Atlanta Falcons: ‘Touchdown’ Tommy Gallarda helping out

Atlanta Falcons tight end Tommy Gallarda (left) and other players sign autographs for fans during Friday Night Lights at Peachtree Ridge High School in Suwanee on Friday, August 3, 2012. Hyosub Shin /

Atlanta Falcons tight end Tommy Gallarda (left) and other players sign autographs for fans during Friday Night Lights at Peachtree Ridge High School in Suwanee on Friday, August 3, 2012. Hyosub Shin /

FLOWERY BRANCH — Backup tight end Tommy Gallarda, who’s filling in for Michael Palmer, had his first career catch against Washington and made one of the key blocks on Michael Turner’s 13-yard touchdown run.

“It’s fun being able to contribute when I can, both on special teams and offense,” Gallarda said. “You always want to play.”

He enjoyed playing a role on Turner’s touchdown run, which provided the game-winning points.

“I had to get that guy out of there,” Gallarda said.

His first career catch was almost a touchdown, but he was called for pass interference after catching an apparent 1-yard touchdown in the first quarter against Carolina.

“The stadium was kind of delayed with the boos, so I thought it was good, but then I heard the boos,” Gallarda said. “I turned around and saw the flag and figured something bad happened. Our bodies just kind of bounced off each other.”


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October 12th, 2012
5:05 am


October 12th, 2012
5:39 am

Congrats Ed. You win absolutely, positively NOTHING! Good day sir!


October 12th, 2012
5:40 am

Give this kid some more passes off of playaction. It sure beats giving them to ‘Stone Hands’ Hawley. Man WTF was that?? All those weapons and they throw to that guy?? Did Mularkey sneak back into the coaches booth to call a few plays. SMDH.


October 12th, 2012
7:38 am

I didn’t think that was pass interference, Tony Gonzalas does worst and gets away with it all the time.

Jeff B

October 12th, 2012
9:29 am

@Jimmy – Totally agree, we should NOT be throwing the ball in Hawley’s direction. We’ve got TEs on the roster for a reason – use em! That said, I can’t wait for Polite and Palmer to both get healthy, because that’ll end this Hawley-as-a-receiver nonsense once and for all.


October 12th, 2012
9:30 am

@Dilla, I have to agree. Terrible call by the refs and great acting by Kleukly(sp). I like this kid, moreso than Palmer. Palmer may be a better blocker, but this guy seems to have good hands and seems to be more athletic.


October 12th, 2012
12:03 pm

Gallarda has good hands but Palmer is a better all around TE because of his blocking. Hope to see Palmer @ 100% after the bye in Philly.

Robert James

October 12th, 2012
1:25 pm

Actually from watching Gallarda and listening to the game announcers in both the Carolina d Redskins games, Gallarda is better at Receiving and blocking. I think it was Gruden who said the Turner TD block by Gallarda looked like a veteran. One thing for sure Hawley has no business trying to catch footballs with either Gallarda or Palmer in the game…. Wanting to see Gallarda in more passing packages this week.


October 12th, 2012
3:14 pm

Actually….I think that throwing to Joe Hawley was a GREAT idea. If you think about it, it opens up anohter player on the offense that the defense has to defend. Hawley was WIDE OPEN both times. If he catches those balls, he clearly gives us two important first downs. Additionally, forcing teams to have to defend Hawley with a defender, takes a double team away from TG, JJ, or RW..That’s GREAT!!!

Last point on this…

How many times do you hear the referee say ” #?? is an eligible reciever”? It happens all of the time to add an extra blocker. The fact that they actually threw to that guy makes the defense think…what do we do?

Now, I know he didn’t catch the balls, but if he had like it was drawn up, we would be saying that it was a great call. I’m sure opposing D Coordinators are thinking that.

I know I said last point, but this really is the last one… Those plays were UNPREDICTABLE plays. You want IMAGINATIVE plays that are somewhat “SAFE”. No play is more safe than the guy just not catching the ball. It was very unpredictable, unlike plays Mularkey called…

Again, I say… GREAT CALL!!!!


October 12th, 2012
3:41 pm

I agree i thought the pass plays to hawley were genius calls IF hawley catches the ball, very creative play calling by keotter if u ask me, i mean wat defense is gonna expect a pass to a lineman and like CFB FAN said hawley was open both times, if he makes those catches, key first down or more!!! Very creative

Robert James

October 12th, 2012
3:48 pm

LOL Loyal…. The play was creative but defenses will ignore him since he cannot catch the football….

Falcons Chic

October 12th, 2012
6:39 pm

Not to get too much into physiology, but did you see how the ball bounced off his abs both times? I hope that sounds polite and respectful while still making the point.