Falcons guard Peter Konz shines in his first NFL start

PHILADELPHIA — Peter Konz, the Falcons’ top draft pick, made his first NFL start at right guard against the Eagles on Sunday.

Konz, a second-round pick (55th overall) from Wisconsin, has been active for all seven games and had been contributing on special teams.

Garrett Reynolds, who started the first six games, has missed practice time due to a back injury.

Konz, 6 foot 5 and 317 pounds, appeared to hold up in pass protection and was solid with his run blocking

On one play in the second quarter, he couldn’t match the power of Philadelphia defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins, but he guided him away for quarterback Matt Ryan, who scrambled for a 7-yard gain.

Konz also looked solid on a combination block, where he passed a defender over to center Todd McClure and then got back in place to pick up Eagles linebacker DeMeco Ryans, who was blitzing.

With Konz in the lineup, running backs Jacquizz Rodger and Michael Turner combined to rush for more than 100 yards.

Peters plays

Defensive tackle Corey Peters, who was activated from the reserve/non-football list on Friday, saw his first action of the season in the second quarter.

With Peters back from a foot injury, the Falcons unveiled a new first-down defense that featured three defensive tackles and one defensive end.

At times, the Falcons used Jonathan Babineaux at end and Vance Walker and Peria Jerry at tackles. Later they replaced Jerry with Peters in an attempt to improve their run defense. The Eagles finished with 92 rushing yards.

Bowing to the weather

Inclement weather demanded that the Falcons attempt to run the ball. Despite a slow start, they stayed with the ground game and it paid off late in the third quarter.

Chipping away at the Eagles with a 27-10 lead, Rodgers finally broke away for a 43-yard run to the Eagles’ 28-yard line. The drive led to a field goal.

With the pre-game forecast calling for wind and rain from Hurricane Sandy, the Falcons attempted to lean on their rushing attack early.

The Falcons opened with fullback Lousaka Polite in front of Turner in the I-formation. The Falcons ran the ball nine times on their 16-play opening drive. On their second possession, the Falcons ran the ball four times on an eight-play touchdown drive.

Though the rain held off until the third quarter, Falcons finished with 146 ground yards on 37 attempts for an average of 3.9 yards per carry.

Not so close

The Eagles had played all of their previous opponents close. Five of Philadelphia’s first six games were decided by three or fewer points.

The Eagles had won four straight at home against the Falcons. Atlanta’s last win in Philadelphia came on Oct. 30, 1988.

Player moves

Wide receiver Harry Douglas, who was declared out on Friday, was inactive for the game along with backup quarterback Dominique Davis, center-guard Joe Hawley, tackle Lamar Holmes, defensive tackle Travian Robertson, defensive tackle Jonathan Massaquoi and defensive end Cliff Matthews.

Injury report

Falcons linebacker Sean Weatherspoon left the game with an ankle injury and did not return. … Walker left the game with a head injury, but returned. … Philadelphia wide receiver Mardy Gilyard suffered a hamstring injury and did not return to the game. … Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson (ankle) left the field for X-rays, but returned.


Under coach Andy Reid, the Eagles are now 13-1 after a bye week. … Defensive end John Abraham, who had 9 1/2 sacks last season, recorded his seventh sack in the fourth quarter.


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October 28th, 2012
7:10 pm

Falcon James

October 28th, 2012
7:12 pm

So does this mean the Falcon beat somebody or do we still got to hear about how the Falcon ain’t played nobody yet. Even though we have won 7 in a row.


October 28th, 2012
7:13 pm

I said all along Harry Douglas may not be as good as we think. I actually thought Kevin Cone was going to be the next receiver to step up but Davis did a good job. Just wished the falcons could have put the dagger in their opponent by scoring one or two more touchdowns in the 2nd half. Overall I give them a B+ in today’s effort.



October 28th, 2012
7:15 pm



October 28th, 2012
7:32 pm


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October 28th, 2012
7:43 pm

The Falcons keep rolling, in their win today I think they showed there is really nothing special about this edition of the Eagles. I realize everyone talks about the Falcons O but the defense just keeps making plays. I don’t care if we get national respect, just keep winning!


October 28th, 2012
7:44 pm

Falcon James, I think you know the answer. Just watch the network sports yap shows….. Little talk of the Falcons today. Think back to when the aint’s had their big year. That is all you heard, how great they were.

Keep the faith. It only matters what the Falcons do on the field. Let the flapping lips say what they will.

Michael M .

October 28th, 2012
7:48 pm

Falcon James …………………..just let the Falcons fly under the radar on to the playoffs……………………

Sick & Tired Of Being Sick & Tired

October 28th, 2012
7:53 pm

Glad that Konz finally got an opportunity to start and prove what he’s capable of doing on the field. Konz definitely made a difference in the play of the O-Line today. The same could be said about Drew Davis who also had a great game especially that TD catch in the corner of the endzone. I’d like to see what Antoine Smith could do in the game as a running back instead of just being used on special teams.

Great Overall Team Win!!!!!


October 28th, 2012
7:56 pm

Next up Dallas. Huge game. It would be great to start 8-0. We could clinch a playoff spot in the next 4 weeks and get some people healty.

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October 28th, 2012
8:04 pm

Way to go Angry Birds!


October 28th, 2012
9:23 pm

LL, they will still say we have not beat anyone who really counts but all that matter is we are still chopping wood.


October 29th, 2012
12:09 am

The defense and offense played great today, good game planning by both coordinators. I still didn’t see Dent and Ray Edwards show up today. Bearman had a great game he kept pressure on the QB all day. Also, I’m glad Drew Davis got a chance to show what he can do, hope to see more of him in the furture.

JosephDaKoolest a.k.a No Answer For Julio

October 29th, 2012
4:26 am

Great win Great Gameplan. I didn’t even know Konz started the game. Thanks DOL. I think we played a complete game for the most part. Would love to see us at least get a couple first downs in the second half and run more time off the clock but ovrerall great performance. Total team effrot. As far as the national respect we don’t want it and we don’t need it. We are on a mission and we are not worried about national respect. Go Falcons Rise UP


October 29th, 2012
5:25 am

I was telling my son before the game that they should Konz a shot. He panned out. He seems to be an upgrade over Reynolds. I hope we now have a steady RG and even steadier OL. SN: How about them Aints?!


October 29th, 2012
6:48 am

Everywhere we goooO,
Everywhere we goooO,
People wanna knooOw,
People wanna knooOw,
Who we aaa are,
Who we aaa are,
So we tell theem, So we tell theem,
We are the FALCONS!! We are the FALCONS!!


October 29th, 2012
9:01 am

Great job Falcons and new guys. Hope Spoon is OK for next week.

Elvis is Alive

October 29th, 2012
9:07 am

Again the Angry birds WIN and will Win again vs. Dallas. Konz is a good pick, but Bierman is the beast..Crushing MV was the best hit of the year ..Clean ..but painful. That hit will not soothe the HURT all falcons fans felt when our past QB gave us the finger after another subpar performance, but it helped Abraham is headed to the Pro Bowl..another stellar performance.
Now the Philly fans are learning what many of us already knew, MV is not a very good QB. He has his moments, but football is a team game and with all cylinders clicking ,even an average team can WIN. MV’s problem is that he is like sand in the crankcase.
Great Win–Angry Birds– Prediction this week..Atlanta Falcons 42- Dallas 14..if we can close down Witten, Austin and lackluster Romo….RISE UP !!!

Capt. Kangaroo

October 29th, 2012
9:11 am

Capt. Kangaroo

October 29th, 2012
9:12 am

Capt. Kangaroo

October 29th, 2012
9:13 am

True Falcon Fan

October 29th, 2012
9:55 am

OK Dled, please tell me what was the problem with my post this morning earlier? You must be really upset that so much about yo boy is about to loose his QB as in #7 job in Philly??

Go Falcons — CaBoys next

True Falcon Fan

October 29th, 2012
10:00 am

Yo Dled, check your filter —- look for “SWEET” victory, by me —- And what did you find wrong with the post” —- Really,,,, are you kidding me………

I’m thinking you are like your buddy JSSS aka “ZERO”

I still like “Sweet Baby Rays” BBQ sauce the most!

Go Falcons — Caboys next

[...] Falcons guard Peter Konz shines in first NFL start [...]

Falcon Man

October 29th, 2012
11:43 am

Who Dat ??? HA HA HA I love saying that !! I know,they have a ring…Good for them….Ours will come……Love seeing them struggle !!!
Falcon fans, see you all Sunday night at the dome !!!


October 29th, 2012
12:16 pm

The Oline is suddenly looking decent. Glad for Konz. Baker is looking good. Svitek and Lamar should be back for us next year.

So What..?

October 29th, 2012
3:11 pm

Oakland raiders have a ring…..I dont here anyone crowing about them..!!
Aint fans are realizing what everyone else already know. Its a new day.

The Real Falcon

October 29th, 2012
3:30 pm

The running game was not good because of Konz, it was good in spite of him. He got pushed off the line continually

[...] Falcons guard Peter Konz shines in first NFL start [...]


October 29th, 2012
4:33 pm

Konz played well our line didnt look bad if you ask me mike turner just cant find the hole hehehe, thats wat she said, but no turner just looked like he couldnt find the openings, he was slow, i seen him break a tackle, had an openining to go forward and he just curled up, turner has just let himself go hes fast slow and lost all the strengths he used to possess

[...] Falcons guard Peter Konz shines in first NFL start [...]


October 29th, 2012
10:31 pm


October 29th, 2012
11:55 pm

a little shout out for Mr Blaylock havent heard your name all year, you Know what that means!


October 29th, 2012
11:56 pm


October 30th, 2012
6:57 am

Peter Konz might turn out to be a very valuable draft pick. The Falcons are deep at wide reciever so if one guy goes down, they have talent on that team who can get the job done. I like Drew Davis but Harry Douglas is a proven wide-out.


October 30th, 2012
7:47 pm

I’m suprised there has not been a Drew Davis story this week. I don’t know much about him, but his two early plays set the tone for the whole game. Let’s hope he’s a keeper.


October 31st, 2012
1:15 am

Okay Falcon Fans Our team is getting it done on the field…………LETS GET BEHIND OUR TEAM Sunday Night……Get their EARLY so when the players come out on the field they’ll see us their supporting them….RISE UP FALCON FANS lets scream our hearts out for our Team from kick off till 0 seconds left…LETS ROCK THE DOME…COME ON FALCON FANS RISE UP….


October 31st, 2012
1:18 am



October 31st, 2012
4:58 am

Which is a better nickname- “The Konz” or “Konzie?”

[...] Falcons guard Peter Konz shines in first NFL start [...]

[...] Falcons guard Peter Konz shines in first NFL start [...]

[...] Falcons guard Peter Konz shines in first NFL start [...]

[...] Falcons guard Peter Konz shines in first NFL start [...]

[...] Falcons guard Peter Konz shines in first NFL start [...]

[...] Falcons guard Peter Konz shines in first NFL start [...]