DEPTH CHART: Cox to see action against Colts

Kansas City Chiefs' Mike Cox (42) dives into the endzone for a first quarter touchdown against the Denver Broncos in an NFL football game on Sunday, Jan. 3, 2010, in Denver. (AP Photo/ Ed Andrieski )

Kansas City Chiefs' Mike Cox (42) dives into the endzone for a first quarter touchdown against the Denver Broncos in an NFL football game on Sunday, Jan. 3, 2010, in Denver. (AP Photo/ Ed Andrieski )

FLOWERY BRANCH  — Just a couple of days ago, Mike Cox was relaxing in Charlotte with the in-laws.

Today, he’s the No.1 listed fullback on the Falcons “unoffcial” depth chart that was released by the team on Tuesday.

Cox, the former Georgia Tech standout, was signed on Oct. 25 after Pro Bowler Ovie Mughelli was placed on injured reserve.

The Falcons called him on Monday after the Lions game and fly him from Charlotte for a tryout.

Lucas Cox during the 2011 exhibition season.

Lucas Cox during the 2011 exhibition season.

“I loved my time here at Georgia Tech and in Atlanta,” Cox said. “I know my wife is excited to get a change of scenery. I’m just thankful for another week to be playing. This is a best case scenario. I was able to get in here and have some good meeting time with coach and learn the offense a lot better.”

Cox has received some help from his little brother Lucas Cox, who also played at Tech and was in training camp with the Falcons.

“Hopefully, I can hit the ground rolling with a week in practice,” said Cox, who’s played in 39 NFL games with 17 starts.

He is being groomed to play this week and split time with Snelling.

“You’ll see a mix of both of them,” said offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey on Tuesday. “They’ll both be used at the fullback position.”

Here’s the rest of the depth chart:


WR 11 Julio Jones 83 Harry Douglas 14 Eric Weems

LT 72 Sam Baker 74 Will Svitek

LG 63 Justin Blalock 73 Kirk Chambers

C 62 Todd McClure 61 Joe Hawley 66 Brett Romberg

RG 75 Garrett Reynolds 73 Kirk Chambers

RT 77 Tyson Clabo 74 Will Svitek

TE 88 Tony Gonzalez 89 Reggie Kelly 81 Michael Palmer

WR 84 Roddy White 80 Kerry Meier

QB 2 Matt Ryan 8 Chris Redman

RB 33 Michael Turner 44 Jason Snelling 22 Jacquizz Rodgers 35 Antone Smith

FB 42 Mike Cox


RE 55 John Abraham 90 Lawrence Sidbury 98 Cliff Matthews

DT 91 Corey Peters 99 Vance Walker 97 Carlton Powell

DT 95 Jonathan Babineaux 94 Peria Jerry

LE 93 Ray Edwards 71 Kroy Biermann

OLB 56 Sean Weatherspoon 59 Spencer Adkins

MLB 50 Curtis Lofton 52 Akeem Dent

OLB 54 Stephen Nicholas 53 Mike Peterson

RCB 23 Dunta Robinson 21 Chris Owens 26 Kelvin Hayden

LCB 20 Brent Grimes 24 Dominique Franks 29 Darrin Walls

S 25 William Moore 36 James Sanders

S 28 Thomas DeCoud 39 Shann Schillinger


K 3 Matt Bryant

KO 5 Matt Bosher

P 5 Matt Bosher

KR 14 Eric Weems 24 Dominique Franks

PR 14 Eric Weems 24 Dominique Franks

LS 82 Joe Zelenka

H 5 Matt Bosher 80 Kerry Meier

–D. Orlando Ledbetter, The Atlanta Falcons beat blog

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Najeh Davenpoop

November 1st, 2011
6:01 pm

Opposing linebackers are about to get Cox blocked.

Falcons > Everyone

November 1st, 2011
6:22 pm

I love that, Najeh, and hopefully Julio can finally take one to the Waffle House this week.

Seen This B4 is a...

November 1st, 2011
6:29 pm

Ghost. Where are all the Saints trash talkers? They must be having nightmares about Stephen Jackson running all over them.


November 1st, 2011
6:35 pm

Plug up the holes and keep rolling. Great pick up. DLed, how much does Cox weigh? I can see he’s a big guy. Also helps to get him during bye week and give him time to catch up on playbook.


November 1st, 2011
7:31 pm

Cox will be a good player for us…and a key reason we make the playoffs once again.

loyal falcon

November 1st, 2011
7:41 pm

Go Falcons! I sure hope this time off has helped Sam get his act together. All we have to do is run the ball to set up the pass. If Mike T. gets off Julio will have his first NFL TD (Mark it down). We have to go up to Indy confident, but not overconfident. Defense keep doing what you’re doing. I like the way we improve each week. Guys this team is built to be really good for the next few years.


November 1st, 2011
8:20 pm

great pickup by falcons watched both cox brothers at tech plus mike at kc–helped lead running game at kc big shoes to fill re ovie but M turner gonna love having one of the cox boys leading the way always known for their blocking/getting dirty ability

Falcon James

November 1st, 2011
9:21 pm

I pretty sure Cox can out run tired leg Turner. I hope he can catch a wobley girly throw from Ryan. If not, maybe Ryan give him a good underhand throw like in softball. We all knows what we going to look forward to. Ryan hand the ball the Turner. Turner waddels up to line of scrimage and fall back for two yard loss. Then on second down. We hand the the ball to Turner. Turner waddels up to line of scrimmage and falls down for a one yard loss. On third and 13, Ryan get in shotgun, throws a pass to Roddy white short of the first down marker. White make good on his promise to not get hit, and steps out of bonds. Falcons punt on 4th and 4. The next series, we see Turner do the same thing for first and second down. But this time on third down, Ryan throws the ball to White past the first down marker, and Roddy drops the ball. The falcon punt on 4th and 13. The next series, Turner carries for two more times for losses, but on third down, Ryan try the draw play, and pick up 4 yards, before we punt. The next series, we do a end around with Julio, and Julio falls down for a 4 yard loss. On second down, we hand the ball to Turner, but you guessed it, he fall down at line of scrimmage. On Third down, we finally throw to Gonzolez, and he get first down. We then start our game plan over from the beginning.


November 1st, 2011
10:52 pm

“hopefully Julio can finally take one to the Waffle House this week.”

9.9x outta 10 he’ll be empty handed….lol

Just saying

November 1st, 2011
11:06 pm

You’re a real optomist, Falcon James, a bit bitter heh?


November 1st, 2011
11:44 pm

@falcons james ur not fooling any1 on here. We all know ur not a real falcon fan. And since that is the case y are u on here hating??? Get a life guy.

Falcon James

November 2nd, 2011
12:24 am

You right. I messed up that last third down call. Ryan audibles at the line and over throws Julio who was wide open going down the side line. It would have been an easy catch, but Ryan says Julio was slow because of his injured leg. Bring on the field goal unit. We know that’s a sure 3.


November 2nd, 2011
6:56 am

Falcon James (aka SeenThisB4) is ashamed because of the egg his precious “Aints” laid Sunday.


November 2nd, 2011
6:58 am

Falcon James you are exactly on point!! Why is the new-comer Cox getting the first team position after all the work JSnelling has done for this team. The Falcons can’t figure out a way to use JRogers and JSnelling and they put a back in the first position that hasn’t played in recent times!!


November 2nd, 2011
8:33 am

Attention: ME TOO, read the game plan and think about what you just said (Confused) I’d say so !!!!!!!!!!!!


November 2nd, 2011
9:02 am

I hope Matt gets his act together next week. MR was terrible vs Lions. Maybe his worst game ever, imo. I think he threw one good pass the whole game.(the one right after he came back from injury). I dunno if it’s married life, bad off season, new QB coach or whatever MR is definetly regressing.
I am not a Ryan hater. I am a Falcon lover. after 3 yrs MR = great lockeroom/PR guy, great filmroom/scheme guy, good tough guy/field General but he is not cosistantly accurate… so he is a popular Smart durable QB that can’t throw consistantly. 5 outta 6 ain’t bad. But, throwing accurately consistantly is kinda important when comes to QB’s. I am just hoping it’s something simple like being a newlywed and He fixes it. I want him to be great and he ain’t there yet. C’mon Matt you can do eet!


November 2nd, 2011
9:43 am

Attention: AlanFalcon, MMularkey doesn’t know how to design a game plan or make adjustments.


November 2nd, 2011
9:50 am

Good Luck to Ovie. I’ve met him at training camp and he’s a super cool guy.

I don’t get all the Ryan hate in the city. He guy came back into the game after what seemed like a season ending injury and won us the game. There are probably around 27 teams that would love to have him as their QB. I read a Detroit blog that talked about the look of dispair on the Lions fan’s faces when Ryan trotted back out from the locker room. It’s the look you have when you know its about to end


November 2nd, 2011
10:02 am

Great pickup! Cox is a bluecollar football player that plays hard every snap. Just about the best pickup we could’ve hoped for at this stage in the season.

Falcon James

November 2nd, 2011
10:21 am

I’m sorry everyone. I’m just a turd. I know it and I repent.

[...] see a mix of both [Snelling and Cox],” said Mularkey on Tuesday. “They’ll both be used at the fullback [...]


November 2nd, 2011
11:21 am

Hey Me TOO, they don’t want to use Snelling at FB too much in case Turner goes down. If Snelling gets hurt all we’ll have is Rodgers and he’s a bit small to carry the whole load, imo.


November 2nd, 2011
11:41 am


Could the reason for Sam Baker performace falling off this season be because of the back problems he suffered that causing him to miss serveral games?….


November 2nd, 2011
12:37 pm

Time to get on a roll! Julio getting healthy, D looking great. RUN TURNER RUN!


November 2nd, 2011
12:46 pm

@Firsttimer I believe Cox is listed at 6′ 252 lbs so yea he IS a big boy


November 2nd, 2011
1:28 pm

GET AN EDITOR (or proof-reader) FOR GOD’S SAKE!!!

1) “the Falcons “unoffcial” depth” –> “the Falcons’ “unofficial” depth”
2) “game and fly him from” –> “game and flew him from”

Ronnie D' cruz

November 2nd, 2011
1:58 pm

get ready for a loss against Indy. They will win in their home turf.

rammed saint

November 2nd, 2011
2:35 pm

Da who dat nation hurtin’a bit after steven jackson rammin’em with a hob-nail boot or somethin’.

rammed saint

November 2nd, 2011
2:39 pm

Da’ birds aint takin’ em lightly,we ain’t looking past Indy.

north G.A. falcon

November 2nd, 2011
3:31 pm

Walk hard……wait a minute, that was Dewey Cox. Block hard Mike Cox!


November 2nd, 2011
3:33 pm

Mike Cox? Is that a name like Mike Hunt?


November 2nd, 2011
4:54 pm

Welcome to Atlanta Mr. Cox. Although we all miss Ovie because he was a real pro, we welcome you with open arms. We are fortunate to have your services and look forward to continuing the best running threat in the NFL. I hope you are enjoying the opportunity to play on a class team that values the run. Best of luck to you and keep those Falcons rolling!


November 2nd, 2011
9:31 pm

I don’t care if it’s Bobby Cox out there at fullback as long as we take care of the Colts and don’t overlook this game. They are going to play their hearts out at home against us