Video: Falcons sharp in win over Chargers

The Falcons clicked offensively and defensively in Sunday’s 27-3 win over the Chargers. Are they now the team to beat in the NFC? CineSport’s Brian Clark & The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s D.Orlando Ledbetter discuss.


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Brent Grimes out for the season

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Still room for improvement in run game

Matt Ryan, Dirk Koetter form bond on and off the field

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September 23rd, 2012
11:53 pm

First…just like the Falcons!


September 23rd, 2012
11:54 pm

Hey DOL….we’re starting to look like an elite team…thanks for the coverage buddy…your first class!


September 23rd, 2012
11:59 pm

Where’s SeenThisB4 and hiramsaint and Matt”choke”Ryan……? do you hear crickets chirping?

Big Ray

September 24th, 2012
1:51 am

What? No annoying Saints fans? No JSS and the “we keepin’ it real and not drinkin’ the koolaid” crew? Heh…

D. Orlando Ledbetter

September 24th, 2012
3:09 am

Blake — Thanks for your kind words.


September 24th, 2012
5:38 am

Those Saints trolls are probably “choking” on a fat one right now, just like their team did today. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Michael M.

September 24th, 2012
8:30 am

Only three undefeated teams left………………….week four should end the debate who is the best in the NFL…………………..the ” angry birds “. our Atlanta Falcons………………………………


September 24th, 2012
12:08 pm

Don’t worry Ray, I see the Opium was keeping you up and you feel the need since you can’t resist… But like Yamamoto said late on December 8, 1941, paraphrasing you might not like the conclusion… Stay childish…


September 24th, 2012
9:24 pm

Nice comments DLED… you are getting pretty good at this. Let’s hope our Falcons make it easy for you by winning lots more. I’d sure take Matt Ryan too as well as all the rest of the roster including the fine coaches, GM and owner. Lets hope this DEFENSE shows people how games are won. What a showing in San Diego.


September 24th, 2012
9:32 pm

I saw an interesting stat awhile ago, and this is for all the Michael Turner haters from Sunday’s discussion during the game. Of all the backs in the league, Turner is fourth in yards gained after contact. I don’t know if he’s used up, yet, or not. But there’s no doubt that the offense has been turned over to Matt Ryan and that bevy of impressive receivers. Also, they seem to have made some sort of commitment to use Rodgers more. When they did need to eat some clock late in the game, Turner came through. The Chargers’ defense was beat up and worn out by that time, but I think it’s too early to write Turner off.


September 24th, 2012
9:35 pm

I went to the Chargers site and Phillip Rivers said that’s the first time the team had been shut out of the end zone In 150 games. Pretty impressive showing by the D…!


September 24th, 2012
10:09 pm

Not to mention how the completely confused Manning. Nolan’s schemes are working, and all of a sudden, there’s teamwork on defense. The safeties, especially, are playing very well; and these are the same guys who were mediocre last year. And don’t forget that they’re doing it without Grimes.


September 24th, 2012
10:18 pm

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LOL at the Aints

September 24th, 2012
10:19 pm

Sharp is a nice word,, I think Dominant better describes it,,

LOL at the Aints

September 24th, 2012
10:23 pm

Nolen has made a real difference with his pressure style D,, I like the way they put 9 n the box,, VanGordhead would never do that,,


September 25th, 2012
8:24 am

May sound negative but Matt Ryan is having tunnel vision in the red-zone. The INT thrown to Gonzalez was uncalled for,the tight end had 3 people on him. Great game we can’t let up now we need to improve,when Julio Jones went out we got stagnated. We may need to look at another wide receiver other than Douglas,because Douglas is not that big or physical. We have some rookies we drafted that should get some playing time. We need younger players on our defensive and offensive line. The DL needs to be rested all the way across,improvement and getting better is going to take us to our goal the Super Bowl.Teams like the Steelers,Ravens, Gaints, Patriots draft players and they play them,Falcons draft players to fill a roster spots.

old falc

September 25th, 2012
11:23 am

still not a lot of respect for the Falcons ,or MR just think if they had Brent G.