Falcons quietly make moves

The two latest signings haven’t been big names, but as one blogger pointed out in D. Orlando Ledbetter’s blog, the Patriots built a winning tradition by signing little-known players that made them into a winner.

Michael Turner is a prime example of a little-known player who made a huge difference in the Falcons’ success last season.

Mike Peterson (above) could be an impact player, but I expected more of a youth movement when filling the linebacker spots left behind when Brooking and Milloy left. The Falcons need quickness at linebacker. They need to get pressure on the quarterback or be able to cover quick receivers or backs. That didn’t happen last season and it killed the Falcons.

Brett Romberg sounds like he could help the offensive line, but my question about the O-line has to do with Sam Baker. Hope he’s 100 percent and will actually make a difference this season. He was a huge disappointment last season.

Go Falcons!

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