Matt Ryan went into the no-huddle early vs. Chiefs

00813 Atlanta - Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan (2) loosens up for the exhibition season opener against the Kansas City Chiefs at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta on Friday, August 13, 2010.     Curtis Compton

00813 Atlanta - Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan (2) loosens up for the exhibition season opener against the Kansas City Chiefs at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta on Friday, August 13, 2010. Curtis Compton

Quarterback Matt Ryan and the first team offense jumped into the no-huddle  on their second possession of the game.

The drive stalled after Roddy White dropped a flanker screen and left tackle Sam Baker jumped offsides. After getting backed up, the offense has to settled for a 53-yard Steven Hauschka field goal attempt that banged into the crossbar.

It was a sign that the Falcons plan to use the no-huddle more as an attack offense this season. Last season they mainly used in a traditional “hurry-up” mode when they were behind.

“I thought we did a pretty good job,” Ryan said. “We tried to run the ball a little bit. We felt like we had some good schemes.”

Ryan converted on two third downs out of the no-huddle, finding Tony Gonzalez both times. They connected for gains of 16 and 12 yards to convert.

“We just need to tighten some things up,” Ryan said. “We were pretty good with our third down conversions. I think we knocked some of the rust off. That’s a thing that you have to get a feel for. I think we made strides.”

One the first drive, the Falcons established running back Michael Turner.

“I thought we were running the ball so successfully on the first drive that we didn’t need to pass it,” Ryan said. “I’ll be the first to tell you that if we run the ball like job gets a lot easier.”

Also, Ryan, who suffered a turf toe injury last season and missed two games and most of one other, looked pretty nimble moving around in the pocket.

“It feels good to be healthy out there and to have my feet underneath me,” Ryan said. “I thought it was a good start.”

Some you have been screaming for more no-huddle and it appears that offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey has heard your pleas.


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Thursday, August 19 — Preseason Week 2 vs. New England 8 p.m.

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SWAT Native

August 14th, 2010
12:46 am

I cannot be the first?

SWAT Native

August 14th, 2010
12:47 am

Great evening at the GA Dome. Lots of encouraging signs. I think we may be on to something good.

Season Ticket Holder

August 14th, 2010
1:06 am

Matt Ryan has to do a better job at passing the ball if the Falcons are going to have a winning season. Running game B+, Passing game F

did you see the game dude?

August 14th, 2010
1:31 am

Matt Ryan did fine, completed some nice 3 down passes, had a couple of dropped balls and had to throw a ball away from a bad pass protecting. His footwork looked good as well. dont just look at the stats. plus we ran the ball like 8 times in a row.


August 14th, 2010
1:50 am


August 14th, 2010
2:00 am

Running game looked great… expected to hear the Spoonman’s number called more for as much as he played…Is our pass rush really gonna be this great or were tho Chief’’s O-Line really that awfull???


August 14th, 2010
2:02 am

And Roddy, your my favorite player but, COME ON MAN!

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August 14th, 2010
3:57 am

Season Ticket Holder….

Sounds like the receivers got the F, not the passer. Moron.

Falcons will win

August 14th, 2010
6:02 am

Dimitri Nance impressed me.


August 14th, 2010
6:25 am

I don’t think Ryan looked sharp. Even when he wasn’t under much pressure, he was too quick to throw the ball away, and two of his passes were way off target (one went into the ground, giving us all a flash-back to last year). He didn’t look quicker to me, and he didn’t look much more calm and collected. Then in his interview he said he thought he did pretty good. Not the answer I was looking for. He did this last year, too…seemed very reluctant to say he had not done well. Roddy must have felt he had to fill in for Jenkins with that dropped pass. No excuse for it. Easy catch, right in his hands. He turned to go down field and took his eyes off the ball. When do we learn not to do that? 8th grade? Hardly Pro-Bowl material. Is this what we paid $48 million dollars for?


August 14th, 2010
7:06 am

I know we have all waited a long time for this to start but we won our 1st pre-season game. Chill for a couple more weeks and then start to get serious after pre-season #3 and the rosters are about to be final.


August 14th, 2010
7:23 am

Greg. You’re kinda stupid.


August 14th, 2010
7:29 am

Greg, no matter the $ paid to a player, he is still human and thus susseptable to human errors. Much like you and I, would not you say? Continue to chill for a few more weeks!


August 14th, 2010
7:41 am

Quote :“I thought we running the ball so successful on the first drive that we didn’t need to pass it.”

Is Matt Ryan really this un-edu-ma-cated? Or is it Orlando?
Should be “I thought we (were) running the ball so successful(ly) on the first drive that we didn’t need to pass it.”

I’d bet the mortgage on Orlando. Sho’Nuf!!

Mike Jay

August 14th, 2010
7:42 am

Ryan was 3 for 6 with two dropped passes. Both drops were very catchable so he should have been 5 for 6. 5 for 6 is a bad game??? Now I will admit he seemed to have a slight case of the happy feet but the pass protection was not very good.

Mike Jay

August 14th, 2010
7:46 am

Lowdown, Spoon had 4 tackles which was good enough for third on the team. Did you watch the game?


August 14th, 2010
8:00 am

I was impressed with the rotation on the D-line.
Sidbury, Biermann and Anderson applied consistent pass pressure all night without much stunt or blitzing involved.
Overall, the D was swarming, opportunistic and hard hitting.
That IMO is a good sign when we consider what was a major concern by many.

On offense, the starting O-line looks top shelf in run blocking, especially between the tackles.
We appear to have two really good FB`s in Ovie and Kleco and a fine stable of runners.
Turner and Nance were particularly impressive.
However, the passing game needs improvement work in all areas.

On special teams, Weems looked decent with his returns, solid but nothing special.
The missed FG`s speak for themselves.
I hope that situation works it`s self out positively over the next several weeks.

Daniel Webster

August 14th, 2010
8:19 am

Man oh man, first preseason game and they’re already going after Matt Ryan! Greg, what is you’re problem? I bet you have an ‘Aints flag hanging by your front door! This is the first preaseason game folks! We’ll be fine this year. Look at the team as a whole and the way they are playing. It looks like everybody has this calm feeling, and knows what they are going to do this year. I may be wrong, but I sense a spectacular season coming up. As far as the grammar and spelling, it’s a D. O. L piece, you should be used to that by now. No proofreading…ever!


August 14th, 2010
8:19 am

I have not seen the game yet, will watch my NFL Network recording today. But I am hearing from a lot of folks that the pass protection was poor. That was true all last year, and the reason Ryan never could throw long with any reliability. I had hoped that would get better this year. Not a good sign.


August 14th, 2010
8:34 am

Remember , this was a preseason game in which there was no game plan. It’s mainly done to get the starters a few reps but mostly to evaluate free agents , draftpicks and ALL the one coming off injuries minus the 11 who still can’t go. The D looked pretty good but Ryan didn’t on O. To be real , our 1st team O couldn’t put it in the endzone against a 4-12 Chiefs team. Redman and Wilson looked O.K. to me . Matty needs to tighten that game up and use this week to work on some things because the Patriots are in a whole other league compared to the Chiefs. They blitzed the crap out of Brees and shut them down the first 2 series . I’m more interested to see how our O line is going to hold up against a legitimate pass rush on Thurs.


August 14th, 2010
9:21 am

The only problem i had with the game was this: opening drive; third and 2 deep in the red zone; we had been ramming the ball between the tackles the whole drive; then suddenly we get cute and run a sweep? For a loss?! Our red zone troubles last year had a lot to do with play calling. And when i saw that, i had cols sweat flashbacks.
All the players mistakes from last night’s game are correctable. I am worried about the tendency to get “cute” inside the 25.
But i definitely saw plenty that has me feeling good about the Birds! And i still believe the this is going to be a very good year.
Rise Up!


August 14th, 2010
9:22 am

Cols sweat = cold sweat


August 14th, 2010
10:10 am

Very impressed w/ the defensive line rotation, and dare I say Jamal Anderson looked like a force in the middle. Plenty of penetration by the defensive line throughout the first half. I’m happy with what I saw in the first preseason game..


August 14th, 2010
10:47 am

Our 1st starts didn’t do good at all. Ryan needs to go back studying Brees, Manning, Rodgers, his back up needs to be John Parker-Wilson. HE Had a good game.


August 14th, 2010
10:52 am

I echo that sentiment about the wrongheadedness of 3rd and two call on the opening drive.
It rarely works to run outside with consistency at the pro level, defenses have too much speed and your correct, they were killing the Chiefs between the tackles.
Just me but I would have been happy seeing three intermediate pass plays targeted between the 10 and the back of the end zone, once it was 1st and ten at the 20 or just continue cramming the ball down their throats.


August 14th, 2010
10:55 am

Greg. You are an idiot.


August 14th, 2010
10:58 am

Feathered friend… you are an idiot too.


August 14th, 2010
10:59 am

Poloboy… you are also an idiot.

Rocky Top Tea Bagger

August 14th, 2010
11:18 am

Glad to see Gonzales getting more catches. Don’t forget he’s out there this season, Matty!

Season Ticket Holder

August 14th, 2010
11:20 am

When the Falcons opponents see Matt Ryan happy feet on film, they are going to dial up the preasure. Actually, the both back up QBs looked better than Matt.


August 14th, 2010
11:24 am

Why , because I said something that wasn’t true? Our starters could not put it in the endzone against a 4-12 team last night. The Patriots , who are a consistent playoff team, will give alot better sense of where this team is than the lowly Chiefs. The idiot would be Schultz who said we’re a Super Bowl bound team after a pre season game against the 4-12 Chiefs where we couldn’ t finish the drive. Maybe you are him!


August 14th, 2010
11:38 am

Season Ticket Holder,
I suspect, there would be a long list of football experts that would dis-agree with your assessment of Redman and/or JPW looking better than Ryan in any point of their football lives.
Does Matt have room to improve?
Most certainly but lets not get carried away and keep things in perspective.


August 14th, 2010
12:30 pm

the Good:
1. Curtis (the “thumper”, the FIVE-O, the “PO-leeece”) Loften is Okay, just leg cramps.
2. Great to see a Falcon number 56 OLB (”Spooooon”) with speed, energy, that can BRING the wood…and happy to be doing it.
3. Matty Ice making good decisions with the ball as always.

the Bad:
1. Very thin receiving core (injuries) and a #1 receiver who could care less about being there last night.
2. Chevis got picked on a little last night, until he (finally) shook off the rust with a late game pick.
3. Our 2009 #2 pick “answer” to Safety has still not played a game for us. and beg’s the question…..will he?

the Ugly:
1. the annual Roulette game of “who’s going to kick for the Falcons this year” continues.


August 14th, 2010
12:46 pm

Hows about we work on some down the field passing and for the love of god be more creative on first and 2nd down. Is running up the middle all we’ve got. Do away with Ryan rolling out looking for a 4 yard completion this play never works and ryan always throws the ball outta bounds. D Line looking really stout.


August 14th, 2010
12:54 pm

Matt Ryan has to stop relying on Gonzo so much…..Alot of time he throws the ball away or forces it to Gonzo…. its only preseason game 1 so im not too worried. the O Line needs to step it up on passing plays. I really dont know if Baker is our answer at LT but the pass protection has got to be better…..Can we just pencil Nance in as the #3, Jerious is always hurt,his pencil leggs wont hold up all season trust me.


August 14th, 2010
1:27 pm

I was at the game last night.. came out with mixed feelings .
Not sure I really felt comfortable with our O line .. Hope they settle down and give Matty the protection.. I hope Matty can show the passing ability that he displayed in his rookie year.


August 14th, 2010
1:34 pm

Fetherfriend@,,,,,,11;24am & Idiots@1158…FeatherFriend, while I don’t know why Idiots, called you an idiot(that is pretty harsh), you did seem to have contradicted yourself, in your post @8;34am.


August 14th, 2010
1:41 pm

Falcons first teams dominated the Chiefs in the trenches, which is reassuring. Biggest outtake: It’s going to be a very long season for KC; can they win a game? I liked the Falcons energy on defense and the d-line looked much tougher against the run. We’ll see Thursday if that’s real. Also, I sense Turner will be much more involved as a receiver this year. Can’t really assess the pass defense against a team like KC, they were just pitiful all-round. Biggest concerns: Depth at linebacker, wideouts, place kicking.


August 14th, 2010
2:02 pm

@ rekingball- I don’t see the contradiction- If you can explain maybe I’ll understand and clear it up


August 14th, 2010
2:06 pm

First preseason game folks…first. But thanks for the laugh and top notch assesment of the game. Keep it up. Free comedy!!!


August 14th, 2010
2:11 pm

Lets not forgot about Michael Turner…he is still the focal point of our offense…he looks in great shape and i expect him to look like his ALL-PRO self this season. He will catch more passes this year. when he is on the field he makes Matt Ryan better. There’s not really much of a gameplan if any in the first few pre-season games. Im not really too worried about it. Its PRESEASON!!!!!!!! BY THE WAY STATS ARE FOR LOSERS….ONLY THING THAT MATTERS IS W’s my friends….and Matt Ryan has lead us to two winnings seasons in two years….something Vick didnt do. just my two cents…..W’s matter people…W’s ….


August 14th, 2010
2:56 pm

33- You gotta man crush on him or something? Every time you post, you are ripping someone are lovin’ on Turner. You remind me of all those obnoxious Vick people. Just sayin!


August 14th, 2010
3:26 pm

Why can’t there be contructive criticism of Matt Ryan? We all know last night was the first preseason game, but Matt Showed some of his old tendacies last night. Happy feet, rolling out throwing the ball out of bounds, Know down fill passes over 20 yards and staring down #88 too much.

If you saw what I saw last night,Parker and Redman showed more poise in the pocket, Matt has Know confidense he his O line, he bails Too quick. I have read a number of responses and critiques on this blog about getting rid of JA98, Matt Ryan can stand some stiff criticism as well.


August 14th, 2010
4:07 pm

Gonzo or Turner will have to catch because the “all star” White can’t catch a cold especially a critical pass when needed.

Sick & Tired Of Being Sick & Tired

August 14th, 2010
6:53 pm

The offensive line, just like they did last year, do a great job opening up space for the RBs, but their pass protection last night, just like last year, is suspect. If you watch the elite QBs in this league, their offensive lines provide a lot better protection for their QBs….Brees and Manning have all day to find open receivers. Until the Falcons OL can protect the QB better, no matter who is back there, the QB is going to have hurry up throws, balls thrown away and a high number of incompletions.

The defense did a GREAT job last night. I agree that there weren’t too many passes thrown to really challenge the secondary, but that should change on Thursday night with the PATs coming to the ATL.

[...] subtle thing that I thought was a very encouraging sign was that the Falcons used the no-huddle offense on their second series. I don’t have stats to back this up, but my general sense is they used [...]


August 14th, 2010
8:25 pm

I Mus Write– im with you all of the way.I thought Mike Maularkey would open up the playbook a little more with all the criticism that he received over the offseason. The bootleg, i hate it because Matt always throws it away or take off for about 2 yards because he is so slow. They did try a couple of screen plays and checked it down to the running backs pretty efficiently when the receivers were covered down the feild. I would say that they need dto challenge the field or “real estate” more vertically but Matt was in the no huddle an abundance of the time and he said that they were trying to set the tone by establishing the run. All in all, a pretty good showing. I’ll start to make some real judgements after the New England game. William Moore had most of last season and the whole offseason to get healthy, yet hes still hurt. This is becoming a problem and if it continues, he will officially be labeled an injury prone player. The standouts from each positions..D-LINE:Beirman and Sidbury LINEBACKERS:Weatherspoon and Lofton D-BACKS:Jackson and Franks QUARTERBACKS:WILSON RUNNIGBACKS:Turner and Nance WIDERECEIVERS:Gonzalez and Meier O-LINE:Dahl and Johnson. From the looks of all these rookies and backups i just named, the falcons have great depth.


August 14th, 2010
11:08 pm

My biggest concern for this first preseason game was that we didn’t see Ryan throwing down field.
Also he had happy feet again.
I’ve supported and defended him the past two years.
But we need to see some of those bad tendencies overcome.


August 14th, 2010
11:54 pm

Yeah i would say i like the player who had 1700yrds rushing and 17tds.