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Brooking is a Cowboy

Brooking leaves Falcons

Brooking leaves Falcons

I’m a bit surprised the Cowboys signed Brooking to a 3-year deal. Good for Brooking. From Blank’s comments, it sounds like the Falcons really tried to keep him.

I still think he deserved to finish his career with the Falcons, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

Foxworth and Boley will be missed, but Brooking poured his heart and soul into this team and could be tough to replace in the locker room.

Let’s see what the Falcons can do in the draft and with free agency. It’s been pretty quiet so far.

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Falcons likely done with Brooking

Keith Brooking has heart. Although he deserves to finish his career with the Falcons, it looks like the Falcons won’t pay him the $1 million roster bonus he’s due Feb. 23. The bigger deal is that he’s slated to make $8.3 million next season. If they do release him, I can’t blame them.

The move back to the weak side didn’t help Brooking last season. He was constantly getting beat on pass coverage, probably one of the biggest came against the Cards in the playoffs. He looked like he was always a step behind. He missed the interception against the Cards that would have been huge. Sure, guys make mistakes, but when you get paid that much, you have to play to a certain standard or expect to be released.

I like that he’s a local guy who has played his entire career for the hometown team, but Dimitroff isn’t impressed. It’s all about money for him. If Brooking will take less, I think he might have a chance to stay. If not, Dimitroff will send him packing.

Brooking has started every …

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Falcons: No deal for Milloy

I’m not surprised the Falcons aren’t interested in re-signing Milloy. I appreciate the experience he brought to the team, but it’s time to move in a different direction.

Milloy is 35 and isn’t getting any quicker. This defense was the weak spot last season, and this is a definite sign that the Falcons are focusing on that side of the ball in the offseason.

Hopefully, the Falcons will find a young guy in the draft or a younger veteran than Milloy that will move in and make an immediate impact. Can’t wait to see what the Falcons do in the draft.

Still waiting for word on Brooking. Tomorrow is the day he’ll get the roster bonus if he’s still with the team. Stay tuned.

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