Roddy White checks in from ESPN The Weekend

White leading the party after the victory over the Saints in the Louisiana Superdome.  Associated Press

White leading the party after the victory over the Saints in the Louisiana Superdome. Associated Press

Falcons wide receiver Roddy White checked in from the ESPN The Weekend event for a quick phone interview today.

“It’s going good,” White said. “This was actually the first day that I’m out here doing stuff. We just got here yesterday. I had to go on “Stomp the Schwab” today. (A game show with Howie Schwab.) That was the first event I had to do today and I won because that what I do.”

White is participating in the eighth annual ESPN The Weekend at the Walt Disney World Resort  on today through Sunday.

The event is a sports-themed weekend where fans have an opportunity meet White, several other players, sports figures and ESPN personalities.

“Later on, I have some interviews for ESPN,” White said. “We’ll do the Sports FanZone and things like that. We have an all park passes. I will get on all the ride with my kids. I’m going to have a great time down here.”

While White is having some fun, he was talking the news that Brian Finneran might not be back pretty hard. The team told Finneran’s agent at the NFL scouting combine that he would not be re-signed. They left the door open for a possible return.

“Any time you lose a teammate like that, it’s tough,” White said.  “Brian is a great guy. Everybody loved him on the team because he was such a good teammate. Hopefully, I hope they bring him back real early, bring him into training camp and give him an opportunity to make the team again.”

–D. Orlando Ledbetter, The Atlanta Falcons beat blog

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March 4th, 2011
2:34 pm

i like Finn alot too but they have got to start using the young guys who are their future. hope they have a nonplaying position for him if he wants one even if he tries out on another team

Ted Striker

March 4th, 2011
2:39 pm

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Finn on the roster next year. Nothing surprises me with him anymore. What are the chances he would be the longest tenured Falcon on the roster last year?

Ted Striker

March 4th, 2011
2:43 pm

For what it’s worth, I heard that D-Led runs excellent routes, has decent speed and never drops a pass.


March 4th, 2011
3:01 pm

Your right on Ted D-Led’s signature route is the bow tie no buckle back!


March 4th, 2011
3:19 pm

That’s real nice of Roddy to say that about Finn, but the truth is that TD and Co. want Finn’s off season and training camp reps (assuming no owner lockout)to go to the young guns (Douglas, Meier and Weems) and probable 2nd round draft pick. If come training camp, we feel the need for a veteran dependable 3rd down WR, we will bring him back. As much as I like Finn, I hope Douglas gets that deep threat role he was working on in 2008.


March 4th, 2011
4:05 pm

Face it, Finn was old. He needs to go…bringing him back would be useless.

He D-LED, that caption in the picture should be: “Saints beat themselves, White and teammates celebrate first win in New Orleans in years!”


March 4th, 2011
6:16 pm

Sorry to disagree with some of you but Finneran is worth bringing back if only in a role player position.
He’s definetly not the young gun but I think he still has some left in the tank. He seems to get open a lot without the speed. Can’t really say that about the young guns yet.

Bring Finnerran back..


March 4th, 2011
8:42 pm

I guess he is preparing for his gig when his on field career is behiind him.


March 4th, 2011
8:43 pm

I love the pic with the story………….some of the best memories from the year.


March 4th, 2011
10:42 pm

The money on Svitek: “He received a $1.26 million signing bonus. He’ll have a $790,500 base salary in 2011 and a $1.43 million cap figure. In 2012, he’s scheduled to make $951,000 in base salary and count $1.58 million against the salary cap.”

Reprinted without permission………!!

D man

March 5th, 2011
8:28 am

I will miss Finn too. Great hands and a great guy to have in the locker room.


March 6th, 2011
2:33 am

why not make finn a coach, roddy credited him with helping him mature. that way he is here in emergency and can help our young recievers


March 6th, 2011
7:05 pm

The team needs Chris Durham from UGA if they can get him, he’s fast surehanded and tough as they come. If he gets a paw on it he’ll get it. This is not biased as I’m sure many of you are thinking, but this guy is going to mak someone a hechuva fine reciever.


March 6th, 2011
8:35 pm

Douglas can’t run routes and everyone else is mere supposition. Finneran has proven his worth on crucial third downs, short yardage touchdowns and special teams. No one has given more than Brian and a little respect for his sacrifices isn’t too much to ask for. God knows he was never paid for it.

P. Ramage

March 7th, 2011
8:22 am

Roddy was supposed to be hosting PUN’s Homecoming Party at Kamauri’s in Goose Creek, SC this weekend. What a sellout; he doesn’t care about PUN coming home at all.


March 7th, 2011
9:08 am

Roddy get well and be ready for the season, we have to replace finn and we need another solid wr now to help open up the offense.


March 7th, 2011
12:31 pm

I would love to see the Falcons get Chris Durham. He reminds me of Ed McAfee from the old Broncos. (I’m sure I butchered his name but my battery is about to die!)