Injury report: Robinson plans to be ready for playoff game


FLOWERY BRANCH — Cornerback Dunta Robinson is in the league’s concussion protocol after taking a blow to the head Sunday against Tampa, but he was encouraged Wednesday by his progress and thinks he’ll be back by the Jan. 13 playoff game.

“Nothing too serious,” Robinson said. “I’ve had a lot worse before, in 2010 (against the Eagles), when they had to help me walk off the field. So I’m pretty good. I should be back by next week, ready to practice and ready to roll. I won’t be out long at all.”

Robinson was injured in the first quarter on Sunday after lowering his head to tackle Bucs running back Doug Martin, but he was able to walk off the field on his own.

Falcons coach Mike Smith did not want to talk specifically about any injuries but had said Monday he thinks both Robinson and defensive end John Abraham (ankle sprain) would be available on Jan. 13. The Falcons are also hoping safety William Moore can return after missing four games with a hamstring injury but he has not yet returned to practice.


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January 2nd, 2013
3:05 pm

First! Well I think Dunta should be fine. Abe should too. Willy Mo? We miss you man!!!! Truly hope you’ll be ready for this battle


January 2nd, 2013
3:10 pm

Good thing we have that extra week for the injuries.


January 2nd, 2013
3:31 pm

I think Willy Mo, Dunta and Abe will be fine by next week


January 2nd, 2013
4:05 pm

I think Moore and Robinson will be good to go. Abe, not so much.


January 2nd, 2013
4:36 pm

Glad to hear that Robinson will be returning soon.

Excited to hear that Willie Moore will be ready for the playoffs.

Samuel’s shoulder seemed a little knicked in the first quarter, how is he progressing?

We need Abe #55, but the real question is if he can’t go in the playoffs, how do we generate pass rush?

Where is Lawerence Sidbury? Why isn’t Sidbury getting more snaps in place of Abe #55?

Why did we take Sid in the 4th round only to bury him on the depth chart for 4 seasons?



January 2nd, 2013
5:36 pm

falconfanriseup “I think Willy Mo, Dunta and Abe will be fine by next week”

…and you base this on what, wishful thinking??? Abe is OUT…O-U-T! High ankle sprain. Won’t be able to push off on it for a month. The other two guys should be able to tough it out and play……for how long? Maybe a couple series’ maybe more. The concussion is the easiest to come back from, especially if it wasn’t full blown. The hamstring? Could pop up again anytime. They linger badly. Let’s just hope we can score 40 points, huh?


January 2nd, 2013
5:57 pm

@okeetee; could you be more negative, lol i hope smith is right and the injuries arent as bad as they seemed, ill be optimistic before i asume abes will be out. If he is well then maybe we’ll get to see more of massaquoi or sid. Dunte im almost certain will play and moore well i think he will be ready to go and i hope your negativity doesnt jinx him. Sadly to say abes is the worst injury weve had all year and i hope whoever takes his place, should he not be able to play, shows up ballin like mcclain did for grimes and hope has done for moore.

Falcon James

January 2nd, 2013
6:02 pm

Get Abe some duct tape and send him out there.

Starship 1

January 2nd, 2013
6:43 pm

Robinson: now just tackle the right way; every tackle doesn’t have to be a knock-out blow to head.

Rick in Warner Robins

January 2nd, 2013
7:58 pm

The defense played better without Robinson in the line-up…between him and Samuel, I don’t know who’s worth. Neither could cover my 88 year old father. Robinson and Samuel get beat time and time again in every game. They’re more of a liability than an asset. Neither can tackle…Robinson acts like he’s afraid to wrap anyone up.


January 2nd, 2013
8:59 pm

Hey, how can you say such a thing! Our secondary has been the strength of our defense this year! If they don’t come through in the playoffs, we’re toast! They seem more athletic, smart and in position than any secondary the Falcons have ever had or I’ve ever seen! But without Abraham who knows what’s going to happen. Better be prepared to score 40 points, that’s all I’ve got to say!


January 2nd, 2013
10:31 pm

I agree with okeetee for once lol, dude our secondary has been our greatest strength all year, every DB gets beat now and then, we knew we were getting a guy who takes chances to make plays on the ball when we brought in samuel and in my opinion he has been one of the greatest impact players on our team. I mean cmon man the guy played well with a jacked up shoulder for weeks, and he would have at least 6 interceptions if it werent for that shoulder. The guy makes other players around him want and try to play better.


January 2nd, 2013
10:52 pm


Why is Lawrence Sidbury buried on the depth chart?


January 3rd, 2013
12:57 am


January 3rd, 2013
6:42 am

Carroll Rogers

who are you and what have you done with DLed…………….


January 3rd, 2013
9:35 am

esq – - -e? Do you wear pink, parents sent you too Altanta, because they were ashame of what you are. Do you go too unisex restrooms? What have you done………….

D man

January 3rd, 2013
10:42 am

Rub some dirt on it and get out there, this is the playoffs… :)

North FLA Falcon

January 3rd, 2013
11:30 am

Dunta needs to play “Heads Up Football” — he does not know how to tackle! We need Moore back, he will make a big impact. Doubtful on Abe but I think Smitty was going to use him in limited snaps anyway. Biermann has had a good year and does well vs dual threat QBs such as RG3 or Russell Wilson. Glad we are using the Bye Week to truly heal instead of to relax and party, as some of the guys did in 2010.

Not the end

January 3rd, 2013
12:23 pm

Anything on Christopher Owens. I think he can play the outside if we need him. Very concerned about William Moore. We need him physically, but we also need him mentally. We can not have a mental mistake at safety in a playoff game – those mistakes =6. I am worred about him being out for a month and half.

Main Man

January 3rd, 2013
12:28 pm

William Moore is done for the season.

Write it down.

Mr. Mustard

January 3rd, 2013
12:33 pm

William Moore, John Abraham, Dunta Robinson. Auggh!

Get well guys, we NEED you all.

If our defense plays the flexible heads up schemes they have begun to play so well, they could win a championship.

Sorry to say it but, if we come out with the deer in the headlights look, then……well okay I won’t go any farther but I have to say this:

There is absolutely NO justification at all for “headlight football” to ever happen again with the Atlanta Falcons, period.

Mike Smith has been coach for what five years? The old culture should be long gone, and the new culture of preparation should be firmly in place.

Ryan is in his fifth year, all is in place.

If we go out and play hard in a good football game and lose, well okay.

But…….if we stumble, look confused, create penalties and look scared…..

Yeah, I want to see something from these guys. All of them.

Go Falcons.


January 3rd, 2013
1:03 pm

“Doubtful on Abe but I think Smitty was going to use him in limited snaps anyway.”

….we were going to use him on EVERY passing down situation, that’s for sure, but now we can’t! We were using him in limited snaps during the season, too……and should have NOT used him at all against Tampa! We used him in the 1st quarter, then the second quarter, then the 3rd quarter and finally the 4th quarter! What was Smith thinking???

Ghost of the Thrashers

January 3rd, 2013
1:15 pm

What about WILLY MO???

C’mon D-Led, hook us up with the skinny on the hammy. Is he at least running pain free? We need him on the field at at least 90% to make a deep run.


January 3rd, 2013
1:23 pm

If you don’t practice you won’t play _ Moore won’t start unless he gets a week of practice.


January 3rd, 2013
1:24 pm

May Led will start at DE if Abe can’t go. what ya say Led – can you get the lead out?


January 3rd, 2013
1:35 pm

Glad to hear positive notes on injury reports with Abe, Dunta, Asante and Will Mo…..

What about Grimes status?

HD and Ryan definitely need to be on same page, especially in HD’s routes……Ninety percent of the time Ryan throws to an open spot for HD to turn to but HD continue to fight his defender for a spot…

HD need to recognized the open spot to give Ryan a higher chance to complete the pass….Because majority of the time HD is in single coverage with plenty of options in his routes….Chemistry, chemistry, chemistry is what needed between Ryan and HD…

Playing at Georgia Dome Home Sweet Home gives Falcons an easier course to SuperBowl……Falcons don’t rest on your laurels with home-field advantage……

Falcons on three, DOMINATE


January 3rd, 2013
1:59 pm

Please please Dunta, tackle with your arms, and see what you hit please.


January 3rd, 2013
2:04 pm

NO MORE BAD GAMES,LETS GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


January 3rd, 2013
2:18 pm

HD must break hard on the ball when finding open spot to ensure completed pass or a chance for pass interference call…..Definitely break hard on the ball to prevent any kind of interception by defenders…………

Don’t fear being hit in his routes….

Falcons on three, DOMINATE….


January 3rd, 2013
2:35 pm

I will never forgive Mike Smith if Abraham is not 100% on game day.


January 3rd, 2013
2:44 pm

It doesn’t take a month to recover from a hamstring injury. Will Moore will be back, he’s just out as a precaution. If Abe is out we will have no pass rush, I hope the D-Line is watching J.J. Swatt from Texas and get their hands up against these shorter QBs.

just sayin'

January 3rd, 2013
3:44 pm

‘taking a blow to the head’….don’t you mean ‘delivering a blow to the head’?….he always ‘leads’ with his head…but coach ‘clean shot’ thinks that’s ok…

[...] for other teams. Dirk Koetter has signed a contract extension with the A more… Injury report: Robinson plans to be ready for playoff game – 01/02/2013 By CARROLL ROGERS FLOWERY BRANCH — Cornerback Dunta Robinson [...]


January 5th, 2013
2:03 am

I saw a guy play in the Superbowl w/ a broken leg. Lets go Falcons. Rise Up!