Kerry Meier is still recovering from his knee injury

Wide receiver Kerry Meier was having a great training camp before suffering a knee injury in an exhibition game last season. (Curtis Compton/

Wide receiver Kerry Meier was having a great training camp before suffering a knee injury in an exhibition game last season. (Curtis Compton/

While rehabbing his knee, Falcons wide receiver Kerry Meier has travled to Brazil and Paraquay this offseason, according to the Kansas City Star.

The Star caught up with Meier at a recent football camp.

In addition to getting in some traveling, he helped to start a foundation that honors his deceased brother Dylan.

Meier, a fifth round pick in the 2010 draft, appeared to have the team made before suffering a season-ending knee injury in an exhibition game against New England.

It doesn’t appear that he’s fully recovered yet.

“Not quite there yet, but I feel like I’m turning the corner, which feels good,” Meier told the Star. “It’s been a long time coming.”

With the drafting of Julio Jones, the continued recovery of Harry Douglas and the notion that Eric Weems can add more explosive plays to the offense, the wide receiver battles in training camp will be fierce.

–D. Orlando Ledbetter, The Atlanta Falcons beat blog

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July 12th, 2011
10:17 am


July 12th, 2011
10:18 am

we will be stacked at receiver!!!! Just need to sign me and we will be complete; LEGEND and White at either side of Ryan. They’ll have to double me so White will always open; and Gonzalez up the middle.

Mike Jay

July 12th, 2011
10:27 am

Recovering not covering…. :) . Not sure we should expect much from Meir this season, I think that is a 2 year injury.


July 12th, 2011
10:29 am

Doesn’t look like he’ll be ready to go this year. Shame


July 12th, 2011
10:30 am

I’m not sold on Meier yet. He was a converted quarterback, and is not known for having tremendous athletic talent (according to the pre-draft analysis of him). He hasn’t played a single live snap for us yet. I’m glad that we’re building a group of young receivers who can compete with each other for playing time. Let’s hope Meier gets that knee healthy, and then he can show us what he’s really got. Just making the roster will be tough.

D. Orlando Ledbetter

July 12th, 2011
10:41 am

Mike Jay — Thanks!!!

D. Orlando Ledbetter

July 12th, 2011
10:44 am

Rikus — He would have played a lot last season. He was looking good in training camp.


July 12th, 2011
10:53 am

Yet another WR that will make Michael Jenkins expendable after the 2011 season. Those ACL tears take a full year and HD83 didn’t look the like the same player until towards the end of the 2010 season.

One year would be the end of August. He has a month to get fully back ready.

As for the former QB comment, he played his last two seasons at Kansas at WR catching a combined 123 catches for 1319 yards and 8 TDs.


July 12th, 2011
10:55 am

The Lock-out will end next week for sure…take that to the bank


July 12th, 2011
11:09 am

I remember everyone saying he was a younger version of Finn, and since Finn’s not here, I’d expect him to make the team. He might not be fully back this year, but by 2012 he should be fully ready to go. It looks like there has been an effort to be more explosive from the WR position and I feel Meier may be more of a ball control/possession guy? DOL is that right? Every team needs to have at least one solid guy you can throw to that will definitely catch the ball and move the chains. Go Falcons!


July 12th, 2011
12:18 pm

Which Rooks went to the NFLPA program in June? You quoted the RB as saying Dent was there and the kicker…what about Julio and the DE?


July 12th, 2011
1:15 pm

He’s going to be fine as long as his health is….he’s a great kid with good character and high football IQ.

Richard Dawson

July 12th, 2011
1:36 pm

Loved this guy at Kansas. Great hands, great moves. He was a big-time WR at Kansas, not a QB.


July 12th, 2011
2:15 pm

He will be lucky to make the practice squad this year with all the talent we supposedly are going to have! Meier is a posession receiver with great hands but the injury is going to take him out of a starting spot or a reserve spot this year. Hopefully he doesn’t get signed from our practice squad, that way if the Falcons suffer another injury to a receiver, Meier can be called upon to replace the injured receiver spot. i hope Matty Ice worked on the weights and strengthened his throwing ar,! It is going to be bad if he can’t throw deep consistently. Matty has all the go-to receivers and a running back to throw to all over the field. i just hope he has the arm strength to throw more than timing routes, sometimes a quarterback has to be able to drill a pass (put some steam to his throws), That is going to be Matty’s weakness this year, all that speed and can’t throw deep!!!

D. Orlando Ledbetter

July 12th, 2011
2:38 pm

Henry — I believe you are correct. Steady guy.

Go Falcons

July 12th, 2011
2:55 pm

Bring Finneran back! Love the intensity he brings to the team. Valuable in many ways. A true TEAM player.


July 12th, 2011
3:11 pm

Running back will be the weakness this year unless we have a very balanced use of various people. Turner doesn`t scare anybody with his now pedestrian speed and lack of explosive burst. He`s a plodder and can`t get to open holes in the line fast enough or turn the corner before the middle guard cuts him off. Rodgers(rookie) will see plenty of PT if he picks up the pass blocking soon enough.


July 12th, 2011
3:43 pm

Meier is another of recent picks “Snakebit” by the Atlanta Pro Sports Curse…………APSC.
The Falcons should register the APSC with the federal government, perhaps they could get a “Stimulous Grant” to help in there futile effort to put players on the field for more than 12 minutes during a season. LOL


July 12th, 2011
3:48 pm

Rikus- Check out this highlight of Meier, then tell me what you think. This is a big, versatile, smart guy who is a very good athlete and has some of the best hands I’ve ever seen. Getting him was a coup, and he looked awesome before he got hurt last yr.


July 12th, 2011
4:26 pm

Maxx,good post on Meier. The guy has a nack for getting open and has glue on his hands. The falcons will not let him get away. If he wasn’t good we would have cut him last year when he got hurt. We kept Douglas and I personally think Meier is the better receiver.


July 12th, 2011
4:40 pm

He still has six weeks to get to playing shape. Would not count this kid out. He was great in last years camp.


July 12th, 2011
5:34 pm

It’s benn a year and you think now that in 6 weeks he’ll be in playing shape ? Really/?


July 12th, 2011
6:27 pm

When he becomes healthy. We may have the best receiving core group in the nfcsouth.


July 12th, 2011
6:34 pm

now if you only had a qb not named matty meltdown


July 12th, 2011
6:35 pm

i swear , y’all lie to yourselves more than obummer lies to the American people!


July 13th, 2011
1:20 pm

Dude, y’all lost to the Seahawks in the playoffs . . . enough said.


July 13th, 2011
6:39 pm

forgetting the packers game so soon are we ? you are correct- we lost , but you were embarassed!


July 13th, 2011
7:00 pm

We need to keep Meier. Get rid of Weems or Douglas before Meier. He’s will be a chain mover. It might take till midseason to recover tho.


July 14th, 2011
2:54 am

I’d Like to see Meier on the team. Finneran has been a good team guy but his pro career is over. Weems should stay focused on returns and not be a so-so receiver like Devin Hester. Therefore are WR would be White, Jones, Jenkins, Douglas, Meier.


July 14th, 2011
10:09 am

Any chance he (6 3″, 230 lb) will be converted into a Tight End? @DOL, What is your take on this? can he be falcons’ “Aaron Hernandez”?


July 14th, 2011
10:12 am

Overstocked at WR…. with three starting OL on free agent market perhaps someone should be traded for OL help.


July 14th, 2011
11:15 am

If Meier has questions about his recovery at seasons open, he could be put on the PUP list, which would protect him from another team picking him up at least for the first 6 weeks, if I’m not mistaken.

I’m not that sold on Weems at all as a WR. To me, he’s just serviceable as a returner. The touchdown return he had against the Bucs last year was due more to Finnerian’s blocking down field than Weems running ability. But, who on the roster do we turn to for returns if we cut Weems loose??

Dwight Ransby II

July 14th, 2011
12:55 pm

@Falcon57, What does Weems have to do to get some respect. I do think you are correct in that hasn’t sold anyone on his receiving skills, but to say a Probowler is just servicable as a returner is ludicrous. His vision and toughness is exactly what we needed at the time. He also lead the team in special team tackles, remember when he lit up Reggie Bush and took him out the game? The guy is more than solid, he is very good at what he does.


July 14th, 2011
4:03 pm

So we have White, Jones, Douglas, Jenkins, Weems and Meier. There is our WR group. Pretty simple.