VIDEO: Focus shifts to the NFC South

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Chandler Going Deep..

September 20th, 2011
2:44 pm


Go FAL-CONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ya happy now kids?


September 20th, 2011
2:52 pm

The focus should remain there…

Chandler Going Deep..

September 20th, 2011
3:01 pm

TB on the Road=

Huge game for da birds, could go 1-2 or 2-1.. Huge game…Is that front 5 gonna get it together and hold or allow more flexing and pain or worse getting the QB knocked the freak out?

Greenbay may have given up 400 yards to Cam on Sunday..You better believe Patty Melt wont put up 400 on them in week 5?
Rodgers will be licking his chops.. He’s in a zone by himself….


September 20th, 2011
3:07 pm


Focus – Pocus and the winner is:

Falcons. Yeah! The Home Dome advantage is no fluke people. The Birds are tough to beat at home.


September 20th, 2011
3:20 pm

D Rob!

Has anyone noticed that Philly Eagles bring out the IRE of Dunta Robinson. Is there something to those explosive hits or is it just a coincidence. Did McClain or DeSean do his Mother or girlfriend? Or was it Delonte West and he’s just taking it out on Philly?

25K last season and 20K this season is adding up. Dunta is quite a physical player, but I don’t view him as a Dirty one. Momentum on lightning quick plays can’t just be turned ON/OFF – right?

just sayin'

September 20th, 2011
3:23 pm

does anyone see a pattern here?..robinson can’t make the plays he should be making but can really come in and plant a cheap shot. he should be thinking how to cover guys not how to hurt them.


September 20th, 2011
3:32 pm

Robinson’s hit was clean and shouldn’t have drawn a flag. The game is played so fast players are going to make hits that appear intentionally harmful but are really just “bang bang” plays. I’m hoping Dunta gets this fine reduced or eliminated on review.

Oh, and good video D Led


September 20th, 2011
3:49 pm

The Hit Squad!

Cyberfalcon makes some very fine points. How can you stop dead in your tracks. The Law of Physics proves that you can not. It is called doing work!

Hey, cyberfalcon? What do you think about moving Dunta to Free Safety and finding us another CB who can cover like crazy glue?

Damage Inc.

September 20th, 2011
3:53 pm

It was a clean hit with “bad intentions”. That’s the way you play defense. Guess who dropped the play over the middle at the end of the game. I bet he’s still hearing foot steps.

Damage Inc.

September 20th, 2011
3:55 pm

Chandler- I figured by now you would have worn out your welcome at the library.

Old School

September 20th, 2011
4:09 pm

Good video D Led, thanks.

Here’s one for you, just get the ball to JJ.

just sayin'

September 20th, 2011
4:11 pm

if it was a clean hit, he could have targeted his waist…he aimed for his head..

Chandler Going Deep..

September 20th, 2011
4:18 pm

lol @D Inc……

Terrible hit. He tried to blow that dude up like his uncle Jack Tatum(rip) used too..Deserves the fine and a suspension since that buster is a repeat offender..

Hey Coach “Clean Shot” when the tables are turned due to that porous O-line STFU!

Hope your backup QB’s ready…..

Chandler Going Deep..

September 20th, 2011
4:28 pm

@ Damage, stop figuring….


September 20th, 2011
4:30 pm


These are NOT last year’s Falcons. Birds should have cut McClure, started Hawley and KEPT Dahl. I smell KAT on the o-line…and the NFC South will smell it too:

1) Get somebody out there to take #72’s spot. Dude…this is FOOTBALL. Physicality is a given.

2) #23 has got to tackle. I remember him being one of the more physical corners while in Houston. I’m not talking about teeing off on defenseless WRs…I’m talking about making tackles behing the L.O.S. and tackles to stop large gains in the secondary. This is guy is a BUST so far…

3) “Magic” Mike! Put Ryan in the Gun…and let him throw it around. Ok…he made a mistake against GB last year. But all in all, the guy was solid in his calls, reads and throws. Forgive him…and let him play again. He can only get better.

4) You gotta get Snelling back into the plan. You have soooo many weapons Mularkey. Running Turner up the gut is just not innovative. You can sell run without the 32 dive. THINK!!

5) Abe #55 is not going to intercept the ball…I have watched VanGorder place him in the direction of the slant only for him to drop the ball (against PITT) and let it go through his hands (against PHI). Here’s an idea dude…why don’t you use #71 in this role???????????? He has made two acrobatic interceptions and returned them for TDs. Its just NOT THAT HARD!!!!!!!!!!!

In my mind these coordinators have this year to tighten up. The only team to not score a touchdown in Week One?? The amount of yards given up in two weeks?? With this talent, I see other Coordinators around the league that can do better. Hell…go get Norv Turner next year after the Chargers fire him. Matty Ice will be going over the top then…


Chandler Going Deep..

September 20th, 2011
4:42 pm

““This is a physical football game,” Robinson said. “That’s the way I play. If I don’t play that way, I wouldn’t make it in this league. I definitely didn’t think it was a dirty play. I’m not a dirty player. I don’t go out there and hit players illegally.”

At least your honest in the 3rd sentence Dunta. You couldn’t cover my Grandmother or your own shadow…

MM is in over his head.. Once the guys upstairs told him to put MR into a no huddle he started to get his mojo back. Lets see if he can do that on the road against a good team.. HMMMMMMM…


September 20th, 2011
7:14 pm

anyone checked the power rankings lately?

Michael M.

September 20th, 2011
7:47 pm

Biggest Bucs comebacks
Deficit Opponent Date Score
21 (Trailed 24-3) at KC 11/2/08 W, 30-27 OT
17 (Trailed 17-0) at MIN 9/18/11 W, 24-20
17 (Trailed 17-0) at NO 12/27/09 W, 20-17 OT
17 (Trailed 17-0) at DET 11/23/08 W, 38-20
17 (Trailed 23-6) vs. CHI 1/2/83 W, 26-23 OT
17 (Trailed 17-0) at BAL 9/9/79 W, 29-26 OT
15 (Trailed 15-0) vs. CHI 9/20/98 W, 27-15
15 (Trailed 21-6) vs. DET 12/26/82 W, 23-21
14 (Trailed 17-3) vs. STL 10/24/10 W, 18-17
14 (Trailed 14-0) at SD 11/17/96 W, 25-17
14 (Trailed 14-0) vs. MIN 10/7/84 W, 35-31
14 (Trailed 14-0) at DET 9/16/84 W, 21-17
13 (Trailed 13-0) vs. WAS* 1/15/00 W, 14-13
13 (Trailed 13-0) vs. PHI 10/6/91 W, 14-13

No Comebacks this Sunday up !

Atlanta 31 Buccaneers 28

lower case b

September 20th, 2011
8:01 pm

Fredrick, you hit the nail on the head, and what’s with there always being an open receiver when the defense has the qb in trouble?

Maybe if Van G would run a little more man (with a jam at the line) with the safeties over the top(Tampa 2 Defense), the qb might hold the ball a second longer and that would create more sacks.

Somebody tell me this makes sense!


September 20th, 2011
9:32 pm

I am really glad that we won Sunday night, now maybe we can move one. Congratulaitons Falcons. Having said that, I hate to say this, as a 100% Falcons fan, but the defense is terrible against the pass, STILL. I watched the game Sunday night and the Philly receivers dropped more passes than we defended. That cost them the game, not the defense. If Philly had made the pass on their last drive, which was dropped by the receiver, not defended, they would have had first and goal. Our pass defense sucks. This is a passing league, if we cannot stop the pass we are in big trouble. I do not understand why through different coachs, coordinators, and owners, we still cannot defend a pass play. Others teams do… Please do something, play man on man, bump and run, hold, trip, trick, anything has to be better than what we are doing now. Please tell me why we line up 10+ yards off each receiver… why do receivers routinely run open across the field? We can have 3rd down and 15 and give up 20, why? Our pass defense needs help soon or we will not see the play offs.

Falcon Fanatic

September 20th, 2011
9:47 pm

What’s the matter SeenThisB4? Won’t the Stains let you come to their message board so you have to troll on here to get attention? Pretty sad you don’t have anywhere else to be but on here or won’t your mama let you sign up to be on the Stains message board? LOL.


September 20th, 2011
10:42 pm

Hey Chandler, go look at a replay of the pass from MR to Roddy with 1:59 left in the third quarter. Nnamdi Asomugha led with his head and tried to hit Roddy’s head. Roddy had ONE step to react, only he wasn’t a dumb ass. He ducked, like most players who know how to button up before getting hit. Another thing, Maclin was running foreword. Robinson was coming in from the side leading with his right shoulder. Maclin lowered his head, he ran by the shoulder and into Robinson’s helment.

Sly Ty

September 20th, 2011
10:45 pm

I really wish everyone could be happy with winning. What fun can we have if all we do is complain….AFTER WE WIN A GAME. The Patriots Defense is atrocious, but I don’t see their fans complaining. Come on guys, we aren’t Yankee fans around here……ARE WE?


September 20th, 2011
10:46 pm

He tried to hit him hard. It WAS unfortunate, DR lowered his head just like JM did, but it was more of a bracing for impact thing than it was trying to hit with his head.


September 20th, 2011
10:49 pm

Yankee fans, no we aren’t, what jerks! I’m not complaining, I’m trying to slow the storm of criticism against Duante. If he has to tackle somebody, I hope he doesn’t have to try out how to tackle real nice. Football is a collision sport, it’s not pro wrestling.

Michael M.

September 20th, 2011
11:00 pm

What counts is we got the Big Win and it put us at .500 so only that matters at moment and time to focus on the next big game with Bucs which will be a see-saw battle also . Can the Birds defeat the Bucs?
That remains to be seen because we beat em twice last year and they remember that as all teams are always up for the next time they face opponets who whipped them. So it will be with the Bucs !
Looking for a Win by a Fieldgoal going to Atlanta but not underestimated the young talented Tampa Team to steal a win from us by a Fieldgoal ! It will be a close one down in the Bay either way !

Michael M.

September 20th, 2011
11:16 pm

That was a dirty hit Robinson put on that Green Chicken Sunday night, more power to him, I liked it ! heres to many more ! Cheers !

Michael M.

September 20th, 2011
11:24 pm

Hear those swashbuckling swords rattleling down in Tampa already ! Another hard hitting adventure in Pro Football awaits us down in the Bay !

D. Orlando Ledbetter

September 21st, 2011
12:41 am

FBD — Thanks for checking it!!! Good stuff as always!!! (But Uncle Norv????)

D. Orlando Ledbetter

September 21st, 2011
12:42 am

Old School – Thanks. Teams are doubling JJ. Gonzalez and Turner of enjoy the open middle of the field.


September 21st, 2011
4:23 am

Dunta Robinson isn’t a bust in my opinion. With that being said, he can definitely play better within the system. You all have to realize that in Houston he was playing man coverage most of the time which allowed him to truly showcase his ability to cover people. He is great in man coverage. The Falcons just don’t use enough man coverage on defense for his skills to truly shine here.


September 21st, 2011
8:30 am

Can we bring a left tackle out of retirement . I don’t know who,but anybody should be better than Sam Baker.Man, that was so bad. Couldn’t run or pass block .I hate to know he’s the best we got at that position .

Les Low

September 21st, 2011
1:50 pm

Dled How does Peria Jerry not get credited for a sack on the play ray edwards recovered?????