Asante Samuel energized Falcons’ first OTA

FLOWERY BRANCH — About midway through his first organized team activity [non-contact practice] with the Falcons, cornerback Asante Samuel made a plea to the offense.
“Get me some action over here so I can show these people [as he pointed to the coaches] what I can do,” Samuel said Tuesday.
When no passes immediately came his way, Samuel went to the top and involved Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff in his antics.
“Dimitroff, tell them to get me some action,” Samuel said.
The offense was working on their inside timing routes and finally got around to throwing some passes to Samuel’s side of the field. Samuel stepped in front of a pass from backup quarterback John Parker Wilson that was intended for Kevin Cone. Samuel ran to the sideline for a quick pose, with his arms crossed.
“That’s the G-Stance,” Samuel said. “I’m the first person to do this. [He posed again.] I branded it. ”
A few plays later, Samuel nabbed a Matt Ryan pass that was intended for Drew Davis.
Samuel, 31, who was acquired in a trade with Philadelphia in April, said there was a method to his madness in calling for some action in practice.
“That’s what you’ve got to do, put the bull’s eye on your shoulder and step up to the plate,” Samuel said. “That’s how you get better. If you are talking [smack] and you’re telling them ‘they can’t do this or they can’t do that,’ of course, they are going to try. But if you don’t back it up, they are going to [make fun of] you.”
Samuel has 45 career interceptions in nine seasons, fourth among active players. His 38 interceptions since 2006 is tops in the NFL.
Samuel spent some time Tuesday at right and left cornerback. Dunta Robinson played inside when the Falcons went to the nickel defense.
“I have a preference,” Samuel said. “I want to be on the left side. This is a right-handed league, and I want to be where the ball is coming.”
While Samuel has a stated preference to play on the left side, he plans to blend into Mike Nolan’s defense.
“Check his record,” Samuel said. “He’s always been a good coordinator. Over there with Miami … he had a top-five defense one year. I can tell by the schemes and the different coverages, that he’s mixing it up.
“It’s not about one coverage. It’s about confusing the offense. This is a league with great quarterbacks. You have to confuse people. He’s going to do a real good job.”
Samuel’s play caught the attention of coach Mike Smith.
“He made a couple nice plays on the right and left side,” Smith said. “The thing that Asante allows us to do is it gives us a lot of flexibility in terms of how we want to line up our players. That’s something that coach Nolan and the staff have spent a lot of time discussing and something we’ll look at very closely through these next nine OTAs that we have.”
Samuel’s antics caught some off guard. Under Smith, the Falcons have taken a businesslike approach to practice.
Other than a few outbursts from the linebackers, there usually isn’t much loud talking. Not since the DeAngelo Hall days under coach Jim Mora has there been a player calling for some action during practice.
“It was cool,” linebacker Sean Weatherspoon said. “I really don’t know him that well, but just getting out there with him today and seeing the way that he competes. … He talks a little smack, and I definitely like that. He was having a good time out there today, and he was making some plays.”
The Falcons believe Samuel could add swagger to the defense.
“I think so. We definitely need something like that,” Weatherspoon said. “Anytime that you can add a player of that caliber to your defense, that’s going to be a bonus.”

–D. Orlando Ledbetter, The Atlanta Falcons beat blog

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May 29th, 2012
2:47 pm

Superbowl bound.


May 29th, 2012
2:48 pm

why a guy has 3 mics?? orlando i dont see you there!


May 29th, 2012
2:56 pm

Just want to say one thing I am excited about this year.

D. Orlando Ledbetter

May 29th, 2012
3:04 pm

Mark — I’m holding my own mic and video.

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May 29th, 2012
3:57 pm

Basically he said Ryan was e-z to read


May 29th, 2012
4:41 pm

FINALLY…a guy with some edge who isnt scared to say a “bad word” on camera. I think with his personality he should instantly become the alpha of our defense. I can see him and Spoon feeding each other (no pun intended). Two high energy guys like that should give us a good jolt!


May 29th, 2012
5:53 pm

I love it! I’ll be praying for the health of our 3 starting CB’s all season. I think that Samuel, Koetter, and Nolan were all HUGE improvements for the falcons. I can’t wait for the season to start! No more vanilla defense! No more Michael Turner up the middle when the entire stadium knows it is coming! Yay Falcons! Thank you Arthur, Thomas, and Mike for putting together a team of players and coaches that will be very fun to watch! Yay Falcons!


May 29th, 2012
6:06 pm

This is exciting news! Only the beginning-not since Prime Time have we had an all pro calibre corner who will make big plays to help win/save ball games.

Chub Rock

May 29th, 2012
8:07 pm

Duece Duece is definitely what this D needs. I hope the stiffs don’t get too offended by his verbal antics. Sounds like he took over the first day of OTA’s. Hopefully some of the control freaks on the sideline can adapt to what this guy brings to the table.

Chub Rock

May 29th, 2012
9:08 pm

Some of these pathetic retards just sit at home and stare at the AJC blogs all day. LMAO! What a life.

Chub Rock

May 29th, 2012
9:59 pm

Look dude don’t play stupid OK you know you are the same BSer that did not show up and if you did you didn’t have the Saints shirt on. I was there and you were not now move on with your life chump. You keep hiding behind this blog. You know what happens to you if I ever catch up to you though right. LOL You keep trolling the blog sites BSer looking for verbal battles like the weak chump that you are. You must be a kid. I would hate to think a grown man has such a worthless life as to rehash ish on sports blog sites. I actually feel sorry for you dude. You clearly have no life. If you think you punked me and it makes you in your little world feel better then be my guest. You wanna talk football then speak up but if you wanna play some silly childish game of hide behind the blog and play tough guy, I’m not interested. You go ahead and get your rocks off. I’m done with trash.

Greg M

May 29th, 2012
10:37 pm

I love it, a louder Champ Bailey. Bring it baby, go Falcons!


May 29th, 2012
10:52 pm

Two INTs! Did he get any tackles? Didn’t think so.

Barack Obama

May 29th, 2012
11:39 pm

…ugh……….Chuck……….and….um….um…….Elmer. Now, …..uh… two just need to….uh……stop this feuding. Remember,….uh………….whatever your problem is, it….um……is Bush’s fault.


May 30th, 2012
1:02 am

seenthisb4, who gets tackles in OTAs?….no pads bro, step your IQ up


May 30th, 2012
1:09 am

In a little over two months, we get to see what Samuel really has as a Falcon. Hope he can stay healthy, too. Never been quite this excited for Pre-Season to start, and see our “new” team in action!!!


day old fries

May 30th, 2012
1:16 am

SeenThisB4’s IQ is a fixed IQ.


May 30th, 2012
6:12 am

new team, same old tired 0-3 qb and coach . should be a spectacle for sure !

Whadda Ya Know?

May 30th, 2012
6:22 am

Between Grimes and Samuels they are going to have a field day with Brees. And with Dunta playing the Nickel he should light up your slot WRs. This is going to be good. Seen and Hiram are here because they KNOW the Falcons will dominate the Saints this year.

Jimmy Crack

May 30th, 2012
8:49 am

The Sain’ts and their fans who think they are playoff bound are in for a rude awakening. Carolina is close to breaking out with Cam, the Bucs have some very good new pieces on both sides of the ball, and the Falcons are only a pass rusher (a healthy Edwards?) away from having a shutdown defense to go with their efficient offense. Another thing these 3 teams have is a very real dislike of the New Orleans team and what they have been up to in recent years with their injury bounties. All three know that their respective QBs have been targeted, unsuccessfully, and a little payback on Brees and his weapons may be in order, like planting them firmly at the bottom of the division. The Sain’ts better have their insurance up to date when they get run over by the entire NFC South in 2012.

Section 322

May 30th, 2012
9:15 am


May 30th, 2012
10:55 am

I really like the moves on defense. However all this talk about sucess maybe we forgot about our most glaring weakness OL. Opening holes for the running game and giving MR time to read is diffently our problem. We continue to load up on skill players but give the OL, DL minimum attention!!!!!!


May 30th, 2012
10:57 am

success, difficult (sorry)


May 30th, 2012
11:01 am

definitely,, I can’t get it together

Chub Rock

May 30th, 2012
12:03 pm

Chub Rock

May 30th, 2012
12:05 pm

Not laughing at you SavDawg.

Michael Smith

May 30th, 2012
12:10 pm

Failcon fans have such a low IQ…. SB bound really ??? win a play-off game first. You think with a washed CB you gonna win SB ?

NO TEAM WANTED HIM….7th Round pick for him tells what how team values him. I can’t believe people are so delusional…other than Nolan appointment as DC what other good thing has happened to Failcons in off-season ?

Bucca bubba

May 30th, 2012
12:12 pm




May 30th, 2012
12:17 pm

M. Ryan => Noodle arm

J.J => Injury prone

Roddy White => Loud mouth

M. Turner => slow

T. Gonazales => Old

A. Samuel => unwanted, discarded

Edwards => useless

D. Robinson => overpaid

So with these players you guys will be SB bound. LOL

Falcon Jim

May 30th, 2012
12:31 pm

rouge21, thank-you. Sounds to me like a great group of veterans that will rise-up.


May 30th, 2012
12:53 pm

No one wanted Samuel because of his extremely high cap number not because he doesn’t have anything in the tank. The Eagles couldn’t afford him and that’s why the had to let him go. They wanted to do it last year but no one was willing to give up a second round pick for him especially with that high cap number.

[...] was overheard from the sidelines calling out challenges to the offense. “Get me some action over here so I can show these people [as he pointed to the coaches] what [...]

Chub Rock

May 30th, 2012
2:09 pm

Vikings CB Asher Allen has retired from football.


May 30th, 2012
3:19 pm

michael smith, kinda like how randy moss went from oakland to new england for a 7th rounder…cause he had nothing left in the tank too right? oh wait thats weird, he had his best years as a patriot after that.


May 30th, 2012
5:11 pm

Jerry Glanville type of player. Talk as long as you can back it up, Deion, Favre, etc. Well, Brett had a party problem then, Swagger is back ! Go Coons !!

Joe Tess Fish House

May 30th, 2012
5:47 pm

Tyler Z.

May 30th, 2012
5:51 pm

GO WILLIE ! ! ! !


May 30th, 2012
6:16 pm

Get a life Seenthis and Hiram….you are both so pathetic.


May 30th, 2012
6:18 pm

I wish the AJC would force people to register and log IP addresses. Of course I would also like the ability to block other users. That way I wouldn’t have to read these tards’ trolling BS all the time. Why can’t they just get a life?! Who has this much time on their hands?


May 30th, 2012
6:22 pm

Get ‘em Willie!

Chub Rock

May 30th, 2012
6:49 pm

Token-That’s just it, these people don’t have lives. The only success in most of their lives is a football team winning a Super Bowl. I was one of the people that went to N.O. to help after Katrina with FEMA. I even employed many that had to relocate to the Atl area. Not all Saints fans are as ignorant as the ones that troll here. I did have to fire a few for stealing and drugs but overall decent people. I have NEVER visited a Saints blog site and never will but then again I do have better things to do.


May 30th, 2012
7:15 pm

@Chub Rock HEARD.

Not a Falcon fan

May 30th, 2012
9:22 pm

Asante Samuel will be hanging his head in shame when the season is over. He will learn all about falCANTS football. It’s a new season, new coaches, new players. In the end, it the same old losing falCANTS. No Super Bowl win. I will go ahead and say it for all falCANT fans. Maybe Next Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saints R.E.A.M.

May 31st, 2012
9:42 am

Asante “hot air” Samuels…..This guy is not a shut down corner. He will play the underneath routes well but he better have safety help because he always bites on pump fakes. He can be beat deep. However, you will never see him get beat deep at Flowery Branch because Noodle arm can’t throw the deep ball.

Matt Ryan's Mother

May 31st, 2012
9:54 am

Don’t call him noodle-arm……………..and ream the taints.

Saints R.E.A.M.

May 31st, 2012
10:39 am

I never said who noodle-arm was…..but seems like Matt Ryan’s Mother is protective of whomever he is.



May 31st, 2012
10:56 am

Rough21 I thought you are Falcons lover…whattha heel!

Jean Claude Killy

May 31st, 2012
11:25 am

Chub Rock

May 31st, 2012
12:41 pm