Atlanta Falcons: William Moore goes on hit parade

073012 FLOWERY BRANCH: Wide receivers coach Terry Robiskie and Harry Douglas (left) run some pass interference on wide receiver Julio Jones (right) during a receiving drill in Flowery Branch on Monday, July 30, 2012.      CURTIS COMPTON / CCOMPTON@AJC.COM

073012 FLOWERY BRANCH: Wide receivers coach Terry Robiskie and Harry Douglas (left) run some pass interference on wide receiver Julio Jones (right) during a receiving drill in Flowery Branch on Monday, July 30, 2012. CURTIS COMPTON / CCOMPTON@AJC.COM

FLOWERY BRANCH — Falcons safety William Moore forgot about the no-hitting lecture that coaches gave the players on Saturday.

He leveled wide receiver Marcus Jackson with a big hit, causing Smith to remind his safety about the hitting rules.

“No, Will, no” Smith said.

Cornerback Asante Samuel chimed in, “We just wanted to let y’all know that we had on some pads over here.”

Smith said he wants all players left standing after a play.

“Our No. 1 goal as a staff and football team is to get to the opener as healthy as we can,” Smith said. “We know that is impossible to have everyone healthy, but we’ve got to limit those exposures and limit the chances of a guy getting hurt.”

But he wasn’t too upset about Moore’s hit.

“There are some guys that you have to remind them,” Smith said. “It’s like your children. You have to stay on them. Guys get ramped up and they get going and that’s a good thing.”

–D. Orlando Ledbetter, The Atlanta Falcons beat blog

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July 31st, 2012
2:12 pm

Sun Tzu 7

July 31st, 2012
2:18 pm

Why am I not suprised to see Asante chime in.

I’m actually looking forward to seeing these guys be able to hit another team in preseason even though everything we run will be vanilla.

At least we should get a better idea on what to expect from the starting o-line by the 3rd pre-season game. By the 3rd one last year I knew we were going to have problems.


July 31st, 2012
2:20 pm

…and he (#25) will be the first one hurt with a groin/hamstring, etc. Difference between a high school/college player and a PROFESSIONAL is that they see the big picture. Anyone can knock out a camp body…but who can show up healthy week one ready to play the defensive scheme.

Gotta be smart. I agree with Smitty. Would rather see folks go down in a game than at Flowery Branch.


Michael M.

July 31st, 2012
3:03 pm

After reading the article, they got it right cept Carolina and Bucs have a better team than that projected record. Still laughing out here !

I am hoping Moore will level the opponents with some major hits !


July 31st, 2012
4:03 pm

@Sun Tzu 7 GREAT LINK!!! Sure is queit in here oh STB4 had to drag tail like gator back to the swamp on that one!! LOL!! SHHHHHH!!!

Bourbon Street dancer

July 31st, 2012
4:45 pm

HA! Judging by the photo, he did not catch the ball. If thats the best you guys got, you are in trouble!


July 31st, 2012
5:06 pm

What would Smitty have said if it had been Douglas, White or Jones, Sure it would have been a different story. I like Moore, but it was a dumb stunt, in a game he could have injured himself or tacked on a huge penalty, training camp is what it is and where was Abe, remember he raised hell when Nissley went overboard ????????????????????

Ken Strickland

July 31st, 2012
6:12 pm

SEENTHISB4-Didn’t the NFL suspend your HC, GM, assistant coach, and several players because THE ENTIRE AINT/TAINT organization couldn’t follow the rules? STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES, and STUPIDITY definitely defines the AINTS/TAINTS and their fans.


July 31st, 2012
6:53 pm

i LOVE William Moore and he is DEFINITELY a top 10 ss!!! by the way Samuel is a BEAST


July 31st, 2012
8:25 pm

Awesome, this story gets me excited for the season. I believe Asante and Nolan will be the perfect storm to make this defense awesome. If our offensive line plays up to standard this is a superbowl team.

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July 31st, 2012
10:05 pm

MIZZOU runs this myths… get some dawgs


August 1st, 2012
1:30 am

WE got some Dawgs

to real

August 1st, 2012
9:39 am

Will tha hammer moore I really like dis guy he will do great things under nolan system he is a big hitting SS and lets not forget he makes plays on tha ball he missed games last year but lets remember when he played 16 game he was a top saftey in picks break out year cuming for will moore


August 1st, 2012
2:45 pm

If Moore stays healthy he should be a pro- bowler this year. But if we see some vast improvement in the offenensive line the sky is the limit for these Falcons…..


August 1st, 2012
3:15 pm

What William Moore did is what fake tough guys do. Anybody can take a cheap shot at someone when there not looking and certainly not expecting it in a no contact drill. That is typical Falcons stuff. Let’s see how many clean shots you get on Steve Smith this season. That’s when it counts.