Mike Mayock’s 2011 Mock Draft

Adrian Clayborn of Iowa takes down Penn State QB Daryll Clark during the 2008 season. (Associated Press)

Mike Mayock has the Falcons taking Iowa's Adrian Clayborn (above). He's not likely headed here. (Associated Press)

BIRDLAND — Here’s NFL Network draft analyst  Mike Mayock’s  2011 Mock Draft.

He has the Falcons taking Iowa defensive end Adrian Clayborn.

Our information is that Clayborn is not headed to Atlanta because they like to flip flop their ends and  Clayborn, with his weaker arm from Erb’s Palsy he can only play on the right side. That is John Abraham’s side.


1.    Carolina Panthers                   Cam Newton               QB       Auburn

2.    Denver Broncos                      Von Miller                    LB        Texas A&M

3.    Buffalo Bills                             Marcell Dareus           DT       Alabama

4.    Cincinnati Bengals                  A.J. Green                  WR      Georgia

5.    Arizona Cardinals                    Patrick Peterson         CB       LSU

6.    Cleveland Browns                   Julio Jones                  WR      Alabama

7.    San Francisco 49ers               Blaine Gabbert            QB       Missouri

8.    Tennessee Titans                    Nick Fairley                 DT       Auburn

9.    Dallas Cowboys                      Tyron Smith                OT       USC

10.  Washington Redskins             Prince Amukamara    CB       Nebraska

11.  Houston Texans                      Robert Quinn              DE       North Carolina

12.  Minnesota Vikings                   Aldon Smith                DE       Missouri

13.  Detroit Lions                           Anthony Castonzo      OL       Boston College

14.  St. Louis Rams                       Corey Liuget               DT       Illinois

15.  Miami Dolphins                       Mike Pouncey             OL       Florida

16.  Jacksonville Jaguars              Ryan Kerrigan             DE       Purdue

17.  New England Patriots             Cameron Jordan         DE       California

18.  San Diego Chargers               J.J. Watt                      DE       Wisconsin

19.  New York Giants                    Mark Ingram               RB       Alabama

20.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers         Da’Quan Bowers        DE       Clemson

21.  Kansas City Chiefs                 Danny Watkins           OL       Baylor

22.  Indianapolis Colts                   Nate Solder                 OL       Colorado

23.  Philadelphia Eagles                 Gabe Carimi               OL       Wisconsin

24.  New Orleans Saints                Phil Taylor                   DT       Baylor

25.  Seattle Seahawks                   Marvin Austin              DT       North Carolina

26.  Baltimore Ravens                   Jimmy Smith              CB       Colorado

27.  Atlanta Falcons                       Adrian Clayborn          DE       Iowa

28.  ***(Patriots trade pick)            Jake Locker                QB       Washington

29.  Chicago Bears                        Jonathan Baldwin       WR      Pittsburgh

30.  New York Jets                        Akeem Ayers              LB        UCLA

31.  Pittsburgh Steelers                  Aaron Williams            CB       Texas

32.  ***(Packers trade pick)           Andy Dalton                QB       TCU

*** Mayock expects a team will trade into this spot to select a quarterback.

To view Mayock’s mock draft as well as his comments on each selection, visit NFL.com.

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–D. Orlando Ledbetter, The Atlanta Falcons beat blog

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Mike from London

April 28th, 2011
9:57 am


April 28th, 2011
10:03 am

D-Led your comment, “Iowa’s Adrian Clayborn would have trouble in Atlanta’s defense because the Falcons like to rotate their ends. Clayborn has a condition called Erb’s Palsy, which limits him to playing on the right side” this is not a league wide conscientious & at 27 to be able to get a pass rusher of this nature who truly fits the 4-3 scheme & pass him up would be crazy!!! Even if he was a little limited, as much as we rotate our D-linemen in & out, that shouldn’t be the end all be all of taking him. Especially when pass rush is our most glaring need & after him the quality of DE’s in the 4-3 system severely drops off!

[...] BIRDLAND — Here’s NFL Network draft analyst  Mike Mayock’s  2011 Mock Draft. He has the Falcons taking Iowa defensive end Adrian Clayborn. Our information is that Clayborn is not headed to Atlanta because they like to flip flop their ends and … read full article… [...]

Hey Marcel

April 28th, 2011
11:54 am

I think Buffalo is going to take a QB.

D. Orlando Ledbetter

April 28th, 2011
12:04 pm

Nique — Not so much the rotation. But the flip flopping of the ends. He can’t go on the left. Abraham gets to pick his side. If he wants the left tackle he stays on the right. If he wants the weaker right tackle he goes to the left. The other end has to be ready for the moves. This guy can flip from right to left. Just telling you want I’m hearing. You are free to reject the intel.


April 28th, 2011
12:16 pm

How about a big ole helpin of Glen Dorsey for all you smeckels


April 28th, 2011
2:23 pm

Yeah thx D-Led, that was no disrespect towards you or your intel, I was just venting because I know some other teams & analyze don’t think that he could do both sides but I’ve also heard other say that he can. But if that’s what you’re hearing, you’d know better than i would. With all of the trade talk, I’ve seen in recent mocks that people having Bowers falling all the way to 20 to the Bucs, any chance or talk about us trying to trade with the Giants at 19 to get in front of them to take Bowers at 19 before the Bucs could take him at 20? I know about his injury concerns but you didn’t list him as someone not to consider, is that because you’re saying he’ll be gone or because he would be interested in him if the right opportunity presented itself?


April 28th, 2011
7:13 pm



April 28th, 2011
7:15 pm