager of the Year. Many may say that Coach Smith or Ryan are the team’s most valuable asset, but without Dimitroff, those men may not even be there. TD gets to bring his new team, dredged in the philosophy of the Patriot Way and a team he helped build, to face his former employees. This one should be great.

Falcons Defense vs. Patriots …

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Mid Week Quick Hit – Defense, Jerry, and Game Flags

Permanent Uni's? (Curtis Compton/AJC)

Just a quick hit in the middle of the week to get you to the weekend and spur some good conversations and debate as we roll towards the Fight in Foxboro.


Huge Interception (Curtis Compton/AJC)

Didn’t have quite as good a day as against Miami, but faced an overall tougher and deeper line in Carolina. Abraham and Babineaux had 2 tackles a piece, Davis finished with 1, and Biermann and Thomas Johnson only got an assist. Even though the running back tandem and line were arguably better than the ‘Fins, they gashed the Birds several times for big gainers. In particular, Williams and Stewart torched the Falcons on draws right up the middle. Several pressures and hurries, but no sacks from the defensive line. Biermann was certainly held in check, Abraham got close a couple of times, but Jamaal Anderson was unseen in the backfield again. Peria Jerry had a pretty good game until his season ending injury. We have more quickness this year, …

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2-0! Falcons Edge Panthers

Birds Over Cats, Part 1

Big Win (CCompton/AJC)

The Scene, Refs, and Offense

Atlanta Falcons broke out the 1966 Throwback jerseys and channeled some of the hard-nosed fight, that studs like Tommy Nobis exemplified back in the day, in picking up their second win of the season and notching a victory over an NFC South enemy foe. The Birds edged out the Panthers in the Terror-Dome, not with a perfect or complete game, but got the job done when it counted most to get the win. 2-0, and that’s all that matters. As they say in sports, a win’s a win’s a win’s a win, regardless of how they come.

The Scene

Throwback Fun (CCompton/AJC)

The Terror-Dome was raucous, loud, and rolling for the Birds when they came out of the tunnel in those sharp throwback uni’s with the cool red helmets. Many fans were overheard wanting to see those as the permanent home jerseys. The fans played the part sporting the “new” throwbacks with the likes of Gonzalez, White, Turner, and Ryan black …

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Enemy Battle – Falcons vs. Panthers Preview

NFC South Showdown

Will Defense Continue Pressure? (CCompton/AJC)

One of the biggest battles of the season awaits the Falcons, when the Carolina Panthers roll into town on Sunday in the Terror-Dome @ 1pm. Any game in the NFL is a huge match, but this one “really” counts since it’s an NFC Enemy-Rival Game. Sunday’s match-up pits the top two NFC South teams from last year in the 2008 Champ Panthers and runner-up Falcons. Both teams met a quick demise in the playoff with the Falcons falling short in Phoenix, and the Panthers having one of the more memorable playoff meltdowns at home in recent memory. The Falcons run into a Panther’s team that is cornered and likely embarrassed after a thrashing by the Philadelphia Eagles in their home opener in Charlotte. Although the Birds are coming off a huge opening victory, the coaches and players are hopefully taking this game as serious as ever, knowing they’ll probably get the Panthers best shot. A look at the rivalry game …

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HUGE WIN! Falcons Roll Dolphins!

Falcons Dominate


Unbelievable Defensive Start (CCompton/AJC)

Atlanta Falcons beat the Miami Dolphins 19 – 7, and we’re 1 – 0 BABY! Just a quick hit after the game on Sunday with tons more to come later throughout the week. What a way to start the season Falcons Fans, beating a top-tier opponent pretty soundly in the opening weekend of the season.  The Terror-Dome was packed, loud, and the fans made it a true home-field advantage.


Welcome to the ATL! (Bob Andres/AJC)

Welcome to the ATL! (Bob Andres/AJC)

Michael Turner was bottled up all day, mostly because the Dolphins were determined to not allow him to beat them.  They did a great job of shutting down the run and making Matt Ryan beat them through the air. It certainly wasn’t due to a lack of effort, with Coach Mularkey calling Turner’s number 22 times, but averaging less than 3 yards an attempt. Know for breaking long runs, Turner’s longest from scrimmage was 12 yards. Norwood had even less success only netting 7 yards. Matt Ryan looked a …

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Falcons-Dolphins Big Game Preview

Sweet Relief!!!!!!

The best time of year is finally upon us Ladies and Gentlemen: Atlanta Falcons Football is here again! We’re only hours away at this point from waking up early on Sunday, donning our Falcons attire, heading down to the Terror-Dome, and teeing it up with the Dolphins on opening weekend. Football season is at last upon us after suffering through the long winter, spring, and summer. In two simple words: sweet relief!

Great Matchups

The meeting between the Falcons and Dolphins brings two of the best up and coming teams to battle as both franchises made an unbelievably quick turnaround from dismal years in 2007. The two teams bring some similarities to the Terror-Dome on Sunday. Both teams are run-first, ball-control offenses that like to establish the run early and often, which paves the way for an extremely productive day in the passing game. Both teams limit mistakes as much as possible and play hard-nosed, disciplined football. Coach Smith and Coach …

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Season Prediction Competition and Birds-Fins Preview Part One

Game Week

It’s finally here: 2009 Atlanta Falcons Football. We’re now hours away from teeing it up in the Terror-Dome against the Miami Dolphins for real. The long, suffering wait at last will come to an end on Sunday @ 1pm. This game is one of the biggest of the opening weekend, pitting two of the best turnaround teams from last year. The Falcons went from 4-12 in 2007 to 11-5 in 2008 and making the playoffs. The Dolphins completed an even bigger turnaround going from a lowly 1-15 in 2007 to 11-5 in 2008 and winning the AFC East. This one has a lot more implications than simply being an opener.
Big Omen, One Way or Another
Every single game in the National Football League is huge because you never know what it might take to get in the playoffs and which game could be the deciding factor. Although this game doesn’t have any inter-division implications, it’s a big test for both franchises to show that last year was no fluke and that they belong in the discussion with the top …

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Roster Competition Co-Champs and Final Roster Analysis

Final 53-Man Roster

Training Camp Officially Over (CCompton/AJC)

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s finally here: GAME WEEK! After suffering through a long, hot summer filled full of no football, game week is finally upon us. The Combine, Draft, Training Camps, OTA’s, Preseason games, & fantasy football are just fillers for the real thing which is oh so close now. All the work, sweat, blood, and tears have been building up to this week, where a new season finally dawns. Rosters have been shaved and few minor tweaks may be done, but teams across the country are in their final countdown to gameday.

Final Roster Analysis
They were no huge surprises when the final cuts came down to make it to the 53 man protected roster, but there were a few intriguing moves that left some fans a little curious:

Earned the 3rd QB Spot (CCompton/AJC)

Parker Wilson over Shockley
The battle has been well documented for some time now, and this may have been a shock to casual fans, but it was generally assumed …

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The Grand Finale of Camp

Final Battles & Odds 

Beauty of Camp. Weems Earned it and Likely In (AJC)

Beauty of Camp. Weems Earned it and Likely In (AJC)

(((Bird Cage Friendly Roster Competition Update)))
Any final Bird Cage Roster Competitions submissions are due before the start of the final preseason game (7:30 pm) to ensure fairness.

The final bell will sound for many players as Atlanta Falcons tomorrow night around 10:30 in the Georgia Dome, even though they may not know yet. Currently, there are 73 players left on the Falcons roster, meaning that twenty players will be getting the “red tag” as they refer to it in baseball. Some of the younger players can hope for a spot on the practice squad, which can be a great way to develop along with having a step above free agents sitting at home. Many of the decisions may by 99% complete, while others may truly come down to the last game. Between OTA’s, training camp, and 3 preseason games, coaches have a pretty good feel for the players on the bubble. This game is entirely a basis for backups who have …

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