Dukes invites Falcons fans to line dance their pounds away

NFL Network's Jamie Dukes

NFL Network's Jamie Dukes

FLOWERY BRANCH – NFL network analyst Jamie Dukes, a former NFL lineman, knew he had to do something.

Through his Put Up Your Dukes Foundation, he and his wife Angela started the Billion Pound Blitz program designed to help folks lose weight. You can “like”the “Put Up Your Dukes Foundation” fan page on Facebook.com.

“My story is that had surgery because I was a biscuit away from 400 pounds,” Dukes said. “So it was just one of those things where something had to be done.”

Six of his former teammates, including Reggie White, have died from weight related issues.

They figured out that folks don’t like working out, but they do like dancing and created some line dance workout videos called Chachersize.

They have partnered with with television station 11Alive, the Arthur Blank Foundation, the Arthur Blank YMCA and the AARP in order to battle weight related diseases.

“At the game on Sunday we are having Chachersize sessions so that people can work off that tailgating food right there at the stadium,” Dukes said.

They will be set up in the Gulch this week and will move around with Channel 11 at subsequent home games.

blank deal“People hate to work out and we know people hate to work out,” Dukes said. “We also know that people like to do the Cha Cha. That’s why we created the workout routine. . . I have a women who lost in one of our classes about 15 pounds in a four week or five week period.”

The foundation created the DVD series for different workout levels.

This was a way to honor his fallen teammates and perhaps do some good.

“They were all fathers,” Dukes said. “We set up a foundation just to go out and challenge people to do better. These are diseases that can be stopped. There are certain cancers and things of that sort (that can’t be stopped). . . So it was just one of those things where something had to be done.”

They have several churches that have started up challenges and programs using the dance routines. Some of the churches include Hopewell Baptist, New Birth, Amazing Grace and Mount Vernon.

“The more people we can get exercisizing and having fun, the better off we’re going to be,” Dukes said.

The goal is to break the links of the diseases of excess weight including, cancer, type 2 diabetes, gout, kidney disease, liver disease, heart disease, high cholesterol, obesity, hypertension, pancreatic disease, sleep apnea and stroke.

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September 17th, 2010
4:15 pm

nothing else to dance about!


September 17th, 2010
4:32 pm

Dukey Love . . . Atlanta sports radio desperately misses you!


September 17th, 2010
4:40 pm

I would “love” to flush “Dukey” down the toliet.

Mike Jay

September 17th, 2010
5:46 pm

Dukes didn’t ‘dance’ his pounds away he had them surgically removed. I mean it’s a nice thought and all but I’m not sure he is the best spokeperson. Plenty of people that were his weight lost it the old fashioned way: Eating less and exercising more.


September 17th, 2010
6:42 pm

Mike, getting the surgery alone does not guarantee that you lose the weight without a proper diet and exercise. Dukes wasn’t able to lose the weight with just a diet and exercise because of a medical condition . . .

D. Orlando Ledbetter

September 18th, 2010
5:49 am

He puts that out. He said, “something had to be done.” He’s dancing to keep the weight off. Everyone has their own specific issues, but his vibe is good.